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“Here’s the boy now, come in Mike… come and sit on the floor next to Tony. ” I walked to where he was pointing and sat down next to his looking around the room. All the men looked to be in there late forties and were dressed in cloths like my dad wares. They were all smoking and had begun to sit on the edges of there seats. The same man spoke again. “Mike, how old is you now?” “14…sir” “ah good manners and from one so young” he looked around the room as he said the word young and the other men smiled in return of his look in there direction. “Now we have all paid a lot of money to be here mike, I want you to do what I tell you and don’t question it ok. ” “Ok”. My mind was churning and my stomach was filled with butterflies. “Right, I want you and Tony to take your cloths off and put them over in the corner ok”. I looked at the other boy and he smiled at me. He began to take his shirt of so I followed and did the same. Next I removed my shoes and socks and then my trousers. “That’s it boys take them all off” The man said. I looked around the room again and all the men were smiling back at me. I removed my under pants and as they hit the floor.

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   There was a rustle amongst them men and some began stroking there dicks thought there trousers. I looked over at Tony. He was naked and taking our cloths over to the corner of the room. “Right mike, Tony has done this before so just follow his lead ok. ” “yes sir” I replied looking back at the old man. ” suddenly I felt Tony behind me. His warm skin pressed up against my back. His dick was hard and he was wiggling so that it began to push between the cheeks of my ass. His other hand came round to my front and touched my cock. It began to stiffen. He began to pull my foreskin back over the tip of my cock with firm slow strokes and my body and I began to feel hot. I felt a little embarrassed and look around the room again. The men that were sitting on the edges of the seats were now laid back with erect cock sticking straight up in the air. Two men on the sofa in front of me were playing with each other while watching and this made me feel a little more relaxed as I wasn’t the only one being touched. “That’s it Tony, good boy.

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   Bend him over and have a sniff of that tight ass of his. ” Tony responded by whispering in my ear to face the wall and open my legs. I did as he asked. He pushed the small of my back down so that it was arched and I felt the cheeks of my ass open and cool air breeze over my hole. Tony got on his knees behind me and suddenly I felt his nose poke between my cheeks. “How does he smell Tony?” a man asked from the sofa still playing with the man next to him. “He smells like shit” Tony replied. “Really nice”. “Good, have a taste boy, lick all of that shit of his ass till it’s clean. ” Tony’s head moved up slightly and I felt a firm wet thing begin to run the whole length of my slit. It felt really strange but good at the same time. It was making my ass wet and as I shifted my position to get a better grip on the wall I felt my ass becoming sticky. Tony was really licking me now and from all around the room I could hear slow thudding noises, as I looked over my shoulder the men were all wanking themselves a little quicker. “He is nice and wet now Tony, put you dick in him and fuck him a little” Tony stood up and I felt his cock push against my hole. It slowly and painfully slipped in and went all the way until I felt the small of Tony's stomach just above my ass.

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   The heat from Tony’s body was immense and he slowly pulled it out about half way thudding it back into my ass with some force. There were a few ooohs in the room and Tony seemed to be encouraged by this and began to fuck me at a steady pace. He was making sure that his little 5 inches went in the whole way before sliding in back. He gradually worked out the distance so he could pull the whole shaft out apart from the head and then push it all the way back in again. I was really enjoying my self. It was like I was the centre of attention. I could still feel the eyes on me and loved every minute of Tony’s cock in my tight shit hole. I had seen a woman fucked in a film before and knew what to do. I began to move in time with Tony and he began to breathe heavily. It was cut short. “That’s enough Tony, let his taste you cock now, I bet it’s really shitty and tasty. ”The man spoke but I almost didn’t hear him I was so caught up in what was happening. Tony pulled his cock out slowly and it felt like I needed to shit. He turned me round and pulled me down on to my knees. His thick cock was slightly discoloured with brown and his foreskin was pulled back over his head with pre-cum built up in a creamy mess on his piss slit.

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   He moved his hips slightly and I took the length of his penis into my mouth. I had done this for my dad a few times all ready this week so knew what to do. He began to pump my face. His hairless base touching my nose every time his dick slipped deep into my mouth. I reached under his shaft and played with his balls. They tightened instantly and without warning Tony let go a huge spray of lumpy cream into the back of my mouth. I swallowed and a second shot followed the first this time more watery and salty. I felt it slide down my neck and it tasted good. Tony moved away from me and sat on the floor. I looked around the room and cum dribbled from the corner of my lip. “Right mike, time for us guys to have some fun with you now. ” The man came over and led me to a sofa. I placed my upper half on the sofa with my knees on the floor. The five men gathered round now naked from the waste down. They were all so tall they made my 14 year old body look miniature.

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   Now there were no instructions. A man sat on the sofa in front of my while another man went behind me and rubbed my ass crack. The one in front had a cock that was covered with hair. It was about 7 and a half inches and uncut. I began to suck without being told to. I had tasted spunk and wanted more. I knew these men would give me a whole belly full. A searing pain whizzed through my spin as the man behind me pushed his thick cock deep into my ass. But as before, after a moment the pain was gone and the rhythmic pumping began to make me shake at the knees. The guy in front took no time at all. Having 14 year old boy’s lips around his cock was too much for him. He erupted all over my lips. I did my best to lick it’s off my lips but no sooner had I started another cock appeared in front of me. This one was smaller, about 6 inches. The owner looked down at me as I started to pull his foreskin back with my lips.

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   “Suck my cock little boy, I’m gonna pump you sweet mouth with my cum!” he did just that. Just after I professionally took his whole load in my mouth and swallowed it down the man behind me shot his cream up inside my anus. It felt strange but nice and he was quickly replaced by another man who wasted no time in pushing his cock deep inside me. I could here Tony in the background moaning as the man who had done all the instructions fucked his mouth. “That’s it son, suck your daddy’s dick…!”When all the fun was over I was covered in spunk. My ass cheeks were sticking together where the cum had dried onto my skin and my mouth was dry from making sure I swallowed every drop of spunk given to me. My dad was pleased and the men shook his hand as they left. He mentioned that he would contact them to set it up again and they replied that they had had a great time. That night my dad let me suck his cock and he fucked me slowly for being such a good son. .

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