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My name is Jordan, I'm 6'7'' silk brown hair at medium length with a fair 7inches stashed in my pants. The day started out like any other would, waking up with a splitting hangover from too much partying for the third night in a row. I stumbled out of bed and took a couple of aspirin before climbing into the shower. Halfway through i got a call from my closest friend Misty. Misty stood a foot shorter at 5'6'' brown hair which fell to just above her chest. Her deep blue eyes were enough to drag any lucky man into before locking together with her perfect ruby lips. Just under her hair sits a pair of perfect 36B tits which i found myself always looking into when we met. Not too big and not too small, perfect to fit in your hands. Lower still is her amazing ass which is firm to the touch and what anyone lusts for. We have always been very flirty but never had the chance to act upon it. Which i would later find out would change today. So still in the shower i picked up my phone putting it on loud speaker making sure not to get it wet. "Hello there sexy. " I chimed out.  
"Mmmm hello babe, in the shower i hear?" She said with that sexy voice of hers. My cock had a naughty habit of always pitching a tent in my pants each time it heard that angelic voice.

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   And this was no exception, immediately my rod started to stiffen and stand out proud, so i took my soapy hand and began to stroke my member as we continued talking.  
"Listen baby, i have the house to myself today so i was wondering if you wanted to come around so we could hang out and listen to some music?" she sounded as enthusiastic as ever. We didn't get to see each other often so we always made most of what time we did have.
"Of course, why would i ever want to turn down a chance to see my special girl?"  My voice started getting a little shaky the more i rubbed myself.
"Hehe just ma-" She got cut off by a loud grunt escaping my lips. "Tut tut are you having fun while talking to me?" I couldn't help but let a grin spread across my face hearing that she found me out.
"I might be b-but who could b-blame me when i h-have you with me?" My voice clearly broken by this point as my hand gripped my shaft tighter rubbing it more aggressively no longer holding back now that she knew.
"Shouldn't you be saving that for me you naughty boy? You know how long I've wanted to taste your cum for. " Hearing these words come from the girl I've fantasied over for so long i couldn't help myself letting out a long airy groan as my cock throbbed for a few seconds before shooting several ropes of cum on my phone. I licked what bit did land on my hand before trying to speak again.
"T-tough i just had it myself. " I tried letting out a whimpered giggle and failed miserably. "But if you r-really want it that bad you should just help y-yourself to him when i come by then. "
"I'll hold you to that big boy, so hurry up and come here to me. You have to sort out this wetness you have caused between my legs.

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  " Before i even got a chance to reply she hung up the phone. Knowing not to let a sexy girl down i rinsed myself off and wiped my phone clean of my cum. After drying myself off i put on a pair of cargo pants and slid on a rather boring white top before picking up my keys and headed out.
Although i was naturally eagar to finally be able to get Misty in bed, i still walked casually as this is what usually happens. As i said we flirt like crazy, but we haven't acted on it. We usually get this far, but for some unknown reason we just never physically done anything. So i stood outside her house and knocked on the door. She opened the door welcomed me in and as she closed the door i bend down to press my lips to hers which quickly became something we often did when seeing each other. She was wearing her usual get up wearing her denim jeans and a band top from our latest gig, not considered the sexiest get up before the the kind of girl she is, it made her perfect. After a minute or so of making out we headed for her room which is where we usually chill out to listen to her music collection. Several hours passed and sure enough nothing happened between us, the odd kiss here and there but not much came of it. As it was nearing my time to go Misty put on one more CD for us to go though but by this point she started to become hyper. Usually this would mean your not gonna leave without hearing some of the most random things of your lives. But this time was different, se didn't just say, she did. All of a sudden out of the blue she lifted up her top squeaking 'weeeee'  while she did.

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   I've always taken peeks down her top and enjoy the view but seeing her bra cupping those small mounds got me so aroused i couldn't take nothing happening anymore. I rolled on my side wrapping an arm around her waist as i pressed my lips to hers tightly as my tongue sought out access between her lips. She stared right at me wide eyed from how sudden it was not sure how to respond at first until her senses kicked in and she closed her eyes parting her lips as my tongue snaked inside her mouth and in seconds both of our tongues were dancing with each other. With how quickly i moved her top was still pulled up. While her arms came around the back of my neck keeping us together i glided my fingers over her waste and up to what i have been only staring at for far too long. My fingers slid up into her cleavage making mini circles with my fingers between her tits before my hand hid inside one of the bra cups and gently rolled her breast in my palm. She let out a small gasp against my lips as she slouched slightly into me as i felt her nipple rapidly get hard under my hand. So on queue i let the nipple slip between my forefinger and my middle finger rolling it between them. This cause Misty to pull away from me and gasp in lust as i used this chance to bring myself to her neck and suckled on it softly before my teeth got to work and nibbled on her fair skin. My hand by this point had pulled her bra under her tits bringing them on full view of my blazing eyes. i stopped nibbling at her neck and ran the tip of my tongue down it and onto her chest running over her previously left out breast and traced along her Areola several times before homing in and pressed against her rock hard nipple. With this Misty let out a cry of pleasure before pushing me off of her. "Hold on. " She said rather bluntly trying to mask her raggedness. She sat up and lifted her top completely off and unclasped her bra quickly after letting it slide down her arms and onto the floor.

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   She then lifted herself off the bed to undo her pants and slowly slid them off revealing a rather sexy black and lacey thong before sitting back down with her legs firmly together and laid back and shifted making herself comfortable.
"Now you before you continue. " She said softly, almost to a whisper. I simply nodded in response lifting up my top and pulling it over my head to let it join her clothes on the floor. I then stood up completely facing her as i slipped my thumbs into my cargo pants and pulled them down letting my rock hard cock spring to attention and i could hear a faint moan from Misty as she eyed up my member. Once completely naked i got over her and started to suck on her nipples swapping between each every so often as my hand hovered down her body finding the strap to her thong. My fingers slipped under it but with her legs firmly closed they didn't get very far. So i decided to bite onto her nipple, hard, and sure enough this did the trick as she let out a loud cry of shock and her legs snapped right open. Taking this chance before she came back to earth i slid my hand down and cupped her cunt. We both stopped and shuddered simultaneously, Her simply for the fact her pussy was being touched, for me, it was feeling how wet she was already. After feeling the warmth emitting from her pussy for a few minutes i started rubbing my middle finger through her soaked velvet lips bringing faint whimpers to escape through her lips. Slowly i move up a little and found her little nub hiding under its hood. i lifted it up and pressed my thumb against it, "Ahhhh. . " she let out quietly as my thumb rubbed over her clit softly before pressing down harder and wrapping my lips back around her nipple and sucking greedily at it.

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   "AHHHH!" She finally screamed out, feeling satisfied by getting her so worked up keeping my thumb on her clit my middle finger once again ventured down to find her hole. Wasting no more time it sunk deep inside her up to the knuckle causing more loud moans from her as her body started to wriggle back and fourth from the intrusion inside her honey pot. My thumb left her clit to allow me to push two other fingers inside of her which made her legs clamp onto my hand while my fingers get to work on sliding in and out of her slick hole at a rapid pace. The sounds of her wet cunt being invaded by my fingers started to flood the room and Misty was getting more and more worked up until i could tell she was on the brink of squirting. When i felt this i pulled my fingers out instantly and she looked at me with pleading eyes, "D-don't stop p-please!" I pointed down to my cock saying nothing, i thought it best as my rock solid cock said enough for me already leaking out pre-cum from teasing her. She got the hit almost instantly and practically pounce on my cock taking the base in her hand and licking up the underside of my rod. I leant back on my hands letting out a low groan as i felt her tongue against me before she wrapped her lips around the head of my cock sucking on it hungrily at my pre-cum as her hand slipped down and grabbed my heavy balls rolling them in her palm before slamming her head on my shaft taking the entire thing into her throat. This caused a loud gag from her during the suddenness and an even louder groan from myself more so out of shock. Once her muscles got used to having my cock inside her neck she immediately began bobbing her head up and down furiously from the base to the very tip then slamming all the way back down again, at first she kept gagging each time she went down until she got used to it and wrapped her tongue around my cock as she deepthroated my cock like a true pro. Soon my balls began to tense in her hand so i slid my fingers through her hair before grabbing a ball of it having her in my grip i took no time in thrusting my hips towards her as i fucked her mouth. Muffled moans tried to escape her lips as she refused to let go and within a few more seconds i brought her right down against my base forcing her to stay as i began shooting rope after rope of hot sticky cum down her throat. She grabbed onto my legs and forced herself away trying to catch her breath as the last remaining drops of cum squirted on her face and onto her panting tongue. I let her re-coop for a minute or so before she ran a finger across the shaft of my cock and gasped out holding her mouth with her other hand. "It's still hard as anything!" I couldn't help but smirk. She's told me in the past that other guys who have had the privilege of getting a chance with haven't exactly been well trained in the bedroom department, and certainly none of them could stay hard after cumming.

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"Well then," I started before leaning down and whispering huskily into her ear, "Get on all fours and we can sort out what i started before hand. " And with that she needed no more convincing. She rolled over of her front before groggily pushing herself up and stuck her ass out toward me. Seeing her in such a pose is enough to turn any gay man straight and any straight girl gay, it was the sexiest sight i have ever seen. Where my hand had assisted her earlier i must have pulled her thong too far as it was now swallowed inbetween those perfect ass cheeks. I almost came again right there but i contained myself. I leant forward and buried my head where her thong was and pulled it out the way running my tongue around the rim of her ass. We groaned together, i knew for a fact as well that her previous playmates didn't seem to have the balls to try her ass, so i wanted to show her what she has been missing. After playing with her rim for a while, my tongue closed towards her tiny hole before sliding inside her ass, she pressed back against my face letting out pitiful squeaks of enjoyment. My hands ran up her thighs and soon found her cunt once again which was more soaked than ever before, so i lunged my four fingers deep inside her cunt and she screamed in her lust as i got to work fingering her cunt and tongue fucking her ass like a man possessed. In much faster time than before she started to shake finding it hard to keep herself up as heat overwhelmed her shooting down her body and into her cunt. Her pussy sucked my hand in more just before coating my hand and her bed in her juices as they squirted out from her. Her long river of juices didn't seem to end at all but within time she collapsed on her front panting and whining like crazy from the continued heat within her. I slowly pulled my hand out from her and brung it up to my lips where the beautiful scent of her pussy coated my fingers. I ran my tongue over and between them savoring the taste of her prized honey.

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However drinking the juice from her sent me into a sexual frenzy as i grabbed her hips and raised her up once again only this time i came up with her and rested my cock on her ass and grabbed her thong tearing it from her body. She let out a small scream of surprise as her ass seemed to call out to my lustful trance as i rubbed my thick shaft along her hole, the slight cum from before along with her saliva added to my own on her ass really getting it lubed up and when she felt the tip of my cock press against her i saw her tense and ball her fists ready. Although i knew this would be her first proper anal experience i couldn't contain myself any longer, i needed it. Holding tightly onto her hips i thrust forward hard. Misty snapped her head back probably in more pain than anything else from having her ass stuffed with my cock so soon. However i didn't give her anytime to relax as gripping onto her hips tighter i began to drill my cock in and out of her tight hole at breakneck speed, my balls slapped against her cunt sending waves of pleasure through her body feeding the flame within her until her cries of pain slowly began turning into pure sounds of pleasure. I leant over her body cupping her small tits in my hands rubbing them in time with my thrusts which were becoming slower but more deeper and harder. I bit o the back of her neck nibbling all over it as my hands searched for her steel like nipples and when they found their target i took them between my thumb and fore-finger and tugged them hard from her chest. Even her screams now became ragged as my cock was pounding inside her no longer virgin ass as deep as i could get it, even her ass was now clamping around my cock hard trying to pull it into her deeper so i gave its wish and focused souly on grinding my cock trying to get it further still. I pulled off her neck and breathed heavily against it as i could feel my release traveling through my cock and i could sense Misty knew that too as while i fucked her ass as hard as i could, her hand slipped under her body and sought out her own clit rubbing it furiously trying to keep up with my thrusts. But after a few more minutes of raw sex i couldn't hold it in anymore as i pushed myself into her ass once more and let out a couple of grunts as my cock pulsed inside her before flooding her ass with my cum. Feeling my seed pour into her well fucked ass she herself let out one final screech before squirting her juices once again as they flew over my balls and legs. We both collapsed together side by side as my cum and Misty's juices began to subside together leaving us in a sticky mess as i kissed her neck softly as my cock kept us connected together.  
"G-good god i didn't r-realize my ass would e-ever feel this good. .

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  . " Words were more than an effort to give at this point but as my cock fell limp once more a small pop rang in the room as my cum oozed out of her gaping ass. I brought my arm slowly around her keeping out bodies close as we lay there to recompose ourselves. We never acted upon our flirting. But Today changed it all. And it was so worth the wait. .