The Crossroads - Part 4


"Yes, Dawn. Plant it deep inside you. " His words hissed in her ear, as she slowly began working herself up and down in his huge erection. As they sat in the office chair, behind the teacher's desk, Dawn began sliding herself up and down the long, firm shaft of this huge vein-covered cock that pertruded so deep into her. The man kissed along her flesh, before tilting his head back to enjoy the tightness of this young teenager's glove-like pussy, sliding up and down his throbbing dick. "Mmm. . . oh, fuck. Oh, damn. It's so fucking big, it fills me up. I've never had dick like this, that made me so wet. " Dawn moaned, on top of him, as her body worked to pick up speed, thrusting down on his abnormally long manhood. "God, it stretches the walls of my pussy. I have to have it pounding into me. " She squealed, still picking up speed.

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   Before she knew it, she bucking wildly atop him, enveloping the huge invader, it's head pounding incredibly hard against her cervix. Inside her, his dick continued to swell, reaching a massive 4 inches in diameter, and over 13 inches in length. As Dawn felt in growing even more inside her tight box, she found herself unable to speak, but only squeal and scream in delight as his hands wrapped around her waist. He was taking control of the situation, firmly grasping her and slamming her down onto him. Suddenly, he stood, using his girth and the grip around her waist to hold her in mid-air, her back still turned to him. Fucking her wildly, her threw her face-down on the desk, pounding relentlessly into her as she laid, bent over, her hands grasping onto anything she could find. Dawn was unaware of the metamorphosis that had began on the man fucking her, the remainder of his clothes shredding off of him, his face twisting, until the blood-red form of the dark ruler of Hell, was left. His demonic and massive form dwarfed her small body, as his massive cock finally reached it's mazimum girth, pounding into her belly. He was now slamming her small figure with all the fury of Hell, it's self, knocking the desk onto only two legs, with each thrust. Lost somewhere in ecstacy, all Dawn could do was hold on for dear life, and endure the huge waves of multiple orgasms that were washing over her sweat-soaked body. Finally, and with a deafening roar, he exploded inside her, his thick semen filling her belly, leaving her screaming as she fell victim to the final and largest orgasm she'd ever known. As he pulled himself from her, she still laid on the desk, her body twitching as smaller orgasms flooded within her. She fought for air, feeling as though she were no longer in her own body. "Now, my little slut. " The Devil grinned, just out of her sight.

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   "You will do my bidding, will you not?" He asked, his voice low and powerful. "Yes. . . Master. . . " She managed, between breaths. "You know what to do. The men you seduce will impregnate with my seed. Soon, my children will be born within you, and the large population of young women in this area. They will grow and continue to impregnate more women, overrunning this planet with my legions. Finally, this world will be mine. " He grinned, sadistically. "Now, dress and go, young whore.

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   Perform your duty and ensure my rise. ""Yes, Master. " She said, recovering her breath a little at a time. When she finally raised from her position, bent over the desk, the man was gone and she was alone. She now knew what had happened to Paris and Mark, but it was unimportant. The only priority she now had, was doing the bidding of the man who fucked her. Soon, her litter of demonic offspring would come to this planet and ravage every woman they find, overrunning the entire human civilization with demons, giving her Master what he'd craved since the beginning of time. But for now, she must ensure that more women are impregnated with her Master's seed. --Throughout the week, Holly, Paris and Dawn worked to infect more men to their cause, as the ones already tainted would impregnate all the women they could find. By Friday, the plan had reached it's peak. Word was spread all week long by those who had joined the cause, inviting people from all over to join in a massive underground party that would take place at a secluded and abandoned hundred-year-old cemetary, that Friday night. Now it was already 6p. m. , and everyone had finished preparing the old cemetary for the party that would take place, come sunset. Mark and Tony, both infected, had managed to liberate over 25 kegs of beer, all of which they had taken the time to chemically alter with their own special formula, closely resembling the popular rave drug known as ecstacy.

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   With several large speakers positioned throughout the old cemetary, power converters and generators strategically placed, and fog machines, blacklights and strobe lights hanging from tree branches, they were finally ready for the largest phase of the plan. As the sun slowly went down, vehicles parked in a line along the dirt road, dozens at a time. By dusk, that line of vehicles would stretch for over a mile and a half, as hundreds of teenagers and young adults would enter the cemetary party. Throughout the night, people danced and hung out. People drank and laughed, and the smell of marijuana could easily be smelt from anywhere around the several-acre cemetary. Before long, each keg was emptied, managing to introduce mind-altering drugs to almost everyone there. Techno music thumped and blasted into the night air as the drugs began to take their place, eventually turning the entire party into little more than one huge teenage orgy. Guys would mount girls, sometimes three and four as a time, and fuck them wildly until they would all pass out from exhaustion. This lasted long into the dawn hours, until everyone had either passed out drunk, or stoned. By the night was over, Holly and Paris were sure that there had been well-over 65 or 70 girls that had been inpregnated. Dawn had grinned wildly while she exclaimed how humorous it will be to know that out of roughly 100 women, pregnant with demonic children, they'll soon be able to overrun the entire population of the human species. Little did they know that there was one girl there, that night, who hadn't drink or done anything. While her ride home had been lost to the drugs, sex and alcohol, she had wondered into the wooded area surrounding the cemetary, to escape the immoral acts taking place within. She had managed to keep her virginity this long, and wasn't about to lose it now. She didn't even like parties, anyway.

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   Not since two weeks ago, anyway. "I with Eddie would just wake up and put his damn clothes on, so we can go home. My parents are going to shit when they wake up and find out I've been gone all night. " Jessie said, talking to herself as she flung a rock into the nearby creek. "What the hell was all this about, anyway? Didn't Holly have something to do with this party?" She asked, a look of disgust crossing her face. Then a moment of realization dawned on her. "Duh, Jessie. Sex was involved, of course that little tramp is connected to it. I still can't believe she slept with my boyfriend. " She muttered, with a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach as she remembered the night, two weeks ago, when her boyfriend had slept with Holly in the same bed Jessie was sleeping in. Then came the memory of Holly kissing Jessie with that nasty stuff all over her face. Snapping back to reality, Jessie cringed. "Wait a minute. I bet that tramp is still here. " Jessie muttered, her anger starting to grow.

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   "I'm going to go find her, and tell her off. Then I'm getting the keys from Eddie and I'm leaving, with or without him. "--It was like walking amidst a pile of corpses, as she worked her was across the cemetary, dodging sleeping people and empty kegs that had been kicked over. Slowly, she made her way up to the area she saw Holly sleeping in. By now she was furious, both because of her current situation, and the memory of what Holly had done to her. It was time to let her know exactly how she felt. "Holly DeMancy. " Jessie called, in an aggrivated tone. Wearily, Holly opened her eyes and struggled to focus. She began to sit up, holding her head from the hangover. "I should've known that you orchestrated this filth. " She finished. "Jessie?" Holly said in a raspy voice, Paris and Dawn waking up behind her, still barely clothed from the night before. "I hope you're happy. I hope you had a great time.

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   You feeling alright?" Jessie asked, her hands landing on her hips as she fought to restrain herself from just hitting the girl. "Does your head hurt, Holly? You know that's not just because of the alcohol, right? That's God's way of telling you just how stupid you are. "Holly's jaw dropped in shock of hearing Jessie use that name. Jessie's tone became louder. "Is this what you think God has in store for you? Do you think God likes seeing you whoring around like this?" She began yelling, waking up the people around her. "You need to take a long, hard look inside yourself, Holly DeMancy. You've brought nothing but pain to everyone around you, and in the end, you're going to pay for everything you've done. " Jessie continued screaming. Holly was still in shock, as Paris and Dawn looked on, not sure what to say. "Enjoy it while it lasts, Holly. You too, Paris and Dawn. You won't enjoy it when judgement day comes, and you're caught in Hell for eternity. " She finished and turned to walk off, before stopping after a few steps, and turning back around. "I just hope you know that despite the things you've done, I have enough love for you, and everyone else here, to know that I don't want to see you in Hell. But in the end, it's your decision.

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  " She said and walked away, with disappointment in her voice. Moments later, she had managed to confiscate the keys to her friend's pick-up, and left the cemetary, walking down the dirt road to find where it was parked. Holly paused for a long moment, looking hard at Jessie's figure, leaving, and everything she'd done. After a moment, Paris and Dawn began giggling, behind her. "That Jesus freak. " Holly heard Paris say, amidst the laughter. "But she's right. " Holly whispered, tears forming in her eyes as she thought about everything that had happened, because of her. "That's hilarious!" Dawn laughed at Holly, Paris still laughing too hard to breathe. "No, she's right. Look at what we're doing, what we've done. My God, there's prostitutes that are probably in better graces with God than we are. " Holly said, as she looked over the massive orgy that she'd masterminded. Paris and Dawn were laughing incontrollably. "No! Stop laughing, you idiots! Don't you see what we've done? I don't want to be apart of this!" She yelled, losing her temper at the two girls laughing, behind her.

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   Holly stood, looking for her clothing as she continued yelling at Paris and Dawn, finally realizing the severity of what she had done. "We've each accepted a deal from Satan, the king of all lies! We've helped him build a race of demons!"Slowly, Paris and Dawn stopped laughing, as they realized that Holly was serious. Paris looked hard at everything around them, and stood facing Holly. "What are you saying?" She asked, starting to get pissed. "I'm saying we've got to stop it, now. " Holly cried, as she finally managed to gather her clothing. Paris slapped the pile of clothes from Holly's hands, and stood face-to-face with her. "Now listen, you little slut. You're not quitting now. I'll kill you before I let you quit, do you understand me? We're serving our Master, and you're not dropping out. We've come too fucking far. " She growled at Holly, Dawn standing up behind her as the people surrounding them were beginning to fall under the effects of their new Lord. "Paris. . .

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  " Holly cried, not realizing that she was completely surrounded. "It's got to stop, now. Everyone's going to die if it's not stopped, don't you understand that?" She said, before being slapped across the face by Paris. "That is unnecessary. " A man's voice boomed from behind them all. The hundreds of men and women in the cemetary kneeled, as Satan made his presence known, in the form of the beautiful dark-haired man. With a wave of his hand, Paris was knocked to the ground, leaving Holly standing there in tears, half nude, and terrified. His eyes locked on hers, as he approached her. "Is what you're saying true, Holly? Do you really feel this way?" He asked, looking down on her the way a father would look down on a daughter. Trembling and crying, she nodded. "So be it. Holly, I break you from the deal. Go back to being what you were before, with no memory of the events that have ocurred. " He said, placing his hand on her forehead. Her eyes closed in fear, just before the world around her began to fade away.


  --When she opened her eyes, she heard a blood-curdling scream as she sat behind the wheel of her little white Corvette. She looked up and saw a young boy crossing the street, as his mother walked beside him, holding his hand. Still driving at 120MPH, Holly jerked the wheel, just missing the boy. Her car flew through the air, rolling to it's side before touching down. As it hit, it continued rolling across the ground, before crashing into a telephone post. "Oh, my God. " The mother of the young boy said, watching the wreck end. Within seconds, the police car that had pursued her, arrived on the scene. As the night progressed, Holly was removed from the vehicle, alive but with a broken arm. The car was completely totalled. As I said before, Holly was never what anyone would consider an 'ideal' daughter. But now, at the tender young age of 17, she sits in a prison cell, convicted for drinking and driving. When word of this hit the newspapers, her father lost his place in the Senate. She had no memory of the things that had happened to her. To Holly, she'd never met me.

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   Paris and Dawn had never fought, or fallen under my spell. I had returned her to the exact moment in time that I had taken her from. Tried as an adult, she will now sit in her cell for the next two decades, facing everything her way of life had given her. By the time she'd be released from prison, she'd be almost 40 years old, never having had a job, or a life of her own. Sadly, though, Miss DeMancy never made it past the age of 18. You see, within a few weeks of the start of her trial, she began having nausea, and vomiting every morning. That's right. My plan was still in full swing. By the time she was convicted and sentanced, she was already two months pregnant with a litter of about 12 of my demonic offspring. So were Paris and Dawn, and about 70 other girls. My time's coming, and I won't be stopped. My best advice to you is to join me, or face the same fate as Holly. I hope you enjoyed hearing me tell this tale. I'll be seeing each of you, real soon. THE END?.

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Η Ελλάδα, είναι μια από τις πιο ζωντανές χώρες σε ολόκληρη την Ευρώπη. Διαθέτει μια αξιομνημόνευτη ιστορία 4,000 χρόνων, είναι η χώρα της δημοκρατίας, του πολιτισμού, του φιλότιμου, με φιλόξενους ανθρώπους, και εντυπωσιακές φυσικές τοποθεσίες. Στην πραγματικότητα, εάν θέλετε μπορείτε να εξερευνήσετε μερικά από τα πιο πανέμορφα νησιά στον κόσμο μόνο για να συνειδητοποιήσετε ότι θα ζήσετε μια ανεπανάληπτη εμπειρία ζωής.
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