The Crossroads


It was highly immoral acts such as this, that would ultimately be the end of Holly. What she didn't know was that the karmic wheel was spinning, and she was about to get more than what she deserved. "Look at that slut!" Paris said, standing beside her closest friend, Dawn. "She's always thought she was the hottest thing in town. " She hissed, as she held her books and walked out of the main entrance to their high school. "Well, she's about to get hers. ""What are you talking about, Paris?" Dawn asked, just noticing her friend's ramblings. "Haven't you heard? Every girl in school is out to get her. Somebody slashed her tires, this morning while she was in first period. " Paris said, pointing to Holly's little sports car, out in the parking lot. "She had two teachers helping her change her tires, and one even gave her his spare tire! The little bitch probably fucked him for it!" Paris growled. "I wish someone would just haul off and kill the little slut. ""I know she's mean, Paris. Just ignore her, she's not even worth getting upset over. " Dawn replied, trying to kill the tension she was feeling from her friend. As they both continued walking out to Paris' car, Holly's sports car came flying by, just barely missing Dawn.

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   With a squeal, both girls jumped back, dropping their books as Holly raced out of the parking lot, with two guys in the car with her. After a sigh, Paris and Dawn knelt down and began retreiving their books from the ground. "That bitch. " Was all Paris could manage to say. --In the back seat of Holly's car, Warren sat in silence, realizing that he was the only one who noticed the two girls they'd nearly hit. He wasn't sure how he'd managed to get a chance to sit in the car with the one girl every guy in school wanted, but he knew he wasn't going to mess it up. The speakers in the car were blasting one of Holly's favorite hip hop stations, as they drove. It was enough that Warren knew he was going to have a headache before they got to where they were going. "You alright back there?" Warren's friend, Hank yelled from the front seat. "Yeah, just chilling. " Warren strained to yell back, over the music. "Don't worry, baby. We'll be there in a minute. " Holly yelled, grinning at him from the rear-view mirror. They continued to drive until they made it to a deserted portion of the beach.

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   Holly turned off the engine of the car, and jumped out, pulling her top off to reveal her beautiful breasts, covered in a string bikini top. With a giggle and a squeal, she went to the back of the car, opening the trunk to give everyone access to the two coolers of beer. Warren and Hank got out of the car, and joined her. They spent the next two or three hours drinking, and hanging out. Sunset had finally arrived, and the night sky enveloped the beach, but Holly paid no mind. She continued to drink and flirt, eventually giving Hank a blowjob, and letting him fuck her on the hood of the car, while she jacked Warren off. By the time they had finished, it was almost 11 o'clock. "Oh shit!" Holly gasped, looking at her watch. "My dad's going to kill me!" She yelled, as she started putting her clothes back on, as soon as she found them. She finally managed to get dressed, and got in the car with the guys to take them home, and go home herself. --After finally dropping off Hank it was almost 1. Holly was finally able to start home, racing her little car as fast as it would go. She drove so fast through the dark streets, that she had no idea that she'd just fallen into a speed trap. Behind her car, red and blue lights began flashing as the siren on the patrol car howled into the night air. "Oh, this is great.

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  " Holly thought out loud, before deciding to try and outrun the patrol car. She dropped the car down a gear, and put the gas pedal to the floor, and watched as the speedometer eased past 120MPH. "You're not getting me, tonight, you son of a bitch. " She mumbled to herself, watching the cop in the rear view. Her eyes flashed back to the road once more, before darting them back to the mirror, to make sure she was getting away. Suddenly, she heard a blood-curdling scream and everything turned a blinding white. --Holly found herself standing in what she believed to be a white room, with no visible floor or ceiling. If it were in fact a room, there was no way of telling how far from her the walls were. The white almost blinded her. That was when she heard heavy footsteps in the distance, coming from behind her. Startled, she swung around to look in the direction of the sound. "What is this?" She asked, before catching a glimpse of who was walking up. He was a tall and slender man, with dark hair that touched his shoulders. Caught completely off guard, Holly found herself instantly attracted to the man. She stared at him, as he slowly walked up, wearing a black suit.

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   His eyes never left hers, giving her the distinct feeling that he was staring right through her. Feeling shy for the first time in her life, she looked towards the floor. This was when she noticed that she wasn't wearing what she was a few minutes ago. Instead, she was wearing a beautiful black dress that she'd often seen Spanish dancers wear in the movies. She put her hands across her chest, and felt a diamond necklace hanging from her neck. She felt her hair and realized that it was put up elegantly, with a flower carfully petruding from it. "Holly DeMancy?" She heard the man say, as he took the last few steps toward her. Caught completely by suprise, she just nodded. He gave a small polite smile, and took her hand and kissed it. "I apologize if I've inconvenienced you, Miss DeMancy. ""Uh, no. But where am I? Who are you?" She asked, looking at the area around her. "Oh no, my father! I've got to go!" She started to panic, once again. "Don't worry, time has no relevance here. A second in your world would be an eternity here.

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  " He said, appearing extremely comfortable with the strange things around him. This helped to calm her down. "Actually, your father is exactly why I brought you here, Miss DeMancy. " He stated, his voice calm and sophisticated. "I don't understand. " Holly replied. "I'm sorry, I realize this is all very strange. Perhaps you'd like something to drink, to calm you down?" He smiled, gesturing into the distance as if to invite her to walk with him. "Uh. . y-yes, please. "In an instant, she found herself sitting across the table from the man, in a beautifully decorated restaurant. "Let's see if this doesn't suit your taste, Miss DeMancy. " He said, before taking a bite from his plate. "Mmm! Delicious!" He seemed to relish in the food.

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   Holly still seemed uneasy. He noticed this, and laid his fork down. "Please, now. You're going to have to calm down. You're here simply because I required it. Now, for the moment, you have absolutely no reason to worry about a thing, so please relax and eat. I'll explain myself. "This seemed to relax her, and she carefully tasted the Mexican meal in front of her. With a look of pleasure, she swallowed her first bite of food, and had no problem going back for more. --"Oh God! Fuck me hard, baby! Fuck me so hard!" Paris screamed, as she was rammed from behind by her boyfriend. With a handful of her hair in one hand, and his other hand slapping her ass, he was pounding her with everything he had. In complete sync, she was bucking her hips back to meet his, using the muscles of her pussy to massage his throbbing dick for everything it was worth. "You like that, Paris? You love that dick, don't you?" He said, riding her wildly. "Fuck yes! Give it to me!" She screamed, as the bed shook wildly under her, from his movements. Suddenly, she felt him pull it out of her, and wildly, she wiggled her ass in the air, as she felt him explode all over it.

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  "Jesus!" He yelled, spraying his hot load all over Paris before landing beside her in an exhausted slump. "Oh my God, that was great. " He mumbled, catching his breath. Quietly, Paris grabbed a tissue and cleaned her butt off, before standing up and putting her hair back up. "Where are you going?" He asked, watching her. "I need a shower. " She said, and smiled at him before she left the room. She knew his parents were going to be gone over the weekend, and she had already told her parents that she was going to be spending the night at Dawn's, so she was free to do what she pleased. She went into the bathroom, and reached in the closet to pull out a towel, before locking the door behind her. After a couple of minutes of adjusting the water, she stepped into the shower and let the water run over her body. She closed her eyes and just enjoyed the heat of it. The water felt so good that she never noticed the black tentacles that were slowly working their way up from the drain, beneath her. The three tentacles slowly worked their way up, until they completely encircled her legs, not touching her, but hovering just inches away from her flesh. A fourth tentacle silently caught up with the first three, as Paris silently washed her hair. Without warning, one of the tentacles rammed into her mouth, filling it so full she couldn't speak.

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   Instantly opening her eyes, Paris attempted to scream, but instead slipped in the tub, and landed flat on her back. Two of the tentacles wrapped around her legs, prying them as far apart as they would go, while the third one forced it's way inside her cunt. With an insane amount of force, Paris slowly realized in horror that she was being fucked by these disgusting black tendrils. The one in her pussy pounded relentlessly, and before she knew it, the one in her mouth had begun fucking her throat. Slowly, the fight she was putting up, was slowing, as she began going into a slumber. She continued to squeal in shock, as the world around her faded away. Before she knew it, everything had gone black, and all that was left was the disgusting pleasure that she was getting by these huge black tentacles. (Part 2 coming soon. . . ).
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