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In the car ride home, they chatted about how life was treating them, video games, and other guy stuff. When they got to John’s house it was around 5 o’clock. “Ok, why don’t you go get Kyle’s things unpacked, and then come down for dinner. ” John’s mom shouted at the two of them as they headed up the stairs with Kyle’s things. “Ok mom” John said. They got into John’s room, and naturally just locked the door. “You can put your clothes in this drawer” John said motioning to an empty drawer that was open. Kyle opened hi suitcase and started unpacking. He pulled out shirts, and pants, and when he pulled out his boxer briefs, John longed to see him in that sexy under wear. The next thing Kyle took out of his bag shocked John. It was a large stack of magazines that said XXX on the cover and had pictures of nude women. Kyle laughed when he sees John’s face, and then put the magazines under the rest of the clothes. “I’ll let you look at it later,” Kyle said as he finished unpacking. Then he took off his shirt to put on a clean white beater. John saw his chiseled body, and ripped abs. He longed to run his hands up and down those lean muscles.

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   Then Kyle took off his pants and John saw him only in a pair of tight white boxer briefs. For a second John just took in Kyle’s whole body. The bulge that he could see was huge. John’s cock sprung up, and he turned away to hide it. “Uh…lets go to dinner,” John said. “I think I’ll just stay here. ” Kyle said, “Im not very hungry. ” “Ok” John said and quickly left. He went down to dinner, and ate rather quickly so he could hang out with Kyle. When he finished John headed up the stairs and towards his room while his mom called to him “Im gonna go out for a few hours…you two behave yourselves”. On the way he started to hear some strange noises that sounded like moans. Then he heard his name “Oh JOHN. ” Thinking Kyle was in trouble John burst into his room and found Kyle completely naked, one hand over his 7 inch cock, and another with his finger up his ass. In front of him was a picture of John. John noticed Kyle had a lot of pubic hair, armpit hair, and was really strongly built.

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  “Oh my god,” John said. “Holy shit” Kyle said, and stated to get dressed, but then he noticed John’s boner. “Are you horny?” Kyle asked. Johns face turned red, but he nodded. Kyle went over to the door, closed it, and locked it. Then he went up to John and pulled his pants down whipping out John’s 5 inch, hairless rock hard cock. “Let it breathe. Now…just let your lust take over and do any thing you want to do” Kyle said as he lied down on John’s bed. “Anything?” john asked. Kyle nodded. John got on the bed next to Kyle. He took off his shirt to reveal his cute hairless body, and then embraced Kyle in a hug. Their dicks touched, and the two boys shuddered in delight. “Have you ever had sex?” Kyle asked “No” john replied. “Have you” “I have with an exgirl friend, but never with a guy.

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   Have you ever masturbated” Kyle asked. “Yes, but I never cummed yet. ” “That will change today,” Kyle said and then he went to the Johns dick and put the tip in his mouth. John gasped with delight as Kyle slowly slid the 5 inches into his mouth. It wasn’t big so Kyle managed to get the whole thing in his mouth. He sucked on it hard, and he heard John moan. The thought of sucking thins cute boys virgin dick almost made Kyle cum right there. He moved his tongue all over the warm cock, while bobbing up and down. “Oh KYLE!” John screamed. “Don’t stop” Suddenly a wave of extreme pleasure hit John that he could not describe in any other way then by screaming. He felt his dick get very warm and hard, and felt the end get wet. He looked down and noticed Kyle had stopped, and was sucking all of the liquid out of John. When he was done, Kyle said “Congratulations, you just cummed. Kyle stood up panting and spread his legs wide. Then, John sat down so legs were behind Kyle, and his torso was in front.

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   He grabbed Kyle’s 7 inch monstrosity and guided it towards his eager mouth. He noticed the little wet spot on the tip, which only made him more eager for Kyle’s cock. HE put the head in first and tasted the sweet precum on the tip of his tongue. Then he slowly took in more and more of the cock until he had about 5 inches in. He started bobbing up and down like he saw Kyle do. Soon Kyle was moaning in pure pleasure. The moans only made John want to go faster and faster. “HOLY SHIT JOHN DON’T STOP!!! YOU’RE A BLOWJOB GOD!!” Kyle screamed at the top of his lungs. He sucked him for a good 5 minutes of screaming and moaning before Kyle said “Holy shit I’m gonna cum. ” He John felt Kyle cock get rigid, he took the whole 7 inched, and buried it deep into his troat. Kyle screamed with pleasure, and blew his immense load into the young boy’s eager mouth. John tried to swallow it all but some slipped out. They both collapsed on the ground and lied for a while trying to catch their breath. “Now you said I could do any thing I wanted to do right?” John asked. “Yeah” Kyle said.

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   “Ok…I want that amazing piece of meat in my ass. ” With that John got on all fours doggy style and stuck his ass in the air. Kyle was a bit shocked at first but when he saw the boy’s sweet ass hole, he couldn’t contain himself. He kneeled behind him and but a hand on John’s ass. “Now this will hurt at first,” Kyle said. John nodded. Kyle moved his cock closer and put the head in slowly. John squirmed a little. Then Kyle took the whole 7 inches and plunged it into John’s ass. John screamed in pain, and then the pain quickly turned to pleasure. “Oh my god that feels great,” John and Kyle both said. Kyle started moving in and out really slowly and then picked up speed. “Faster” John said “Harder. Oh yeah…. OH YEAH! Oh my god.

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   Your so amazing. ” John could feel the pleasure rippling trough his body, especially through his penis. Kyle continued to pump away as his loose ball sack slapped John’s ass. “Ohhhh! Kyle moaned! You are so cute. I love you” Kyle moaned. As Kyle plunged in again, John felt pleasure pulsate in his cock, and he cummed on his floor. A few minutes went by and he cummed again. John didn’t know how Kyle could last so long. “You are so good at this,” John said. “Your like an animal” As if in response Kyle said “ Holy shit here it cums!!!” He pumped a lot harder and then thrust his whole rock hard penis deep into John’s hole. John felt the cum fill him inside and it made him cum one last time. They both moaned with great pleasure, and they both collapsed with Kyle still inside of John. They lied there in each other’s cum until Kyle went limp. Then they stood up, hugged their sticky bodies together, kissed, and went off to the shower together. .

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