Boat trip (True story)

Sex In Public

part 1It was a lovely day; not hot, not cold, no rain. My boyfriend and I had decided to go away with our boat. It's a really small boat, therefor we can go underneath low bridges where most other boats cannot go. We like the privacy in these waters; there's no one around except for some ducks, sheeps, cows and occasionally a farmer. We decided to make good use of this privacy. We sat next to each other against the side of the boat and started kissing passionately. It didn't take long until our hands were groping each other, impatiently reaching underneath our clothes. He unhooked my bra and wildly grabbed my breasts while kissing the side of my neck. I gasped while I tried to unbutton his pants as quickly as possible. He pushed me flat on my back, put the skirt I was wearing up and removed my underwear to allow his tongue to tease my clit. I lay back, moaning about how good it felt, pressing my hips up to push his mouth harder onto my cunt. He sucked on my labia and pushed his tongue inside of me, while teasing my clit with his finger. I screamed of pleasure while I touched my nipples to make it even better. When he had made me as horny as possible, he stopped. I wanted to feel him inside of me badly so I got up and pulled his body close to mine. I put my tongue inside of his mouth while stroking his hard cock fast.

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   He pushed me on my back again, spreading my legs wide apart and penetrating me. I put my legs up high, placing my feet against his shoulders while he fucked me. We felt the boat was drifting away, but we hoped we had secured it strong enough to the shore. Then he pulled out of me and bend me over the front of the boat. He started fucking me from behind and I pushed myself back onto his cock to make it go in even deeper. He reached around me to grab my breasts and squeezed the nipples hard. Then I felt him cum and we both moaned loud. We kissed and cuddled some more before we got dressed again, still thinking we had all the privacy in the world. But when we got up my boyfriend noticed a farmer working on a field far away. He couldn't have seen us. . now could he?part 2A few days later we returned to the same spot. It was a hot day, so there were many more people on the water. But we thought we were save because of the low bridge. I took off my shirt to be able to tan without getting white straps on my shoulders.

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   Of course my boyfriend couldn't keep his hands off of me, seeing me lying there in the boat, topless and only wearing my short skirt. We started making out and he removed the thong under my skirt. He removed his pants too and I started giving him a handjob. I was just about to suck his cock when he suddenly noticed another boat near the bridge. It was a small boat with a father and 3 kids. They were still far away so they probably hadn't seen us yet. They were having trouble to get under the bridge, but they kept trying. My boyfriend quickly put his pants back on and pretended to be fishing. I just lay down on the bottom of the boat, pretending to be sunbathing. The father and kids came by and my boyfriend politely greeted them. We waited quietly until they would decide to leave, while we were both still horny as hell. My boyfriend started teasing me with his foot under my skirt and I had to retain myself from moaning. The other boat still stayed nearby and it seemed like we couldn't get the privacy we longed for so much. My boyfriend even caught some fish :P Finally they left and we immediately got undressed again. My boyfriend kept a close eye on the area to make sure we wouldn't get caught.

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   While he sat on the side of the boat scanning the surroundings, I kneeled between his legs and started licking his cock. I took it in my mouth as deep as I could and he moaned harder than ever. The wait seemed to have made us both real anxious to finally fuck. I felt my cunt was soaking wet, so I removed my skirt to avoid stains. Now we were both totally naked. My boyfriend crawled on top of me and his hard cock quickly slid deep inside of me. It was a short but hard fuck. I moaned loudly, not even thinking about the people that might be near enough to hear us. We were sweating a lot, but it felt awesome! The hot sun on our naked bodies, the cool wind, the perfect blue sky above us, sounds of birds and water. Everything was just perfect!Afterwards we quickly put on some clothes, afraid of other boats that could come our way. We were lucky 'cause only a few minutes later a man in a canoe passed us by. We hadn't even heard him approaching, so it was possible he had passed us by before while we were fucking. I blushed when he greeted us, wondering whether he knew what we had done there just a few minutes ago. .  .

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