Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires- Chapter Nineteen - The Yule Ball


Harry Potter and the Spellbook of DesiresChapter Nineteen – The Yule BallDisclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author. Story Codes: mf, mmff, cream pie, exhib, hp, magic, mc, spank, voy 
The party following the completion of the First Task was a very successful and enjoyable one, especially for Harry, who was fortunate enough to fuck two of the hottest Gryffindor House girls after the party had ended.   Lavender Brown and Pavarti Patil had been magically tricked into having sex with the young Triwizard Champion, and although they had been done magically, they had enjoyed themselves nonetheless.   Ron had followed suit minutes later, by sneaking down to where Lavender and Pavarti were sleeping and blowing a hot load of cum all over their pretty faces.   Harry had documented the experience with his magical camera, deciding that some memories were worth recording.
The weeks following the First Task were much more enjoyable then the weeks which had preceded it, and as Harry prepared for the coming Christmas Holidays and the Yule Ball, he was finding it difficult to secure a date.   He had tried asking Cho, but she had already accepted Cedric Diggory’s invitation.   Ron, on the other hand, had foolishly tried asking the gorgeous Fleur Delacour, but was turned down with a laugh.   Hermione and Ginny already had dates as well; Hermione was apparently going with a mystery date, while Ginny had accepted an invitation from Neville.   The Yule Ball approached quickly, and Harry and Ron were growing exceedingly concerned about their chances of securing a proper date.   Harry had even tried asking Pavarti, thinking that she kind of owed him one for the amazing night he had given her and her friend.   After Pavarti seemed resistant to the idea, Harry pulled out a few of the pictures he had taken of Pavarti and Lavender, with their pussies drenched with his cum.   Harry threatened to take the pictures to Dumbledore or send them to her parents if she didn’t accept his invitation.   The blackmailing worked and Pavarti consented to go with Harry and set up her twin sister, Padma to go with Ron.   Ron was eternally grateful to Harry, and as the day quickly approached, everybody began talking about the magical event.
The Yule ball took place on Christmas day, beginning at 8 pm and ending at 12 am.

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    Instead of trying to figure out the golden egg, and therefore decipher what the Second Task would entail, Harry had used the days leading up to the Yule Ball to look up more useful spells and potions in the Spellbook of Desires.   He was dead set on getting some pussy during or after the Yule Ball, and if he couldn’t get that pussy by himself, the Spellbook of Desires would suffice.   He was able to find a very powerful potion; one which he would have to consume to use.
The potion description read:
Animal magnetism is a rare and often underrated gift; this potion, upon drinking, effectively makes the drinker the object of every woman’s desires.   The opposite sex is invariably sexually drawn to the consumer of the potion for a single hour.   The potion releases a mass of pheromones into the vicinity of the drinker, forcing any member of the opposite sex who is in the nearby area to take an instant sexual notice.   Warning!  This potion is extremely powerful; any member of the opposite sex within ten feet of the drinker will be directly affected until they are out of the ten foot perimeter.  
Harry was sure that this potion would give him the edge needed to get whatever pussy he wanted at the Yule Ball.   He graciously made two batches of the potion; one for himself and one for his good friend Ron.   The plan would be to use the potion at some point during the ball, enticing a couple of pretty young things to take notice of the horny boys.
‘Thanks Harry!  This stuff looks awesome’ replied Ron, after Harry gave him a small vial of the animal magnetism potion.   The potion was a glowing gold in color and looked delicious.   ‘Wait… How did you make this…? I thought someone stole the Spellbook of Desires’
‘They did, but I stole it back from your profiteering assholes of brothers, Fred and George’ replied Harry, hoping that Ron wouldn’t be too pissed.   He had used the book to fuck Ginny and have Hermione suck him off when they had been fighting.   Now that they were friends again, he felt it only fair to tell Ron the truth about the book.

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    ‘Are you mad?’
‘No, I guess not… As long as you let me use it too’ Ron offered, smiling as he did so.   Harry laughed and nodded; knowing full well that he and Ron would be having plenty of fun with the book in the months to come.
‘Who are we going to use this stuff on?’ Ron asked, turning the small vial over in his hands.   Ron already knew who he was going to be getting close to after using the potion.   His recent foray with Hermione had told him that only one time was definitely not enough when fucking a goddess like Hermione.
‘Whoever we want!’ laughed Harry, thinking about only one girl in the process.   Harry had fucked Ginny twice since the year had begun, and he was already antsy to have a third round with her.   He wouldn’t tell Ron this, especially after embarrassing him by fucking and cumming on his sister only weeks earlier, but Ron didn’t have to know what Harry had planned for young Ginny.   ‘Here… Take this too’ Harry said, handing Ron a small vial of potion.
‘What’s this for?’ questioned Ron, putting the smaller vial in his pocket while he did so.
‘It’s an extra precaution.   I brewed a simple pregnancy potion I found in the book.   It’s way easier to brew then the usual kind’ Harry said, knowing full well that he intended to spurt his seed as deep in Ginny as possible.   Harry also knew Ron wouldn’t want to be a daddy at age fifteen when he inevitably came inside his intended target.
‘Good thinking… We don’t need any more little redheads running around!’ laughed Ron in response.

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    Ron had no idea how true his statement was as Harry smiled to himself.
The night of the Yule Ball came in a rush, and as Ron and Harry walked down to the ball with their dates, Padma and Pavarti, they each carried a vial of the wondrous potion Harry had concocted earlier in the week.   Harry had told Ron not to drink the potion until later on, when there were fewer people and girls around; they didn’t want to draw any undue attention to themselves.   A mass of girls running up to them to fuck them, would obviously give away their amazing book of sexual spells and potions.   Harry suggested cornering their intended targets somewhere private, before drinking the potion and infatuating them with their animal magnetism.
‘Is that Hermione…? With Krum?’ said Ron, as he and Harry walked with their dates into the ball.   She was walking hand in hand with Victor Krum, looking astonishingly beautiful.   Ron swore, and walked off without even looking back at Padma Patil.
As the night progressed, Harry and Ron took a walk out into the grounds to see the decorations and to prepare themselves for using the potion.   As they walked around, they were pleased to see Roger Davies and Fleur Delacour going at it near a large bush.   Apparently, the two lovers believed that they were completely concealed, and hidden from prying eyes.   Fleur was again wearing the sluttiest dress possible again; she was showing so much skin, it almost looked as if she wasn’t wearing a dress at all.   Harry and Ron watched, as Fleur started to pull off Roger Davies’s dress robes and underwear; leaving him completely naked.   Fleur then pulled one tiny string on her dress and the whole thing came falling off to the ground.   Roger Davies nearly fainted at the sight of her gorgeous and perfect body.

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    Roger was already sporting a massive erection, but the sight of Fleur naked, made it grew another inch.   Harry and Ron hid behind the bush and watched as Fleur got onto her knees and began sucking off Roger.
‘Uhhhhhhhhh…” moaned Roger, clearly enjoying Fleur’s hot wet mouth on his six inch member.   Fleur worked his cock like a pro; using her tongue to slide up and down his shaft, while using her dainty little fingers to play with his tightening balls.
‘You like zis… Don’t you?’ moaned Fleur into Roger’s cock, as she continued to suck him off.   Harry and Ron were both hard as diamonds at watching Fleur act like such a little slut.   Ron had already tapped her ass, but he could tell he’d been missing out on the real deal.   Roger was in heaven for the next five minutes while Fleur went to town on his throbbing cock.   Just before he was ready to blow his load down Fleur’s throat; she pulled off and got onto her back.   ‘Now you eat me!’ moaned Fleur, as she spread her legs and got ready for Roger Davies to eat out her pussy.   Roger clearly wanted to cum, but dutifully got onto his knees to lick Fleur’s tasty looking pussy.   If he did what she wanted, he was sure she’d let him fuck her.
Ron and Harry watched in fascination as Roger Davies began to delve his long tongue in and out of Fleur’s trimmed pussy.   As Ron and Harry took a closer look, they were pleased to see that Fleur’s pubic hair was trimmed in the shape of a small ‘V’.
‘Ahhhhh… Bonnnnnn!’ groaned Fleur quietly, as Roger jammed his tongue as deep into her pussy and she went through an orgasm.

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    Her juices rolled through her pussy and were quickly lapped up by Roger.   ‘Now you can fuck me!’
Roger needed little more encouragement as he quickly slid forward and got on top of Fleur.   He slid his six inches into without any resistance at all, forcing almost his entire shaft into her in a single thrust.   Fleur’s eyes shot wide open in pain; even though she was a complete whore, her pussy had always been extremely tight.   The forcing of six inches into her tight teenage pussy was almost too much for her to bear.
‘Ahhhh!’ she groaned in pain.   Roger paid little attention to her discomfort and rammed his shaft into her harder and faster, trying to reach the ultimate goal of release as soon as he could.   The factor of romance seemed to play very little in Roger’s furious thrusting; all he wanted was to blow his load.   Besides, fucking behind a bush on the dirty ground wasn’t very romantic to begin with.
‘He’s gonna cum in her’ whispered Ron into Harry’s ear, as Roger Davies began to thrust wildly and pant in anticipation.
‘Not inside… Zat iz not acceptable!’ groaned a pained Fleur, as Roger looked at her with a strange and wild look in his eyes.
‘UNGHHH…UNGHHHH!’ grunted Roger, jetting massive amounts of his potent seed into Fleur’s vulnerable teen pussy.   He groaned in pleasure as his seed flooded her womb and potentially impregnated her.   Streams of his cum poured into her for ten twenty long seconds before he collapsed on top of her, apparently unconscious.
‘Azz-hole!’ complained Fleur, pushing Roger off of her, pulling his deflated shaft from her cum-filled pussy in the process.

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    Harry and Ron watched in pleasure as Roger’s cum poured from her gaping pussy and pooled onto the grass.   All of a sudden however, she stood up, picked up her wand, and made a few complicated wand movements.   A small vial appeared out of thin air, like the pregnancy potion Harry had brewed.   Fleur uncorked it and drank it seconds later, ‘No baby for me!’ sighed Fleur, apparently avoiding any possible pregnancy.
‘That was great. . . What a whore!’ laughed Ron, as he and Harry walked away with smiles on their faces.   The rest of the night they snooped around the rest of the grounds, listening into other conversations, like one with Snape and Karkaroff and another with Madame Maxime and Hagrid.
Both Harry and Ron couldn’t wait any longer as midnight approached; they went back into the Great Hall to find their intended targets.   Ron had no intention of using the amazing potion on Hermione; he was completely pissed off at her for being such a slutty whore and going to the ball with Krum and not him.   Harry had intended to use his on Ginny, but was angry to see that Ginny had already left the Great Hall for her room.   Apparently, Ginny had already left the ball because Neville had stomped all over her feet while dancing and she could barely stand afterwards.
‘I guess were going to have to go with Plan B’ Harry said to Ron, as they walked into the hall.   Padma and her sister were sitting at a table alone when Harry and Ron saw them.

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    Harry looked at Ron, nodded, and gulped down his bottle of potion along with his friend.   As they got within ten feet of the twins, the girls both looked up, almost in surprise.   Something had caught their attention, and as Harry and Ron stopped in front of them, the twins looked at each other and then back at Harry and Ron.   Initially, Harry and Ron thought that the potion had not worked at all, but their misgivings were quickly laid aside when the twins stood up and gave Ron and Harry a long deep kiss.
‘This party stinks… why don’t we take our party somewhere else’ Pavarti said to the group, as she let go of Harry.   Pavarti and Padma took Harry and Ron’s hands and guided them to a nearby broom closet.   Harry and Ron’s cocks were already twitching at the thought of what the Patil twins had in store for them as they entered the small empty broom closet.
‘We just can’t take it any longer… We need you so bad!’ moaned Pavarti and Padma together, as they closed the door and began making out with the stunned Harry and Ron.   They didn’t resist in the slightest as Pavarti and Padma began kissing them.   The twins reached down and began fondling with both Harry and Ron’s cocks while the girls they made out with them.   Both Padma and Pavarti were undeniably attracted to both Harry and Ron, but for purposes of satiating their obvious lust, Pavarti paired with Harry and Padma paired herself with Ron.   Harry and Ron couldn’t care in the least; the twins were identical in appearance, and more importantly, smoking hot.
‘Mmmm… I know your cock tastes good Harry… I wonder how Ron’s taste… Why don’t you tell me Padma!’ Pavarti said, as she and her sister got onto their knees and began removing both Harry and Ron’s dress robes.   Ron looked over at Harry with a big grin on his face as Padma began licking the tip of his hard six inch cock.
‘Mmmmm… It tastes really good Pavarti… Why don’t you try’ Padma murmured, offering Ron’s cock towards her sister like a snow cone.

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    Pavarti, who had been suckling on Harry’s five inch knob, took it in her hand before enveloping three inches into her hot wet mouth to get a good taste.
‘It is good!’ mumbled Pavarti, who quickly returned to sucking on Harry’s shaft.   The Patil twins continued to suck on Harry and Ron’s cocks for the next five minutes, until their horniness overcame them and they started removing their clothes for the incredibly turned on pair of boys.
‘Holy FUCK!’ groaned Ron, as Pavarti and Padma stripped out of their dresses and revealed identically gorgeous and tight tanned bodies.   Ron started drooling as Padma walked around her sister and traced her hand across her body.   Harry and Ron nearly passed out at Padma’s sexy and incestuous demeanor.   Pavarti turned around to show Harry and Ron her perfect teen ass, bending over ever so slightly for Padma to smack her a few times for good measure.
‘SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!’ Padma spanked her sister like a naughty girl.   ‘Well aren’t you going to fuck us!’ she said, rubbing her sister’s reddened ass with a devilish grin on her face.
‘Uh… Yeah… Yeah!’ mumbled Harry and Ron, stunned by how sexy and slutty the sisters were acting.   Harry was the first to react, grabbing Pavarti’s round hips, slapping her reddened ass one more time and guiding the tip of his hard dick into her sopping wet pussy.   Pavarti moaned in satisfaction as she felt Harry fill up her once again, bucking her hips backwards to slam more of him to her.   Ron was the slower to act, and because of this, was unprepared for Padma, who leaped onto him, wrapping her legs around his waist in the process.   She hugged him close while he regained his balance and used one of his hands to guide shaft towards her dripping wet opening.   Padma buried her head into Ron’s shoulder as she felt Ron’s long thick cock penetrate her most sensitive area.

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    She groaned in pleasure as she felt Ron thrusting up into her while holding her tightly.
‘God, I love having your cock in me again!’ moaned a very satisfied Pavarti after Harry’s entire five inches were completely submerged in her vice-like cunt.   Harry leaned over Pavarti and took hold of her small firm breasts and twisted her tiny brown nipples.   Pavarti moaned at Harry’s touch, thrusting her ass backwards even harder in the process.
Ron on the other hand, had moved Padma over to the wall and had pinned her against the wall for support.   He was using the wall to help him slam his cock into her faster and faster until all that was visible was an orange blur of pubic hair moving back and forth into Padma.    While Ron slammed his hips backwards and forwards with blistering speed, Padma had her head over Ron’s shoulder, with her eyes wide in shock and pleasure, both savoring the sensation of being used like a common fuck-doll and the sight of her sister, being unmercifully pounded into by Harry Potter.
All of a sudden, the door to the broom closet cracked open and Hermione, looking tired and upset, got a fool view of Ron thrusting wildly into Padma Patil.
‘RON!’ she screamed, running from the room and slamming the door behind her.   Ron felt bad, but he quickly forgot all about it as Padma’s grip tightened and she began to pant.
‘Ahhhhhhhh… Unghhhh!’ groaned Padma and Pavarti together, as they both came at nearly the same time.   Pavarti’s juices ran down her leg and onto the floor as Harry continued to slam into her from behind.   Padma on the other hand, had grabbed Ron tightly as her pussy clamped down on his cock.  Her pussy juices ran down his cock and balls and dripped to the floor, pooling underneath the pair.
‘I’m fixing to cum!’ moaned Harry, as he felt Pavarti’s tight pussy clamping down even harder on his swollen shaft.

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‘Me too!’ groaned Ron in response, bucking his hips upwards with unbridled force.
‘UNGHHHH… UNGHHH… UNGHHHH!’ grunted Harry, reaching his climax first.   Harry thrust his entire five inches as hard and as deep into Pavarti as possible, before painting her womb with a voluminous amount of hot sticky cum.   Pavarti sighed in satisfaction, as Harry continued to stream several more sticky loads into her pussy.
‘It’s so hot!’ screamed Pavarti, loving the sensation of Harry filling her with his seed for the first time in her life.
‘UNGHHHH!  UNGHHH!’ grunted Ron seconds later, thrusting his six inches as deep into Padma as possible, blowing a massive load of his semen, deep into her moments later.   Padma’s eyes shot open in pleasure as her pussy milked Ron’s member for everything it had. Ron responded by spurting the remainder of his cum into Padma’s pregnable womb.
‘God… It is hot… It feels so good’ moaned Padma exhaustedly.
Harry, Ron, Pavarti and Padma all collapsed onto the broom closet floor, exhausted and definitely satisfied.   Pavarti and Padma’s pussies dripped with Harry and Ron’s cum, as they pulled their deflated cocks from the girls’ cum-filled holes.
‘Here… Drink this!’ Harry and Ron said to Pavarti and Padma in unison, giving the pregnancy potions to the twins.   Pavarti and Padma, so exhausted from the hard fucking they had just gotten, drank the potions down without complaint.
The twins fell asleep seconds later, an apparent side-effect from the pregnancy potion; designed to give the two impregnators time to escape without question.  Harry and Ron got dressed and left the closet looking fairly disheveled.


    Luckily for them, it was past twelve and everybody had left the Great Hall.   Ron wondered where Hermione was; he knew she was pissed, especially after catching him in the act.   He was afraid she’d do something stupid to get back at him, and the only thing he could think that could be, was having sex with Quidditch superstar, Victor Krum.   Ron decided not to dwell on the possibility and headed up to his comfy bed for a good nights sleep with his best friend, Harry Potter. .
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