Fun At The Bakery Pt 2


Topic: Fun At The Bakery Pt 2     With my first week at completed, I was looking forward to a day off.   But that was not to be.   After all, I am known as the Supervisor's bitch at work.   As I was undressing in the locker room my Supervisor, George, handed my a slip of paper.   As I read this note, George quipped "and do not be late. "  The way he looked at me gave me a chill, but at the same time, I liked it!  The next day I arrived at George's house on time.   I knocked on the door and was met by a very attractive middle aged woman.   "You must be George's new bitch at the bakery".   She had an impish grin on her face as she eyed me up and down.   She then reminded me I was still on probation at work, and advised me to do as I was told.   "First rule upon arriving here is to immediatley to get naked. "  I did as I was told.   She the grabbed my hand and led me to the living room.   As I looked around I could see 5 middle aged men sitting in the living room.   All were naked.   George stood in the middle of the room, and all he had on was a raging hard on!.

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    George instructed me to lay on my back with my legs spread wide open atop a table.   He then told the woman to lube up my virgin asshole and fuck it with a dildo.   She then started to lube my hole.   She suddenly stuck her finger in my ass, this gave me an instant erection.   All of the men got closer and were commmenting on how much I seemed to enjoy this.   George then instructed me to masturbate.   He also told me that if I were to cum I was to swallow any semen I ejaculated.   It was not long before I started spewing.   I tried to catch as much cum as I could and greedily put it in my mouth.   I thought I was in heaven!  No sooner had this happened, George walked up and grabbed me by the hips and shoved his huge piece of manhood up my ass.   I gasped, for this was the first cock in my ass.   There was initial pain, but soon I was thrusting my hips upward to meet his every stroke.   I could feel George shaking and groaning and new he was ready to blow his nut!  And when he did, it felt like someone had just stuck a fire hose up my ass and turned it on.   I was living my fantasy!  As soon as he was done another of these gentlemen walked over and flipped me over on my hands and knees.   George walked around to my mouth and demanded I lick his cock clean, which I did with great enthusiasm.

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    My ass was so exposed, and feeling the cum oozing out was more than I could stand.   Without touching myself I came again!  This was greeted with a round of applause by all the men.   I soon had anothers mans cock up my ass.   This continued untill every man had cum in my ass at least twice.   It was total bliss!  I was hoping all of my days off would be so exciting.   Little did I know!  To be continued. .