Sex With Strangers.


Just how long can a guy go without sex with another person?This build up. . . no story goes without that you know;-)I was having a VERY dry  spell. Spending lots of time at bars looking for any female pardner with very little luck. Usually it was a regular bar-fly that would occasionally look my way. But it never went more than fooling around in the parking lot. So I spent most of my time after the bars online going to chat rooms. Going to straight chat rooms usually was so frustrating that I'd end up in gay rooms just because I know one thing for certain. If you are horny enough, you will try anything to cum. And that was the epiphany I had. I was horny enough, how far would I go to satisfy my urge's?I have an oral fixation. I love oral sex. My very first time with oral sex was with a girl (of course) but it wasn't my choice. She basically told me if I didn't spend time sucking her off, then it was over between us. And of course, I didn't want to loose her, so I did what I was told.

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   That was the birth of my oral fixation. I now prefer giving oral sex more than the actual act itself. I like to serve rather t han be served. Plain and simple. So being in a dry spell, I live out some fantasies online with other guys just as desperate to cum as I am. But for me, I'm building up the courage to make that step. I want to find out what it's like to actually suck another guys cock. To bring another guy to climax. How far would I have to go to actually do it, and could I? I've never been with a guy, and the thought of going 'gay' is not my thing. But as it turned out, the easiest target to go for was in fact, a gay guy. Most guys, including myself get to a point that they don't care what is getting them off, as long as they can rationalize it as their choice. For example, if a straight guy is down between their legs, sucking their cock. . . they will call them names and be abusive at times to ease their own minds that they, themselfs are not gay.

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  I had to break my own ideas of what was 'gay' and what was just an urge. So, I'm at the bar, hanging with my room mate (my sister in law) and I have made friends with lot's of people there, including a gay guy. Matt is VERY gay, has the voice, the dress, the attitude. . you don't need Gay-dar to tell who he is. Me and Matt are friendly enough that no one really cares much or thinks anything about it. He shares our table, buys drinks and dance's with other girls. But I have plans for him. This is a blow by blow (no pun intended) of what happened. One night when I'm perfectly drunk, I invite him to hand out at my place. I picked a night when I knew my room mate wouldn't be home of course. So he shows up, and I am nicly drunk. Booze to lubricate the mind! I offer him a drink, and all the while am a-buzz with what I want to do. Because up till that very night, I never hit on him or expressed any desire to have sex with him. All he knew is I just wanted to hang out with him.

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   So it's not too lighted in my apartment, he's sucking on a beer. . . and I'm sitting next to him on the sofa. We had some small chat, and he's being very receptive to everything I say. Refecting back, I bet he thought he was seducing me. Not the case. For me, it was buring in my mind. . . "What do guys want?" I wanted to suck cock. "What will we do to get what's our obsession?" Act on it. And that's what I did. I'm buzzed, look at him and told him i wanted to suck his cock. Plain and simple.

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   He kinda leaned back and slouched on the sofa, and I took matters in my own hands. I opened his pants. He lifted his hips, and I pulled them to his knees. At the time he wasn't hard, but that didn't stop me. NOW OR NEVER. . DO IT DO IT DO IT. . Was racing through my head over and over. So I did. I sucked up his soft fleshy cock into my  mouth. I instantly loved it. I can't tell you how it felt so natural. His flesh tasted like mine. We were the same, and as I pleasured him, it was me that was in heavan! His soft cock rolled in my mouth, I could feel his heartbeat as it grew.

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   My only dissapointment was in it's size fully erect. I was hoping to be overwhelmed with cock. . but his was a very modest 4 inches. I could deep throat him with ease. As I sucked him down to the base, I placed his hand on the back of my head letting him control how deep and hard. I took his other hand and put it under my chin so he could use my head as a fuck tool. I have developed a fetish for being used to make others (up till then only girls) cum before I would, it in essance, be a tool for orgasms. Now I was being used by this guy to get off. I really loved it. But my experience was short lived. I sucked his cock for almost a half hour before he wanted to try it on me. I let him get between my legs and play with my cock, but much to my shame I was a bit too drunk and couldn't get hard, and honestly, I didn't want him on me. I wanted him to use me. So after a few minutes, I made him give up and that was that.

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  My first cock sucking experience. We remained friends ever since then. He actually came over another night because I gave him a rain check for a real blowjob. I wanted him to get off. And because he didn't my first night, mostly because he said he wanted to make it last! I laughed at him and told him that the next time he came over, to forget all the "think of other things so you don't cum" routines. . . and that I just want to suck your cock hard and fast so you can just cum. He did come back and cum the very next week. To Be Concluded. ritcheydrew@yahoo. comThe first of many confessions. .