Me and Cory


When I was 17 I had a friend who lived down my block named Cory. He was only 13 but he liked to hang out with so I let him. He was over one night we were playing sony. He started asking about sex and if I had a big dick. After a while he asked for me to show him mine and hed show me his. I hadnt done this since I was 13 but finally I said sure. I was pretty hard already. I took down my shorts and boxers and let him see my 6" cut cock. He was surprised cuz I was circumsized. So I said ok lets see yours. I could see he had a big tent in his shorts already. When he took it out it was huge 8" lots of pubic hair and his foreskin down past the head. Since we were both horny he said we should jerk off together. I kept looking at his cock as we jerked he said you can suck it if u want. I wanted to so bad but I didnt want to look gay so I kept watching finally he grabbed my head and put it towards his cock. I took it in as far as I could he started fucking my mouth fast right off the bat.

sweidish harmony 

   He started saying I knew u wanted it fag, lick my balls to. I couldnt beleive he was saying all this. As he got close to cumming he kept saying stuff like suck it bitch suck a real mans cock. He finally shot a huge load down my throat and he made me lick his cock clean. I was so hard I started to jerk myself off he said fuck that I dont wanna see you jerk your little dick wait till I leave. I was so mad but yet so turned on. That was my first time with Cory.