Being Neighborly


 The Perils of Greggie-Poo   Chapter 2: Being Neighborly   To start let me give you a brief description of the both of us.   If youwant a more detailed description you can look at Mishi.   At the time wewere in our late twenties.   Mishi was about 5'6" tall.   She was curvy andVERY feminine.   She had wavy blonde hair cut short in a bob, creamy whiteskin and deep blue eyes.   She had a wonderful, bubbly personality andalways seemed to be happy.    I, on the other hand, am a fat slob.   I'm 5'8" tall and back then I wasabout 220 lbs.    After the episode with Aramis and that strange woman, Lynne, Mishi beganto try to talk to me about the evening.   I honestly enjoyed the night,although parts of it disturbed me.   Most disturbing was that I really likedthe entire night.   A small part of me was concerned for my manhood.    But my basic nature is that I don't discuss such things with anyone. This was a dilemma and I was used to working such things out in my ownmind. But Mishi was a woman.

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    She HAD to talk.   I tried to talk with her,but I am not the sensitive type of man that 'opens up' and displays hisemotions.   The only time that I have ever opened up was when I opened upsomeone else, usually with my fists.   Oh, yes, I was one macho guy backthen.   Since that time I have mellowed dramatically, but when I first metMishi I was still pretty typically manly.    But Mishi persisted.   Little by little she got my feelings out of me. She was very smart about it.   She would ask one or two simple questionsthat required short responses and leave it at that.   Then she would comeback and ask other questions.   Before too many days were passed she had abetter handle on my feelings than I did.   After a couple of weeks of thisshe had a serious discussion with me that I just couldn't avoid.    "OK, Greg.   This is it.   I know that these kinds of talks make youuncomfortable, and I don't want to do that, but I do want to know if I'mright.

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    Will you try to confirm or deny what I think for me?"   How could I deny her that.    "I believe that you really enjoyed what happened.   One of the bigreasons is that you were able to conquer your jealousy.   That must havemade you feel really good.   After all, jealousy is a strong emotion and youhad the strength to overcome it.   Am I right?"   I had already figured that part out.    "You discovered that the root of jealousy is insecurity.   A person isonly jealous when they are afraid that they might lose something.   If thereis no fear then it becomes sharing, a totally different thing.   By sharingme you demonstrated that you are very secure with yourself.   You could letyour wife be with another man. . .   even watch it, and still know that shewould always be yours.   Am I still right?"   I hadn't gotten that far, but what she said had a strong ring of truthto it.

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    I started to feel really good about myself.    "But there's another side, isn't there?  You've always been in control. You've always been the He-man.   You've always been dominant and strong.   Ibet you felt a lot of new feelings when you had Aramis' cum on your lips. Finally you didn't have to be in charge.   Finally you didn't have to be sostrong.   You could actually be submissive.   And once you did that you foundthat you STILL were a man. . .   all man.   Am I right?"   I had to tell her that I didn't know about that.   Being submissivescared me for some reason.   Of course being scared immediately made me wantto attack it, just like I had been trained.

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    To charge through it until thefear had no control over me.   But this certainly wasn't something that Iwanted to attack.   But neither was the other thousand fears that I overcamein the Army.   Oh, no. . .   back to confusion!   Mishi waited for a few minutes, obviously seeing the conflict in myface.    "Greg," she said, putting her hand on my shoulder, "you don't have tolearn everything about yourself in one sitting.   You can let it just happenon it's own.   If you aren't sure of the answer then just say so.   Maybe Ican help you discover the answer. "   "I just don't know, Mishi.   I just am not sure. "   We made a deal then.   She said that she would take over being dominantfor now.

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    I would take the submissive role.   But since neither of us wantedto be uncomfortable we made a signal.   Any time that I felt that I couldn'tgo any further with what she wanted all that I had to do was use the word"eclipse" in a sentence.   She would immediately back off and give me morecontrol.   She stressed that whenever I wanted to be dominant all that I hadto do was use my commanding voice and she would be more submissive than Icould ever be.   She promised me that if I would do this then she wouldreward me more than I could ever imagine.    The thought of Mishi rewarding me more than I could ever imagine woke meup right away.   Mishi was definitely well skilled in sex.   She knew thingsthat I had never dreamed of.   The deal was made.    "No time like the present," Mishi said as she stood up from her chair,"follow me, little boy," Mishi stood up and walked to the bedroom.    I followed her into the bedroom, trying my best to be submissive.   Shedidn't stop in the bedroom, but walked straight out onto the balcony.    Our balcony was only on the second floor.   It looked out over one of thecourtyards of the apartment complex that where we lived.


    It late night ona Saturday night.   Mishi told me to leave the bedroom light on and open thedrapes.   When I walked out I could see that there was nobody walking below,but the drapes and windows of almost everyone else was wide open, lettingthe summer breeze float through.   Glancing around I could see peoplewatching TV, playing board games, and working in the kitchen.   They couldcertainly see us if they looked our way.    My eyes widened when Mishi dropped her pants and her panties.   She wasstanding right in front of the big glass doors.   The light must have madeher visible to everyone in the courtyard.   She turned her back to me andput one foot up on a footstool that we had on the balcony.   Then she leanedover and put both hands on the railing.    "Everyone can SEE you!" I said to her.    "That's EXACTLY what I want.   I want everyone to see YOU get on yourknees and start sucking my ass.   Go ahead!  Put your tongue inside myasshole.   I want to see how far inside you can get it.

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    GET ON YOUR KNEESNOW!" Mishi said in a loud voice.    I didn't want to attract attention so I immediately dropped to my kneesbehind her.   I used both hands and spread the cheeks of her ass.   I hadlicked her ass many times, but not like this.   Each time that I had lickedher ass her cheeks were already spread from the position that she was in. Somehow, the act of using my hands and spreading those cheeks made adifference.    The light behind me illuminated her like a spotlight.   For the firsttime I noticed that the skin around her asshole was brown and wondered why. I held her ass cheeks apart as I gently touched my tongue to the sensitiveskin around the opening.   I wanted to drag this out.   I wanted to see howlong she would stay out here, naked from the waist down, in public sight. Iwasn't too worried.   This was an adult complex.   There were no children, soonly adults would be able to see.   At least we wouldn't be contributing tothe delinquency of a minor. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

     Mishi loves having her asshole licked.   She was breathing heavily injust a few seconds.   She never stopped talking.   "That's it, worm, lickthat asshole.   That's where your tongue belongs, right in the crack of myass.   Clean up my asshole, lick all the dried shit!"   Mishi kept on like a baseball catcher, never stopping, her ass wasclean, but having her TELL me to eat her shit somehow made me hornier thanever.   I placed the tip of my tongue directly on the opening and gentlypushed.   Her asshole opened immediately and the tip of my tongue wasinside. I tasted a slightly bitter taste immediately.    "Oh, yes, fuck my asshole with your tongue," Mishi was saying.    I started pushing my tongue as deep into her asshole as I could.   Then Ifelt her body shake from side to side, not like an orgasm, but like she waswaving at someone.    "Hi, Luke," I heard her say loudly.   Luke was our neighbor across thecourtyard.   He must have been at least twenty yards away so Mishi wasspeaking in a very loud voice.

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     "What on earth are you doing?" I heard Luke ask.    "I'm not doing anything at all," she replied.   "It's Greg here that'sdoing everything.   He has his tongue inside my asshole. "   JESUS!  She was practically screaming it out to the world.    "Aren't you afraid that someone will SEE you?" he asked.    "Nah, if they don't want to see Greg with his face in my ass then theydon't have to look.   I notice you are looking. "   "I sure AM!" he said.   "That doesn't bother ME at all.   But I can't seevery well.   Hold on," he said.    A few minutes later he came back.   "He's got binoculars. " Mishi said tome.

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    Then she pulled her shirt up, exposing her breasts to him.    "Better?" she asked him.    "MUCH Better. "   Mishi started massaging her tits while I kept fucking her asshole.    "Luke, why don't you meet me in the courtyard?" she yelled.   Mishipulled away from me and pulled up her pants.   "You wait right here, don'tmove," she said to me.   Then she went inside the house.   Luke dropped thebinoculars right where he was and hurried downstairs.   He and my wife metright in the middle of the courtyard, underneath a big tree.   They talkedfor a couple of minutes and I saw Mishi wave her hand at me as ifdismissing me.   Then she reached for the front of his pants.    Right out in the courtyard Mishi dropped his pants to his ankles.    "Since my ass is so well lubricated already. .


  . " she offered and reachedback and spread her cheeks for Luke.   Luke didn't waste a second and shovedhis big hard black prick right up my wife's ass!  She held he ass cheeksopen as Luke grabbed her hips and fucked her for all he was worth.   Mishikept looking right at me the whole time.   Finally, Luke began to groan, hegrabbed her hips tighter and plunged his cock all the way in.   Mishi moanedas he shot his load deep into her ass.    When he was done, she turned so that she was in profile to me as shepromptly dropped to her knees.   All of my senses were heightened.   Itseemed every image was burned into my mind as her dainty fingers closedaround his hard cock.   She was looking at the head of it, staring at it.   Iwas wondering what she was thinking at the moment.   Was she thinking of me?Was she wondering about her loving husband, left behind on the balcony andwatching her stroking a neighbor's dick?   Just at that moment she looked up at me.   At first she had a strangelook on her face, was it a frown, or maybe it was concentration.   Or maybeshe was grimacing at the stench of her own shit on Luke's cock.   Then herface brightened and she smiled at me.

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    She sort of aimed his dick in mydirection and opened her mouth.    She started down at his balls.   Slowly she pulled her tongue back up hishard dick.   I could tell that she was doing this entirely for my benefit. She was putting on a show.   She cupped his nuts with one hand while movingher tongue from the bottom to the top.   When she would get to the top shewould circle the head of his cock a couple of times before finally closingher lips around it and pulling the whole dick into her mouth until her nosewas in his pubic hairs.   She sucked on Luke's shitty cum-covered cock rightdown to the roots!   She sucked it clean making slutty "mmm" noises as she did so.   Lukedidn't even get a chance to get soft!   His dick was much bigger than mine, it was about twelve inches, andthicker too.   I could tell that she was enjoying the fact that she coulddeep throat him.    Mishi kept on doing this for as long as he could take it.   I have noidea how long she did it.   Time stood still for me, up there, a spectatorto my wife's outside sex show.   It seemed like forever until suddenly Lukejust had to put an end to it.   He grabbed my wife by the sides of her headand started thrusting his hips into her face.

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    She got the idea because sheclosed her eyes and started concentrating on him instead of on me.   He headstarted moving back and forth.    I could hear a rattling groan escape from Luke.   She took her mouth offhis dick and I watched the first spray hit her lips.   She immediately puthis dick back in her mouth and I knew that he was filling my wife's mouthwith his cum.   She never missed a beat, but then again, she never did.   Shemilked him completely dry.   Then she stood up and took his hand and led himinto our house.   Mishi was smiling as she came back into the house.    She walked directly to me, her mouth was covered with Luke's sperm.    "Kiss me," she said.    I felt my dick harden as she grabbed me and pressed her lips to mine. Her lips were slimy with cum.   I could taste cum in her mouth -she hadn'tswallowed Luke's cum- but now I was!  I could feel her smearing it all overmy face.   Finally she broke the kiss.

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     "You've been pretty good tonight," she said.   "Come on inside and I'llreward you. "   We went inside and she definitely did reward me. . .    As I was on my knees sitting on my heels, Mishi and Luke whispered toeach other, planning what to do with me.   Every now and then one of themwould laugh or look incredulous and look at me with a wide-eyed evil grin. Finally, they settled on a plan and came over to me.    First, she had me lick her ass again, but this time it was coated withher ass-juices and traces of Luke's cum!  Nevertheless, she made me lick itclean.    "Stick your tongue up there and eat out his cum since you love its tasteso much!"   I was totally humiliated.   I tried not to think about Luke standingright there looking at me, and I did as she said.   I stuck my tongue rightup her ass, and this time it opened even easier.   I could definitely tastehis cum (I recognized it already!) It was really up there, very viscous,more so than the load he shot on her face and in her mouth.   Then I felther strain and she let out a soft grunt with a wet fart that shot analgasses and thick gobs of Luke's cum right into my mouth!   I started to back away but she reached back and held my head there.    "Luke, help me hold this little shitface on my ass!" She cried in animpassioned tone.

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    Luke did just so and held my head firmly in her ass.    When she was sure I was secure, I felt her stiffen, then relax as shelet loose a long, loud wet fart right into my mouth!  Some of it escapedthrough the space between her cheeks and mine making an extremely obscenesound, but most of it shot into my mouth, through and out my nose, and intomy lungs!  In the process, the rest of Luke's thick sperm was depositedforcefully into my mouth- and there was a lot of it.    I guess he hadn't had a piece of ass in a long time, because he sure hadsaved up quite a load!  I found out later, though, that that was aboutaverage for Luke.    "Ohhh. . .   God. . .   I have to. . .   Luke, help me-" She turned around and hestuck my face between her lips as she squatted over my mouth- I waspractically sealed to her cunt!  She moaned as she pissed right into mymouth.    "Swallow it!  Drink it all, you filthy, worthless toilet-boy!"   And that's what I was!  I drank it all down, or at least, as much as Icould.   Some of it spilled over and down my chin.

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    It was hot and bitter,and it turned me on like nothing else!  When she finished, she slapped me.    "Dirty filthbag, you spilled some!  Get back to my ass!" She turnedaround and once again, she sat right on my mouth.   As Luke held me there,she wasted no time farting again, but as I stuck my tongue up her ass, Ifelt something hard that tasted strong and nasty!   "Oh, God, YES!  Eat my yummy shit, dirtbag!" And with that, she letloose a disgusting, wet soft shit rope right into my open mouth!  I triedto pull away, but her weight and Luke's grip kept me locked there, mouthopen.   I had to swallow, but I was gagging, I couldn't help it- I barfed-right up her ass!   "Ohhh. . . , that felt nice!  Here, have some back!" And she shat my ownvomit right back in my mouth, mixed with the shit that was in there!  Whatchoice did I have?  I swallowed.   Some of it spilled out over the sides,but most of it stayed in my mouth.   I realized I couldn't breathe becausemy nose was clogged with vomit!  I had to swallow everything I had in mymouth to be able to breathe anytime soon.    For whatever reason, I never thought to use the safety word.   Besides,it would have been hard to use "eclipse" in a sentence when my mouth waspacked full of my wife's steaming shit!   "Luke!  Fuck his ass!  Fuck his faggot ass while he eats my filthyshit!" I couldn't believe what she was telling him to do, but before Icould really think about it, Luke was on his knees behind me and had hisprick right at my asshole.    I looked up into Mishi's eyes pleadingly and she looked down at me withnot a hint of compassion in her eyes.    "Do it.   Fuck him!" And he did!  He shoved his dick in roughly, nogentle devirginizing for me!  It was a searing, splitting pain, like I hadnever felt before!  As he shoved it in, I was just finishing the vomit andshit in my mouth and took a sharp breath- just as Mishi farted again.   Itook a nice deep breath of shit gas!  Then she grunted and shot anotherload of crap right into my mouth.


     This time I knew I couldn't delay and chewed it up and swallowed it asquickly as I could while Luke fucked me hard like a two dollar whore. Mishi took advantage of my faster swallowing and let her shit come fasterinto my mouth as she fingered herself.   She must have been planning this,because she had enough shit up there for a week!  And most of it was soft,some almost runny, all of it extremely revolting smelling, like horse shit!   Luke began grunting in my ear and Mishi began to buck as she farted andshat in my mouth.    "Yeah, come up his ass!  Come up his ass!" Mishi came as she said that,then immediately dropped down to her knees and ordered me to jerk off,which I did feverishly, still chewing on her last mouthload of crap!  Lukelaid me on my back and continued to fuck me hard.   Mishi sat beside me andwhispered degrading insults into my ear as she held wide my butt-cheeks andwatched Luke pummel my ass.   I was still trying to finish the shit in mymouth.    Luke needed a lot of pumping to cum this third time, so I came beforehim easily.   Mishi caught it all in a glass she had grabbed.   As soon as Ifinished, she opened my mouth and poured a whole mouthful of my own cum inmy mouth!   "Swallow!" Of course, I did.    Just then, Luke began to moan loudly, he pulled out of my ass camearound to the other side of the bed.   Mishi quickly moved me back so thatmy head dropped off the edge of the bed as Luke jerked his dick over myface.   The first load hit me in the lips, the second came after he hadshoved his filthy prick in my mouth to the hilt, his balls slapping mynose, his pubic hairs tickling my chin!  I sucked his cock clean of my ownshit as he pumped more cum into my mouth than I had ever thought waspossible!  I swallowed it all, missing not a single drop of it.   He pumpedmy mouth like a pussy, leaning over me and fucking like a man possessed!   I don't know how I managed not to gag, but Mishi certainly didn't havethe monopoly on deep-throating.   As Luke fucked my face and fed me hiscum-juice, Mishi sucked the excess come, piss, shit and vomit from my chin,neck and chest.    Finally, Luke shot his last load and held his cock as deep in my throatas he could.

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    He left it in there, shuddering a little every now and then. Mishi went up and deep-kissed him, then whispered something in his ear.   Henodded and they kissed passionately for a few more moments while I laythere with Luke's cock embedded deep in my mouth.    Then I felt a warm liquid pouring into my throat- it was Luke's piss! He was still semi-hard and pissing in my throat!  Since he was so deep,there was no swallowing to do, it just went right down into me whether Iwanted it to or not!   After he was done, they broke the kiss and Luke pulled out quickly-making a sick wet popping sound as he pulled out his cock from my mouth- athick line of cum and saliva ran from my open mouth to his semi-hard prick. Mishi and Luke looked at me.    "E. . . " I started to say, but my throat was so sore and my mouth so usedthat I could barely form a syllable, "e. . . clipse?" I weakly muttered.    "Eclipse?" Luke chucked, "What the fuck does that mean?  Does he think amint is gonna freshen *that* breath?!"   "Pathetic shit-boy," Mishi said, patting my head and completely ignoringour safety word!  Luke whispered something in her ear, a question.   Sheturned to him and kissed him.    "Do it. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

  "   Luke turned around and sat on my face, placing his anus right on mywell-used mouth.   I gave up, defeated.   I didn't really mean it when I usedthe safety word, deep down.   I knew what my place was, now.   I spreadLuke's muscular black asscheeks and opened my mouth wide.   Mishi frenchkissed him deeply as he shit several loafs in my mouth, each of which Igladly devoured.    I was totally debased, totally humiliated.   There was no turning backnow, I was filth.   I was their slave, their cocksucker, their faggot, andtheir toilet.    Later that night they fucked passionately as I watched from the floorand cleaned them afterwards.   At dinner, I ate their leftovers andchewed-up food from my place on the floor.   Even later, I got theirdigested parts of the meal as well.    Luke soon moved in and this became the regular arrangement.   I was neverallowed to fuck Mishi or Luke, I was for their pleasure only, and for theirwaste.   That toilet is only used by guests and Mishi intentionally broke itand leaves it that way so that if a guest does use it, I have to eat theirshit from the bowl when they leave.

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     Mishi even makes certain meals for dinner guests that she knows willmake them have particularly nasty stool, and she mixes in a little laxativeto increase the chances that they'll take a dump before they leave.    Mishi would bring in others too, men and women to use me as well.   Oncethey had 20 of their friends over, and each and every one of them used methoroughly. . . .    but that's another story.    I have to go now, Mishi has to take another shit. . . .    * * * * *   To be continued in the further "Misadventures of Mishi" and "The Perilsof Greggie-Poo"! .
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