Lost & Found Part 2


Dreaming about seeing her in the bathtub, or sprawled out naked on the bed. About licking on her bald, pink pussy, or chewing on her sweet little ass. The vision of her and how comfortable she was being naked around me wouldn’t leave my head. I didn’t want to walk around like this all day, so I started to stroke my cock. I pictured her sitting on my face. Me licking up her twat and her grinding her clit on my nose. Looking up, I can see the pleasure on her face – my line of sight unimpeded by any breasts. After only stroking for a minute or two I started to shoot my cum. I don’t remember the last time I came so hard. I shot my load so hard and far that it was splattered on my cheek and was dripping off of my chin. My chest and stomach were soaked, as was my cock and hand. I laid there for a minute in my bliss collecting my thoughts. “That was so wrong. ” I said to no one but myself. “She’s a child. ” I muttered as I wiped my cum off with a handful of tissues.

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   I slowly rolled out of bed and headed for the shower to clean off the mess. I finished showering, got dressed and headed to the kitchen to make breakfast. I was halfway finished flipping the pancakes when I noticed Brandy come into the room. “Good morning sleepy-head. ” I said with a smile. “Did you have a good nap?” If you can call 16 hours of sleep a “nap. ”“Yes. ” she replied with a quizzical look. “Have you been up the whole time?” she asked. “No, I just got up a bit ago. ” I responded. “How did you get to sleep?” she asked with a cocked head. Why was she asking me that? “Like I always do. Got into bed and went to sleep. ” I replied.

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  She just stood there for a moment pondering something. “You were able to go to sleep by yourself?” she asked incredulously. “Yes, I do so every night. ” Where was she going with this question? “I hope you’re hungry. I fixed pancakes and bacon. ” I told her. With that she climbed up onto the corner stool at the breakfast counter. I set the plates on the counter and sat on the stool at the end of the counter right next to her. That’s when I was reminded of it – she wasn’t wearing panties. She was sitting with each foot on a side rung of the stool. Her legs weren’t spread all that much, but by sitting like that the t-shirt she was wearing had ridden up and her pussy was now exposed. My dick started to get hard again. She just sat there cramming pancake after pancake into her mouth. I was trying to eat while looking between her legs, hoping that I wouldn’t stab myself with my fork since I was so distracted. I decided that I needed to get up for a second to collect myself, so I got up to let Buddy the dog out.

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   That didn’t help, because as I walked back from letting Buddy out, I could see that the t-shirt wasn’t covering her backside either. And she was leaning forward enough that I could see her asshole. At this age, it was still pink. God how I’d love to stick my tongue in it. “Damn it! Stop thinking like that. ” I screamed at myself in my head. I sat back down at the breakfast counter, and tried to keep my eyes from between her legs. It wasn’t easy. I told her that we were going to the city today because I had a meeting and I needed to do some shopping. She finished up her breakfast, got up and put her dishes in the dishwasher without having to be told. I was finally breathing easier now that she wasn’t exposed, until she bent over to pet my cat Boxes and her ass and pussy were now staring me in the eyes. My dick started to come to life and I had to push it aside so it wouldn’t show. I’d found some of my late wife’s clothes in a box in the attic last night and told Brandy she could wear them. I left them on the table for her to take into her bedroom and get dressed, but she simply whipped off her shirt and was standing naked in front of me again. It was getting harder and harder not to look.

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  She slipped on a t-shirt that was a bit too big for her and as she leaned forward I could see all the way down. She didn’t have any breasts, but I could see both of her puffy nipples. She tried to put the panties on, but didn’t know which way the front was, and put them on backwards. I snickered and told her what she had done, and she just took them off, turned them around and put them on correctly. But, they still didn’t fit. I’d only found a few items from my wife, and these were in a travel bag she’d kept for emergencies. The only pair of panties I’d found were string bikinis, and these were tied too loose for Brandy’s size because they kept sliding off exposing her pussy to me. I sat down in a chair in front of her and had her step over so I could retie them. Now her pussy was staring me in the face. I fumbled with the knot on the string for a moment or two. I would have gone so much easier had I had her take them off, but I wasn’t thinking straight. I got them untied, and retied them as tightly as I could, but they were still baggy on her. She grabbed the shorts that I had out and luckily those had enough elastic to fit her, but were so loose that if she jumped up, they’d fall down. She put those on, and an old pair of sandals, and was ready to go. I, along with my hard-on, cleaned up the kitchen, grabbed the car keys, and headed out the door.

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  The big city is a little more than an hour away from my farm, which is fine with me. There are a few small towns close by, but I don’t want to be that close to all of that noise. We chatted along the way, I found out about her parents and what she liked to do when they were still alive. She’d had a good childhood up to that part, and was remarkably well adjusted for what she’d gone through since. We pulled into the parking lot at my friend George’s law office just before nine. I led Brandy into the office and was greeted by George and his secretary. “Oh my, who is this little one?” gushed the secretary. “This is my cousin’s daughter, Brandy. ” I told her. “She’s going to be staying with me for a bit. Can you watch her while George and I chat. ” “I’d be delighted. She reminds me of my granddaughter. ” was the response. “Come with me, Brandy.

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   Lets see if I can find a cookie or two for you in the lunch room. ” With that she took Brandy’s hand and led her to the back. I turned and walked into George’s office, and he closed the door behind me and said with a laugh, “Cousin’s daughter my ass! And I thought I was the one with the deviant sexual tastes. ”“It’s not like that. ” I insisted. “At least not completely. ” I thought to myself. “This girl needs help. I won’t say it’ll be easy. But she really needs it. And you owe me. ”“Yeah, I do owe you. I owe you my life, my friend. ” He said solemnly. My mind started to drift back.

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   I’d met George in college. He was a few years older than me, and should have been through with law school already, but he was a fuck-up. Always getting drunk, smoking pot or worse. He’d fuck anything with a hole, girl or guy. He was a good guy when he was clean, but that wasn’t often enough. The other problem was that his father was always bailing him out rather than making him take responsibility for his own fuck-ups. His dad was a lawmaker at the state capital, and saved George’s ass more times than I can count. This was about the third college he’d been in, and was on the verge of flunking out. Finally, his father had told him that this was his last chance. Either he straightened himself out, or he was on his own. It finally sank into George’s head that he had to un-fuck himself, and in a hurry. The problem was that he was in pretty deep. He owed money to gamblers/loan sharks and drug dealers. There were threats made to him, and rumors that he was on videotape doing some bad things, and this video was going to be shown to his father if he didn’t come up with the money. He was drunk and crying when he showed up at my door.

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  I never had such vices as he did, but I knew the part of town where they could be found. George filled in the details of exactly where, and exactly who he was dealing with. It took a couple of days to set up, but I devised a plan. I invited George over so he’d be out of the way. I made sure I had lots of booze and under the guise of just shooting the shit and watching a game, I let him drink himself into a stupor. He was passed out on the couch when I left him. I had met with the loan sharks who he was in debt to. I made a deal with them. I told them that he owed me a couple of grand, and I’d tell them where George was hiding if they’d cut me in on what they got out of him. I only wanted the money I was owed; they could have the rest and there would be a lot of it. I led them to the drug den was that George fucked around at and told them George was inside. What they didn’t know was that I’d met with the drug dealers before and told them basically the same thing, and that I’d be bringing George to them. He was going to pay for all of his drugs, and buy the videotape. I knew I was taking a risk, but the lust for money and drugs was something I was banking on. I knocked on the door, and as soon as it was opened I was pushed to the side as the loan sharks barged their way in with guns blazing.

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   The druggies were ready for them. I covered my head and tried to make myself as small as possible as the bullets whizzed by. It was over in a matter of seconds. As I crawled and peeked around the doorway, I saw blood everywhere. The loan sharks had been ambushed and were dead. A few of the druggies were still living, but I figured that as wasted as they were that they wouldn’t last long enough for the ambulances to get there. I looked around quickly and touched nothing except for the two videotapes sitting on the TV. Both were labeled “Georgie Boy’s Fun. ” I picked them up, put them in my coat, checked the VCR to make sure there were no more copies, and got the hell out of there. I’d hidden a bag of clothes behind a dumpster a couple of blocks away just in case I was spotted leaving the scene. I hurried to the dumpster, changed clothes, and headed back to my apartment. I could hear sirens approaching. Back at home; George was still passed out drunk. I took off all of my clothes and shoes and threw them in the wash with the clothes that I’d worn to the drug house along with a gallon of bleach. If I had any blood on them, this would make it impossible to trace.

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   I then showered and put on some clothes. I then went out to the living room and popped one of the tapes in. It started off with the druggies and all sitting around smoking, snorting and shooting up. Then from the top of the stairs came George dressed up in drag like a hooker. He proceeded to get undressed and performed oral sex on several of the guys there. They shot their wads all over his face, and then one of them pulled him over and sat him on his cock. With a cock up his ass, and cum all over his face, the druggies asked George his name; his father’s name; where he lived; what his father did. After the guy came up George’s ass, he made George lick his cock clean. Oh yeah, I can see why George wouldn’t want this tape out. Not only would it ruin him, but his father and his father’s dream of Congress. The rest of the video was of George getting his ass plowed, sucking cock and finished off with 5 guys jacking off onto George’s face. George woke up right as they last guy on the video was cumming on George’s face. “Is that the video?” he asked feebly. “Yes. ” I replied firmly.


   “Are you ready to un-fuck yourself now?”“How’d you get it?” he squeaked. “Never mind that. Are you ready to grow up, or do I send this to your daddy?” I threatened. “Yes. ” He said as he passed out. The next day I took him to the hospital and got him enrolled in every drug/alcohol program I could. It wasn’t easy. He had a week’s worth of withdrawals, and another week of trying to get out. I showed up just before he was going to leave and popped the tape in the VCR. About 30 seconds was all it took to remind him why he was there. He spent two months in rehab, and came out a man. He’s went back and took some of his college classes again so he could do law school right, graduated with honors, and hasn’t had as much as a glass of wine since then. For his graduation, I gave him a videotape. He didn’t even view it. He put it into a metal bucket, added some lighter fluid, and burned it.

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  Yeah, you could say he owes me his life. **end part 2**.
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