My First Gay Seduction


Paul was in his twenties I suppose, and staying over that night at my folks home and, as we did not have a spare bed, he was sharing mine. Well, he was actually supposed to be sleeping on the floor really, but as we talked together before going to sleep, he complained of the hardness of the floor and asked if he could share my bed. I hesitated only a second. Paul was a tall, strong looking man, with almost an athlete’s body, hard, with only a little fat visible on his toned body. He was not an arrogant jock though, and seemed kind. And he also seemed to like me. Needless to say, I liked him. We play-fought and wrestled on the floor of my bedroom a lot, and I noticed a fair sized bulge in his pants. And the few times I ‘accidentally’ put my hands on it, confirmed to me a monster hide beneath those tight pants. I hoped that night to get a sight of what he had hidden there. And we shared a good few jokes together, some very rude ones too! So here we were. It was not a big bed and this made it difficult, if not impossible, for us not to touch. I did not consider myself gay, but I was always up for a bit of sex fun with my mates, just the occasional mutual wank. You know, what most boys do I suppose at that age. And that was as far as I had ever got, and then only a couple of times. I had not even had a girlfriend to experiment with.

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   In short, I was a hot, frustrated, virgin boy. I was wearing my underpants only, but Paul had climbed in next to me, stark naked. I had tried not to stare openly at his wonderfully large cock as it swung heavily from side to side, bouncing off his muscled thighs and over his equally interestingly big balls. He walked up to the bed and climbed in next to me. His cock seemed very large and fat compared to my own 6inch dick, I remembered thinking. And it was also uncut, unlike my own, with just the tip of his dark cock head showing past the loose covering skin. “You always sleep naked? “ I had asked him, as he bounced into the bed alongside me. “Sure, I like to feel free, can’t stand getting tied up in PJ’s” He laughed, as he pulled the duvet back, before jumping in, revealing to him my almost naked body. A shiver of excitement ran through me as I caught him glance a little too long towards my semi hard dick, which slightly tented my underpants. We talked some more about girls and things and I had got hard as I do almost instantly at the mere mention of sex, which I think I have already told you. I wondered if we would get a chance to have a wank or something together, but I was far to shy to suggest anything like that. I hoped we would though. Then he said goodnight, turned over and went to sleep. Leaving me disappointed and with a stiff dick, which really needed attention desperately. So I continued to slowly and carefully move my hand up and down my dick, trying not to shake the bed and alert Paul to what I was doing.

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   That’s when he turned over and snuggled spoon like at my back. I could feel the heat from his body along the full length of mine. It was deliciously exciting. Then his arm fell across my hips and over my wanking arm. I froze, but then slowly I moved my arm away. As I did so, his arm fell onto my hip, with the resting fingers of his hand now touching, ever so slightly the tip of my throbbing cockhead. My heart was in my mouth as I held my breath and lay still, my heartbeat making my dick bounce gently with each beat against his fingertips. I concentrated on breathing deeply, as if in sleep. But my senses were acutely tuned to the tingling touch of his fingers. He moved again, as if shifting in his sleep, and his hand fell more heavily onto my cock. He was now resting his whole hand on my cock, which pulsed intently with my heartbeat against him. It was all I could do not to move! I could also feel something more. A distinctly growing hardness was pushing against my back and ass. My heart started beating faster than ever, the excitement making me dizzy. Did he think I was asleep? And was he really asleep? I almost jumped when I felt his fingers start to gently rub against the head of my cock.

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   I pretended to be asleep, scared now that he might stop. A single finger traced the outline of my dick head, following the ridge of my glans, along my piss slit, delicately exploring its shape. Then he slowly enveloped the shaft with his hand and squeezed gently, testing my hardness. I almost spunked immediately, but I somehow didn’t and continued to play the part of the sleeping boy as I felt him continue to test my hardness with very gentle and repeated squeezing. I could feel his own erection grow quickly and massively up along my back, from the base of my ass, up my spine It felt huge against me and the heat from his cock seemed to burn my skin as it grew ever harder. Still carefully exploring, he slowly moved his hand down the length of my cock and found the elastic of my pants tight around at the base. Now I knew for sure he was not asleep, as I could feel him panting, his hot breath gently blowing the soft hairs on the back of my neck. He slowly pushed and worked his fingers underneath the elastic and down and over my balls. Once there, he rolled my nuts gently together, feeling their weight, before hooking the elastic of my pants under them, forcing them tightly up. His fingers trailed over them, his palm brushing and rolling them ever so gently. A soft groan slipped past my lips, and I shifted slightly, as if still in sleep, but giving him more access to my inflamed privates. He froze as I moved, but then began once more to trace the outline of my cock and balls with his fingers. Then he took my cock more firmly in his hand and started to rub up and down the length of my erection. He started slowly at first, but then went faster as he wanked my straining young dick. His fist pushed down harder onto my balls with each quickening stroke, then back up, pulling my skin over my swollen glans, before sliding back down my rock hard shaft to bounce off my tightening balls once again.

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   I was in heaven at this unexpectedly sexy wank I was being given. And the excitement was even greater at the supposedly illicit nature of what he was doing to me. His pace quickened and I felt my spunk rise and it suddenly burst hotly from my cock, gushing over and thru his grasping fingers as he milked my young dick of its juice with each wank, forcing out more of my hot cum. I groaned and gasped at the intensity of my release, as my balls were forcibly emptied. I was openly panting and gave up any more pretence at sleep. I turned around, and as I did so, he moved his head quickly down to my nipples and began to suck fiercely upon one, before moving over and doing the same to the other erect nub. I just lay back and let him do whatever he wanted with my young body. Nobody had sucked on my nipples before and I found it weird, ticklish and exciting all at the same time. He then stopped, sat up, and threw the covers completely off the bed, then pulled my underpants down over my legs and off me completely. I was completely naked now as I looked at him as he straddled my legs. He was staring at my young semi-hard cock and balls, revealed to him for the first time. I stared at his enormous erection. It curved upwards, rising tree-like from a dark bush of hair atop two heavy looking balls, almost touching his navel. Thick and with a large bulbous purple head, which was now free of its former covering hood. It glistened as it bobbed in front of me.

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   Not a word had been spoken, but the look of lust and desire on Paul’s face was enough. I just had to feel this cock of his, I just had to! So I reached down and took hold of it in my right hand, my fingers unable to close around its thickness, its length easily twice the height of the width of my hand. The heat was incredible! I heard him moan at my touch as he leaned back on his arms, his head back, thrusting his cock closer to me. I began moving my hand, stroking this hot, thick, eager cock facing me. Up the full length of it I let my hand roam, and over the mushroom head, the soft, yet hard, mushroom head expanding my fingers as they rode over its thick, ridged width, then back down the shaft, all the way back to it’s base. I repeated this, marvelling at its hot thickness. He started thrusting his cock in time to my strokes as I took hold of it in both my hands, stroking him faster and harder. I pulled and bent it towards me, entranced by its hard rigidity. He was fucking both my hands now. He moaned again and pulled back and away from me. As he did so, he smiled at the sight of my own dick standing hard and erect again. What he did then shocked and amazed me. He shifted his position further back, my legs still pinned underneath him, as he leant forward, and kissed my cock. I watched in a trance as he started to lap his tongue over the head, the wetness cooling and exciting. He took hold of it in one hand and pulled it vertical away from my body.

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   Looking at me from behind my cock, he placed his lips at the tip, and slowly sucked me in deeper, down all the way to my balls. My cock had vanished completely inside his mouth and the hot wetness enveloping me was like nothing else I had ever felt. I let my head fall back on the pillow as I let the intense feeling wash over me. Then he started to suck up and down, releasing me, and then swirling around the head, before swallowing me whole yet again. Of course I was unable to last very long, and I came explosively again, and for the first time in my life, into a hot sucking mouth. I felt like I was being sucked dry as he siphoned my aching balls of spunk. I just lay gasping and twitching as the sensitivity peaked in my dick, and I softened gradually in his mouth. Finally, reluctantly, he let my now soft dick drop onto my belly. But he just moved down and took each of my balls in turn and rolled them around inside his mouth. This was again mind-blowing to me, the shear vulnerability of having my balls sucked delicious. Then he let them drop from his mouth and licked down towards my ass hole making me squirm with undiscovered raw feelings. The feeling of his tongue probing and opening me down at that place set me shaking. Back up to my cock he would come, sucking in my softness, trying to suck both balls and soft dick in at once. I could feel myself growing hard once again under this torment and was soon stiff and ready for more. He again sat up, moving up to straddle my chest this time, his balls bouncing as his hand working his own hard cock, up onto my face.

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   He rubbed himself over my face, along my cheeks and then across to my lips. He had, after all sucked me, so I knew what he wanted and opened my lips to let that huge swollen cock-head push itself into my virgin boys mouth. I felt him reach behind him to take hold of my erection, pulling on it, my balls bouncing with his hard strokes on my cock. My mouth was filled with him now as I struggled to suck this monster. The feeling of a hot cock in my mouth fought with the sensation of my own cock being roughly wanked. He started pushing harder in and out of my mouth, pushing in to the back of my throat as I held onto his thick shaft with both hands as he fucked my face harder and harder. My mouth felt stretched to accommodate his hot bulk, my cheeks bulged as he sometimes pushed to the side. He pounded the back of my throat, causing me to gag and cough, as he pushed into me. Then he withdrew, letting me breath again. He turned around and sank down onto my sore stiff dick and sucked deeply on it once again. Showing no mercy, he sucked me hard and long. I was again faced with his big cock pushing at my face and lips, and I pulled it back into my mouth, holding it hard with both my hands, to try and stop it going too deep into my throat. Having my cock sucked whilst I sucked cock was another fantastic first for me and I sucked ever harder, trying to keep in time to the sucking my own cock was receiving. Again he pushed at me, banging against my throat, I breathed thru my nose and opened my mouth as much as I could. .

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   Suddenly, shockingly, he slipped down my throat, his huge length buried itself to the very hilt, his heavy balls resting on my eyes. He stopped, as I struggled to get used to having this cock down my very throat. I could feel it pulse along its length, starting at my lips and travelling over my tongue and deep into me. Then he began to move slowly, never leaving my throat as he fucked my face. He started sucking my cock again, swallowing me fully down into his own throat. I soon started to cum, shooting another load into him once again. This at last sent him over the edge as I felt his cock expand further along its length and start a rippling spasm deep into and down my throat. I knew he was shooting his load, but could not taste his spunk. Two, three, four times his cock jerked, then he pulled it back and it spat hot thick cum onto my tongue. I tried to gulp down the hot seed as it spurted from the head, tasting, again for the first time, the salty and tangy flavour. But still I felt it trickle out and down past my lips, so copious was his eruption. Eventually the jerking stopped and his cock began to soften as I lapped gently around the now soft glans resting on my tongue. We released each other as we both fell back panting, recovering slowly. Still nothing was said as we both drifted exhausted off to sleep. In the morning I awoke, thinking the events of the night must have been a dream, but the dried spunk all over me told me it had been for real.

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   With the memories, came along another youthful and eager erection. Paul was behind me again and I turned around to face him. This time he was really asleep. I picked up and fondled his limp dick, marvelling at the heaviness of it in my hand. I put my erect cock along side his limp one, and his was still as big as mine. I stroked the two cocks together, luxuriating in the feel of another cock next to my own. Paul’s dick soon began to expand and harden. In no time it was fully hard, and digging into my balls. I slipped it between my legs, hard underneath my ball sack and humped it. To feel it slide back and forth between my legs was lovely. Paul awoke and realised what was happening. “Shit, you want fucking again?” He whispered to me. With that, he turned me onto my back, and then spread my legs with his own. He pushed my legs up and onto his shoulders as he went down onto my cock, sucking it wetly into his mouth. I again felt that delicious hot wetness engulf me.

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   As he sucked, he held my legs up, my knees towards my shoulders. I was splayed out to him. Dropping my cock, he licked down over my balls before finding my ass hole and dove his tongue into it immediately. Working it open as I writhed on the bed. He suddenly stopped reached over to his pants for something before returning to suck my cock again. As he did so, something cold also pushed into my ass. I felt a slippery finger push into me, then another one, and then three. He worked me with his fingers as I wriggled against this sensation of my cock and ass being worked together. I felt myself begin to come and bucked against his suctioning mouth as I emptied my youthful hot seed yet again, my ass clamping on his fingers deep inside me. He let go of my still stiff wet cock and knelt up. Then he pushed his huge cock alongside my small boy cock and massaged the two together. I watched fascinated as he ground my dick with his own. Then he leaned back and smeared lubricant along the full length, making it glisten and slick. Then he pushed it down between my ass cheeks, and rubbed it along my ass crack. I jumped at the feeling, because I knew he was going to fuck me for real this time.


   I was excited and scared as I watched him position his dick. Then I felt him rub against my hole, working it in as he pushed. Slowly it opened to him and I felt . it stretch me wider and wider. I cried out that it was hurting, but he told me to relax and to push back. He took hold of my semi-limp dick again and worked it hard, the feelings washed over me, and I pushed hard against the invading cock in my ass. I felt I was being torn in two, then he clamped a hand over my mouth and shoved, a sharp pain, and he was past my sphincter. My cries, muffled by his hand, subsided as he steadied himself buried just inside me. My ass was clamping on and off the huge weapon inside me. The pain eased and died to just a filled feeling. Once I had relaxed, he started pushing again, deeper on each thrust as I felt him fill me inch by inch, ever deeper, with the full length of his cock. With a groan, he let me know he was fully in, his balls resting against my ass cheeks. I panted at the huge filled feeling, trying to accommodate him. It was not comfortable at all, but then he started to move. He drew himself almost out, I could feel him drag my ass ring hooked on the ridge of his glans, then he moved back into me, filling me impossible again.

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   A strange feeling swept over me, a new pleasure, I wanted more of him, harder, faster. I grabbed my cock, stiff yet again and pumped myself as he dove faster and faster into my ass. I looked down to the sight of his cock, thick and corded, the shaft pumping in and out my virgin boy ass, my cock straining, my legs pushed high and wide as I was being fucked. He took over from my hand and worked my cock as he fucked me. Now I closed my eyes threw my arms above my head and abandoned my senses to this wonderful fucking. I tried to take in the mixed and confusing pleasure of being filled with cock, my dick being roughly stroked, his balls slapping hard against my ass cheeks, and the strange new feeling at the base of my dick. I came. Spurting high, spunk flew up from my cock, high into the air and landed on my face, I taste my own hot cum, my ass clamped on the monster inside me and then I felt it, a hot gushing flood deep inside me, his cock jerking and suddenly slippery with his cum as he groaned out his own pleasure. We lay together; I was still impaled on his now softer dick, catching our breath. I tried clamping his cock, working it with my ass, teasing it inside of me. It grew harder. Bigger. Again. Without leaving me, Paul rotated me on his cock until I was face down. Pulling my hips up into the kneeling position, he reached around and pulled down hard on my balls, rolling them in his hand, as he grew ever harder inside of me.

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   I could feel him growing, filling me again from inside. I was hard again also, and he started to stroke me with his other hand. Then he began to fuck me again. Slowly at first, then faster until his balls slapped repeatedly on my ass as he dove fully in and out of me, still wanking me as he did so. He let go of my cock, and pulled me by the hips, hard into him. I looked underneath me to see my stiff cock waving around at each deep thrust, his balls slapping against my own. This time he lost control and just banged as hard as he could into me, suddenly releasing his shots hot and deep into my ass with a deep groan. I watched my own cock spurt by itself, with no contact as he shot into me, my ass milking his cock of all his spunk, emptying his swollen abused balls fully. We fell totally exhausted back onto the bed and fell asleep again. Paul often visited after that, and I eventually got to fuck him back, many times…but for my first time, it must be hard to beat! More Gay Hardcore AtBOYS FIRST TIME.
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