The All Star Journey PART 2


Well the second day of our All-Star Baseball Team adventure began with a very sexual note.   The man I met in the bathroom at the dinner left me with desires that I had to hide, and did during breakfast.   After we ate the coach took us to the field to see how bad the storm was.
The grounds keeper was also the opposing coach of one of the other teams.   He was busily toweling water from the infield when we got there.   Two van loads of kids and we all piled out like an invasion force landing in a hot LZ.    Our coach started yelling for us to not go on the field.   So we grabbed the balls and gloves and passed along the graveled soaked sidelines as he went out to examine the field.
Ten minutes later he came back with a sour look on his face.   He and the other coaches chatted and then he called a meeting.   Sounding like a hangover spoke for him; he snapped out, “Well the damn field is flooded beyond hope of playing today.   So we have to play a double header tomorrow.   Looks like we will be unable to practice until then as well.   There are no other fields in town that aren’t flooded.   So you bunch of wild animals will have to keep yourself out of trouble until then.   Think you can find something to do that won’t get you arrested or a broken neck?”
We all laughed and said yes and then back to the van.

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    As we went and piled in, a couple of guys made jokes about my hair, until Dan made them shut up.  
The journey back to the motel was short and soon we were free for four or five hours.   I went up to the room to change into my swimming trunks.   Pete followed me while Mickey and Dan stood by the pool drooling over two young women who were paling around in the pool.    These two young hotties had just walked by us as we were coming in and like a magnet those two were drawn to them.
I was naked a second after getting in the door as I headed to my bag to get my trunks.   My bare white ass was exposed as Pete came bouncing in.   He walked right up behind me and said, “Hey you know last night I never got to tap that ass, what do you say to letting your best buddy have a piece now?”
I looked back over my shoulder to see he was all but naked and smiled at him.   I was about to say no, when he dropped his pants and his hard little four inch cock pointed at me.   He was sort of like me for a while in that way and I knew it, and I felt that he might not get another chance, not if my older friend had his way, so I meekly chirped, “Well Pete, you know I really like you a lot.   Why not, go ahead. ”
I turned back around and spread my legs wider and used my hands to brace myself on the chest, as Pete moved in behind me.   I was already dreaming of it when he slid it up and right in me.   I knew it was odd but his cock was thin, short and I was a bit enlarged by the other two boys who had fucked me, as well as the older man from the dinner.
He humped me madly for a few seconds then he slowed a bit and wrapped his hands around my bare chest and caressed my nipples and whispered to my ear, “What if you and I were to be regular fuck buddy’s, think you might like me screwing you when I get horny from now on Jeff?  What if I were to rape you every afternoon when we get home from school and make you fuck me?  Would that get you horny buddy?”
I nodded yes with no intention of meaning it.

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    I was just so damn horny I said what he wanted to hear, and then he began to pound me.   Ten minutes after he started he squealed out loudly as his load exploded in me.   Then he pulled me around and slammed me on the bed and started to suck my little bald three inch cock like a pro.   I was so pleased by his mouth and horny to boot that when he got me to where I was ready to cum; I clutched his head and pumped his mouth all the way through my climax.   He eagerly swallowed it and then licked his lips dry.
We took a few minutes playing on the bed just fondling each other.   He was licking my right nipple while I caressed his cock, just as the door flew open.   Standing there in the doorway was a large burly fat woman with a duster and an arm full of towels.   She popped in and as she kicked the door wide opened she saw us.   Her mouth dropped wide open as she gasped out, “What the hell?”
Now she looked to be sixty at least, gray haired, glasses like binoculars and a big hairy mole on her chin.   She was wearing a yellow and green looking dress and apron that did little to help her hefty fat body.   The duster dropped to the floor along with the towels as we wallowed around trying to conceal ourselves.  
“You two better get some clothes on now,” she yelped out angrily.
“Wait give us a second,” Pete screamed back in kind.
I flung my legs off the other side of the bed and found my trunks as she saw the spot of cum on the floor.

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    The cum from my ass was fresh on the sheets and she started ranting, “You two fucking little queers think I am cleaning that up, you got another thought coming to you.   You can damn well clean it up yourself. ”
Just then Dan popped in the door and seeing me yank on my trunks as Pete plopped his pencil leadless pecker into his trunks made Dan burst into laughter.   The old woman turned to scold him just as he yelled out, “Come on fags get your ass in the pool and cool off.   You can get some ass later.   Let this lady do here job now. ”
“Thank you son,” the old woman responded with a smile at his body.
“No problem miss,” Dan said laying on his thickest way of trying to get on her good side.
We jumped up and raced out the door.   Dan however shut it behind us.   We went down to the pool and sat there freaking out.   We told Mickey and he went up to the room to check on Dan after about twenty minutes had passed.   We watched the closed door for what seemed like forever until Mickey came out pulling his trunks up smiling.   Dan followed him with the same satisfied expression.   The two of them had made it down to the pool and jumped in for a quick swim before the old woman cam out touching her hair and looking like a tornado hit her.

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    Her dress was folded up and as she turned to push the cart with her stuff into the room the back of her dress was bunched up so that you could see her bare ass.   She closed the door to our room and didn’t come back out for an hour.   She must have gotten in trouble for it because two other women came looking for her a bunch of times.
Then when Dan came over and sat down by us he smiled and quipped, “You two get in anymore trouble and you can fuck your own way out of it. ”
“Did you bang her Dan?” Pete asked bluntly.
Mickey slid from the pool to the concrete deck as he said, “Hell no, we slammed dunked her didn’t we Dan.   We made her into a Jeff Sandwich and had her old ass creaming like a dairy cow. ”
“What was it like?” I asked excitedly.
“Like fucking you,” Dan replied and added, “Only she was fat ugly and had a pussy.   What do you think stupid, it was good. ”
We sat there until she came out of the room.   Dan was watching her walk and waved and she blushed and laughed and threw him a kiss.   Then as she walked on down the line to the next room, Mickey yelped out, “I sort liked her mouth Dan, what do you say to round two?”
“Sure fucker, let’s get some more while it’s free,” Dan said as they paraded dripping wet up the steps and to her.   The woman led them into an empty room and then the door closed shut.   Pete and I had time for a good long swim and a walk to the soda machine before they ever came out again.

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     In fact we were called by the coach to his room for instructions for lunch and were about take our pizza and sodas to our room when they came out laughing and smiling.
The four of us ate in our room and then after they described fucking her and laughing at us for getting caught something happened.   We decided to split up for the rest of the day.   The two of them were going to ride home with her.   She lived alone out in the country and offered to take them home for a nice long afternoon and evening of sex.   Pete and I decided to lounge around and watch television until he got horny and locked the door and stripped naked.   Then settling beside me on the bed, he said, “What do you say to another round?  This time you can be my best buddy. ”
I was getting horny from watching him strip, so I quickly replied, “How about you suck me again?”
“If you suck me at the same time?” Pete said.
I slid my thin small body on my side to give him access to my cock and he did the same.   Soon we had each others dick in our mouths.   I was sucking his with the ideal it was the older mans as he made short work of my baby dick.   I came quickly thinking of that older man.   He came a little slower than that but a full load of his salty tasty cream filled my mouth.
He slid up beside me and well fell asleep for a short while holding each other in the nude.   Then I woke up and slunk off the bed and slid on my trunks.

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    I eased my way to the bathroom and freshened up and then slipped out the door.   I walked up to the next level and to the room where the old man was.   I waited by his door and acted like I was taking in the view of the pool for a few minutes before I knocked on it lightly.
My heart was pounding in my chest madly as I waited for what seemed like forever.   Slowly the door opened and he was standing there smiling at me.   He peeked to see no one was around and invited me inside making sure he didn’t see anyone who could have witnessed it.   He waited on the walkway for a couple of minutes blocking the door as he peered around acting like he was now looking when he was.   He stepped back towards the door and peeked a few more times before he moved inside.   Then the door slammed and he locked it.   He moved to the blinds and made sure they were shut fully and as I wandered towards his bed, I surprised him by stripping out of my trunks and flopping on the bed by myself.
My heart was still racing as I tried to make myself into an attractive object by sliding on my chest and dangling my feet off the end of the bed and of course exposing my ass to his eyes.
“Well I see you liked this morning,” the man said as he turned on a radio.   Then he said, “By the way I am Alfred, and you are?”
“My name is Jeff and I can’t stop thinking of you fucking me,” I lovingly replied as I smiled and showed in my face how much I wanted him to take me again.
He slid his shirt off then opened his pants and dropped them and moved to kneel on one knee on the bed in his boxers.   His chest was semi hairy and his body worn by time, but he still was very sexy to me.

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    His legs were not as solid nor his stomach as some might prefer, but there was something that made me want to be his and loved what I saw.   I reached over and ran my hand on his thigh and up his open leg taking the tip of his cock in my hand and fondling it.   Slowly he said, “Now Jeff you shouldn’t tease an old man like me.   I could it take the wrong way.   The way you are acting is like you want me to take someone like you and keep them for a slave.   Make them my plaything for a very, very, very long time.   Maybe even spank them if I thought they were playing a game with me or being mean. ”
“I’m not playing a game with you; I want you more than I can say.   I need it,” I replied, as I slid up and pulled the boxers down.   His nine inch cock was massive and cut and sparkling clean to my eyes.   I slid my hand along it and added, “I would love that in my mouth. ”
He moved his cock forward and I eagerly opened my mouth and accepted it and sucked him completely inside the first time.   It choked me for a second but I relaxed my mouth and let it move in and out until I had the hang of it.   As I sucked him, he replied, “Now little boy, you could wind up being fucked by me again if you would like?”
I was still sucking him like crazy as I managed to yelp out, “Oh hell yeah, I want you to fuck me good. ”
That was all he needed me to say.

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    He removed it from my mouth and pinned my legs up and over his shoulders and sank it in my ass with a force that sent waves of pain and pleasure through me.   He humped me like a dog in heat and the harder he fucked me the more I loved it.   His cock head had a slight upward bend to it and as he fucked me it massaged me inside in a way that allowed me to cum without jerking off.   I have no ideal why his did that to me and not the other boys but the harder he fucked me the cream came flowing from my tiny peter.   He saw how I reacted to his fucking of my ass and said, “Oh my baby boy likes me fucking him.   He wants me to fuck him some more.   Maybe he wants me to kidnap him and take him home with me?  Maybe he wants to be my son or daughter?”
“Yes,” I shouted loudly as he came in my ass and then I added, “Oh god man do it.   Take me home and fuck me everyday.   Keep me as your sex toy.   Make me your son or turn me into your daughter, just keep fucking me”
He was sighing from his release as he pulled his spent cock from me and then sank his mouth to my tiny peter.   He sucked up the cum from it and brought it to my mouth.   Kissing me and filling my mouth with it, and I felt like I belonged to him.   He saw it in my eyes and told me, “You want to go away with me don’t you!”
“Yes,” I said intent on making it happen.   Just as we set up on the bed side by side.
“You want to be mine, don’t you!” he said ordering me to comply more than asking.

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“Yes I am yours take me and keep me,” I begged.  
“If I do this, you will never go home.   You will have no friends or even be allowed to go out without my expressed permission.    Do you know what you are truly asking for?” he quizzed me with a fatherly expression and tone.
I looked into eyes and replied, “I want to be with you!”
He told me something that no one on earth ever had before, “I want you more than you can know, because you are so damn cute.   I would love to take you.   I just want to make sure you will not think this can be reversed. ”
I was lost in his touch and the wonder of it and he knew it, but instead of trying to convince me further he simply said, “If I take you from here, I’ll have to make you look like someone else.   There is no way anyone can see you leave here with me and recognize you.   If that happens I will be put in jail until I die.   So what do we do?”
“What about rolling me un in blanket?” I blurted out and then interjected, “Or make me look like a girl?”
He sat there smiling at first and suddenly he replied, “You know I think we could pull that off.   You go into the bathroom and lock the door and don’t open it for anyone but me.   I’ll be back in a little while and if we are lucky maybe we can make this work. ”
I went in and took a long hot bath with the door closed then when I got done soaking; I relaxed and fell asleep in the warm water.   It felt soothing to my now growing asshole.

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    Then I awoke and dried off and set there in the dark in the bathroom and until I heard him enter and knock on the door.
I opened it to see his smiling face as he barged in and turned me around with the lights still off.   As he pushed my legs wide apart the door went closed and in the dark he rode me like mule.   His cock filed me and I gasped as I felt his manhood enter my small anal cavity.
Locking me by the arms at the wrist behind me he began to wildly buck me off the floor.   I felt his cock drilling and enlarging and for the second time ever in my life I had a full climax without touching my cock at all.   I was howling from his screwing of my ass and the cream now shooting from me as he pounded me until I felt his load explode inside. He never said a word until he came and then he told me, “Now you are going to be mine. ”
My heart was pounding in the dark as he kissed my ear and cheek.   I whimpered out, “Oh god Alfred, I am in love with you.   I mean it. ”
“Then you are more of a girl than I thought.   I am glad I got you some presents darling.   Wait right here and don’t move. ” He said it sweetly and as he moved back I felt his finger caress the cream in my ass crack and then it found its way to my mouth where I sucked it clean.


The light came on just as I released his digit and I smiled at his warm grin.   Then he stepped out and came back carrying two large bags.   As I turned my head he knelt down and stared at my asshole and then his tongue went swirling around and inside it.   It made shiver and coos like a girl and as he did it I heard him sigh yum.  
Then he turned me around and sat me on the toilet and as he opened the first bag he took out a curling iron and mouse and began to work on my hair.   Within a few minutes he applied make up to my face and eye shadow and then red lipstick and when I looked in the mirror I looked like a girl.
He shaved the light hairs from my legs and then he silken them up with some sort of lotion that made them shine.   Next he put a water bra on me and then handed me my first dress, it was sort of sexy looking, red and black and it was tight fitting.   When he stood back and looked at me he smiled and said, “You make a beautiful young lady as well. ”
I felt sexy and sort flipped around acting girlish as he laughed loudly.   Then he took me by the hand and led me out into the room and handed me a pair of red flip flops and a small black clutch and put the make up in it.   He had a small overnight bag that he put some other clothes in for me, female clothes.
Then he told me something wonderful, “You and I will walk right out of this place and no one will be able to tell you are not a young woman.   You could pass for 18 and a first class woman.   After it gets dark we are out of here.

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We waited there for an hour and then he told me, “Take this carrying bag and walk down the stairs past your room and your friends.   Don’t be afraid if they see you.   In fact let them, if they recognize you, than you can’t go, but if they don’t walk out to the parking lot and wait for at the exit sign.   I will pull up and set there and you can get in. ”
I did just as he said and the entire time I felt like my heart was going to explode in me.   The “What If” scenario was blazing new paths in my mind all through the events, as I tried to walk like a girl and forget who I was.
I made my way down to the room where I had stayed the first night.   Dan and Mickey were standing outside smoking a joint and laughing about the fact that I had gotten lost.   Pete was sitting by the pool looking sad as the coach stumbled out one door and into the next.   As I neared the two boys they quickly noticed me and started to make their normal rude comments.
Mickey was first with, “Say baby you look lonely, want to come find yourself with me?”
Then Dan chimed in with, “Once you go black, you never go back hot stuff.   Want to see why the myth is right?”
I walked by and I batted my eyes at them and flipped my skirt tail a bit as a sign to bug off.   Then as I walked past the room the coach went into I heard him exclaim, “Now damn it my short stop is not lost, must be he went to eat dinner somewhere like those two idiots outside did and just hasn’t come back. ”
I smiled as he staggered out of the room and he tipped his hat and passed me by, with a sort of wow expression.   Mickey and Dan were still whistling and trying to get me to turn around as Pete looked up and I gave him a wink, sort of a flirting gesture.

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    He smiled and I walked by, which made him exclaim to the other two, “Hey she winked at me. ”
They of course went into a tirade of curses and jabs at each other until the coach yelled for them to shut up.   Then as I stepped off the walkway and strolled to the parking area I heard them whistle at me one last time.   As I walked out to the exit sign, my heart calmed and when Alfred pulled up in his custom van and I got in, my life as a young boy ended, and I became the young woman that I was now portraying.
We drove down the country highway and onto the interstate and then as we headed west, it suddenly hit me, where are we going.   I looked over at Alfred and said, “Where are you taking me?”
I tell you in the next chapter what he said.