The Glory Hole


I had just about finished all my deliveries in Cronulla by two o'clock so I decided to take a welcome lunch break. I drove round until I found a park with some trees giving nice shade to my van. I ate the roll I had bought and drank the iced coffee I had just bought at the takeaway, really refreshing. I wasn't in a hurry to get back to the depot at The Rocks so I sat back and relaxed, from where I was sitting I could see the toilet block it reminded me I could really do with a crap. Locking the van I wandered over, stepping inside I saw there were three cubicles, as the door to the centre one was open I used that one, first checking that there was toilet paper, I had been caught out that way before.
Before dropping my trousers I went to lock the door, of course no lock but at least the door stayed closed. I concentrated on the job in hand to pass the time I had brought a paper to read, somehow or other I had grabbed yesterdays issue so there was little to interest me. Now toilet walls and doors are often interesting to read but a recent coat of paint seemed to have covered the majority of the grafiti. A sheet of toilet paper attached to the wall caught my attention, there was a matching one on the other wall. 'Who the hell sticks toilet paper on walls' entered my mind. The one on my left moving in the breeze fell from the wall revealing a hole in the wall, of course I had to look through it was the same as a 'wet paint' sign you have to check if the paint is wet or not. So I looked, a guy was sitting on the loo next door slowly jerking himself off, now I know sometimes you just have to do this. Having nothing better to do I kept looking, the guy had a reasonable sized cock about seven inches at a guess and circumcised, which I'm not. I just kept glancing through the hole to see how he was going, my own cock decided to start feeling frisky and I started stroking mine. The paper on the left wall dropped off though this wasn't the breeze or I didn't think so, as the head of a cock appeared through the hole. Or should I say squeezed through the hole whoever was attached to this at the other side had something to be happy about.

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   Now I was a little unsure what the protocol is in this situation, I suppose I could have belted it one as I didn't ask for it to be there.
However I decided to be diplomatic, choosing to ignore it for a while, however this didn't seem to work as more of the cock came through. Now I'm not adverse to guys cocks having been quite close friend with a number of them in my younger years. It really was a nice looking cock, I decided it wouldn't hurt just to touch it, perhaps even to stroke it a couple of times. It felt as good as the ones I used to play with in my younger years, my tongue seemed to remember the feel and taste as well having decided that just using my hands wasn't enough. I did wonder who this cock belonged to, but being in the early seventies Aids wasn't around. I continued working on the cock with my mouth my spare hand working on my own cock. I was quite enjoying this it brought back memories of my early teens.
The toilet door opened, 'Oh shit' came to mind, I had visions of it being the local cop. But a guy quickly stepped in and closed the door behind him, I recognised the trousers it was the guy from next door. This was now getting interesting. especially when the guy knelt on the floor in front of me after moving my hand he started sucking on my cock. For a while I concentrated on the job in hand or should I say mouth, up until without warning my mouth was flooded with cum. I got a real load from the guy next door though I swallowed some I spat out the rest. The cock in the hole dissapeared followed shortly by the sound of the toilet flushing, whoever was next door had left.

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   My own cock was not far from the point of no return either, I at least had the courtesy to let the guy know I was about to shoot my load. However I noticed no let up on the rate his tongue and moth were working on me so I just relaxed and blew my load down his throat. The guy swallowed the lot using his tongue to clean me up after, I thought I was going to have to repay the favour but the guy just stood up making sure his dress was in order and after checking there was nobody outside stepped out closing the door behind him. I just sat there for a while I still hadn't done what I went in for, but to be truthfull I didn't feel the need anylonger so I just adjusted my clothes flushed the toilet and walked out into the sunshine. A quick stroll to the takeaway for another Iced Coffee to cleanse my palate and I was once again delivering my parcels.