through the eyes of a beast

Mind Control

I published a very smiler thing several years ago. . . enjoy. . .

I woke, sweating and shaking.

i had had another dream. This one was fresher in my mind.

I had witnessed a savage act , it felt so real.

I had seen it through the eye of a beast. . . . . .

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First, my story: I have always had a gift for sensing the feelings and emotions of others, even to the point of influencing the outcome of certain events in my life.

I was raised in a good home, had as normal a life as possible given the circumstances.

I remember using my power to sway the outcome of significant times in my life.

The teacher who strove to give me a failing grade in science.

Until I "persuaded " him to rethink his position. I was able to invade his thoughts and memories. He was no saint, having witnessed him molest a boy when he was in his twenties, I made it clear to him that I knew what had happened.

I only had to think it, and most weak minded victims would do it.

With amazement I learned I could manipulate others after this hapless pedophile.

The cop who wanted to run me in for speeding, easy.

The cashier at the grocery store I convinced to give me change for a 100 dollar bill. From a five.

the stuck up prom queen who only dated jocks. She enjoyed sucking my cock.

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Yes friends, it got darker. And darker.

Funny how power hardly ever leads to good.

Ask any politician. . . . .

Then the nightmares began, slowly at first,just a snippet here, a random memory there.

I slowly realized I was in the mind of the Beast.

The beast is cruel, serving only himself. Cold, calculating. evil.

I will fill you in one the next episode.


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