Fucked by a black guy...ummmm..two


My first black guy experience was actually 2 guys. . . jerome and jason. I was 16 and on spring break at Panama City Beach. Obviously the trip was about drinking and fun and lots of sex and I was clear before going that it will be a new guy every day. What I did not plan was that this will be my first time with a black boy, in this case two!

The morning started as usual. . . pushing out a guy out of my bed by noon. I got ready in my sexy bikini and left with my friends to the hotel pool to party. The hotel was crawling with great looking guys. I obviously was turned on and I flirted with every guy around me. Me and my gf who were all hooking up danced with any stranger guy in the pool, drank with them, let them get a little touchy fealy. This one guy (Chad) I let him grind against my ass in the pool as we danced and I would push my ass to feel his hard cock. I would have taken him to the room to fuck but a black guy, Jerome, who was dancing next to us started to chat with me.

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   Chad had to take a leak and left for a few minutes and Jerome did not miss a beat and came right behind me and started to grind against me as he knew I was there to play. As he did what you boys do when you see teeny bikini girl, I immediately realized he was much, much bigger than Chad guy down there. Now I have always heard about big black cocks, but this is the first time I felt something against my skin. It was wonderful. It made my pussy wet immediately. I started to give my ass back a little more to feel his cock in me. Jerome realized that I was into her as Chad was quickly blown away by me. He had his hands on my waist and pulling me into his crotch harder as he grinded. I loved his hard big cock against my ass. Every once in a while Jerome would drop his hands under the water and feel my ass and pussy but I would not let him play with it much. I like to tease!

We drank and danced for a couple of hours and I was buzzed well. Jerome over these 2 hours had managed to kiss me, feel my tits and feel my pussy by running his hands all over them. The more we danced the more daring he got and the more I let him. My gf knew that I was into him. They gave me the signal to leave and go fuck his brains off.


   I whispered in his ears to take me to his room. We were out of the pool and in the elevator within minutes and he was all over me in the elevator. I knew one of my breast was out in the elevator as he was sucking on them. We reached his room somehow and as he shut the door, he picked me up against the door, my legs wrapped around his waist and started to dry hump me. We were locked in passionate kiss and I was enjoying his big body using my petite body. My top was off somehow as he dry humped me. I could feel his cock really big and I was really really wet. I asked him to fuck me against the door and he dropped his shorts and my bottom. I saw my first 9 inch cock in my life. He picked me up and pushed his big cock easily in my wet pussy. He started to fuck me hard against the door. I was enjoying it and moaning loudly when I saw coming out of the room was another guy (Jason) who rolled out of bed naked hearing all the moaning. He was a bigger guy and even when his cock was not hard it must have been 5 inches long. He saw me wrapped around Jerome's cock and he whistled. He looked straight at me and said, want another to join a party?

I dont know if I was in shock or I was so horny that I must have nodded.

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   Next I know he is walking over to us and his hands are all over my body parts that he could touch. His cock started to get harder as Jerome continued fucking me. Jason stood next to us and I reached down to his cock and started to play with it. The cock reacted well and got even harder. Jerome pulled out and turned me over to Jason who picked me like a rag doll and before I knew it had his cock buried deep in my pussy, the pussy that was being ravaged by Jerome a second ago. He was equally good at fucking me hard. He must have fucked me for about a minute when Jerome called out to both of us and said we should join him in bed. Jason carried me and threw me on the bed. Both guys were next to me and I had 2 cocks in my hand. Now I am really good with bj and Jason got up and squatted on bed and pushed his cock in my mouth. I started to suck his cock while I stroked Jerome. I knew what I was doing as I had been fucked by 2 guys earlier in school often. They knew too that this was not my first rodeo.

I sucked Jason really well. Gagging on his big cock but I took as much was possible in.

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   I licked his head, the shaft, his balls and the black cock was beautiful. Jerome had me turned on my side now as I sucked Jason and pushed his cock in my pussy from behind and started to fuck me. It felt really good. His cock buried really deep in me. He started to fuck me hard and it was tough focusing on sucking Jason. And somewhere in that fucking it happened. . . . Jerome came hard in my pussy. There was a lot of cum I knew he had just put deep in me. And that cum hitting me hard made me cum even harder. And as I was still cumming and barely able to breathe, Jerome was out of me, I was on my back, my legs wide open and Jason's cock was in my cum filled pussy. He was a harder fucker and he fucked me hard. I could feel cum flow down my pussy to my ass hole and it felt good.

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   Jason gave it all and within a minute he was filling my pussy again. It felt so good.

he pulled out and both guys made me clean their cock before I left. I walked out with cum filled pussy that soaked my bikini bottom and weak legs. I went back to the pool to have fun and see who I will be bringing for the night session ;)
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