Shacked Up x3


I can’t believe I’ve been on my own for so long. What has it been a whole year already? I wish I could go back to school or even find a job, but who wants to hire a untalented high school dropout. I only did it last year, I just couldn’t go to school with the sickness of my only parent, my mother. With my father gone and who knows were, I was alone with my mother now dead. I’m only 17, with long brown hair and an average face, nothing to grab attention. It’s been a year, a whole bloody year and I’m still living in the streets and getting food out of garbage.
But today is a new day, imp going to the suburbs to see if there’s anything good over there. The back allies’ should keep me out of sight. I don’t want another incidence with the local police responding to a street rat call. The ally was quite, only the occasional cat scramble. I hit a few cans but nothing good. Towards the end I found a dumpster and reached it, maybe just maybe is that a…
“Well isn’t that a sight for poor eyes”, a voice spoke out behind me, I froze.
“A pretty girl like you dumpster diving?”, it was a mans voice,” what looking for bottle caps or something. ” I slowly came out. The man stood by a small gate with a pipe in his hands, lit.
“No”, was all I could say, I looked around for an exit.

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“No, then what”, he paused looking at my cloths then back up,” food?”
I stopped and looked down, I could make a right to the street but….
“Well then come in”, I looked up the man lowered his eye brow and if he had a thought earlier. I looked at him confused.
“Don’t just stand there come in and have something to eat”, his voice suddenly became soothing. I was relentless at first but by empty tummy pushed me to the gate. I went it.
Once inside the man put a bowl of cereal in front of me, nothing fancy. He sat at the table across from me and seemed to look off into the distance. I took this chance to glance at him from my eating. He had black hair to the back of his neck and un-styled. It was naturally straight with a slight tuck in and out at the ends, his bangs out of his face. he wore a ten plain bath robe over sweats and a T. it being so late in the day I guess he worked at home, or had a day off. I finished and laid the spoon in the bowl, I felt nice to have something in my stomach if even just this little. The spoon clinking in the bowl seemed to ketch his attention and he looked this way.


“When is the last time you took a …. hot…. shower”, he stretched the word hot and it made be relax.
“I can’t remember”, actually I could, it was a few weeks ago in someone’s yard with a hoes, cold and embarrassing as hell. Good thing they weren’t home.
“Well then I’ll fix that”, he got up and stretched out his hand, helping me out of my chair. He showed me the bath room and gave me a few towels.
“Enjoy”, he smiled and closed the door behind him.
I looked at the clear glass of the shower and almost melted to the floor. I got in and turned the water on. It was almost like my troubles washed away, and it wasn’t until I got out that memorizes of everything came back. I grabbed for a towels and saw folded cloths on them, when did that happen? I dried off and put the cloths on, then left.
“Wow, you’re even prettier then in the dumpster”, he slimed from around the kitten corner. He took my old cloths, I guess when he gave me the others. He also hadn’t given me a bra, I guess he did have one looking single and all, but it still felt like I was exposed to everything with my C cups.

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“How about some more food?” he led me back to the table where a plat of ham and eggs rest next to a glass ofOJ. It was breakfast in the middle of the day but I didn’t care. I ate happily, cereal was ok but a hot meal was far better. This time he didn’t stair into space, but right at me, his head resting on his hands.
Just before I finished he reached out his hand,” Crage. ”
I reached back”, Bella. ” We shook.
“You know you could stay here”, He got up and cleared the table of my dishes.
“No I could impose like that”, I hesitated at my words, almost wanting to stay.
“No it wouldn’t be a bother”, he came back to the table,” but of course you’d have to pay me back. ” The then leaped at me, grabbing my wrists and pulling me up, onto the table. My heart began to race and I went into a panic, he waited for me to calm once I realized he had me good.
“Now think about it, I’m giving you a choice”, his voice was sweet like a lovers,” a life of street living or more hot food and showers, a bed, a room, and all you have to do is a few……chores. ” He stated chores like a snake almost hissing. The sad part was I actually began to think about it, no I cant it’s not right.

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“No”, the words came effortless. He got up disappointed but with a raised eye brow he smiled.
“Fine, suit yourself, I wont force it upon you”, there was a bit of silences between us before I finally broke it.
“Well then, thank you and good bye”, I rushed to the door but no one followed, I was gone.

Later that night the wind picked up so I ducked into the alley and huddled close, I left most of my stuff at that house, stupid! It soon began to rain, and rain hard. I sniffed and huddled tighter, drenched. The image of a hot shower filled my head and I bit myself. No you know what he was asking, its not worth it. Images of the hot food and beds, warm and safe. A tear ran down my already wet face. Damn it!
I got up and walked to the alley of the house. When I got close, I saw Crage already standing there with an umbrella and a smile. He opened the gate and I walked in. he placed a towel on my head and as I dried my head I felt myself still walking guided by Crage. When I took the towel off and began drying the rest of my body I saw where he led me.

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   I froze as I stood in a bed room, his. He stopped with me and looked down as I looked up. He ran his figures through my still wet hair.
“Don’t worry, you’ll be dry in no time”, he pushed me forward. I still moved slowly and once I reached the bed, I stopped and felt the sheets as if to stall. A grunt noise sounded behind me and I was lifted into the air. I fell onto the bed Crage on top, looming. He smiled an almost evil smile, I laid still. His shirt was already off, only his sweats left, a bulge in the front.
“Take off your shirt”, he growled softly. I moved to the buttons with shaky hands, taking off one, then two, three, too slow. Crage brushed my hands aside and undid the rest in a flash.
My cold body steamed from the heat of the room, my breast exposed just like before. He leaned his head down and rubbed his face against my cold chest. He reached behind his body and stretched my legs out flat before sitting on my hips and reaching out his warm hands.

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   He played with my nipples. They grew with the heat and kneading. He didn’t pinch and I almost enjoyed it.
I had closed my eyes and before I knew it my pants were off and his figure press against my moist panties he had also given me. My back grew ridged. He seemed to know and also rubbed my sides. He sat me up on my knees and pulled out his cock. I knew what he wanted but I wanted him to do something first, so not to seem like a wore, even if I kind of was now. He lifted it to my face and I opened my mouth. I placed one hand on his balls and rubbed then like he did with my breasts. As I did that I also sucked on his dick. Crage made moaning sounds, soft but in the silence they were known. I moved my hand forward and rubbed his shaft as well as continued to suck. I didn’t like this part as much, the taste was off on my tongue. I felt a bulge and then he cumed in my mouth.

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   He didn’t pull out, just looked down and smiled again. I again knew what he wanted and swallowed nasty.
He pulled the rest of his pants off and pulled me down as well, removing my panties. I lied under him again, as he pressed two figures into my pussy. I was wet, my body loving every minute of this attention. He move slowly as my tight lips grabbed onto him as if he was life support. Once he finished he leaned down and gave me a soft kiss on the forehead before forcing his dick into my pussy. He rocked slowly in my tight walls, each time going in deeper. I grabbed the sheets and balled my hands into fists. When he reached the back of my hymen he stopped and looked at me eye brow raised in surprise. I felt embarrassed, was it that strange for me to still be a virgin. He grabbed my hand patting it and smiled. I felt calmed but it was for only a second.
In the next, Crage rammed his cock straight in, ripping my hymen wide open. I let out a small scream as blood trickled out.

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   Crage then became a new person, no longer taking it slow but ramming as fast and as deep as he could go. I moaned in pain, while he snickered. I grabbed the sheets again, a tear running down my cheek. Crage’s breaths shortened and his cock began to bulge once more but before he cumed inside and stopped. Still breathing head he fell to my side. I hurt all over, he leaned over me, gave me a kiss and I then passed out.
In the morning I awoke to the smell of good food. I just through on a shirt and went into the kitchen where Crage had lied out a feast. I couldn’t sit, not yet. My pussy ached from last night. Crage looked back and me standing by the door way.
“Good morning”, he smiled his evil smile,” good job last night my like virgin. ” He got a kick out of that and laughed a bit.
“Was it that hard to believe”, I struggled out the words through unparched lips.
“Well with the way you gave my blow job I would think not”, Crage place more food on the table.

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   A girls got to get money some how, even if it is $30 blowjobs.
“Oh ya”, Crage reached to the counter and through a package on the table,” I’ll need you to take these everyday. ” Pregnancy pills, so he did plan on giving me “chores”.
“What’s that smell”, a door slammed and a new man entered the kitchen, sitting in the seat in front of me,” looks good. ” He had pure white hair and was younger then Crage by a few years.
“That’s not for you”, Crage pestered.
“Then who?”, the man stuffed his face, Crage just pointed a spatula at me, and he turned.
“Who’s this bitch?” I flushed red being seen in only a long T.
“Out new house toy”, Crage looked back and smiled, the white hair man smiled as well.

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