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I'm hornier than most guys. Maybe my healthy eating habits and strict excercise regimen keep me humming along at a higher level than most, but I'm over 40 now, and still popping hard ons all the time. I'm naturally muscular, and keep up the size of my muscles with heavy weight training. My regimen pays off, because young, horny guys are still attracted to me, even mere boys half my age. After a day at work, I like to go to the gym. But mine is no ordinary gym. It's also a bath house, filled with horny guys, young and old, constantly looking for cheap, anonymous sex with other guys. After my workouts, I love nothing more than to sit in the steam room, and wait for a hot younger guy to walk in, boner raging, and a shy, horny look on his face. I like thin young guys with big, banana shaped cocks. I prefer cut, but uncut will do in a pinch. My last trip to the steam room was a real treat. I arrived there ready for action, on the lookout for young and eager boys with spare jism. When I opened the door and walked in, the steamer was going full blast, and I couldn't see 2 feet in front of me. I quickly realised that the room was quite full, and hands were groping asses and cocks all over the place. I wanted a piece of the action myself, and I wanted it now. I got down on my knees and looked for something to suck on.

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   My wish was granted in short order when a big cock appeared in the haze in front of me. I grabbed it with my hand and directed it towards my mouth. the owner did not hesitate one bit. I started with just the tip, popping it in and out of my mouth. But I couldn't control myself for long. I like to shove big dicks right down my throat until I gag. So down it went. And he liked it. He grabbed the back of my head, and used my mouth as his fuck hole. He thrusted hard, all the way in, until his balls bounced on my chin. His cock was just long enough that I could get the whole thing in my mouth without too much of a struggle, but when he held in in there and moved it around, I would gag. And he liked it deep, so I obliged, and gagged and coughed a bit. Pretty soon we were attracting attention from some of the others in the hot and steamy room. A horny jock with a hard cock jammed down his throat always finds new friends at a time like this.  One guy started beating his cock against the side of my head, and then onto my cheek.

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   I knew what to do next. I grabbed his hot, hard stick, and shoved it into my mouth, right beside the other horny fuck rod. Now I was doing 2 cocks at once, and strocking my own cock at the same time. These were a couple of filthy horny boys fucking my greedy face, and we were quickly becoming the main attraction in the steam room. Guys were beating their meat, urging me on, calling me a cock whore, a man slut. I kept going, with sweat dripping all over the place, I gagged on the 2 cocks while guys were all around me watching and jerking off. Pretty soon, one guy suddenly shoved his cock right beside my cheek, rubbing up agaist one of the cocks in my mouth. He was the first to cum, shooting all over my face.  It startled me at first, but his hot load got the other guys going, and they all wanted their turn to shoot cum on me. One after another, they came close, and shot their loads. Pretty soon my face was a mess of spent come. I stopped sucking the 2 cocks, and allowed them to shoot on me too. Before I knew it, the scene was over, and I sat on the floor of the steam room, my head and face covered with slimy goop. I shot my own cum on the floor. One by one the guys left, leaving me, the cock slut all alone.

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Trany in Cyprus - An Investigation on the Escort Shemale Phenomenon in Cyprus TS.

The escort shemales, also known as Transsexual (TS) escorts or escort ladyboys, are a unique part of the adult entertainment business that has been getting more and more attention in Cyprus. These people are a big part of the escort business and give people looking for company in this Mediterranean paradise a unique experience.

Transsexual escorts in Cyprus, who are often called "shemales" or "ladyboys," are people who identify as a different gender than their original gender. Many people have had medical treatments to change their bodies to match their gender identity. Some people find this term insulting, so it should be used with care. It's important to remember that these people deserve the same respect and care as anyone else in the dating business.
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The escort business in Cyprus is skilled and well-run, and the TS women are no different. They provide a wide range of services, from companionship and talk to more intimate meetings. People who like the unique mix of gender and masculinity that TS women can provide often use these services.

Over the years, there has been a rising need for escort shemales in Cyprus. This is because people's views on gender diversity and sexual tastes have changed. More and more people are open to discovering different parts of their sexuality, and TS women make it safe and easy to do so.

In Cyprus, the TS escort business is governed by the same laws and rules that apply to the adult entertainment industry as a whole. This protects both the rights and safety of the women and their clients. It is important for clients to obey these rules and act in a way that keeps everyone safe and healthy.

In conclusion, escort shemales, TS escorts, or escort ladyboys of Cyprus are an important part of the adult entertainment business. They offer a unique service that appeals to a wide range of customers. As views change in society, this sector is likely to continue to grow and do well, adding to Cyprus's already lively adult entertainment scene.

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