Not So Covert Family Affairs


This is my first submission, please be gentle. The story line in my head should make for an entertaining series, so if the comments and interest are fair, I will continue.

NOTE: All content in this, and future, stories of this series are fictional. They are based on fantasy and thoughts of my own life, but there is no validity to the actions.


"Hello, anyone home?" I bellowed loudly as I opened the door and removed my key. It was a silly question, my grandmother hardly ever went anywhere and if she did it was never this early.

"I'm in here. " a voice announced from the direction of the bedroom. This wasn't a surprise either, because before 8:30am she didn't leave there; there was no need to. The bathroom had an attaching door and she had a small couch, more of a love seat, in there to sit and drink her coffee and read the daily scriptures or whatever.

I strolled down the short hallway to the bedroom, and blindly said "Good morning. " as I stepped through the door way. I was surprised though by the fact that my grandmother wasn't sitting in her spot on the couch. However, I was startled by her reply from the direction of the adjoined bathroom.

"What the hell?", I shouted in a startled way as I turned towards my grandmother's voice, to see the door standing open and her walking toward me with nothing on but her glasses. I turned away quickly to leave as I said "What are you doing?"

She laughed boisterously and grabbed my arm gently.

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   "No need to run," she chuckled "it's a part of my new nature. If you think you can't handle it, we can talk from different rooms. But you know that I will have trouble hearing you, so I would prefer you stay in here. "

I found this all a great bit strange, but thought that if she was comfortable I could handle it. Besides she is my grandma, and we have always been a tight knit family.

She sits down on the couch and I stand near the chair beside the bed which is directly in front of her. She chuckles again and tells me to sit when I am ready, I guess she can see the look of confusion in my face. It's understandable though right? That this 99-year-old grandmother of 2, great grandmother of 6, and soon to be a great-great grandmother, is calmly sitting in the nude directly in front of her 44-year-old grandson. But she started her tale of "why".

She droned on about medical reasoning and doctor's suggestion and that the assisted living home was ok with it as long as she kept the nudism in the apartment. All I wanted was for her to cover up, not because I was disgusted or embarrassed, anymore, but because I was actually getting aroused looking at her.

Now my grandmother had always been an attractive woman, from pictures of her in her 20's (or the '20's same time frame) to today. Just time has had its way with her like it does us all. Her hair is almost transparent white and breasts sag, its life. But when she lifted her left foot to the couch and placed it under her right leg behind the knee, I couldn't help but notice her bald pussy on display and looking at least 40 years younger than I would have thought.

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   I finally sat in the chair hoping it would make my erection less noticeable. And actually, was only listing to her story about 5%, trying to think of anything but her naked breasts and beautiful pussy on display in front of me. All of a sudden, she asked me a question and I wasn't paying close enough attention.

"What?" I asked.

"I asked haven't you ever just hung around your house nude?" She must have noticed my uncomfortableness and thought that is was because I was clothed and she wasn't.

"Yeah sometimes when no one is around" I replied.

"Then maybe this wouldn't be so off putting if you were nude too. "

Wait what, I thought and must have had a dumbfounded look on my face because she said, "It's not like I have never seen you naked. "

"Yeah", I said, "when I was a kid. "

"You're still a kid", she said laughing hard enough to make her sagging titties bounce.

She made a compelling argument, and since I do enjoy nudism at home, I wasn't hard to convince. I excused myself to the bathroom, still a little embarrassed at the thought of being naked with my grandma let alone stripping right in front of her, and she again chuckled at my modesty as I left the room. The very short walk to the other room and taking my clothes off gave me time to think about if I really wanted to be doing this, but luckily it also gave my dick time to go down to a slight chub before I had to walk back out there. I thought to myself that this will all be ok. I will have a nice visit with my grandmother, and the fact that we are both naked shouldn't mean anything.

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We chatted for a while about nothingness; How was I, How was she, How were the kids? And this is when I noticed that through the conversation she had slid almost to the edge of the couch. Not only this but she was sitting with her feet together, but turned on their sides so that her knees were as far apart as her tiny legs would allow. This put her whole pussy on display to me, and I felt my cock jump again. I sat up a little straighter hoping to hide my growing penis, and as she talked it helped me not to notice that it was standing straight up.

Grandma noticed it though, because as I glanced at her pussy more and more often I could see the moisture start to form on her lips. Should an old lady get wet like that, I thought to myself, but didn't care about the answer because she was.

She made it obvious that she noticed when she said, "You didn't get that from your grandfather. ", as she blatantly stared at my hard cock with her mouth hung open in awe.

I looked down and said, "Why do you say that?"

She replied, "It's at least twice his length and fatter too!"

I suddenly felt sorry for her, since grandpa had been the only men she had ever been with, and from her shock he hadn't been much to handle. I could see her pussy was literally dripping, and I hoped it was from staring at my hard cock.

"Should a woman of your age be dripping like that?". I asked.

"Shouldn't any woman," she said, "given the beauty she is beholding?"

"I meant with menopause and all. ", I said.

"My menopause had no effect on that for some reason," she said with a giggle, "I still get just as wet on as I did in my youth.

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I almost didn't see it, her motions were so subtle; never shifting or sitting up any, she patted the couch next to her and made a head motion for me to move over from the chair. Oddly, without hesitation, I was moving from the chair to the couch. My cock pointed the way, and her eyes followed it as I took the few steps. One of her hands had fallen to her lap and it wasn't moving but I could tell that pressure was being applied to her mound. I took up her same position; ass near the edge of the cushion, feet together, knees apart. Only difference was her hand on her pussy, and my penis hard and heavily laid on my stomach. I didn't know what to do with my hands, so I just placed them on my thighs: why was I asking like a little kid on a first date?

I slightly jumped when she took my hand. She lifted it off my leg, and pulled it over hers, and gently placed it alongside the one she had on her crotch. When she let go she ever so gently moved it back across both of us and wrapped her little fingers around the base of my shaft.

I must have jumped again, because she asked, "Is that too tight?"

"No," I replied, "this is just more than I expected when the day started. "

"We can stop if you like. " She says as she runs her hand up the entire length of my shaft and back down to the base.

With a soft moan I say, "No, I am fine. " I laughed in my head at the fact that her little hand was in no way wrapped around my cock: two thirds at the most.

With an instinct, I gently rubbed a couple of circles over her pussy, spreading her juices around and always stopping with pressure in her clitoral area.

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   Her hand ran up and down my cock and with a moan her head fell back. A couple more circles of my hand, and another long stroke up and down my cock, grandma mumbled; "it nice to have someone else doing that for a change. "

"I was thinking the same thing. ", I said in a moan. Coming back to reality a little I say, "How often do you masturbate?"

"Sometimes once a day, but at least every other, and you?", she freely moans.

"Daily; more if I have time. I can't believe that you still touch yourself. ", I say.

"My sex drive is something else menopause had no effect on. ", she says with another stroke.

I lick my lips and ask, "Did grandpa ever lick your pussy?" I can't believe I just said your and pussy in the same sentence to my grandmother, but it never fazed her.

I think what shocked her was the thought of the act because she came back with, "That was unheard of in our day. "

"And after it became acceptable?", I continued.

"By then," she said, "we were too old to try. Routine was the standard,"

With that I knew what I had to do; what I needed to do.

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   Applying a little more pressure, I circled her clit a couple more times, and painfully removed her hand from my cock and slid to the floor. I slid her ass just at the edge of the couch and separated her feet, forcing her legs farther apart. I never would have thought I would do what was about to happen.

I lean forward toward my grandmother's pussy, and lick up her slit from her taint to her clit. Her juices are sweet and abundant. A deep throaty moan escapes her lips as I lick the length of her pussy again. I circle my tongue around her clit a few more times and forced myself to pull away and stand.

I helped grandma up and walked her to the bed. Positioning her in the middle of the bed, I crawled over top of her trying not to lie on her but hover over her body. I lowered my tongue to her clit and she grabs my cock that is hanging in her face. She strokes the shaft with both hands while I continue an assault on her clit. I reach a hand between us and rubbed my cock head over her lips. Precum smeared everywhere while she continued stroking, I lifted my hips away from her face and she licked her lips. She licked all of the precum off that she could reach, then closed her mouth tight. I repeated this and she licked her lips again.

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   With both hands, I wrapped around my grandmother's fragile hips and pulled her labia apart revealing her juicy pussy opening. I rubbed a finger around her hole to lube it up and then sank it deep in her causing a deep gasp from her: this left her mouth a gape. Seizing this opportunity, I gently lowered my cock head into her open mouth. She quickly pushed my hips up and my cock from her mouth.

"What are you doing?" she moaned.

"It's called a blow job or sucking dick. Much like what I am doing, it probably wasn't a customary practice in your day, but today it is a common thing. Not every woman does it, but those that enjoy it get really good at it. "

"Well, of it is as enjoyable for you as what you are doing is for me, then I can try it. You only live, once right?"

"Right", I laugh as I lick her and lower my cock head back past her lips. "I won't go in too far for your first time. Just lick around the shaft and tip as much as you like and stroke up and down the shaft as you do. ", and that she did.

My 99-year-old grandmother took to cock sucking like she had been doing it her whole life. She stroked the shaft with both hands forming one fist.

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   Stroked with both hands apart, and with one hand and then the other. She licked around the head, and sucked precum from the tip. She would take it out of her mouth and lick up and down the entire length before putting it back in.

This only encouraged my work on the other end of her. I licked her pussy top to bottom, round and around her clit; sucking it and flicking my tongue over it slow and quick. I rubbed her clit with my fingers before running them down her pussy lips and sticking one in her pussy, then two, then three. I worked my fingers in and out and teased her clit until she came.

When she did I realized that having three fingers in her snatch, my pinky had entered her asshole. How long had that been there I thought, but didn't have a clue. Grandma was ridged as a board and lying with her mouth wide open breathing slow deep breaths around my cock. Which I realized was half way in her mouth and almost touching the back of her throat. When her breathing was more regulated, she simply closed her mouth and sucked hard. She stroked the exposed part of my cock fast with both hands and wiggled her tongue all around what was in her mouth.

I pulled my dick out of her mouth with a pop from the suction. "I have never had an orgasm like that," she says, "if I would have known sex could be like that I would have had your grandfather start doing it around the depression.

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   But you never finished. "

"I didn't think you were ready for me cumming in your mouth your first time," I replied, "and sorry about the finger in your ass. "

"That is what really sent me over the edge. " She said, "What did you call it . . . ? cumming? How about cumming in my vagina?"

I kind of laughed and said "We call it a pussy these days. Crude but commonly used. "

"Then I would love it if you put your penis in my p-pussy?", she replies.

"Also, referred to as fucking. " I say as I kneel between her legs and align my manhood with her hole.

She is so wet still that I slide in easily, balls deep and I hold it there while she adjusts to the size. The look on her face is of pure ecstasy. The look of a woman that has not only not a dick inside her in a long time, but never one this big. She gives me a look that I fully understand means she is ready, I ease back and push in again, her slow open mouthed exhale lets me know that I am doing something right.

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   Out and in, greeted with an ooing inhale; out and in, with an ah exhale, each stroke an oo or ah.

"I have never felt this full before. " she pants.

"Well you did say grandpa wasn't this big. " I reply while I slide effortlessly into her.

"Ok just shut up and continue with the intercourse. "

"What?" I ask as I pull almost all the way out, leaving only half of the head in her.

"Oops I forgot the lingo. Shut up and fuck my pussy. "

I slam my cock into her and she moans "Yeah like that, fuck me like that. " With those words, I start hammering into her like a bitch I just picked up at a bar. She starts thrashing her head back and forth with every thrust.

"Oh, fuck me, fuck me. " she repeats, which helps me go faster and faster.

Faster and faster, harder and harder until I am afraid I will hurt her.


   My balls tighten and she must have felt my dick get harder and screams, "Oh my god, fuck me and cum in your old grandmother's wrinkly pussy. "

That does the trick, I unleash the first shot of cum into my grandma's pussy then another and another. Felling it starting to leak out around my cock, I pull out of her and slide it over clit and shoot four more ropes of cum on her stomach and pubic mound.

I lean down and kiss her lips and she says, "I was so close to cumming again. " so, I push my cock back in her and start thrusting again.

I can feel and see her getting closer, and remember what she said about cumming earlier; so, I slide my hand below my balls and search for her asshole. I find it with my index finger and it is well lubed with my cum that is leaking out of her, I jam my finger in her ass and her orgasm takes over. She shakes and shakes even after I pull my cock and finger out of her holes. She slowly stops shaking.

I kiss her again, and she whispers, "Thank You. ".

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