I even remember sucking a little boys dick a few times but that even wasn't really the same at that age (another story later on). any way back to the story, his dick was much bigger than the others I have seen but still on the small side, about 4 inches and slim. when I pulled out mine he was a bit shocked. I had developed early and was about 6 inches but very thick. he then asked how big does it get. I said I didn't know so he said to jag off a little then we could measure. I said ok so we watched each other jag off for a little while then he got a ruler and measure his then I measured mine (didn't really need it since mine was much bigger then his) he then asked if he could touch mine and I could also touch his. I said sure so we jagged each other for a while then he asked if I kissed his he would kiss mine. so we did then he said if I sucked his he would do the same. so we ended up taking turns sucking each other then went into a 69. after a while he asked if I ever kissed anyone. I said no and he said he learned how to kiss from a girl he hung out with and offered to show me. never thought my first kiss would come from a guy. it was very nice and soft. after that we just went to sleep and fooled around every time I slept over until a few years later. I also clicked with another friend from sports who lived closer to me.

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   "mitch" was a little more aggressive. we took a walk in the wood behind the school and after we were in a secluded spot he started to ask the same kind of questions like my other friend. needless to say we also ended up touching and sucking each other. we also ended up rubbing our cocks to each other assholes. since we lived close together we ended up doing things very often. i was getting weirded out cause he was constantly touching me or asking me to do things and he was a guy and we were getting older too. we would always pretend we were soldiers or something and get wounded and need a paramedic to do cpr and strip them down then a nurse would come and suck then to recovery. a few years later we found his brothers porn and started to watch that and do stuff at the same time. wasn't much later that I tasted my first drop of cum. we started so young that we weren't cumming at all. he told me jags off until he cums now and it sort of hurts. he wanted to jag off in front of me and show me and he wanted to see me do the same so we did and some times jagged each other to feel it throb. then on day in 7th grade I think he asked me if he could cum in my mouth. I said he could (after some persuading on his part) if he kissed me for a minute or to first. he hated kissing so I wanted him to suffer a bit.

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   so after I was sucking him watching porn then after a minute or so he said that he was about to cum. . . . then his little 4 incher started to throb from his ass to his head. . . it was really cool until I felt his cum in my mouth and wasn't expecting it to taste like that. it was so much I had to spit it out and wash it out. I made him suck me off a few time too on other occations. once he wanted me to swallow so I tried. the first few times I hated it but after that I like to do it and would do it without being asked cause i couldn't really taste it if I just swallowed it. . it was kind of a turn on too. wasn't too long after that that he asked if he could fuck me.

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  . . I wasn't too sure about that one but he convinced me so he got the lubricant and rubbed it on my ass and his dick. . he slowly worked it in until my ass gave. he was only 4 inches but boy did it hurt. I figured he was in already let him finish. after about a minute he came in me and I was relieved. wasn't until the 4th time he fucked me did it start to feel good. It was surprising to me and since he came so fast it really sucked. I started to ride him and fuck him with out being asked. we did it all the way till recently ( im 26 now). we did it in public at night at the school too. after high school he got homophobic. I think he finally got pussy and I was confortable with it now.

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   funny since he was the aggressor in the beginning. he would get weired after he cam mostly or if I swallowed or wanted him to fuck me. just after he cums he would get almost violent thinking about what he just did I guess. I never did get to fuck him cause my dick was too thick ( we tried several times) he only calls me between gf now. . . havent seen him in about a year. had to find dick else where but that is another story. .