Lexi and the Arabian Knight


Note: The following story is a work of fiction.

Greetings, Reader! My name is Frank Norman.

From reading the title, you would probably surmise that this story is about a beautiful woman and a dashing young or middle-aged guy from the Middle East. If you thought that, you would've been half right. This story does feature a beautiful woman, in fact, a beautiful young woman - my 18 year-old daughter, Alexis (I'll be referring to her with the name she's more commonly called by - Lexi). The Arabian knight in this story, however, is not so young or dashing because he happens to be 67 years old, with a potbelly, and a big bald spot that starts from his forehead and keeps the remaining head hairs at bay around the lower sides of his fat head.

It all started three years ago. There was an Ancient Cultures of the World festival being held at Lexi's high school. I attended it due to Lexi's constant peskering me about it the previous two weeks. On arriving there, I met some of her school friends' parents who I knew and some that I didn't know, but had seen before in other various school events that Lexi had also forced to me attend. Slung around my neck was an expensive and high-quality Nikon digital camera. Lexi wanted me to take a picture - read: lots of pictures - of her with her friends and other weirdos I didn't know who were participating in the festival. After a number of hand shakes and carefully spoken words, I started to look for my daughter.

Here's a little bit of background information: I'm originally from Norway and my wife, Nora, can also trace her roots to that wonderful cold place. Lexi is the perfect melding of our genes, thus, she is blond and fair skinned with blue eyes. She isn't as tall as Nora and I, though - a head shorter, but she's only a couple of centimeters-less the height of most girls her age (on average).

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   To top it all off, Lexi has a great body, and I say this without personal bias or incestuous feeling. She really does have a great body and I get a lot of calls and notes - secretly delivered - from boys, who attend her high school, asking me if they could go out with her. All my replies to these inquiries have been "Go ahead, ask her out. " She never dated any of them or anyone who didn't inquire of me. Ah, I would say to myself, such a proper young woman, putting school before her raging hormones.

I found Lexi that day, standing directly under the banner of her stall that said "Welcome to Ancient Scandinavia, Land of the Vikings. " Such pride I felt when I read those words and saw the young students and a staff member dressed in Norse clothing and holding tools and weapons that were imitations of what the Norsemen of long ago used to use and wield. Even more pride welled up within me as I looked at a Viking Longboat (built on a smaller scale) and a condensed Viking village constructed behind the stall banner. All this ancient-cultural pride rapidly evaporated when I saw my daughter talking to a stranger. He looked Middle Eastern and quite wealthy (he had an expensive watch, jewelry on his ears, neck, and fingers; and Italian shoes, which were most likely Gucci).

It wasn't particularly the appearance of the stranger (I also noted that he was at least in his sixties, balding terribly, and not as physically fit as I was - disagreeably out of shape, at that) that upset me, but the way my daughter was interacting with him. Lexi was smiling at him - not with her usual sun shiny smile, but with a smile that was eager and begging to please the one she was directing it to - and laughing and constantly trying show more cleavage by serreptitiously jerking her tight-fitting Nordic top downward. Then he must've cracked a really funny joke (or she pretended that it was really funny) and she laughed, bending forward and placing both of her hands on his shoulders for support. Those hands lingered there as the man talked and she listened. Then he took one of those hands and kissed them.

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   Shit! I said under my breath.

In an attempt to save my daughter from further temptation and potential fornication, I broke into a run in her direction, but crashed into a fuzzily overdressed Eskimo girl and an almost-completely-naked Australian Aborigine holding hands and flirting with each other. Dog crap! I told myself, laying on the floor on top of two poor young people who'd been trying to find some romance in this world when a clumsy oaf like me had rudely cannonballed himself into them. I quickly found some footing and apologized, helping them to their feet.

People were staring at me with looks of disapproval, shock, and anger. I put my hands up in front of me, nodding my head in acknowledgment of what I'd done wrong and accepting all their mutterings, facial expressions, and not-so-nice thoughts.

Lexi must've noticed the commotion because she came over to me with a concerned, but amused look on her face. "Running into trouble again?" she asked. "Yeah," I admitted. "Sad. OH! You broke the camera!" she pointed to my chest where the camera was hanging, split in two and held together by a yellow warning sticker that came with it. "Aw fuck!" I muttered angrily at myself.

Lexi had a hurt look on her face. "I'm sorry," I said. "I'm going to go get a new camera right away, and you'll still get your photos.

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  " I turned to go, but her hand restrained me. "No, Dad. It's okay. My friends brought their cameras so I'll just copy whatever they get and keep it on my computer. You can go to the digital print shop afterward and bring back the processed photos so I can put them in my scrap book. " I asked, "You sure?" She smiled her sun shiny smile and said, "Yep. You want to come and see our stall?"


That was the first time I saw the man. The second time I saw him was a week later at the grocery store. We had run out of dog food for Pickle, our dog who loved to eat pickles as well as dog food. I picked out two cans of two different brands of dog food and went to the check-out counter.

Lexi and a bunch of her friends happened to enter the store at that moment. She didn't see me at the check-out counter. They went to the fruits section to pick out some fruits when I saw the man who Lexi had flirted with at the Ancient Cultures of the World festival come up behind her. All her friends, except for Lexi, saw him make his approach, but he held up his index finger to his lips, motioning for silence and they kept silent. As soon as he got right behind her, he grabbed her ass and she squealed in surprise.

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   "That's it!" I said to myself.

I left the check-out counter with the check-out clerk looking at the cans of dog food and back at me as I headed in the direction where my daughter was being molested by some old balding fuck. I had to watch my step, though, as I dodged large opened boxes of canned stuff on special discount. When I got to the fruits section, I was shocked to see my daughter with her arms wrapped around the man, and her friends giggling to each other. The man also had his hand wrapped around her waist and was feeling her ass. They kissed each other affectionately, then they sensed someone watching them - me.

My daughter's jaw dropped in surprise at seeing me, but the man simply smiled at me, his hands still all over my daughter's ass. "Dad!" she finally said after several attempts to speak only produced invisible air puffs from her mouth. She removed the man's arms from around her waist, but didn't let go of his right hand as she turned to face me. She attempted a smile and pointed to him weakly with the other hand, "This is Abdul. Er. . . he's from somewhere in the Arabian peninsula. " "Saudi Arabia.

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   Pleased to meet you, Mr. Norman," he said smiling at me, jade-green eyes sparkling, and reached out his hand to shake mine. I looked at his hand like he'd just offered me a dead rat, but after a painful moment of silence (painful for them, not me), I took it and shook hands, deciding to be civil, for now anyway.

The rest of the discussion we had in that grocery store just became a mumble of words that I will never remember, except for the last part where I was sure Lexi asked me if Abdul could come over for dinner. I said no, and left them to deal with it.

That evening, I was watching the sports channel, sitting in my recliner when Nora, walking from the kitchen, stood in front of me and asked, "Do you know where Lexi is?" I looked up from what had been the television screen, but was now my wife's familiar and lovely legs and said, "I thought she was in her room. " She replied, "Well, she isn't. And I tried calling her cell phone, but she switched it off. " I was on my feet in a split second, picked up my phone from the coffee table and dialed Lexi's number. Shit! She'd switched it off.

That night we tried everything short of calling the National Security Agency to reach Lexi, but to no avail. Nora got so worried, I was afraid she'd get seriously sick, so I gave her sleeping pills in a cup of coffee and she was out for the rest of that night and a good part of following morning.


The next morning, I didn't go to work and neither did Nora, who'd slept-in due to the sleeping pills she'd had with her coffee the previous night.

A few seconds after 10 a. m.

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  , the doorbell rang. I left Nora laying on the sofa to answer the door. When I opened the door, I was greeted by Matt Nance, the kid next door who had a problem with punctuality - he was too punctual!

"What can I do for you, Matt?" I said. He stretched out his arm from behind his back, offering me a black dvd case he held in his outstretched hand. "You can watch this, Mr. Norman. Lexi gave it to me yesterday and told me to give it to you this morning at 10 sharp. She told me not to watch it, but said that you and Mrs. Norman should really watch it in order to understand why she left. " I took the dvd case from him and said, "Thanks, Matt. Since Mrs. Norman and I are doing nothing at the moment, but worrying ourselves to death, we will watch this dvd right now. " He smiled, clasping his hands together, and said, "Cool! Oh, and I apologize for coming a bit late. I know your clock's a few seconds earlier than the one at my house. " And he was off, back to his place.

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I shook my head in amazement and went back inside the house, closing the door behind me. Nora was sitting up on the sofa now. She had an even more worried look on her face - she must've heard Lexi's name when Matt spoke to me. I answered the question she was about to ask, holding the dvd case out in front of me and said, "Lexi gave this to Matt Nance yesterday and he delivered it according to her instructions. We're supposed to watch this, and hopefully, understand why she left. " Nora laid back into the sofa with a mixture of worry and curiosity on her face.

I went to the television and switched it on, then I switched on the dvd player. I pressed the TV/AV button on the television and got the dvd player screen on. After ejecting the empty dvd tray, I placed the dvd (the one Lexi had made for us - it was metalic grey, and besides the printed product information on the surface, had a simple marker-drawn scribble of a love heart with the name Lexi inside it) on the tray and nudged it backward, causing it to retract into the dvd player.

I went and sat down on the sofa, next to Nora. We watched as the dvd was automatically played and soon saw a message appear on the television screen. It read, "WARNING: This video contains sexually explicit material that should not be viewed by persons under 18 years of age. " Nora grabbed my hand. I looked at her and she looked at me, then we both shrugged and continued watching the video.

After four seconds of black screen, picture finally kicked in and we saw the inside of a vehicle with a man sitting behind the steering wheel.

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   It was obvious from the first few seconds that this video was recorded by a simple handheld camera, though the image was sharp, well-defined. A familiar voice asked, "So how long until we get to Abdul's place?" Nora leaned closer as if she couldn't hear, but I knew she could, just as well as I could. The driver of the car smiled looking at the interior mirror and said, "We should be there in a couple of minutes. " His looks and his accent were Saudi Arabian. The camera jerkily shifted around until it was facing the back of the vehicle. From this view, I could tell it was a van, and in the backseat of the van sat our daughter, Lexi.

Nora gasped and gripped my hand tightly. Lexi, sitting in the back of a van alone with two strangers, was a sight made only more scary by the fact that we were watching this on video without any knowledge of where she was. Lexi looked at the camera and smiled brilliantly, waving to us from the screen. I could tell that it was still daytime because of the sunshine that shone through the window. Lexi had on a pair of sunglasses that I'd bought her at the mall one Saturday when we went shopping for new clothes. Looking out the van window at the passing scenery, she said, "Abdul. . . I like that name.

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   How old is your brother, Kaleem?" The man handling the camera answered (also with a Saudi Arabian accent), "My brother is 67 years old. How old are you?" She answered with a carefree wave of her hand, "Just 18. " Kaleem said, "Eighteen? That's wonderful. My brother wants a wife that is young and beautiful. You have both those qualities. "

"Really?" she asked with an interested smile on her face. "I do not lie to you, Lexi," was the response. The camera swiveled jerkily away from the back of the van to the front windshield. Through the glass, we could see beautiful gardens and servants walking about, doing various tasks. The car drove up to a large house, a mansion, and parked beside a blue lambourgine. We could hear Lexi squeal with exitement, "Is this Abdul's car?" Kaleem got out of the car, the camera still pointed toward the super-expensive sports car. The sound of a car door shutting behind him, then he said, "No. This car belongs to me. Abdul is more into classic old cars like the Rolls Royce - he has five of them. " "Wow!" said Lexi in wonder.



The camera turned and Lexi came into view again. She had on a pink singlet and tight white shorts that only went as far as her upper thighs. "Come, I take you to Abdul," said Kaleem. They walked through the parking lot and up the large mansion stairs, past servants and some men who could only be resident security. Nora and I could tell that Lexi was following in tow because of the remarks she made about the place and the questions she asked while following Kaleem from behind.

They came to a room where four women were busy sowing. They seemed to be in their late and early thirties. "Are these women your personal seamstresses?" Lexi asked. Kaleem answered, "They make clothes, but they are also concubines for Abdul. " The women smiled at her in greeting and one of them said something in Arabic which neither Lexi nor we, the viewers, understood. Kaleem answered her then turned to Lexi (the camera once again aimed at her) and said, "She gave greetings and asked if you wanted her to make a nice piece of clothing for you. I told her that you have your own clothes, but that you appreciated her kindness. "

They moved on from there and ended up in a beautifully decorated sitting room. There were five children playing, running around in that large space. Lexi said, "Aww, cute! Who's kids are they?" Kaleem replied, "One of them belongs to me.


   The other four belong to Abdul. " Then Lexi said, "Oh. How many children does he have?" Kaleem told her in a proud voice, "He has 34 so far. " Lexi said, "Wow! All of them from one woman?" Kaleem said, "No. Abdul has 13 wives. "

The camera shifted to different sections of the sitting room. Kaleem then spoke, "Looks like Abdul is busy. Come, I will take you to a room so you can rest and wait. If you want anything, just ask. I will put a servant outside the room so you can tell him what you want and he will fetch it for you. " The camera swiveled and they were on the move again. Kaleem shouted and someone answered. A man came into view and bowed. Kaleem clapped him on the shoulder and spoke to him in Arabic, probably giving him instructions on serving Lexi. The man nodded his head obediently, putting all that was said to him into memory, and I was, all of a sudden, filled with a sense of wonder for this foreign culture.

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They came to a small, but colorfully furnished and decorated room. A hand motioned in front of the camera and Lexi entered the room. She sat on a large, very comfortable-looking recliner-type cushion and looked from Kaleem to the camera and then back to Kaleem. He told her, "You stay in here. If you want anything, tell Jehil here and he will get it for you. If you get restless, tell Jehil and he will accompany you on a tour of the mansion and surrounding property. I leave you now. Everything okay?" Lexi gave that sun shiny smile of hers and said, "Yep," and she laid back and relaxed on the large recliner thingy.


The camera blinked off, then on again in a split second. Some time must've passed because it was now night time as the camera moved past a veranda with a view to the night sky with stars studded in the black blanket of outer space. The camera made a turn into a corridor and then another turn, finally ending up in a room with scantily clad women dancing to Arabian music. I felt myself getting a hard-on instantly, while Nora continued to look at the screen.

Kaleem was behind the camera again because a man was walking out of the room with a tent pitched in his pants and cried out in what seemed like greeting, "Kaleem - " bla bla bla something something in Arabic. Kaleems voice came strong from behind the camera, responding to whatever it was the man had said.

Then he turned his camera onto a scene that hit Nora and I like a bucket of cold water.

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   Lexi was sitting back almost horizontally on a large cushion beside Abdul. She was petting his ugly bald head and he had his old hands on her tits. She still had on the pink singlet and white shorts. He pointed at his mouth and she picked up a bunch of grapes and fed them one by one to him. He ate them and stared fondly at her.

The camera, once again, blinked off then on again. The eroticism of the next image, nearly blew us out of our seats (Nora and I don't watch a lot of porn, mind you). Lexi and three other women were naked and at play on a large purple bed. The women looked Saudi Arabian (like I was such an expert on what Saudi Arabian's looked like now), and damn, were they gorgeous. They all had long dark brownish black hair, faded colored eyes whether they were green, blue, hazel, grey, or brown; and perfect skin. My hard-on was rock solid now.

Kaleem's voice came from behind the camera, "Lexi, you're beautiful!" She looked up at him and smiled. The camera zoomed in on her, making her head, shoulders and ripe breasts fill up the screen. She jiggled them erotically and blew a kiss at the camera. Nora shifted uncomfortably on the sofa and I caressed her, telling her to lay back and watch instead of leaning forward.

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   She did as she was told and I laid back too. I also noticed my hand massaging hers. Hmm, I don't remember telling you to do that, I said in thought to it.

On screen, a man's bare back appeared. He turned to face Kaleem and gave him a thumbs up. It was Abdul, and man, was he more out of shape, now that his clothes were off! He could've, at least, balanced the potbelly with a big ass, but no, his ass almost became a large butthole on top of the one he already had between those almost-flat cheeks. Gross! I could sense Nora making a disgusted face, almost looking completely away from the screen.

We both jumped when we heard Lexi squeal in excitement. The other four women were barely holding her back, caressing her and kissing her face and neck, putting their hands down between her thighs and fiddling around in that area. She'd shaved her cunt and it glistened with moisture. I could not believe she was getting wet for this old, out-of-shape, bald man.

One of the women left Lexi's group to meet Abdul and bring him to the large purple bed. When they both reached the bed, he rolled across it and came to a stop, sitting up in a reclining position, resting on his elbow. The woman who'd brought him to the bed, crawled on all fours toward him. She put her legs around his reclining body and kissed him affectionately on the side of the head.

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   He was very calm and self-assured like he deserved this and as if he'd done this many times before (and he most likely had). Eww! I thought. I'd rather kiss an ugly dog.

Then the woman positioned the junction of her thighs directly on top of Abduls head and fed her cunt to his mouth. He ate her out expertly and that made me quite jealous, actually. She moaned and rotated her hips on his devouring mouth. He didn't skip anything; he ate it all and she cried out in Arabic a minute and a half later, moving off him and squirting cum on the bed.

Nora was now staring at the screen like she was watching some health video. I wondered if she was still feeling disgusted by Abdul's appearance or whether she had warmed up a bit to him after his display of sexual skill. My pants were barely containing my erection now.

The camera swiveled to where the women were now rubbing some oily substance on Lexi. She'd calmed down a bit, but still looked miffed at not getting first shot at Abdul. What is it with this guy? I thought to myself. Heck, if I had half of whatever secret personal quality he had, Nora would be sharing me with five other women. Come back to Earth, Frank, I told myself.

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   Let's not get carried away.

Abdul said something in Arabic and another woman left Lexi (the one who'd squirted was back again with her friends, rubbing Lexi with oily stuff) to tend to him. She lay on her elbow right next to Abdul and he took one of her breasts in his hand and suckled on it. She caressed his large bald spot while he suckled her. Lexi made to move when she saw this, but another woman came to sit in front of her. This woman placed a hand under Lexi's chin and leaned close to kiss her on the lips. The kissing got out of control and both Lexi and that woman were fingering each other's cunts and tongue wrestling like they were competing for their lives. The other girls seemed to be encouraging the act by holding and squeezing Lexi's and the woman's breasts and asses.

After sucking on milky tits, Abdul sent the woman back to the main group and another woman left them to be with Abdul. This one he made to lie on her back and open her legs. He gave her a bowl of cherries. She laid the bowl beside her and taking one of the cherries, she put it right on top of her cunt. He brought his mouth down between her legs and ate the cherry, some of its juice spilling onto her pussy. She took another cherry and laid lodged it between her cunt lips. Abdul's head swooped down like an eagle onto its prey and licked up the cherry into his mouth, also licking through the womans vagina - she moaned and went for another cherry.

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   This one was pushed inside, deeper.

Okay, I thought, so Lexi wants to get to Abdul, but he's got all these other women there to make her lose some steam so she gets slowed down and softened up for him to play with when they're done with her. Interesting way for him to go about with this group sex. Then I asked myself, does he do this everytime? No. Abdul's got to have a lot of sexual moves, scenarios, and techniques up his sleave (which he didn't have on right now, but I was speaking to myself metaphorically).

They now had Lexi sandwiched between two of the women. She was laying on top one of them and the other one was laying on top of her. They were stroking each other sexually and kissing what parts of each other's bodies they could kiss. The woman on top sucked on Lexi's breasts and the woman below dug her hand inside Lexi's pussy and probed relentlessly, despite Lexi's cries of astonishment and pain. Lexi pushed off the woman on top of her and turned over to face and press her body down on the woman below who'd caused her pain. Lexi shoved her hand inside that woman's pussy and jerked it around mercilessly, causing the poor woman to howl in pleasure and pain. "Get her, sweetie!" cheered Nora, surprising me momentarily.

On the other side of the bed, the woman with cherries was getting her pussy thoroughly eaten by Abdul. She had put seven cherries inside her pussy and he was going after them. Her pussy was red from cherry juice and so was Abdul's mouth, chin, and nose.

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   He found the last two cherries deep in her pussy and he chomped on them while they were still lodged in her hot soft wet flesh. She moaned and said something in Arabic, caressing his bald head affectionately. I found myself subconsciously praying that baldness would come soon to me. Damn this Abdul guy!

Back to Lexi's group, they were all around her and smiling now, even the woman who had her pussy hand-screwed. One woman embraced Lexi's upper body while another embraced her lower body. These two women kissed and squeezed Lexi's sensitive parts, occasionally looking at her with endearing glances. The third woman lay on her stomach, her head between Lexi's parted legs, and tongue-fucked her pussy. Lexi moaned at her while caressing the two women giving her loving attention with their kissing, squeezing, and massaging.

Abdul let the cherry-pussy woman go back to the group and smiled at Lexi. "Lexi, my beautiful new wife-to-be! Come and let us lay with each other. I will put my seed in you tonight. " At this, the group of women released her, and Lexi crawled on all fours to Abdul, a worshipful look in her eyes. He smiled affectionately when she reached him and stroked her blonde hair. I heard Nora sobbing and turned to her. Placing my arms around her, I asked, "You okay?" She nodded her head and raised her hand in the direction of the screen saying, "It's just that she's all grown up now.

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   My little girl's going to be taking a man's seed into her. Despite her leaving, I'm so glad I get to see my daughter in this special turning point in her life. " She sobbed into my chest for a while and I hit the pause button on the remote.

Nora's sobbing abated and she wiped her tears on my shirt. Then her hand unintentionally landed on my crotch and she felt the unmistakable hardness. She quickly looked up at me with a surprised expression. I told her, "Er. . . could we attend to that after watching the video?" She broke into a smile and nodded her head, then kissed me on the mouth. We both adjusted ourselves on the sofa, pressing closer together and sort of intertwining, with her leg over mine, my arm around her upper body, her arm around my waist and squeezing my thigh. I pointed the remote and pressed the play button, and damn, did they play!

Four women surrounded Abdul and Lexi on the bed like watchful guard dogs as he put his average-length, yet ultra-thick cock into her mouth. Aww no! My baby girl giving this fucker a blowjob? I almost didn't believe what I was seeing. From the corner of my eye, I saw my wife looking on teary-eyed as if she were watching a really dramatic part of one of those tragic romantic movies. This movie is screwing us up in ways we can and will never comprehend, I said to myself.

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Lexi took in his fat cock and sucked it good, really good. Abdul held her head in place while he thrust his cock into her mouth. He moaned and uttered Lexi's name under his breath. She looked up at his face and I saw deep love and passion in those lovely blue circles. What the hell for? I will never understand women. Never, I told myself. His cock was circumcized and she lingered on his fat head piece. Then she sucked him sideways on the left and sideways on the right side of his penis. She heavily sucked the underside of his cock with a mean and desirous look on her face.

Damn, that cock was thick! She stuck it all the way in her mouth and rammed her head against his pelvis, deep throating him and gagging like a nutcase. "Oh sweetheart, don't hurt yourself!" said Nora, concerned. Since my arm was wrapped around her upper body, I brought it under her arms and maneuvered my hands to the underside of her tit. Still staring at the screen, I began to gently rub that section of tit even though there was a shirt and bra covering it. She paused from the viewing to look at me. I gave her an innocent look and stopped.


   She turned, then I continued to rub her tit, getting bolder and possessivly squeezing the entire boob. She turned to look at me with a stern expression on her face.

I leaned in close and told her, "Just wanted to let you know that I'm going to be fucking your brains out after this video. " She nodded and said, "Yeah, we agreed on that already. " "Oh," I said, "I just thought that if I said it to you more directly like I just did, then you'd get excited. " She replied, "I am excited, but I'm also busy watching my daughter get nailed by a man for the first time in her life. " I said, "Ah. Continue watching, dear. Sorry I disturbed you. " She gave me an annoyed look and turned to watch the video. I also turned to watch, just in time to see my daughter get a creampie in her mouth. Then I felt Nora's hand grab my crotch possessively. I turned to look at her and she looked at me, then she opened her mouth, looking down at my crotch, and snapped it shut in a vicious biting fashion.

I was definitely turned on at that and began to aggressively squeeze Nora's breasts with both my hands. She gave me an angry look and groped my crotch with a vengeance.


   We both turned to look at the screen when we heard our daughter's voice say happily, "Yay, doggy style!" We continued to seriously grope each other as we kept our gazes on the screen, watching as Abdul pushed his fat cock into Lexi's young and fresh pussy. That thick cock went in like a battering ram, no respect or courtesy, instantly filling up the space in her vagina.

"Oh, oh, oh, daddy!" she cried. I almost shed a tear before I realized that she wasn't referring to me. My grip on Nora's boobs softened and I caressed them more gently. She too eased off a bit on my crotch, but continued to gently squeeze and jerk in just the right directions.

That fat cock of Abdul's definitely did not differentiate between virgins and non-virgins or barely-used and used-plenty; it pounded my little girl's pussy so hard, I thought he was going to make juice from the pulp. He groaned and grunted, Lexi's body shook convulsively from the force he was applying on her, and the four gorgeously naked female spectators cheered from the sidelines. He fucked her so hard, we could hear his balls smacking her pelvis with loud slapping sounds. Nora was about to voice a concern when I brought her face to mine and kissed her, then I whispered to her, "My good wife, please suck my cock. " I ran my hand up against the back of her head in a scalp massage that I knew she liked more than a lot of other things. She smiled and released my cock from its prison of pants and boxers.

Abdul now grabbed my daughter's hair, pulling it back, and mercilessly violated her pussy rights. She screamed in pain at having her hair pulled back, but kept her ass put out perfectly for his cock to continue tenderizing her already tender cunt. Damn, just watching that monster's neck of a cock brutally pummeling my daughter's genitalia made me hurt.

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   Then I felt a slight euphoria as my wife's tongue did all the right things to my cock, and her mouth traveled to and fro the familiar road, giving me immense pleasure and making me fall in love with her all over again.

It had been a good while now that Abdul had been cock-punishing Lexi's pussy with a bunch of her hair held in his tight grip like reins for a horse. Meanwhile, Nora had sucked my dick clean of the cum that I'd shot out, and she was now watching the screen again. Abdul said something in Arabic and all the women rushed in to support him and Lexi. He cummed and cummed and cummed. Lexi moaned in pain, but ceased when she felt his hot sperm load shooting inside her and filling her up until the white spunk was flowing backward out. She moved her ass back and forth against his cock, other female hands helping her, and Abdul continued to thrust into her, female hands pushing him onward so he could continue to fill that young pussy with his jizzum. A woman could never have too much cum inside her cunt.

Lexi collapsed onto the large purple bed and she fell fast asleep in mere seconds. Abdul motioned for the four women to come and sleep beside Lexi. When they were all cuddled around her - two on each side - he got a large purple blanket and covered their naked bodies with the warm and cozy cloth. He kissed them all and left the room. The camera lingered on the image of the five sleeping women and then switched off. The dvd player stopped automatically. The video had run its full length.

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A year after watching that video, we saw Abdul on the news. He was knighted by the Queen of England for his efforts in feeding hungry people around the world and ending poverty in a number of countries. Wow! I said to myself. That is a fantastic achievement. Nora told me that she thought Abdul was an okay guy.

We received a letter from Lexi a few months after that, letting us know that she'd be home for the holidays. We got the house ready and decorated and when she arrived at the front door, we cried and embraced and got wonderful surprises - she had three children standing behind her waiting to meet their grandparents and get invited inside their home.

Abdul arrived the next day and apologized for anything that we might've had against him. I told him that it was okay, that I was happy that Lexi was happy and taken care of, and congratulated him on receiving his knighthood. We all spent the remainder of the holidays in our home and did a lot of catching up.

The holiday's came to an end, and Lexi and Abdul had to go back to Saudi Arabia where they lived in a palace. Lexi told us that she was in charge of all of his humanitarian business endeavors and ran her own little company on the side that was very successful. She promised to always visit us on the holidays with her kids and we were happy to hear that.

Nora and I have found a new way to spice up our sex lives - we play Lexi's dvd and it gets us aroused, then we fuck each other's brains out. We eventually got bored after doing it a hundred times to the same dvd so we sent Abdul and Lexi an email, asking them if they could record more of their sexual activities with each other for our viewing pleasure.

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   They were more than willing to help us out on that.

The next Christmas after Nora and I sent our request, Lexi, Abdul and the kids visited us with a big package. On opening it, we found 100 dvds, each containing 5 hours of hardcore XXX footage featuring Lexi and Abdul. Wow! That was the perfect Christmas present for the two of us from Lexi and her Arabian knight.