The Incestuous Affairs 2 : Working Moms and the Comforts of a Son.


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Two years later. . . . .

It felt like it wouldn’t become anything but then it started to build, hesitated a bit, she felt like she had it under her control and then without warning it parted her lips and filled the starry summer night sky with ‘ yeeeEEAAAASSSSS’ a moan that had such music to it, it echoed through the forest like Mother Nature herself had an Earth shattering orgasm. It hung in the warm july air for what felt like forever and then it was gone.
Susann collapsed from what felt like a different plane of reality onto her boy Ed, her body a delicate quivering mess, his a glistening wet golden sculpture. And the two lovers were back into the world. A sharp Crackling of fire started a jazz piece and the whole forest joined in, the insects,the leaves, the swaying of the trees. Warm night air felt cool on their sweaty naked bodies, bodies illuminated by fire on a moonless night in the middle of nowhere.
Susann sighed.
Ed capriciously squeezed his mother who was laying on top of him between his slender hairless arms, Susann didn’t expect the grip to be this strong, she felt his chest swelling up and Ed howled, like a baby wolf would. Loud but super cute.

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Susann giggled at her wonderful boy and kissed his nose,
“ You are going to get us eaten by wolves baby” she whispered in his ear. And raised her head to look him in his eyes and found the boy petrified by what she had said, She kissed his soft full lips and said, “ i will fight all the wolves for you my baby boy, also there arent any wolves in this jungle” She gracefully rolled off of him, his dick popped out of her pussy, a warm gooey delight slowly oozed out of her pussy Susann scooped it with her fingers and turned on her sides in one elegant motion She licked her fingers and savoured the taste. Ed was reminded of Pooh bear with his pot of honey.
“Wouldn't it be nice if we could live in the forest like the wolves, live with the nature, just the two of us” said Susann more to herself than to Edward. Ed noticed a hint of sadness in her deep eyes.
He joined “ and I would climb the trees and get the juiciest of fruits and you would catch fish from the lake like a mermaid, no work all play, no school-”
“No shoots” added Susann with a smile.
“-We will hunt like wolves and pee on the trees” Ed chuckled trying to keep her mind off things
“And I will sing you lullabies under the starry sky and we could twerk around the fire. ” giggled Susann
“Over the years we wouldn't need to speak much, we would stare in each others eyes and smell each other and we would know each other's hearts. ” suddenly the night disappeared and they were in their own reality once again, they both feel this passion that rages like wildfire.
“I will howl for you and you would come running to me tracking the smell of the nectar-” Susann smelled her glistening fingers “- and we would fuck like animals like Mother Nature wants us to, We will fuck in the river, in the caves, near the lake, under the moonlight”

" and there wont be any other wolves , just the two of us, all by ourselves"
Susann heard the hurt in his voice, she caressed his face and from the bottom of her motherly heart said " You are my Alpha Wolf Baby Boy"
"I get so lonely when you are gone, I miss you Mummy so much"
"Everyday without my boy feels like a punishment"
"Mummy. . "
"Ed. . "
and they both found solace in each other's embrace.
"I'm doing this for us baby, you just focus on your studies and friends, travel the world, have your own story” saying that Susann jumped on all fours let out a long deep howl that turned into a moun.

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Ed got the hint and made his baby wolf howl and lept for his mother. They rolled around in the dewy grass playing like wolves biting and scratching. And then they were apart and each made a round of their camp site came face to face across the fire.

And thus began the dance of the wolves, under the blanket of stars in a forest clearing surrounded by old trees, illuminated in the amber glow of a dwindling campfire, a mother and her cub, trying the mating dance. They sniffed and licked, groaning with ecstacy, under the flickering light they bodies made impossible shapes,one moment Ed had her toes in his mouthand the other Susann’s tongue was covering his periunem and inching towards his pink puckered boipussy.
Maybe Susann bit a little harderEd wiggled outfrom under his mother and cowered away like a hurt puppy.
Susann knew this game. Susann slowly growled an apology and slowly moved towards him on all fours, wet grass sticking on her golden knees, and lept towards her son. Ed howled and ran towards the lake. Susann called out for her cub but he only laughed from behind the trees.
Susann had been doing this parenting thing for a lifetime she knew when to ignore her cub. She moved towards the tent and pulled her dick shaped ceramic bong and took two hits of her special weed that her Manager gets her. A pleasant fire lit up in her chest, she was here and now and in love. She gave in to the smoke and it started to distort her reality.

A warm rush covered her soft delicate body leaving behind a rosy glow she felt calmer yet hornier, sluttier.

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   She jutted her ass out and buried her face in the soft mattress. And then she was somewhere else, her body was lost somewhere and she was sinking in a black lake, she felt a little scared and lonely, she didn't know where she was, everything was dark, she couldn't feel her body. She heard some growling voices and her heart skipped a beat, she was petrified with fear, and then she felt slow breathing on her asshole, her soul squirmed, warm wet tongue licked her and she felt her ass materialize in the dark, the spit and passion as it rolled down her smooth asshole and made its way into the pinkish folds of her vagina, lighting up firecrackers wherever it went, her asshole began to open up in anticipation, Her ass swayed in the deep dark lake she had lost her body in, she felt a shape lurk behind her, she waited submissively for it to make its move. she had no control
She felt the multiple tongues deep inside her asshole mapping every inch of it. Then she discovered there was a hand in her pussy, she didnt when it got there, but it felt natural. She fell deeper. Waves of pleasure illuminated her body like fishes do attract mates in deepest of oceans She waited for her saviour and decided to surrender to the pleasure.

And then she was alone again, she waited for so long ,floating, lost in a sea of ecstacy.

Ed took a one deep hits and filled his heart with smoke….

Ed loved it when his Mummy was like this, Free. Two years ago Ed never knew he would smoke with his Mummy, and make sweet sweet love to her deliciously pink asshole. They were all very different people two years back. Then she was a timid yet doting mother and an obedient wife, whose entire existence was devoted to her Adonic husband Nick and her beautiful baby boy Edward. She had lost Susann somewhere down the years.

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  Susann had given her everything to Nick her hopes and dreams, her youth and body But Nick wanted more and he didn't want to ask anymore of her.

Susann found this insulting. That he would think her love was finite. Wasnt she his Wonder Woman anymore. The threads had frayed enough. And on that fateful moonlit night two years ago she found a new alley in her baby boy Ed, that 14 year old boy full of life and love. His kind eyes that made her feel wanted, his childlike laughter that brightened her days and his tall twinkish body lit up her nights. Susann felt like she had travelled back in time and found her boyfriend Nick, His unconditional love, support and kisses helped her find the Susann who had dreams and desires, who wanted to travel the world and carve out her own story. And this younger Nick will be riding with her.

What slowly bubbled over a month erupted with the build up rage of decades. Susann and Nick said some horrible things to each other, Nick ripped her heart out and shattered it in front of Ed but instead of cowering down that chaste housewife broke her cage and demanded to get into the driver’s seat for the rest of her journey.
She had to leave some scars for him to remember her by so she scratched her name on the divorce paper.
She went to her room grabbed her stuff, shed her wife cloth and put on her confidence.

In a low cut cropped sleeveless white tee, no bra,her firm juicy boobs bubbling with enthusiasm, trying to spill out. The deep purple short shorts had her round pink plump ass hanging out.

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   She had tied her long black hair in a bun, revealing her elegant neck and slender shoulders. Her face red with rage and determination. That 31 year old mother of one came and stood in front of her Husband who was clutching the divorce notice tears streaming down his face.
“You can have all the girls, boys and trannies in the world but you will never ever have this”
She twirled around on one foot like a ballet dancer ended her little dance routine with a middle finger to his face and stormed out.
And by the time she was backing up her Tesla, Ed was standing in the driveway, she knew He had all the shattered pieces of her heart.
Susann opened the door, “ you would be happier with your father. ”
“I dont want happiness I want you”
And just like that they left like Bonnie and Clyde, they had all they needed, each other.

He longed for his father, his kind eyes, that mischievous smile, those big muscular arms, that rugged chest that was second only to Mom’s in terms of Blissfulness. he had so much to learn from him.

…. . Ed exhaled and thought he should get in touch with his father and then he looked down at his mother’s naked butt glistening under the flickering amber fire. The animal in him stirred, he was the alpha, he owned that ass.

She could feel warm spitdripping on her smooth round ass, her rosy pleasure hole tingling, she feared the heat between her legs might burn her from the inside. She felt hundreds of hands on her ass, ravenous tongues feasting on her asshole, hundreds of hands sculpted her body,wherever those hands touchedher sensual supple body rematerialized, she knew she had warm goo creeping through her inner thighs, she loved how soft her boobs were and how brutally they were squished under her body but suddenly she felt incomplete, like something was missing, she thought of her love and whispered called out for her son

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  . . where are you ?”
“Inside you Bitch” said the universe
And in one swift stroke shoved his thick 7 inch dick, slick with pussy juice and cum, deep in her asshole. ” aaaaaaAAAAAHHHHHH” Susann let out long shriek indistinguishable from pleasure. The baying enraged the animal. He wanted to know how far he can push the boundaries of this relationship. A lustful rage filled his heart.

“How could you leave me all alone for a month why didn’t you take me with you? Why tell me!”

And Ed unceremoniouslypulled her luscious black hair and she was lifted out of her sea of ecstacy and thrown under a wolf. “wai-aaaaaaAAAA” before she could do anything Ed was deep inside his mothers asshole, dishing out his brand of punishment. He grabbed both her hands and began rage fucking her asshole. Each deep stroke lifted her off the ground a little.
His dick bumped painfully into her sigmoid bend, pleasure was pain and pain was pleasure.
Her loud moans became a high pitched song of ecstacy. Ed didn't like that she was enjoying this, He threw her on the ground like a naked ragdoll, face down, ass up. He put his one foot on her head, her soft hair tickling between his toes.

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   And he jumped dick first into her gaping asshole and began pumping like a mad man, grunting and moaning with all his strength, sweat dripping from his forehead onto his hairless chest and contouring through his abs and making a cute puddles in her dimples of venus.
Beads of sweat appeared on his smooth bubble butt and danced around a little before flowing into his ass crack towards his pink boy hole as he repeatedly stabbed his dick into his mother.
“Ssstaaaaapaaaaaaaaaaa” this wasn't the time for safe words
He grabbed one of her tits began manhandling her. Slapping those dangling titties with no respect, they were hot and red in no time. Pinching her nipple brutally, he pulled her hair and brought her face next to his, tears running down her face, hair a mess, boobs red from the abuse yet her eyes were glazed, she was in a sexual trance.
His dick seemed to be poking at her heart. She felt like he never left her body. Ed was entering his mother like he never wanted to leave. Each Long deep passionate thrusts culminated in animalistic moan. They fucked her like animal for what felt like hours, red palm print on her butt.
They would call it rape if it wasn't consensual.
Ed turned her around, and saw her in the campfire,her mascara smeared all over face, her hair tangled and sticking all over her body, her nipples sore, thighs slick with their love juice, bits ofgreen grass stuck hear and there on her gold glistening body. Their blank eyes met, he hesitated for a moment and then “SLAP”
Blood rushed to her already rosy cheeks, she was jolted out of her trance. But before she could do anything he rudely bent her legs over her shoulders and lifting her ass and rammed his hard wet cock in her asshole, balls deep in one stroke, Susann wailed, her head was going to explode. Ed grabbed her neck with both hands and began pumping his dick in her asshole, Susann crying like a helpless little girl, slapping and scratching him with her weak arms, she realised Ed had her overpowered, he wasn't 8 anymore he has grown into a strong agile handsome boy, back in highschool she wouldn't have had the guts to talk to a guy like him, her mother’s heart swelled up little.

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Her lips parted as she began a soft low moan, Ed saw her strawberry red lips parted and drooled a sloppy wad of spit into her mouth, Susann received it like some elixir and he knew she was always going to be here no matter how far he pushed her.
He stopped the ass raping for a second looked her in her eyes and their lips met, Susann gyrated her ass, he began his raping. they made strange shapes and weird noises, her red lipstick smeared across his face, joined at the lips and at the hips. The two made hot
violent needy animalistic love under the stars.

They fucked till Susann’s ass started to convulse, Ed felt the rhythmic waves that mercilessly squeezed his cock She didn't think she could take itanymore but Ed knew she needed that final push and he ignored his mother’s cries to stop and went on ramming that round plump ass like it was used to.
And then it came up on her suddenly, her thighs began to quiver her toes curled and she felt like her head would explode and just when she thought it was too much Ed began to grunt and growl like an animal, she wrapped her arms around her sweet boy. The orgasm built deep in her ass like a volcano and one final stroke her ass clenched his dick like a fist, but Ed still forcing his dick into her asshole, with all his strength trying to reach an orgasm, her stomach tightened, his balls retracted, blood rushed to her head, for him pumping his dick was the only thing that existed in the world and with one final push, Ed’s legs tightened

Ed began, “maaaaaaaaAAAAAA--” his eyes rolled up and he began dumping his seed deep in her asshole and just then a geyser of her love juice squirted out of her vagina. ”-AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaahhhhdddddd” Susann finished.
Theirbodies convulsed in unisonlike they were both having a seizure. They held onto each other Like nothing else existed.
She dug her nails in his back. He had her neck between his teeth.

They lay there in Mother Natures lap, inside each other, feeling complete.

After what felt like an eternity basking in the warmth and glow of each other, they opened their eyes, Susanns legs still around his back, Ed’s dick still deep in her asshole, he removed the hair sticking on her face, she looked divine, he felt blessed, she saw it in his eyes, no matter where she goes, whom she meets, she will not find this adoration in any other eyes. Her Nick had come back in the form of her son.

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She started to speak her voice hoarse and husky “. . . . . . . . . . because you had you exams!! “