Screwing a Hot Friend.


This story is true, names are changed just in case. When I was 14, I had a huge crush on one of my best friends. Her name was Michelle. She was venezuelan, about 5 foot 7, with a nice tanned body. Her tits were fantastic and perky, a C cup. She had an ass to die for.
She had always been very flirtatious. I had gotten a few good feels of her tits when we had been hanging out other times. She had once flashed me one on a dare, but that was only for a second. I was hoping this time to get a bit more.
It took me forever to get to her apartment. Even though we'd hung out a lot, I'd never gone their before. Her mom was agaisnt her inviting people over. But her mom was gone to clients house (she's a lawyer or something) and was getting back at 11. So it took me forever to find it, her directions had been pretty vauge. When I got there, she was pissed.

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"I've been waiting forever tom! Come on in already. " God she was hot. She was wearing a low cut t-shirt that showed off her amazing tits. She was also wearing a skirt that showed off her perfect ass. I couldn't ressist checking her out. She brought me inside. She showed me around. It was a pretty small apartment, so we decided to just chill in her room. We lay down on her bed and watched tv for a bit.
I wasn't paying attention. All I could see were Michelle's amazing tits. I was getting a huge hard on, but she didn't notice. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore, so I carefully slid my hand down Michelle's shirt. She looked at me, rolled her eyes, but kept on watching tv. I put my hand under them, jiggling them a bit, before my hands found her nipples.

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   They were standing straight up, and were just begging to be rubbed. I started rolling them between my fingers, and masssaging her tits. After about 2 minutes of this, Michelle gasped, and I noticed a wet stain starting to appear on her skirt.
I wayed my options. I'd gotten this far without her saying anything, but if I tried, she could get offended and I could blow it all. I decided to risk it. One hand slowly slid out of her shirt, and moved down, pulling up her skirt. She looked at me, and gave me a quick nod. I flipped her skirt up, and reached my hand down and starting rubbing her clit. She starting shuddering ever so slightly. My other hand reached down, and slid 2 fingers into her slit. I started to make the come here motion. She starting to squirm, and moan. Her whole body shook, and her moans got louder and louder. Finally, she squirted all over my hand.

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"That was fucking amazing tom!" She gasped, "now you need to eat my pussy out. " I was reluctant. I had never eaten a girl out before, so I was unsure if it was something I wanted to do. But she persisted. Finally she made me an offer I couldn't refuse. "If you do, I'll suck your dick. "
That ended my fight. I slid to the bottom her bed, pulling off her skirt and tossing it to the floor. She was wearing a pair of sexy red panties with a huge we stain from her orgasm before. I quickly slid them off. Her pussy was shaved bald, and was one of the sexiest things I'd ever seen. I found I was now perfectly willing to bury my face in it. My tounge went wild in it, driving her into fits of moans and her whole body shook. I looked up to see she'd taken off her shirt and bra, and was completly naked for me. I almost came right there.

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   Finally, she couldn't take it any more and squirted all over my face. She lay there for a moment with her eyes closed, a look of bliss on her face. When she opened her eyes, her face was filled with lust. She motioned for me to come over.
I got to her end of the bed as fast as I could. She grabbed my face and we started making out, and she wrapped her legs around me. I held her ass firmly, the fact that it was filling my hands giving me a huge hard on. After a few minutes, her hand reached down and found my cock, trying to get free of my pants.
"God tom, your cock is so big," she said, rubbing it faster "I'm really looking forward to this. " She kept on rubbing, until I felt like I was going to cum right there. But she stopped.
"Lets get those pants off. " She unzipped my pants,and I slid them off. I was now only in my shirt and boxers. She then wrenched my boxers off.

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   My dick popped out and hit her in the stomach. She giggled. "God, it's even bigger then I thought, it must be like 7 inches. " I nodded. "Ha, see you're not humble, but w. e. "
She then placed my cock in her mouth. It felf amazing. She slowly started sucking, moving up and down, faster and faster, lower and lower, until my cock was slamming down her throat. She was taking it without even gagging. After about five minutes, I couldn't take it any more.
"I'm going to cum. " I gasped. Michelle didn't break stride, as I began to shutter, she pulled out, and beat me off the rest of the way. I exploded, shooting 8 streams of cum, smacking her in the face, mouth, and all over her boobs.

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   When I stopped she lay back, sighing. She then scooped my cum off herself, and sucked it off her fingers. Once she was done, she got up, gave me a kiss then started to try and find her various clothes. She bent over to get her skirt.
As she bent over, I saw her pussy from through her legs. The sight of it, still drippin from her orgasms, got me hard again. I had an idea. I silently moved to the edge of the bed, my cock in my hand. When I got close to her, I rubbed my head along her slit. She shivered at the contact, and turned her head towards me.
"That feels good, I think I need your cock in me. " These were the words I needed to hear. I carefully took her by the waist, and pulled her back onto the bed, with her kneeling, facing away from me. Then I inserted my cock. I had planned to start slow, but the pleasure from being inside her pussy was to much.

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   I started thrusting in out and as fast as I could, going deeper and deeper until my huge balls were smacking agaisnt her perfect ass. She was taking it all, moaning and rocking back and forth, yelling "FUCK ME TOM, FUCK ME HARD AS YOU CAN DON'T YOU DARE STOP!" She screamed, and orgasmed, her pussy closing like a vise, squirting all over my dick. I continued to pound her, with her orgasming 3 more times, until I couldn't take it any more.
"I'm going to cum again!" Her only response, was to grind hard on my cock, until finally I exploded inside of her, after I shot three times in her pussy, she pulled my cock out and turned around fast enough to cover her face again. She then lickeded our combined cum off my cock, and we both flopped down on her bed.
Since then, we have become fuck buddies. At school, she often sucks me off in empty classrooms, and we've even screwed once in the locker room. Also, whenever her mom is away, we fuck like rabbits. It's a great arangement. .