I’m thinking about you. As I lie here in my solitary bunk, my eyes close; my hand starts its journey down from my soft neck, my fingers trailing across my tight nipples as I imagine your hard, work-roughened hands in place of my insufficient ones.
     I think how it is when you’re here with me, and my hips begin a slight rise and fall in time with my breathing. My heart beats faster as I slide my shorts down, my fingers lightly skimming the hair at the apex of my soft thighs. I slide my right index finger up the juncture of my right thigh. I can feel your lips, your tongue, there. You told me how you love my scent, and I bring my digits to my nose to understand your meaning. My eyes close, but inhaling brings me your spicy scent instead, as my imagination takes control.
     Reality is superseded by fantasy, and I feel the crisp hairs on your hard chest against my sensitive nipples, pleasure and pain at the same time. Your hard dick rests against my side as you lean over me, your tongue entering my soft lips, teasing mine, setting up a rhythm that is quickly matched by my hips as you run your fingers up from my calf to suddenly grasp my center. Your whole hand covers me as you begin a slow, torturous rhythm there, too.
    “Please,” I gasp. “Inside …”
     Though I can’t complete the thought process, I know you understand when I hear your dark chuckle as you continue to torment me, giving one minute and taking away the next.
     I start to bring my hands up to force you to increase your rhythmic fondling, but you stifle my impulse as your other arm pushes my hand away. One look from you lets me know my place, and I submit to your control over me.
     Pressure against my hip pushes me to my front, and I feel you pressed to my back as my hips rise to receive you.

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   You push inside, and I am wet and waiting for you from my earlier solitary play.
     You press inside, your rock solid cock driving in to my depths. I clench myself around your and hear your gasp and groan as I begin to rock backward against you. You surround me, skin to skin, and I turn my head to receive your hot tongue inside my mouth.
     You increase our rhythm, the pressure building, and I reach down to bring myself off, wanting to match your release. You feel so good inside me, the pain and pleasure both so intense. I am no longer breathing, but panting, my face pressed to the hard mattress as you drive into me.
     “Cum,” I say, “Cum inside me. I need you. ”
      I hear your labored breathing turn to a groan as I feel you fill me with your release. We both collapse as I achieve my own goal, breathing in tandem as you lie against me.
     I know it’s wrong, but this is how I want you, not as a friend, but as a lover. Please grant my wish.
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