My 14th summer 5


My 14th summer. . . . . . pt 5 Well, needless to say, the afternoon got very busy. First, of course, Donnie was on Spencer's cock like a the mad cocksucker he was. I swear, I think he lived to suck cock. Ricky and I were sitting on the towels, watching Donnie work over the cock in his mouth. Spencer had him by the sides of his head and was slow fucking his face. The brothers walked up on either side of us and offered their hard, throbbing cocks to our eager mouths. Ricky sure gobbled up Kenny's purple throbber as quickly as he could. Joe had his cock in his hand and I just took it from him and stroked it very slowly. I leaned forward and licked around the head of his dick, slowly letting the tip separate my lips, just a little at a time. As I very slowly slipped my lips over the tip of his cock my tongue is making little circles around the tiny hole in the end.

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   Slowly, his cock head parts my lips. As they slide over the crown edge of his head, I allow my tongue to slip under the shaft and slowly lick, back and forth, up and down, back and forth and then swirling around the head again. At this point Kenny couldn't take it any more and pushed forward, forcing the entire length of his cock into my mouth. I gagged a little but I managed to actually deep throated him on the first try. He grabbed the back of my head and held his cock in my mouth, grinding a little, his pubes tickling my nose. As Kenny fucks my face, I look over to see Joe and Ricky doing the same thing, except Joe is taking long strokes in and out of Ricky's lips. I guess yesterday was kind of a blur, because I didn't remember Joe's cock being that big but he must have been 9 inches and thick with a big head. Looked like fun. (Must remind self to suck that cock too. ). Ricky has both hands holding and massaging Joe's balls so I reach up and take Kenny's in my hand. Well, guess what I got for me reward, Kenny threw his head back, yelled "AARRRGGHHH" buried his cock to the hilt in my throat and about blew my fucking head off with the load of hot cum he deposited on the very root of my tongue. Damn, I really liked this, and I had a hunch we weren't through. Joe saw what his brother had just done and he couldn't stand it either, he fucked Ricky's face faster and then he pulled his cock out and sprayed hot gobs of cum all over Ricky's face. Ricky opened his mouth wide and Joe directed the jets of cum into the back of his throat, Then he took hold of his face and slowly slid his cock into his mouth again, inch by inch until he was once again buried to his pubes in Ricky's throat.


  Spencer had undoubtedly cum by now and Donnie had him on his hands and knees and was about to fuck him in the ass. Donnie bent down and licked Spencer's asshole and the slipped one and then two fingers in . Spencer leaned forward until his shoulders were on the towel, ass sticking up in the air and reached back between his legs for Donnie's cock. Donnie moved forward until Spencer could reach him, then Spencer took his dick by the shaft and pressed the head of it against his asshole. Spencer pushed back against Donnie's dick and I watched as first the head slipped through his tight brown ring. Then Donnie took him by the hips and slowly, very slowly pushed the rest of his rock hard shaft into Spencer's ass. Dannie picked up the pace and soon he just fucking the shit out of Spencer, holding him by the hips and driving his cock up his ass. All the time Spencer is telling Donnie "Harder. Faster" "Fuck me. ' 'FUCK ME!" "Donnie yelled "Fuckkkkkkkk" and slammed deep in Spencer's ass. The brothers and Ricky and I all went and dove into the water and swam around for a bit. Looking up on the beach I watched as Donnie slowly pulled his softening cock from Spencer's ass and slapped him on the butt cheeks. Spencer fell forward on the towel, laughing. They both jumped up and ran for the river, cocks wagging back and forth. After awhile we all kind of wandered out of the water and fell down on our towels.

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   Everyones cock was still about half hard and Spencer threw a porno mag out in the middle of all of us. "Here,check this out" he kind of chuckled. The mag was all guys this time. One of the pictures was of six guys laying on their sides sucking each others cock. "It' called a daisy chain. You guys want to try it?" he asked. Silly question I would say. So we all lay down cock to face in this six boy circle. Pretty soon everyone had a cock in their mouth. I had Spencer he had Ricky. Ricky took Donnie in his mouth and Donnie took Joe and swallowed his entire nine inches. Kenny Lays down between his brother and me shoves his cock in his brothers mouth and takes mine and takes all of me in one gulp and starts sucking like I have never had my cock sucked before or after. These boys were talented. I am not sure what he did but I shot my load down his throe in about a second and swallowed it all. Spencer pulled his cock out of My mouth and said, " Come on, I want to fuck you.

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  " I Very obediently got up and went over to the towels,. Spencer said, "On your hands and knees. " I did as I was told and Spencer knelt down behind me and stuck his finger Ruhr up my ass. It actually went in pretty easy and he slid another in right beside it and kind of pushed his fingers apart, spreading and loosening my asshole. Next thing I feel is his hand on my hip and the head of his cock up against my browmeye. Slowly I push back and he slides slowly up my ass hole. Slowly at first and then faster and deeper. Grinding and ramming deep in my ass, he just fucked the hell out of me and then I reached back between my legs and grabbed his balls. Well, he rammed his cock as deep in me as he could and I felt his hot cunm explode in my ass. Feeling this made me cum and I sprayed hot sticky boy juice all over, without ever touching my cock. Well, we fucked and sucked our brains out for the rest of the afternoon. We rode home and planned to meet again tomorrow. oist of the time the rest of that summer we spent down at Bare Ass Beach. Sucking and fucking and talking about sex. The up coming chapter deals with something a little different.

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   There may be more to this sex stuff that the boys realize right now. Uncle David  .