She wanted to save me - BUT! ( Part 1.)


I was at home alone in my apartment when I got a call from my friend who lived down 2 floors. He said the Jehovah Witnesses are in the building be warned. I was already naked as that’s the way I prefer to be as much as possible. I have a sign I put on the door “Nudist lives here- be prepared – ring at your own risk. ” As a result I rarely get any of the pest who doorknock and try and sell me something I don’t want.
Well about 45 minutes later the door bell rings and I am sure its them so I open the door and stand completely naked in front of two women. One was ancient about 50+ the other a young thing about 20.
The old bird didn’t bat an eyelid had her say, the younger one looked me over then wanted to look anywhere but at me. When the older woman finished her spiel, I said no thank you, and they handed me a copy of their newspaper and left. My nudity had not distracted them at all. Too put it mildly I was almost dumbfounded that they stayed as long as they did, which was about 5 minutes. My cock was slack the whole time and every now and again I noticed the younger one sneak a peek at it. I didn’t really hear a word the old girl was saying, I was eyeing off the younger one wondering what she would be like in bed. I imagined she would possibly frigid by her reaction to my nudity although I thought I could notice a hardening of her nipples through the thickness of her bra and top.
My friend must have heard them leaving and he rang and asked how I went and I told them what happened. He said he was waiting for the scream when they rang and I opened the door and he was as surprised as I was that they even persisted in their attempt to convert me.

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I went back to my work in my office and every now and again wondered about them and what they must have thought. The older woman must be a tough nut not to react to the situation.
Later that afternoon, it must have been about 6pm when the door bell rang again, I slipped on a bath robe before opening the door, not knowing who it might be, I even imagined it could be the police should the Jehovah Witnesses have reported me.
To my surprise and complete amazement there was the younger partner to the older Jehovah. I was speechless; I could not believe what I was seeing. She said I have come back to try and talk some sense into you, your behaviour this afternoon was disgusting. I said I still was not interested, but she said would you let me come in and talk to me for a couple of minutes. She had me completely off guard and I said yes. There was something different this time she had changed her clothing and was exposing a lot more cleavage than she had before. She looked more like 20 than she did earlier and she was wearing a wonderful scent and it really got to me.
I was expecting a sermon and a second attempt to convert me or a reprimand for exposing myself to them. My heart was beating faster than normal but that had more to do with how she looked rather than what I was expecting her to say. I asked her to sit and the two of us made ourselves comfortable in my lounge room. She opened the conversation by asking why I did what I did. I said I consider people knocking on my door selling me something I don’t want, an intrusion on my privacy, and my opening the door naked normally has them scurrying away post haste.

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   Some have even reported me for exposing myself to them but the police wont do anything because I have the sign on my door and they tell them they should be prepared for what happens if the persist.
She said her partner who was extremely experienced in being abused by many people later said it was her first experience with a nude person opening the door, but she said all she saw was a person crying out to be saved.   She told me she had never experienced a situation where she had actually been with, and seen a naked man so close before, and was curious as to why you did it.   After a great deal of deliberation she decided to come back after they finished their crusading. She said I know I am stupid and I can’t offer any plausible explanation as to why I did, other than my curiosity got the better of me. I couldn’t help myself. Then she said do you really enjoy running around naked or is just to shock people.
I then said believe it or not I prefer to be naked as often as I can and spent most of my time indoors that way and as much time as possible outdoors nude as well, at nudist beaches or resorts. She then said would you be more comfortable nude now, even with me here. I said personally yes, but I have let you in and I don’t wish to offend you more than I have already. Obviously you don’t consider me to be a threat or you wouldn’t be here.
She said well I have seen it all before so I don’t suppose it would matter if you were completely naked so if you wish, I wouldn’t mind. I shrugged the gown off and it fell to the floor and I stood before her naked and slightly erect. As I sat down again I said you were very game coming back here and asking to be let into my house, how did you know I wouldn’t rape you? Does anybody know you are here?
She said I knew from your reaction to our earlier visit you were a man unlikely to do that, I guessed you were either an exhibitionist or a genuine nudist, and took the risk on the latter. Rape didn’t enter my head as I know where you live.

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Well I said are you going to give me another sermon or convert me or what? She said no I just want to spend time with you, you fascinate me. I said well where do we go from here, and she said well perhaps you could invite me for a meal and I could find out more about you, I cannot but be impressed by your forthrightness ness. I said well that’s the first time I have had an offer like that, I am impressed, and perhaps we will get on better as time goes on. I said would you like me to prepare a meal or would you like to go out. She said maybe I could help you prepare a meal, I am a pretty mean cook myself and that would save you dressing. Then she added I see you are more comfortable with me now, noticing my cock had returned to its completely flaccid self.
I said as a Jehovah you possibly don’t partake of alcohol and she said I am still only a novice in the movement and I actually do enjoy a glass of wine occasionally. I then proceeded to take a bottle from my wine rack and said I hope you enjoy red wine, and she said it’s my preference.
I poured two glasses and handed one to her and she stood up and we stood face to face and clinked glasses and she said to a most interesting evening I hope. My cock stirred again as she looked right into my eyes she gave me a smile and a sort of come on look rather than a cold and heartless stare.
This was going to be a most interesting evening.
Now she said, as she sipped her drink, tell me about your penchant for nudity. I then proceeded to tell her that from the age of about 14 when I had skinny-dipped for the first time at a party I felt the wonderful sensation of being unclothed and the fresh air all over my body. It was a mixed group and at first the girls removed their tops as most of the guys stripped right down but they were already in the pool and at night you couldn’t see much. The guys threw their swimmers onto the pool deck and the girls grabbed them and took them and locked them in the pool motor room.

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   They were going to see the guys completely naked whether the guys liked it or not before the night were over. Gradually the girls eventually removed their bottom halves and remained in the pool. There was much frivolity and as it turned out the biggest concern was that many of the girls who had reached puberty had shaved or trimmed their pubic regions. The girls still to reach puberty were as fascinated as the guys once it became known what the girls were shaped and or shaved. That was the major topic of the evening as it turned out, as to how, when, and why they chose to shave or trim.
Cheekily I said have you ever experimented and she said that’s for me to know and you to find out. The smile I got at the same time was meant to tease me, and I thought this woman is amazing.
I said have you ever experimented with nudity and she said believe it or not I rather enjoy private nudity in my own home but I have never publicly exposed myself. I got game and said well you have an opportunity now and you will be among friends, maybe later she said, after I get to know you better. Then she said what is your situation with women, do you have a partner or particular friend. I said I have many acquaintances but nobody I am involved with at the moment. Then I said, and you? And her reply was I am exactly the same as you, lots of friends but nobody special.
Her glass was empty so I refilled it, and she said what plans should we be making for a meal, then quickly added show me your pantry and refrigerator and lets see what we can accomplish together as this may be a long night. Have you any preference for cuisine; let me tell you I am a pretty good Asian cook. I said funnily enough I do a pretty good stir fry myself and before I realised she was opening doors and taking things from cupboards and the refrigerator and began asking where are the knives and apparently taking complete control of the situation.

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   I then said lets not get that nice dress dirty and went to place an apron around her. She turned and looked right into my eyes and said I like you, you care about the same things I do. She then said I am going to do something I have never done before, where is you bedroom?  I took her by the hand as I led her to it. She said don’t get too excited you are not going to seduce me, I just want to undress. I went to leave as she entered the bedroom and she took my hand again and said don’t go, you are going to help me. She put her arms around me and I knew we were going to kiss and that was a most wonderful moment. Then she whispered its up to you now, I want you to undress me. Then as we kissed and I began to undress her in the process we giggled a bit as things got confused about what was next and where things were buttoned or whatever. By now I was hot and as I gradually removed an item at a time I got hard and she said there is red blood in your veins as well as beautiful red wine on your tongue, I like you a lot.
I got her down to her bra and pants and then she said you will be the first person to have even seen me naked since I was a child, please don’t do anything to spoil the moment. We stood apart as we both prepared for the ultimate revelation. My erection was standing out, and for the first time in my life I think I was embarrassed by being erect. She looked at me and smiled, that she said is the most wonderful sight I have ever seen. I said it has all to do with you, believe me.
She turned and I undid and slipped her bra off and she turned back to me, her beautifully proportioned breasts which were firm and uplifted with hard pink nipples and areola, I took a deep breath and said they are magnificent, then I slipped two fingers into the waist of her pants and prepared to slip them down, then she said now all will be revealed and funnily enough I cant wait.

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   The scent on her body was now overpowering me, it was the most beautiful smell I had ever experienced on a woman.
As I slipped her pants down my face got close to her obviously trimmed pubic area and I took in what was a magnificent sight, she was wet with anticipation. That was obvious from the wetness of the crotch of her pants and the moist pubic hair clinging to her body. Her own vaginal female scent, unlike the scent she had applied, was magnificent, not strong but the wonderful scent of a woman that has looked after her hygiene. Slowly I edged the pants down her wonderful long legs not taking my eyes of her pubic patch for a moment as she stepped out of them.
There she said I have done it, and I said you are beautiful, but she said I shouldn’t have let you see me like this, and I said no you look beautiful what is the matter, she said I have embarrassed you by showing you that I am sexually aroused by my wetness. I said I am more than happy, as it is most obvious I am a little aroused myself. She said I have never seen an erect penis before and yours is more beautiful than I could ever have imagined. Then she said may I, and put her hand right around my penis and held me tight until she lowered her face until her eyes were only an inch away from the tip of it. Like her my wetness was obvious as my pre-cum was dripping from it and a sticky string of semen hung from the tip and eventually dripped onto the floor. As she knelt before me she looked up into my eyes and said I assume that the effect on you is the same as me. She said I have only read about this happening and it is so wonderful actually seeing it happen. In there are thousands of little sperms that can make a baby, its amazing, I cant believe I am actually aroused by this.  I said not as yet the sperm comes later, what you are seeing is the pre cum that helps lubricate the vagina and washes out any urine from within the tube.   She went on to say we had better leave things the way they are for a while until dinner is over.

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   I said if you must but I would be more than happy to feast on what is available right now. She then said no, that can wait, for if it happens, we must be sure, at the moment it would be lust and I don’t want lust to dominate an affair I want to remember and not regret. Then she said you will share your bed with me I promise, I have never gone this far with a man before and I am not going to spoil it now by stopping. She bent forward and kissed the tip of my penis getting her lips wet with my pre-cum which she licked away without making any a comment or gesture, something I noted but decided not to comment upon.
She took my hand and led me to the kitchen saying now chef we are going to make a meal I will never forget or regret.
My evening with Judy as I now new her had progressed better than I could ever have imagined. For somebody unused to nudity and naked male company she handled herself brilliantly and proved she is also a good cook. She was neither embarrassed nor ashamed despite the fact our bodies touched quite frequently during the preparation of the meal. I even managed to avoid getting an erection, even though I secretly admired her body frequently.
After dinner my balls were aching with anticipation, and my prostate was obviously working overtime creating the biggest load of pre-cum I could imagine. My cock never stopped leaking and soaked my chair or it dripped onto the floor. It would have been embarrassing had she been able to se it.
Her nipples remained firm and areola deep maroon and I was constantly looking at them.   The uplift and the firmness of her breasts impressed me and I could see it was natural and not silicon enhanced. Neither one moved unless it was in concert with her shoulders. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

   Occasionally I caught her wiping her wetness away from between her legs when she thought I may not notice.
Thanks to her the meal was prepared and served without fuss, she was an exceptional cook. She never once made a comment about the sensuality or sexual arousal we must have both been feeling, I know I was a little quiet as I couldn’t get my mind off her and what was obviously going to be a wonderful night of romance and intercourse. We emptied the first bottle of wine and she showed no effect. I opened another bottle and she said after one glass from that, save the rest for afterwards to celebrate. I could hardly wait.
After we finished the meal and cleaned up, she was fastidious about being clean and tidy and the sight of her moving and bending in the kitchen was driving me mad with lust. I could hardly control myself and more than once touched her body just to prove I wasn’t dreaming. She insisted on coffee and afterwards after I had visited the bathroom, she excused herself also to go to the bathroom, after I handed her a towel, I took a bottle of champagne from the fridge and two glasses to the bedroom and placed them in an ice bucket. This was going to be a night of celebration as well as conquest.
When she reappeared she looked wonderful, she had washed her self and reapplied lipstick, she also had brushed her hair and also combed or brushed her pubic hair. She looked so innocent and so beautiful. She smiled that wonderful smile and her face revealed to me a feeling words could never do, she stood before me and put her arms around me kissed me lightly on the lips and said take me!
I held her and said this last hour or so has felt like a week, I have known you for no more than a few hours, I know you are religious and a great cook, you look magnificent totally naked and I don’t want to spoil everything and say something that you may find objectionable, lets go to bed and let nature take its course.
I couldn’t believe that I was now slack and I believed within minutes of making love to a magnificent creature. I was totally relaxed whereas before I was straining at the bit to get her into bed.

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   She was actually leading me to my bedroom, not tugging but gently leading me. As we entered the bedroom she turned and put her arms around me and we kissed and I was pole hard in seconds and she felt it rise between our bodies. Now she said forget god and whatever, make love to me as you have never made love before. I have heard all the words and believe me if I find cause to use them I will, so don’t be shocked.
We lay on the bed and we kissed and fondled each other both of us touching those parts we have so anxiously been waiting to feel. Words could not describe the sensuality of the embracing. I had never felt or behaved with a girl like this before. I kissed her body from top to toe as she moaned softly when a spasm of sensation was aroused in her. As I licked and squeezed her nipples between my lips she murmured and writhed as the sensuality ran rampant through her body. My lips caressed her tight firm tummy and around her belly button and her pelvis rose to meet an imaginary thrust she could imagine. Then as I went lower and kissed around her pubic area and the inside of her thighs she lifted spread her legs a little wider for me to see the magnificent pond of soaking wet pink flesh almost quivering with anticipation, I was just about to drink her nectar from it when she whispered please, no not yet, so I continued down to her toes and sucked each big toe. Then she said god that is amazing, I would never have believed that could affect me but it just turned the taps on inside me. Now you can take your fill from me and she opened her legs wide to reveal this wonderful sight of soaking wet labia and her pink vagina wide open and filled with the nectar of love juice from deep within her. I licked and sucked on her until she was dry apart from the wetness of my lips. Her small brownish/pink button hole below her vagina look inviting and as I sucked and licked her vagina I ran a finger around her beautiful ass hole and let my finger just slip into her a fraction, while she said nothing I knew from her reactions what was happening was turning her on completely.

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   She moaned and squirmed the whole time and went as close to having an orgasm as one can do, but she obviously knew how to control herself and stopped short of a total climax. Her fingers worked overtime squeezing and pulling on her nipples which only seemed to refill her pink pot as quickly as I could lick and swallow. She had the sweetest female nectar I could ever remember tasting. I could see the tip of her clitoris was red and exposed from within its sheath, but apart from kissing it once or twice I avoided over stimulation of that part of her, I wanted her orgasm to be as a result of our lovemaking, oral stimulation could be another experience afterwards.
Then she said its my turn and she lay me on my back and proceeded to examine my cock in minute detail asking what is this and what is that, as she worked her way up from my balls to the tip of my cock and finally to the glans which by now was flowing with pre-cum. She had obviously seen uncircumcised men and as I was circumcised she asked numerous questions about it as her long slim fingers of one hand fondled my balls and the other began to stroke and manipulate my cock after wanting to know how I masturbated myself and then proceeded to improve on my technique me as she squeezed and lifted the skin up and over my glans. I too had almost reached climax and had to ask her to stop before the semen which had been brewing within me ready to fill her vagina and smother her cervix erupted before it had the chance to fulfil its destiny.
Then she said now I am ready, I want you to fuck me like you have never fucked anybody before. Hearing the words come from her shocked me mildly but I was more than ready to fulfil her request.
As I positioned myself ready to enter her in the missionary position as it seemed that was the way she had prepared herself for, she said wait a moment and put her hand down and produced the hand towel which she had obviously brought with her from the bathroom and placed beneath her. She said I am a virgin and I believe this is what you have to do to prevent a mess the first time. I was shocked, as I had never considered her to be a virgin from everything she said and did, seemed that she had had some experience. Holy mother of god, I said, a Virgin Mary. No she said a virgin Judy.  
I couldn’t help it, and I said are you sure you want me to do this? Don’t you want to save this for a potential husband? She laughed and said that is something I am positive about surely.


   Oh hell I said are you certain that you want to. She said I made up my mind this afternoon when we were standing at the door, that you were the man who would take me to the heaven I have dreamed about, The other heaven is for the spirit and can wait, the heavenly place between my legs is for the mind and body and it is for you to open the door and show me the way. I have for too long be relying on my fingers to give me the pleasure I crave, but it has to be a man who ruptures my hymen and makes me bleed and fulfils the pleasure I have sought for so long.
I stopped and lay beside her again and I kissed her and a tear ran down my cheek, I was never so moved as that moment, I had slept with a number of girls but that was for sex alone, there was no love or emotion like this. I said to her I have never met a girl like you before, and she said make the most of it; I have never wanted any other man to do what I want you to do either. You are the chosen one. I said honestly I have never slept with a virgin before, all my previous experiences have been with experienced girls; please forgive me if I am a bit overwrought. She rolled toward me and we kissed and she just said I never believed it would be like this, now I want to be fucked like it is the last thing I will ever do.
I wanted to tell her I loved her as I genuinely believed what was about to happen was an act of love and not just a virgin fuck as she described it.

Her suduction will be in Part 2.