School Lunches (part 1)


Topic: Part 1School LunchesThis was probably my greatest fantasy in high school. For some reason I began to develop a bit of a fetish, and this story is a prime example. please comment so that i can see if i'm not completely crazy when it comes to this. . . if i get enough comments i'll post part two.
Only 5 minutes until lunch, I thought to myself as the clock began to tick down further and further. As Mrs. Miller continued to blather on in the background, my eyes couldn’t help but be glued to Casey. She’s probably every high school guys fantasy… long brown hair, golden brown eyes, an amazing smile, perky petit boobs, and an ass that grown men would kill to touch. Today she had competition cheerleading after school, so she came to class dressed in her uniform.  Those firm boobs were pressed tightly against her red and black Bulldog top, and her skirt was dangerously up her thigh.   The second I saw her walk through the door at the beginning of the hour, I got instantaneously hard and stayed that way throughout the rest of class.
While trying to shift around so the world wouldn’t know that I had a huge boner, my eyes found Ashley. Ashley was raised in southern Mississippi and was your typical southern belle. She’s the kind of girl next door that everyone knows and loves.

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   In spite of her squeaky clean image, her 36D breasts were about ready to pop out of the low cut blouse she was wearing. The second she saw me, she ran over to me and gave me a hug like always. She pressed every bit of her body against me, and I could has sworn she noticed the huge bulge in my pants, but she just smiled at me and took her seat two rows away from me.
Through the entire class, Casey and Ashley were passing notes to each other like always. They could hardly contain themselves as the teacher asked about what they were writing. Ashley said that since Casey was gone the previous class, she was informing her of the specifications of the “Religions of the World” project that we had due next week. I couldn’t believe that she actually bought it. I figured that they were just discussing what they were going to be doing that weekend after the cheerleading competition. I didn’t really think much of it.
After look at that clock for what seemed like an eternity, the bell finally sounded that it was time for lunch. And since it was a half day, I started to pack up my stuff and head for the door. I figured since it was a half day, and the cafeteria food sucks, that I would just eat at home that day.
I then felt someone’s hand lightly tap me on the shoulder. As my eyes trace up the perfect legs, I realize its Casey. “Hey Ben,” she said.

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   “I know that we haven’t really gotten much of a chance to hang out since got busy with cheerleading again, so I was wondering if you wanted to have lunch with me?”
“Sure,” I replied. I wasn’t really hungry at the moment, but I’ve never been one to pass up an opportunity to hang out with a hot girl, especially one as hot as Casey. On our way to the cafeteria on the other side of campus, we run into Jillian. Jillian is Casey’s shadow in every way possible; her bright blue eyes are veiled by her light brown hair. With her tight body and cute face, she’s the kind of young girl that grown men don’t want people to know they fantasize about. When ever I saw her, she always seemed very shy, but some reason, she seemed almost giddy today. Casey and Jillian were whispering back and fourth very fast, but I couldn’t make any of it out.
We finally reach the doors of the cafeteria, and as I walked through the door, I had a girl on each arm. I started to make for a good spot at the table, but Casey pulls hard on my arm. She then walks past all of the tables in the cafeteria and goes into the kitchen. Jillian follows suit. I was confused as to why we were going back there, but I followed them through the thick wooden door. “Casey? Jillian? Where’d you go?”
I jumped with a start as the door slammed behind me. “Take off his pants now,” said Casey, and Jillian immediately pushed me up against the giant metal table and started tugging on my jeans. They fell to the floor along with my boxers, revealing my semi-hard eight inch cock.

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   “Get him ready for me,” Casey ordered.
“Yes mistress,” Jillian replied and immediately got on her knees, took my semi hard dick in her tiny hands and started to massage it. Feeling those warm fingers work themselves masterfully around me made me harder than I’d ever felt before. I could see the look of lust in her eyes as she really began to put force into her hands. The veins in my dick began to bulge as I saw her begin to bring her lips to the tip.
“How does he taste?” said Casey in a very authoritative tone. Hearing an outside voice brought Jillian back from the world she’d previously been lost in.
“Good mistress,” replied Jillian, as if she were a small child being rebuked by her mother for getting into the cookie jar.
“And why did you taste him without my permission?”
“Sorry mistress. I had no right,” she said remorsefully. Immediately Jillian got up and pulled a metal chair up to the table.
“I’ll forgive you just this once,” Casey said in an almost cold tone, “but next time, consider the consequences of your actions. ”
“Thank you Mistress, you are so kind,” uttered Jillian.
Casey then sat in front of my spread legs as I sat on the kitchen table. “Close your eyes and focus on the feeling,” she said.

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   For a brief while, I wondered what was going on, and then I felt a burning sensation on my dick. I winced and groaned. The pain seemed intense at first, but then the warm substance conforming to every bulging vein of my rock hard dick began to feel absolutely amazing. I could hardly contain myself anymore. The blindfold was then removed, and I saw Casey sitting in front of me with my dick covered with layer after layer of warm, melted cheese. She then wrapped two slices of warm bread around my dick, and seeing that little innocent girl with that sandwich in her small hands was by far the hottest thing I’d ever seen. She lustfully looked me in the eyes as she slowly inched my dick toward her waiting mouth. And then finally, she took 2 inches of the manwich in her mouth and took her first bite. It was as if my entire world had been turned upside down. Her teeth grazing against my dick felt almost painful but completely pleasurable at the same time. She continued to push me farther and farther in, eating away at the bread as she went. Finally all the bread was gone, and all that I had left on me was the warm melted cheese. She then slowly began to slip it in and out of her mouth. I had never felt anything so amazing in my life. She was sucking so hard I thought she might never be able to take me out.

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   And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, she stuffed my entire eight inch, cheese covered hotdog down her throat. I couldn’t hold back any longer. “I’m going to cum,” I moaned softly.
Casey then bites hard at the base of my dick. “What the hell Casey?” I screamed.
“What gave you the idea that you had the right to cum in my mouth? You are not getting this for your pleasure, but for my nourishment. I have a cheerleading tournament later tonight and I’m going to need to get my strength up. ”
All of the sudden, I heard the door knob slowly begin to turn. I started to panic… here I was, sitting on a table with my pants down in front of two underage girls. If the wrong person came in, they could assume the worst and I could go to jail… I grabbed my jeans and tried to hide my shame as the door slowly inched open. . . . . .

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  . .
Part 2 Coming soon if you email me about it at blacklight_33@hotmail. com

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