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“We should try this out” said my cousin. “He looked at me and my brother and said “lets all take our cloths off and pretend that we are doing the things in this magazine. ” I blushed and my brother didn’t seem to understand. My cousin David stood up and started to remove his cloths. I followed and my brother did the same. All of a sudden we were all naked. We all stood for a moment looking at each others parts. David reached out a hand and encircled my brother’s dick. Ben was already hard and it was a good 4 inches with wrinkled foreskin covering the tip. He started to rub his foreskin back and forth saying he had seen it done in one of his dad’s films. My brother was shaking but looked like he was really enjoying it. I plucked up the courage to touch my cousin. His dick was bigger than mine and my brothers probably about 6 inches and surrounded by a thin covering of hair. The tip of his cock was also covered with foreskin but it was slightly drawn back exposing his piss slit. I reached out my hand and felt the thickness of it. The skin felt soft but I could also feel the rigid shaft beneath it.

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   We then stood for a while rubbing each other until my cousin suggested that we try a position. He looked through the magazine until he found one and pointed it out. “Right you be the woman Ben and me and Michael will be the men. ” My brother looked at the picture and agreed. Ben knelt on the floor and then bent over so he was resting his shoulders and head on the edge of David’s bed. David positioned himself on the bed in front of Ben and I knelt behind my brother. This was probably the moment I realised how beautiful his ass looked. It was very small and tight and as he arched his back more and opened his legs like the woman in the picture his cheeks spread revealing a slightly brown crack and a small pink hole. Ben now had the tip of David’s cock in his mouth and was being instructed on what to do by David. Gradually bens head began to bob up and down over David dick pulling the forskin back with every downward motion. “You will have to make it wet before you put it in” David said looking at me with a red face. “Men normally lick girl’s parts before they do anything. ” I looked down at my brother’s ass. Then moved from my kneeling position onto all fours. As my head came in line with bens ass I could smell the musky aroma.

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   I moved nearer and put my nose between his cheeks. I could feel the heat around my face and slowly breathed in through my nose. It smelt like shit. Not a really smelly nasty aroma but an intoxicating one I began to sniff his crack and his hole. Then I moved away and started to lick every inch of it. It tasted just as good as it smelt. After I had done this for a while I had an urged to put my cock into the fine smelling hole and see what that felt like. I got back up onto my knees and positioned my 5 inches at the entrance to my brother’s hole. I pulled the skin back over my helmet and pushed. My brother lifted his head off of David cock and shouted that it hurt. I wasn’t listening. The tightness around the shaft of my cock combined with the heat made me close my eyes. I didn’t move just relishing the feeling. My brother was slowly convinced by my cousin that he should carry on. “Push it in and out Michael”.

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   David said. I looked down seeing that my cock was inside my brother right up to the hilt. I pulled it half way out and the pushed it back in again with a firm force. It was incredible I could feel the walls of his insides cling to my cock as it slid in and out. I looked over my brother shoulder to see David watching open mouthed at my brother working rhythmically up and down his cock. David suddenly shuddered and filled my brothers mouth with an unexpected load of his cum. My brother sharply removed his head and swallowed wiping his face with the back of his hand. My balls began to tighten and I could tell I was about to shoot the same sticky liquid deep inside my brother. I did. It rushed out of me like a waterfall and I felt very dizzy. I slowly pulled my still hard cock out of my brother and looked down to watch it come out. My brother’s ass hole returned to its former small size but a slow stream of white liquid began to trickle out. I sat back and watched it run just beneath his small bald balls and then drip onto the carpet. “That was good” said David. Ben nodded and I just sat there.

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