Master tortured me last night. I didn't think that kind of torture was possible from 1400km away, but he managed to do it. What did he do? Simple. He made me sit with my vibrator on max inside me until he was finished. Thank you for the punishment Master, I know I deserved it. As a result? I had two of the most powerful orgasms I have had in a long time. Then I went to bed. The resulting dream is apparent of what he put me through last night. . .
I came home from a long, busy day of teaching youngsters. It had been a very hard day, including an hour drive each way, and I was exhausted. I walked into the door, brought the dog out as usual, and thought nothing was amiss. Boy was I wrong! When I came back up the stairs, there was a note on the dog's kennel, saying "put him back in here. " I was a little weary, since my spare set of keys belongs to my dog walker, and he was out of town for a few days.
I put my little guy back in his kennel, and proceed to my bedroom to change out of my work clothes.

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   Did I face a surprise!
I walk in the room, and SS is sitting on my bed. Not only him but Master is waiting for me at the door. All I saw was SS, because the moment I walk in the door, Master is there with a blindfold. I haven't seen Master in months, and SS lives in another country, so I was dumbfounded! As he blindfolds me, Master says, "Happy Birthday Kitten. I thought I'd arrange something very special for your birthday. Enjoy it, because we are only here for today. " I feel myself tremble as I realize that he's slipping something inside me. Is that what I think it is? Ah yes, the Ben Wa balls I was promised for my birthday. Hmm, I think, this is an interesting surprise. Master and I both hate, and are horrible at, surprises, so I know SS had something to do with this.
"She's been waiting for this a long time MM," SS exclaims.
"Oh I know what her thoughts have been, I've read most of the conversations she's had with you. She's been a naughty Kitten, thinking she wouldn't get caught. She'll pay for that today though"
SS smirks. I can hear the note of derision in the faint giggle he lets out.

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"Now Kitten, you may as well tell me the truth, since I know exactly what happened. What did you do for SS last week? You have permission to speak. "
"I. . . I. . . " I stutter, afraid to admit what I've done. I know what's coming, though in what capacity, I could never see coming. "I was on cam with SS, and we. . . "
"You did what Kitten? Tell me the truth!" MM seems upset with me, I'm not sure whether or not I should be excited or scared, considering SS is here and Master has already said that he knows the truth. More lying will just get me into more trouble, and my ass is already quivering.

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"I came on camera for SS last week Master. I'm sorry, I was horny and you had an exam the next day so you weren't online, and he was there, and you know that I am an attention seeker"
"Now, now kitten. Despite how much I'm sure SS enjoyed it, you know better. I have given you explicit direction to go find one of your local boy toys if you crave attention and I am not around. "
"Yes Master. I'm sorry Sir. And I'm sorry SS, I never should have. . . "
SS interrupts, "Damn right you shouldn't have! You know my rules, and you lied to me too. You told me you had MM's permission, and when I discovered that you didn't, I got upset with you too. I may have thoroughly enjoyed it, but that's not the point right now. . . "
I really am in trouble.

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  . .
"Enough talking Kitten, get on the bed. You know SS's favourite position to see you in, since apparently you were there for him last week!"
I get into position on the bed, face down ass up, as instructed. I cannot see, so I have no idea what's coming next. Master simply asks, "How sorry are you kitten?"
I reply, "more sorry that I could ever be. "
"That's not good enough!" He exclaims as I feel his bare hand hit my ass, hard! He knows I love it, but usually he warms me up first. Guess I've pushed the line a little too far this time!
He starts spanking me with his bare hand, harder and harder. He yells at me to count them out. That's not too bad, I think to myself. I'm turning 25 today. I can handle that many. When I get to 25, I sigh with relief as he stops. I feel tears forming at the corners of my eyes, because no matter how much I enjoy this, it has been months since MM was around to inflict the pain I so desire.
"Haha, you think you're done? Now it's my turn, for disrespecting protocol and trying to get me in trouble.

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That's SS talking. I have no idea what I'm in for with him. I've never physically been with him, but Master has discussed my limits with him in the past, and I know I can always safeword.
"Ahhhhh!" I squeal, as something hits me square across my ass. Once, twice, three times.
"That's right Kitten, that's my favourite cane I've showed off for you a few times. Remember how much I told you it would hurt?"
SS continues to beat me with his cane, over and over, until MM sees that I'm getting to my breaking point. I have never used my safeword because Master knows my body and knows how much I can handle.
"That's enough," I hear him say calmly. "She can't handle much more, and we still want to have fun with her. "
SS grumbles, "you're going to have to train her better to take more. That was a sad excuse for a beating. "
"My slave, my rules" Master simply states as he's taking off my blindfold.
All I can feel right now is the Ben Wa balls slowly moving around inside me as I squirm. Master gently takes them out, noticing how wet I am.

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   He also knows that I will find it difficult to move at all right now. He gently pushes me to relax on the bed, then sits me up.
"Now Kitten, have you learned your lesson? You are allowed to say two words to answer. " Master says politely.
"Yes Master," I sigh.
"I'm not entirely sure she has learned!" SS decides, and looks at MM.
"We're not finished with her yet. Remember, it's been a while since she's been properly fucked, and we're going to take care of that right now. "

. . . . . To Be continued. .

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  . . . .

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