My wife caught me


Let me just start by saying, “I am NOT GAY. I am NOT Bi. Period. End of discussion!”Now with that said, I discovered early in life that I loved the feeling of women’s undergarmets. I remember being mesmorized as a young boy when I would take baths at night. Usually, it was after mom had taken he bath and her panties and girdle and stockings would be right there in the bathroom floor. I would put them on and just rub my legs while my bath water was running. Growing up, I would sneak into my parents’ room and go through her underwear drawer when everyone was gone—that silky stuff just felt great. Pretty soon, I learned that it felt great on my dick too, and thus became the way that I learned to jerk off growing up—with my mommy’s panties!I really got excited when my older sister began wearing nice silky undies too—even though they barely had enough material to adequately let me jerk off. But being the innovative little shit that I was, I learned to just use multiple pairs of her panties, and, I also learned that my sister’s dirty ones smelled a lot better than my moms.
So I have had this fascination since I was a young boy. It continued all throughout elementaryand high school, through college (it helped that I had a female roomate the last three years), and in the business world. When I would travel, the first stop I would make en route to my hotel was at a local Walmart to buy ladies underwear and thigh highs. I didn’t want to pack any in case I was randomly selected for security scanning.
After I got married, I loved bringing home new lingerie for my wife. She thought I was so sweet.

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  Really, I simply picked out things that I wanted to wear, got them in her size, and since she was a nurse who left a couple of hours before I did, then worked these weird 12 hour shifts, I could randomly pick her day old thongs out of the dirty clothes, wear them all day, then put them back in before she got home. It was a great system—fool proof, or I thought.
One morning, just a normal old Tuesday, I was getting ready. I showered, went to the dirty clothes, picked up yesterday’s black thong, and slipped it on. I love how the little back went up my crack and the front just hugged my balls so tightly—most days I would walk around with a hardon it was just a turn on. This particular morning, knowing that I had a lot of walking around to do, I decided to put on a pair of her thigh highs—again, the silky feeling and the way the air came up my pants leg was just a wonderful feeling. Besides, I would always wear a pair of socks over the stockings so that when I crossed my legs no one would know.
As I was pouring a cup of coffee to go, I heard a car pull in the garage. Confused, I quickly opened the door and there was my wife getting out. “Lets go” she said. Grabbing my hand, we went to the master bedroom and she announced that when she got to the hospital, she took her ovulation test and this was the time to make a baby. “But honey, what about tonight?”NO—NOW she answered. I told her to give me a minute, that I had to pee and she said, “Fuck, I’ll get you so hard that you’ll forget you have to pee”. When she unbuckled my pants, her head spun around and she said, “WHAT THE FUCK?!WHY ARE YOU DRESSING LIKE A GIRLY PERVERT?”I tried to explain but she didn’t want to hear it. “IF I didn’t need your sperm, I would show you what a little girl you really are, but right now, I am going to fuck you and get you baby making cream out of you one way or another.

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She made me get on the bed on all fours still wearing her thong and her stockings. Then, she stripped down to her undergarments, then took her bra off and made me put it on. “You want to be a girl? I’ll make you a girl!”She then paused long enough to put lipstick on me, and turned me so I could see myself in the dresser mirror still on all fours. Reaching into her nightstand, she got her black 8” vibrator, turned it on and pulled my thong to the side. She turned it on low, and then began fucking my ass. I must say, after the intital pain, it felt great. She taunted me, saying she didn’t know that I was a secret, closet fag, that she wanted a real man, but had always wanted a threesome, so this might work out. As she continued to butt fuck me, she kept reaching around checking my dick, and it stayed hard the entire time. She turned the vibrator up to high and made me lay on my back. That thing was pushing me over the limit and pressing hard in my ass. She demanded that I take my cock out and stroke it. “But I thought you wanted my sperm?”“I do, but you aren’t man enough and don’t deserve to put that in me—I’ll collect it and insert it myself” she quipped. With that, she made me jack myself off and made me squeeze my cock head so it wouldn’t come out before she was ready. She came back with a small baggie and I shot my load into it.
“Can we turn off the vibrator now?” “Hell no, back on all fours and keep it going, I might need more of your sperm.

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  And, I don’t care if it takes you hours you little girly girl, you stay right there and call downstairs for me when you are ready. And if you dare cum and spill a drop, I’ll squeeze your balls so hard, they will die and shrivel up. ”Man was she mad.
It really did seem like hours that the vibrator was going to town in my ass and shaking my prostrate like crazy. When it seemed like I was close I yelled for her but she didn’t come into the room. I yelled a second time, and still, no pissed off wife. I really couldn’t take it anymore and went downstairs, still clad in my thong, stockings, bra, lipstick, and vibrator hanging out my ass. When I got to the bottom of the stairs, she was on the couch riding Tom, her immediate doctor boss at the hospital. “What the fuck Shelly?”
Shelly just laughed and said she decided she needed a real man and knew that Tom had hit on her so many times that he would jump at the opportunity. I am going to let him fuck me, then I’m going to put your sissy sperm in me and if I get pregnant, you’ll never know who the real father is. Now get your ass on all fours and keep that vibrator going as you watch a real man fuck your wife. ”
I did as instructed and as she bounced up and down on him, my cock began to shiver. I was humiliated, but I was also SO TURNED ON watching my wife fuck her boss. I heard her say things she had never said to me and it really did take away my manhood. When she finished, she instructed me to shoot my load in the baggie again and then she ordered me back on all fours.

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  “Tom honey, Bill—sorry, little Billie has had a fake dick in his ass for hours now, would you like to replace it with a real one?” As I started to protest, she gave me a choice, either be ass fucked by the guy who just fucked her, or suck him off. There was no way I was going to suck a man’s penis, so she withdrew the dildo and Tom roughly entered me. He abused my ass so much, I am afraid my arse will never shrink back to its normal size.
They left me there in my wife’s undergarments and went upstairs to shower and get ready to go back to the hospital. I have a feeling my life will never be the same.