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True Story

Who knew having sex with someone you have just met was amazing. . .

My story goes out like this. I was at home bored at it was like 3 something in the morning and since it's summer time I don't sleep early anymore. I texted my ex Leon and see if he wanted to hang out. He said yes and asked me if it was okay if he brought his cousin with him I said yea it's cool. In my mind I was thinking his cousin better be hot and I better want to do him as soon as I see him. So I snuck out the window of my house on the first floor and jumped out. I finally made it out. It was a long time since I got to leave the house since my mom wouldn't let me out of her sight. I was on my way to the park where we said we would meet. There was Leon with his cousin Ty and oh my god! He was hot and I wanted to do him on the spot but then cops came and asked what was we doing at the park late at night we said we were at a friend's house having a slumber party but we got bored of it and wanted some air. The cops said well tell me your friend's house and we'll take you guys back or better yet we're gonna take you downtown for truancy. I'm thinkin to myself truancy??? For what it's not like we have school anymore, duh!!! We was like um, yea sure here's our friend's address. Then we said oh look people running naked over there at the parking lot! Stupid cops gonna look and then we started running.

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   As soon as we got to Ty's place woo we were exhausted from running and jumping over gates. Next thing you know I asked Ty if I could use his shower to clean up and he said yea go ahead it's right there. I went to the bathroom turned the shower on and took my clothes off got in the shower and started massaging myself. I worked down to my pussy I started rubbing it. All soft and nice just as I like it. I start moaning I get louder and louder. Ty knocks on the door and say, "Hey, you okay in there? And do you want something to eat or drink?" I said, "Yea, I'm fine. I'll eat and drink anything you got. Hey you got some clothes I could borrow?" He said, "Yea, why?" I said, "Cuz I accidentally dropped my clothes in the shower. " He said, "Um, okay. My room is just right next to the bathroom. Just get any clothes from there. " I said, "Okay, thanks!" He said, "Yea sure no prob. " Ty and Leon was talking. Ty asked Leon if I was still a virgin.

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   Leon said, "Why don't you go see for yourself. " Ty said, "Naw man, I'm not gonna do that. What I look Like to you chopped liver?" Leon said, "Then why would you ask me?" Ty said, "Well cuz you went out with her. So I thought you would know. " While they talk I heard the whole conversation when I got out the shower. i quietly tipped toed over to Ty's room and open his drawer and took out a long green shirt that was up to my knees and took a pair of socks too. I quietly walk out of Ty's room and walked down the hallway and said, "Ty, you wanted to know if I was a virgin?" Ty said, "Uh, what you mean?" I said, "You know what I mean. I heard you and Leon talking about me while I was in the bathroom. " He said, "Uh, well, yea. Are you?" I said, "Why don't you feel for yourself. " He didn't hesitate to even go ahead and feel me up. He automatically knew what I want. So he picked me up and carried me to his room. He kissed my neck and worked his way down. When he got to my pussy I wanted him to tear me up badly! But he teased me so I took my shirt off and he took his off too.

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   And woo I gotta say he had a huge cock. MMM, I wanted that thing in me right away. He massaged my clit then put a finger in my pussy. All slow at first then fast. He then licked my pussy while he kept his finger in me (in and out. In and out). It drove me crazy. Then I was about to have my first orgasm. I said, "Yes, like that! Keep doing that! Faster faster!" Then I spasmed out all you could feel from me was shaking movements. he then said it was his turn. So he laid back and I started playing with his cock all soft then it got hard. i took his cock in my mouth all of it right away he liked it and said go faster. I did and next thing you know he was about to cum. Then I got on top of his cock. I put that inside of me like it was no problem his 8 inches cock fit in me (all of it)! Then I started going up and down slowly so I can get the rhythm going.

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   Then he picked up my pace and said "Let's go!" He pounded on me like there was no tomorrow. MMM, I liked it all nice and rough and fast! Then I said, "I was cummingggggggggggggggggg!" He said, "I'm cumming too. " I said, "then pull it out!" He said, "Hold on I can't cuz your pussy just got even tighter on my gack!" I said, "Just pull it out!" He said, "I'm trying! Oh god! I'm about to cum real hard!" I then got off his cock just in time! Since he cummed all over his bed and not on me thank God!. . .

Well that's the end of this story till next time I write!

Leave me comments about this story. I wanna hear your opinion on it. Whether it was good, bad, or what I have to fix. . . .