Boat Trip Part 2


I lay there just hours after fucking Dave, after being turned down again wishing i held Dave in my arms. Josh had again turned me down and i was lying there knowing what i had done was wrong and yet wishing to do it again. Barry and Josh had resurfaced from their dive earlier in the day oblivious to mine and Dave's passionate romp. So we had ate dinner and gone to bed. Yet i found i could not sleep so i slipped out of bed and headed to top deck for a cup of coffee. I found the light and turned it on and made myself a coffee. The setting was beautiful looking out over the ocean towards land when i heard a noise. Believing it to be Josh looking for me i turned away before hearing Barry speak,"What are you still doing up,"he asked,"Couldn't sleep but then i could ask the same about you. "As i have mentioned Barry is cute with a dark,ruggedly handsome look and physique but that could be due to his Italian background. "I'm a light sleeper and the kettle woke me up<"he answered,"I'm sorry i just neeeded something warm to drink,"i explained,"From what I hear you've already had that today,"he retorted, as i spat coffee everywhere. I couldn't belive Dave had told him although i could tell he seemed unabashed by it. "Hey forget about it i just dont know why you chose him cos' i would of anytime as Josh is always willing,","You what he's fucked you behind my back,","Yeah but he was pissed and he's got a small dick and from what Dave tells me you're a stud,"he joked and i couldn't help but laugh. I stopped however when he removed is robe and boxers to reveal a semi erect 9 inch cock. "So want to fuck Alex or am I not good enough,"he asked, but my answer was to remove my boxers as he smiled.
"We've got to be quiet,"i asked as i dropped to my knees licking the shaft of his now fully erect cock as my own increased to its full length. He moaned slightly as i began to suck up and down his length as i careesed his ball in the palm of my hand.

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   He began to stroke my hair and buck his hips as though fucking my face and so i had a better idea. I removed my mouth and led him to the back of the boat before getting down on my knees and bending over the sofa. He licked his fingers and inserted them in my ass to moisten it up before getting on his knees behind me. Without warning he slipped it in and began to slowly thrust as i moaned initially in pain but soon in pleasure as his thrusting increased and my cheeks clenched tight around his thick manhood. I was soon being pounded by himas he banged me against the sofa with increasing strength. I told him to stand and he removed his massive cock from me and sat down. I knelt either side of him and slipped down on him easing my way on and so from here i dictated the pace first at slow but i was soon rising up and own rapidly on his cock causing are moans and grunts to intertwine as i brought him close to climax as he was soon moaning my name louder and begging me to make him cum as his cock tensed and erupted inside me for the second time that day i felt juicy cum running out of my ass. I got up and licked him dry before standing as his lips wrapped around my own cock. His cock sucking ability didnt match his ass pounding so i told him to stand before he lay down on the sofa.
Raising his legs into the air i placed them over my shoulders as he grabbed my cock and positioned it in his ass. He then slowly eased it in as his moans increased i pushed further finding my way blocked i slowly removed and continued this slow sexual thrusting until he begged for me pound him harder and faster and i was soon pounding his ass with the same ferocity he had earlier. I found his cock was hardening with every thrust and so i placed my hand around his cock and began to stroke in motion with my thrusting as the ecstacy of our amazing sex continued. I soon felt my self closed to cumming and so laid him on the foloor as we got into the 69 postion and i worked on his cock until he exploded in my mouth. Again sucking got me no closer to climax so i rolled him over and he got on all fours. Bent behind him and stood i pulled him closer before easing my cock in and thrusting into him as i bucked my hips he pushed his ass towards me and i soo felt my cock erupt in him.

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   I licked his ass dry and let him lick my cock before dressing and returning to my cabin praying this so far awesome week would get better.
Continued soon.

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