Never too old for a babysitter...


Topic: Never too young for a babysitter. . . “But mom, I’m too old for a freaking babysitter! I’m 16 fucking years old! You really think I need some old chick to come watch me talk on the computer for 5 hours?”
“Chris, the language isn’t going to help. And she’s already on her way, and she’s not old okay? Please stop arguing I’m already late. ”
“Oh my god!” I stomped up the stairs and shut the door to my room. I mumbled something about my mom and picked up my guitar. I turned on the distortion and started shredding. It helped relieve some of my anger and I got up to go look out my window. My parent’s car was gone and the driveway was empty. I was about to turn away when I saw the headlights of another car drive up the driveway. Babysitter. Ugh. I continued to watch as I saw blonde hair come out of the door and walk up to the house. She didn’t seem to old, unless she dyed her hair. She knocked on the door and then rang the doorbell.

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   I went downstairs at a regular pace to make it seem like I didn’t really care.
I opened the door and standing in front of me was a woman that looked like a pornstar. God was she hot! She was about 5’7” and had the most beautiful 36c breasts I’ve ever seen. She wore a tight white shirt and a miniskirt and high heels, with hoop earrings. Obviously she knew my parents weren’t going to be home otherwise, they probably would have kicked her out.
“Uh. . . hi. ” Was all I could manage.
“Hi! Chris, right? My name’s Megan. Nice to meet you!” She flashed me a gorgeous smile and walked in.
“Nice to meet you too. . .

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  ” I mumbled. I shut the door behind her and followed her in. She dropped her purse on the table and sat down on the couch.
“What do you want to do?” she asked.
“I dunno. We can watch TV I guess. ”
“Okay!” She grabbed the remote and pressed the power button. Immediately the TV went to the last channel I had been watching, American Idol. She began flipping through the channels and landed on some random TV show that I don’t even remember the name of. It had this guy and this girl walking through the words looking for someone. I sat down next to her and we just watched TV. In a couple of minutes I had almost forgotten about her until the guy and girl in the show tripped and fell onto each other. They started kissing and then tearing off each other’s clothes. Within minutes they were having sex. Apparently, without knowing it, Megan had switched to a porn channel.

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   I kept watching, not even attempting to hide the raging 9-inch boner that was creating a tent in my pants. I took a glance over at Megan and saw her breathing shallowly and trying to restrain from sticking her hand between her legs which were spread.
I looked away but too late she saw my looking at her wet crotch. She blushed and said “Sorry, but I guess I can’t help human nature haha. And obviously you can’t either,” she said with a wink.
“Oh. . . yeah. . . I’m going to uh. . . go to the bathroom.

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  ” I said. I needed to jack-off. Badly.
“You going to take care of that?” she said, motioning to my hardon.
“Um. . . I. . . I guess. ” I turned and walked quickly away up to my room. I grabbed the lotion from under my bed and started masturbating furiously. I was so into it that I didn’t hear her come up the stairs until she was in my room and I opened my eyes.
“Shit!” I yelled.

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“Sorry, I thought you were done. ” Was all she said. But she didn’t leave. In fact, she came inside. “Chris?”
“What?” I asked, getting under the covers.
“I’m still really horny. ”
“Uh. . . huh?” I was dumbfounded. This most gorgeous, blonde, 25 year old girl was telling me she was horny.
“I want your cock. ” Well that’s blunt. She ripped the covers off and jumped onto the bed. She wiped off the remaining lotion with the sheets and immdediately put her lips over my dick.

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   She was sucking like a pro, using her tounge to nearly wrap it around every inch of my dick. She did short and fast, and then deep throat and slow. It must have been 60 seconds and I was ready to blow my load. She started sucking hard and fast and I groaned as I shot burst after burst into her mouth. She swallowed it all and cleaned me up. She seductively backed off the bed and started to undress slowly in front of me, giving me time to recover. By the time she was naked, my dick was full erect and hard again. She came over to me and we kissed passionately, her tongue and mine flicking the insides of each others mouth. She pressed her clean pussy up against my crotch and grinded it into her clit. She groaned with pleasure and I could begin to feel her juices on my leg.
I pushed her back and spread her legs.
“You want this?” I asked, as I put the head of my dick right at her pussy lips.
She responded by shoving her hips into me and thus shoving nearly all my 9 inches into her. She groaned with ecstasy and I began pumping in and out of her.
“Oh god.

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  . . Oh Chris! Oh yeah! Fuck yeah! OH GOD! FUCK! Oh fuck yeah! Oh god harder harder!” She had the sexiest sex noises. Every cry drive me wild. “Chris! I’m going to cum! Cum in me! Chris cum in me!” I didn’t care. All sense of reality was lost. I was taking this girl right now. She started to climax and the minute her already tight pussy started to tighten, I felt that tingling sensation. I pumped harder and faster and moaned with ecstasy as shot after shot of sperm emptied into her. As they hit her, they seemed to drive her wild as she bucked her hips and practically screamed through her orgasm. When we were done, we fell asleep, with me still in her.
I woke up slowly, barely remembering what had happened. I look up and standing there in the doorway is my mother. Shit!
“I hope you got good sleep pumpkin. Because now it’s my turn.

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  ” She said as she started pulling down her skirt.