My boyhood introduction to a gay life.


I was 16 and had been masturbating for years. I didn’t have many friends as I lived a bit out of town and it was difficult to hang out and get home late.
One of my relatives came over to visit from out of state for a couple of weeks and he talked about sex like it was something you had for breakfast and pretty soon he was asking me about my sex experiences with girls which amounted to none. He told me he masturbates every day, and took it for granted I did. Then he suggested we should go down to the barn and wank off. I said no as I had never done with anybody let alone let somebody see me.  He eventually persuaded me to come down while he did it and I reluctantly agreed.
As soon as we got there he had his pants down and was working on himself and using a different hand position to what I do. He kept wanking and seemed to be really enjoying himself and talking to me all the time and pretty soon I realised that I was hot and watching him had me hard and I really felt like it. I then undid my zip and got my cock out and began to play with it. He got really interested and came over to me and looked and said take you pants off and lets have a good look. By now I was really in the mood and I did as he asked. The two of were standing there wanking and watching each other. Then he said lets have a go with yours and virtually knocked my hand away and started doing it to me with his hand and initially I wanted to push him away but it felt really nice and I let him continue. He was using the grip he used, to pull me, and it did feel nice, particularly as it was somebody else doing it to me. He said lay down its easier and I did.

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   He did it for a while and I said I am nearly cumming and said this will be great and as I came I spurted cum everywhere as he kept wanking me till I got soft. It felt great and I had cum all over me. When he stopped he said take everything off, it feels better in the nude. I was now agreeable to anything and took my shirt off. I was about to get up but he said stay there for a moment, then he got down on his hands and knees and licked my cum off me. I couldn’t believe it and he said it tasted great. Even his tongue licking me felt great and I started to get hard again almost immediately. Then he said ok you can do it to me now and he lay down and I went over to him and got between his legs and started to wank him. I had never touched another guys cock and it felt different to mine. His is a bit thicker but about the same length as me. I couldn’t believe that I would enjoy it but I did. I even started to play with his balls as I wanked him and he said oh that’s nice. They were really soft and I really enjoyed playing with them. I began to really enjoy myself and could not take my eyes off his cock as I stropped it up and down. It was beautiful.

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   I was doing it 4 or 5 minutes and we talked about wanking and then he said shit I am cumming and he started to spurt, and again I did as he did and pumped him dry, but it went all over him and my hand. Then he said would you like to try mine it tastes good, I often drink it myself. I said how do you do that and he said I put into a big spoon or something and then drink it. I was so curious and so worked up I was prepared to do it but as I got my tongue close I could see it on his stomach and in a pool in his belly button. I stopped short and said I cant do it, it would taste like piss.  He said no it doesn’t it’s a bit salty buts that’s all. I took a deep breath and started to lick and I got a surprise as it was nothing like I imagined. It wasn’t sweet or anything and it had a strange taste but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.   I ended up licking it all off him. Then licked my hand. Now he said we are cum brothers, like blood brothers so we do everything to each other now and now I want you to do something else. I said whats that and he said put my cock in your mouth and suck me. I said no way then he said well lets try 69, that way we both do it together. I said what do you mean and he said I will get on top of you or you can get on top of me and we will both suck each others cocks at the same time. He said try it on me first and he told me how to get over him.

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   Now my cock was hanging down and only half hard, I wasn’t really keen to do this. His was back up hard again and he said hold it up, and then I will count to 3 and we will both put each others cock into our mouth. He counted and then I went down on him and he had mine in his mouth. Again it felt different to anything I imagined. I had never thought of doing this ever before. I took my mouth off him and said you wont piss in me will you and he said no way, but I will cum and when you cum I will drink yours so I want you to drink mine.
We sucked each other and talked about how it felt and what he liked and then he did that to me so I could copy him. The fact his cock was in my mouth was nothing special as far as taste or anything it was more how it felt and how you sucked. We both got the action pretty right after a while and we settled down to a good suck on each other. It didn’t take me long to begin to enjoy it. Again I was surprised how much I was enjoying doing all this sex stuff with another guy and I was beginning to like it more and more as it went on longer. He was also giving me a good time and every now and again one would stop while the other one kept going and it really was great, as we did it to each other in turns. Then he said I am getting ready to cum, get ready and by now I was wanting him to and when it happened and I felt his warm cum spurt into my mouth I loved it. Then I came and he sucked me dry and the two of us were ecstatic about it. He said I had never had another guy suck me off, but I was made do it to my cousin about a year ago and he is about 25 and has a huge cock.

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   You are the first guy I wanted to do it to. Then I got off him and we both stood up and he came to me and said I hope you enjoy this and he put his arm around my neck and tried to kiss me. I pulled back but he said come on you have done everything else just kiss me. I let him and it was pretty awful, then he said not like that open your lips, dont you know how to French and I said no whats that. He then told me how to kiss with an open mouth and he showed me how. Now like everything else he had shown me I began to enjoy it after a while, and the two of us started to kiss really hard and with our tongues and it was making me hard and feel good. I had not kissed a girl before and he said this way makes them really horny. I believed him as it did to me.
I was getting really worked up again and I said would you like me to suck you off again and he said would you and I said I really wanted to. This time he stood up and I got down and sucked him like that. He played with my ears and hair and it gave me a really great feeling. Pretty soon he said I am cumming and again he filled my mouth with his warm salty, wonderful cum and I swirled it around my mouth and got a good taste of it before I swallowed it. Now kiss me he said and I still had his cum on my tongue and he tasted himself and said that was great.
He said now there is only one more thing to do and I will let you go first this time. I said whats that.

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   He said I want you to fuck my bum. I said no way, he said can you say anything else, you said that to everything so far and then you enjoyed it. I said that’s being poofter and he said that’s only when old blokes do it. I said but don’t gays do it, he said yes but you don’t have to be gay to do it and we arnt gay, we just like each other enough to have sex together. It isn’t as bad as sucking really. I said well I suppose I have done everything else so I suppose I can do that too. I said how is that done. He said there are two ways, one is like dogs do it and the other is like doing it to a girl.    I said how do you want me to and he said I don’t care but lets try it both ways. I said it would be easier if you bent over wouldn’t it, and he said that’s doggy. But before we do that we have to find something slippery as its hard to get your cock in unless you do. I said how do you know that. He said my cousin did it to me and he used baby oil to get it in. He then walked around the barn and found some Vaseline and said that will do and he said when I bend over wipe some on my ass hole and on your cock. He got down and I could see his bum hole all puckered up and I wiped a bit of grease on it, but he said use plenty.

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   I put some more on then wiped some on my cock. Ok now fuck me he said and I got over him and started to put my cock into his bum and it went in real easy. Gee he said that was better than when my cousin did it, it hurt me a bit then but that was great, it didn’t hurt at all. Then he said ok fuck me now and I started to push it in and out a few times but every now and again I would come out and I just put it straight back in without any trouble. I noticed when my cock came out it didn’t have shit on it and that surprised me.  His bum was warm and his bum hole was tight and it felt good slipping in and out even though I had grease on my cock. I kept fucking him and said what happens when I cum, do I do it in there and he said yes if you want to, I don’t mind. I wasn’t sure until I was ready to cum and then there was no decision to make, I was going to fill his bum up with cum, I was really enjoying doing this. It was a wonderful feeling cumming into him. Then I slipped out. He was still on his knees and saying that was fantastic, it was so much better than the first time I had it done to me.
He stood up and said I really enjoyed that and I am glad it was you. He came to me and we kissed hard and strong again and he said would you like me to do it to you, I didn’t hesitate and said I cant wait. He laughed and said surely its no way and I said no both ways, I want to try it both ways. Where is that Vaseline.

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   I got down on all fours and he wiped Vaseline on me and then his cock and he then started to push his cock into my asshole. I sort of resisted the first time and he said just relax it wont hurt or I hope it wont, I am not as big as my cousin. After a few tries he finally got it into me and suddenly I could feel him inside me. It was wonderful. He began to fuck me like I did to him and he kept coming out but it went back in easy and I even enjoyed it going in each time. After a while I said lets try it face to face and I rolled over and lifted my legs up. He spread them with his hand and I had to bend back a bit for him to get himself into me. It was abit hard to achieve and dog fashion was better. Then he saw a bench and he said lets try it with you laying on that and when he tried that way it was easier for him. I liked it better too as I could see him doing it to me and he kept blowing me kisses as he fucked me. Then he said here I cum and then I felt his warm cum going into my bum and his grunting as he pumped every drop of it into me. It was a really nice feeling. When he pulled out and I stood up we kissed again and this time as we kissed our cum began to leak out and run down our legs. It felt really good knowing what it was and how it got there. As I felt it running down I kissed him even harder and put my hand down and held his cock which was still all wet and slippery with the Vaseline on it.

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Fortunately there was a bucket and a tap just outside the door so we were able to wash each other bums and legs to get the mess off us. We did it to each other and when we were satisfied all the cum had come out, we had tried to shit but it only spurted the cum out really.
We got dressed and I said I cant believe what we did and I enjoyed it. He said we are lovers now, and we can do that all the time now. I said I know I want to, but only with you. He said I really like you. I said it’s the same with me. I would get upset if I knew you did it with another guy.
Come on he said everybody will be looking for us and we don’t want to get caught behaving like girls, we are really men now we have done that. I said but not poofters, and he said call it what you like, but I like it with you.
That was the beginning of my gay affair with him. We had sex together frequently for over a year before he moved away. Since then I have found other guys and now I have had many affairs with many men. I still have not wanted to try it with a girl though. I know how men like it and thats how I like it too.

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