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Hey Gang,
Well, Lots has happened over 4th of July and after. Mainly after was the shocker for me but it was great. Aunt Maggie and I were going to fly her back toe Alabama since Uncle Eugene drove back since Maggie wanted to stay over some. Well, while she was her she had bought me lots of sun dresses that were so sheer I am not going to be able to wear some in public but anyway, she had one favorite that she wanted me to wear all the time. It is white and very very easy to see through especially with my dark nipples. I had a white string thong for panties and no bra was allowed by Maggie. The reason for that was that since both my nipples have been pierced for a long time she took some gold hoops she had bought and told me to put on the dress. Now the top is like a cotton t shirt and at the waist it crumples and is very airy and the breeze blows it all over which she likes. Well, anyway, she stood me up and carefully took each nipple and slipped the hoop through he material and through the pierced hole in the nipple. She did this for both so that the nipples stood out and the hoops were easy to see. Then she took a fine gold chain and hung it across the hoops. This is all on the outside of my dress mind you so that the nipples, even if they realized, which they never did, would still be held out for everyone to see. Well, she got me dressed and then she put on a tank top and shorts that were not very concealing and we drove to the Atlanta airport. I got some looks from TSA but we got thru and on the plane. I had parked in overnight parking and Maggie had bought me a round trip since she just wanted me to fly with her then I was coming right back home.

She played around as usual and made sure that we were seen playing and even on the plane she kissed me deep as the attendants came by with their drinks.

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   We both had a couple and felt good when we got to Montgomery. My plane did not leave for three hours so we ate an early supper and waited at the gate. We found a corner and kissed and hugged away from the others and finally they called my flight. I got on and Maggie gave me one last kiss and said, "The hoops and the chain stay till you get home. " "Oh, they will. " I said. I got on and sat at my window seat and shortly two Nuns got on and sat right next to me. I felt self conscious and kind of tried to ignore that they were there but the one next to me insisted on introducing herself and the other to me. "I am Sister Frances and this is Sister Genevieve. " she said and I said, "I am Brenda. " and ordered a drink as soon as we were off the ground.

"Isn't that painful? the younger one Frances said. She pointed at my nipples that suddenly got hard. "No, not really. It feels kind of good and bad at the same time.

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   " I said after the second drink. "Good and bad?" Sister Jennie asked me, "How?" she said and I felt relaxed. "Well, of course it hurts when it is done but only for a minute and then it feels SO good. " I said and then caught myself getting sexy with these two nuns. What was I thinking? "What do you mean 'ssooooo good?" Frances asked me. "Well, it makes me feel good down here. " I said pointing to my pussy. "Oh my, I see, oh my, that must be an experience. " Frances said turning redder than her natural skin color. She had freckles and I guessed she was red headed too. Both nuns had nice figures from what I could see with the clothes that they wear they had on. "I really want to ask you another question but it is very personal. " Jennie said. I was looking into her dark brown eyes getting lost and thinking all kinds of things. Frances had those see grey eyes that were more blue than grey.

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   "Ask me anything. " I said and she said "Are you and the woman we saw you with at the airport lesbians?" I looked at her and collected my thoughts. "Well, that is my Aunt and she is Bi-sexual, her and my Uncle are who raised me mostly. I am totally les. " I said and they both were silent. "She is your Aunt?" Jennie asked me. "Yeah, and they taught me everything about sex that anyone could want to know. " I said and they were silent for the rest of the trip. "I hope I have not offended you. " I said finally. "Oh no, you haven't at all. We have one more question to ask when we get to Atlanta if you do not have to hurry off. " Frances said. No problem, I am yours for as long as you need me. " I said and then I tun red red realizing what I had just implied to two nuns.

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We got off the plane and they got their luggage, I had my overnight bag that was a carry on and we stood near the exits. Jennie stood close to me and said, "Would you like to have diner with us. We need to get a taxi but we will cover the costs. We are staying here for three days then back to Alabama. " I said, "well, I have a car and can drive you anywhere. I suppose I would love to have dinner with you. " I told them and they both smiled. We drove to the Georgian and the guy at the door took the car. We had their bags and the lady at the desk looked at me and looked like she wanted to call the police. I then remembered the nipples hoops and felt red faced again. We went up and to their room and on he elevator Frances said, "Do you mind eating in our room?" and I said it was fine with me. "Does the chain ever get snagged on anything? What happens if it does?" Jennie asked me. "Well, most times someone pulls it and then it makes me kind of, well, romantic. " I said and all of us laughed. Frances laughed and said, "Well, maybe it will get snagged in the room.

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  " and Jennie smiled at me and stood closer. The elevator opened and we walked the short walk to their room and they opened the door. I had two beds, a love seat and nice desk and tub in the bathroom that more than two could fit into easily. They order several drinks and refreshments and then sat near me. "Well, what we were wondering you may have guessed. " Frances said getting embarrassed. "No, not totally. " I said and Jennie stood up and asked me to stand. I did and she stepped closer so that our faces were inches apart. "We want you to show us how to make love with another woman. " Jennie said and I smiled. "I would love to. " I said and the juices that were flowing really began to go wild. Both women were still in the uniforms and I said they should relax and take them off. They did and had on very old woman panties and bras.

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   Jennie looked at me, "They aren't supposed to attract attention. " and I saidthat it was them that attracted attention. Both had tom boyish cut hair, Frances was red headed and covered with freckles as I thought. Jennie was fair and nicely black hair and her dark nipples were still seen thru the material of her bra. They were both about 36 C or so and nice body's all together.

I wanted Frances first and so I asked her to stand up and she did and Jennie moved. "Take those off by the way. " I told Jennie and she took off her bra and panties. "Oh very nice. " I said and took Frances by the hand. "Undo the hoops Dear. " I told her and her hands shaking she did. My nipples still stood out and then I told her, "Take off my dress. " and so she went to her knees and got the hem and pulled it over my head letting my tits free and exposing the soaking wet thong. She stood up and I took off her bra and stooped down and took off the panties and so we were all naked. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

   "Now, massage my tits for me dear. " I told her and she softly took them and began massaging them. "Have you done this to yourself before?" I asked them both and they both said yes. I was getting hotter now and told Frances to lay on the bed, "Now pay attention cause all that I do to you I will want you to do to me. " I will" she answered. I began kissing her and showing her what a nice tongue kiss can do and she was moaning a lot just kissing. Then she looked me in the eyes and said, "I am a virgin. " and I said that she will not be when we finish. She told me that she hoped not and so I kept kissing then went to her lovely tummy. I loved her freckles and kept coming back up to those eyes. Jennie was spread out on the love seat masturbating. I told her to look in my bag and take out the toys. There were five different dildos and she took out one that was not too big and began using it. Frances has a thin red hair around her pussy and I licked my way thru it and she moaned more until I was sucking her clit and fingering her pussy just a little. I ate her thru her first orgasm and got up and took the strap on 9 inch dildo and put it on.

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   She looked up at me as I got between her legs again. "Are you ready?" I asked her. "Oh yeah. " I slid it between her pussy lips slowly getting it wet then I put it a little inside her pussy making her wince a little. She still moved up against it ands so I pushed some more and she said, "Oh please just do it. " and I said okay and suddenly looked into her eyes and plunged it into her. She let out a cry and then Jennie had an orgasm fucking the dildo she had. Frances began bucking against the dildo and soon had her first orgasm with a toy. She laid there and said, "Now I get to do you. " and I rolled onto my back and she took off the dildo and stood up and put it on. She began kissing and sucking and soon her mouth found my clit and she was licking like she was an expert. My orgasm squirted her face and neck and she rubbed it into her skin. Then she put the dildo at my pussy entrance and began fucking me. "I like it really rough. " I said and she began ramming me hard.

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   After several orgasm she stopped and kissed me. "That was wonderful" she said and then I saw Jennie standing at the edge of the bed.

"Now it is my turn, and I am not a virgin. " and she tossed the bigger strap on that I had brought to me. I put it on and began again with her only she was more intense and had obviously had sex a lot before becoming a nun. It was time for the strap on 10 inch and it sank into her pussy and she began telling me how god it was to fuck me and that she wanted to have tits that she could really grab onto to. She began sucking my nipples as I was in her with the dildo and my orgasm came and shook us both and she did the same. After the threw me over and took the dildo and put it on and rammed it into me and I had an orgasm right off. She began twisting my nipples and puling them hard and more orgasm sprayed from my pussy. Frances help me. " she said and Frances came to the bed. "Do what?" she said. "Lets really give her a rough one, really fuck her good. " and then a dildo slipped into my ass and the one in my pussy and I was going nuts. It seemed like hours had passed and all three of us lay on the bed, limp.


   Kissing some but mainly just caressing our body's and massaging each other. "will you stay tonight? Frances asked me. "How long are you here?" I asked her and Jennie said for three days. "I will stay till you leave. " I said and we slept. The sun came in the window and Jennie was sucking my tits and Frances eating my pussy. "Oh my god, this is heaven" I told them. "Well, we hope so. " Frances said and we made love and showered and dressed and had breakfast. Jennie asked me, "Wear the nipple rings outside again please?" and I asked her to put them back in. The day was mostly in underground Atlanta and other places and then back to the room I am still sore but very happy. Never turn down a Nun. .