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Back when we were first dating my wife worked very hard at keeping in shape she would hit the gym no less than four times a week and for a woman 41 years old she had a really sexy body 5'2" 130 lbs. , A nice flat tummy, long wild blonde hairround shapely ass and a killer pair of 38DD tits I like to call her Melons but she refers to them as the girls. Well, she had an exercise goal, she was working really hard on and we she finally reached it I decided to celebrate it by taking her on a shopping spree. So, we both took a few well deserved days off and hit the malls and higher-end shops and picked up some really nice clothes, lingerie and three new bikinis She had one or two, but mainly was a one-piece suit gal which I didn't have a problem with because she rocked them extremely well. So, when she was eying the bikini's I didn't say much, but she must have seen the look on my face, and she said hey, I busted my ass for this body, and I feel like showing it off a bit.

I kissed her and said I'm totally good with that so the fun thing for me was she would model everything for me asking me how she looked and turned around showing me full view along with everyone else in the store which I know was intentional because she didn't stay back near the dressing rooms but would intentionally walk out to pick up something else to try on giving a nice show. Later that night we had some really hot wild animal sex which as usual was always over the top. Afterward, we talked about her modeling and how much it turned me on I also had to tell her what a cock tease she was and how every guy in the place including me got a hard on seeing her strut her stuff. She admitted that it was fun, and she had never done anything like that in her entire life but had always wished she could. She asked if I was really ok with guys gawking at her barely dressed, leaving very little to the imagination, I, of course, I’m more than ok with it and that it actually turned me on knowing guys were lusting after her but I was the one would be fucking her hot body.

The next day we had planned on heading to the shore that what we call the beach here in New Jersey, in typical female fashion I was ready and waiting and she was still in the bathroom doing her "female maintenance" her hair her nails etc. You know you can't go to the beach looking like some frumpy old housewife, so she finally came out the back door wearing a white terrycloth coverup that was barely long enough to cover her ass. She hopped in my truck and we headed out, she said she was bored going to the same old place, let’s go up to Sandy Hook. I said sure, why not, hey, maybe we can go to Gunnison Beach laughing (Gunnison is our local nude beach) to which I have never been to and she just replied yeah sure in her typical I'm humoring your dear voice. So, we finally got there and pulled into the parking and there was the sign staring us both in the face "Gunnison Beach" when she said what the fuck lets go have a look, we don't need to be naked there right. I said I didn't know because, like most of the people I knew had heard about it but had never been there.

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So off we went, and we come upon another sign that read "Beyond this point, you may encounter nude sunbathers" we looked at each other and she said well, no turning back now and we both laughed and made it out to the beach. Surprisingly, there weren't a lot of people, nowhere near as many as we imagined there would be, maybe because it was early in the season and early in the morning as well who knew but we just found a spot and set up for the day. We looked around and saw more than a few nude beach patrons most of them middle-aged folks like us, you know your average couple no supermodels to be seen. So, we spread out our blanket and stuff and Lorie proceeds to take off her cover up to reveal this electric blue foil bikini and my jaw dropped and the look on my face said wow before the words came out of my mouth. She laughed and said you like it, I wanted to surprise you I tried this one on in the dressing room but didn't show you. I said like it damn, I love it. It was a full back bottom bikini which she likes much better than a thong because she feels it frames her ass better which it did and the top was an underwire demi-cup style because as she says the girls need their support but there was a lot more boob than bikini and there was no problem making out her nicely erect nipples through the material. She smiled and lay down on the towel I caught two young couples off to my left who made no bones about getting an eyeful and when the one guy saw me, he just smiled with a smile of approval so as not to tip off his lady. , Like that was a problem with a beach where people got naked definitely the odd man out that’s for sure.

She sat up and pulled the lotion out of her bag and had me rub it all over her back and shoulders, then she took it from my hand and squirted the bottle directly onto her tits and rubbed them gently making sure all exposed skin was covered. She continued the same thing with her belly, legs and thighs before she lay back, I could see her 38DD's glistening in the sunshine and they looked glorious almost glowing. We made small talk and of course commented on just about every nude person we saw every one of which smiled and said hello as they walked by. She commented to me how everyone seems very friendly and nice, the two couples asked us if we wanted to play volleyball with them and we politely declined their offer and she said all we want to do today is relax they all said that’s cool and went on their way to get a game going.

So before long she rolled over on her tummy and asked me to put lotion on her back and her legs which of course I had no problem doing. So, I lay face down as well and I noticed that she undid the top of her bikini and the back strap which she explained to me, so she wouldn't get tan lines.

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   We both lay there for quite a while and she tapped me on the arm and said time to flip and without hesitation, she rolled over leaving her top behind and now her gorgeous 38DD melons were on public display for everyone to see. She leaned back on her elbows as to show them off and even though the forces of gravity were at work, they still looked damned good for a woman twice the age of most every other woman there. Her tits sported and all over tan because she would stop by my house every day on her lunch hour and tan in my well secluded yard she would even go as far as untying the side strings of her bikini and flipping down the front so she could as much of an all over tan as possible needless to say she fit right in perfectly. She smiled at me and said well it was your idea and laughed and said hand me the lotion, please. She then lathered up her melons and even lifted them up and made sure the undersides were covered. She kept her lathering motion, lifting them from the underside with her hands coming across the tops of her breast over her nice pink hard nipples stopping at her neck.
(Now a little background is in order, this is exactly how she likes her tits played with during foreplay, which gets her nice and wet I've seen her rub them like this while on her knees giving me a blowjob so there was no question this was sexually stimulating her)
I just looked over my sunglasses and smiled at her, she smiled at me and said well it feels good what can I say, again my only response was a smile Lori said this is fun. I said yup, it sure is, she looked over at me and down at my bulge and said I'm not the only one, now am I? She leaned into me and started kissing me and said I love you so much and without you, I never would have possessed the courage to do this, I just replied I love you too, and we kissed a little more and she extended her hand across my growing member through my suit. She looked around and the only couple close enough to get any sort of look was way behind me and far enough for her to feel extra randy. She reached into the bottom of my suit and grabbed my cock and started stroking me. Lori told me she had found new sexual freedom when she met me and found herself wanting to try more and do things that she never thought she would do in a million years like go topless on the beach and give her boyfriend a hand job. I so much wanted her to suck my cock and she whispered in due time she actually raised up and looked around 360 and saw that couple walking away in the opposite direction so she quickly leans in pulled my suit down and engulfed my cock in her mouth mainly sucking the head and pumping the shaft. She abruptly stopped and continued stroking me and smiled and said I'm not that brave yet and whispered cum for me baby shoot me a big thick load like you’re going to give me in my pussy tonight. She knew exactly what she was doing, she knew talking dirty was a real turn on for me and within another minute or two I started to clench up and she could tell I was about to blow my load so she grabbed the small hand towel she had for whipping her hands free of lotion and caught my entire load in her hand. She lapped every ounce of cum from the cloth as she told me when we first had sex that she was addicted to cum.

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   I was relieved but must have looked exhausted because she smiled and said are you alright, I smiled and said I'm good.

She said I need you to do me a favor I said sure babe anything, she replied please remove my bottom for me sweetie I want an allover tan baby. I said sure and I later found it this was all part of her ritual earlier that morning. As I pulled down the foil bikini bottom it was like unwrapping the greatest Christmas gift as I started to pull them down, she arched her back lifting her ass up off the blanket, so I could slip her bikini bottom pass her beautiful ass cheeks and as I cleared her crotch, I saw with amazement that she was completely bald. Her pussy was shaven clean down to the very last pubic hair. She looked amazing, I had been asking her to shave for months, but no dice, so this was extremely exciting. I smiled and said you are full of surprises today now, aren't you, she said oh yes, I am please hand me the lotion, we definitely don't need any sunburn down here now do we. I said no we don’t. She motioned for me to come closer with her finger and I leaned in and she said guess who else is getting shaved clean tonight and gave me a little kiss and said now take your suit off or are you chicken. I stood up and dropped my suit and tossed in on to the pile on the blanket. She smiled up at me and said you look like you belong here, are you sure you haven't been coming here and not telling me checking out all these hot women. She was remarking as almost all of me was tan except for where my shorts were as I spent most of the day working in the summer without a shirt.

After a few minutes, she said let’s go in the ocean to cool off, as we headed off to the water’s edge, I saw her 38DD's swinging and bouncing freely, unencumbered by the confines of her clothing as well as her nice round ass cheeks bouncing with her steps. This had to be one of the greatest sights I had seen in my life and absolutely the sexiest I had ever seen by my wife. A total 100% mind-blowing turn on.

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   We played around in the water and she held on to me every time the waist-deep waves broke for fear of falling. I said with those babies you'll never drown, she laughed and called me a pig, but she didn’t seem to mind very much when I slipped my finger in her pussy and darted it in and out finger fucking herSo, we were having so much fun laughing and playing around like a couple of kids it was great. She said let’s take a walk up the beach, I said great idea, so we walked hand in hand and headed up the beach saying our hello’s to all the other nude beachgoers like we were old friends. She leaned her head on my shoulder and said this is the most fun I've had in a long time we should have done this sooner. I said yeah, I guess we should have. We were walking a little more and we spotted this long-legged blonde with a dark golden all over tan coming towards us. My wife was like holy fuck look at her and those legs. For a second, I felt she might be a little intimidated by her as prior to seeing her, she was without question the hottest woman there. She came right up to us and said hey guys, how’s it going, are you guys new here I haven't seen you before. We both said no our first time, she said cool, my name is Cortney as she extended her hand in friendship, we both shook hands and introduced ourselves. She said so this is your first time at Gunnison where else have you been to. My wife responded nowhere this is actually, and before she could get the words out Courtney said no way your first time at a nude beach wow that is so cool.
With a body like that honey, I would have thought you would be here all the time, my wife almost sort of blushed and said well standing next to you I don't know. Courtney said hell, honey you are in fantastic shape look at you girl you should be very proud of her as she looked at me. I said yes, I am and not too bad for a mom of two.

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   She said NO WAY! With a nice flat tummy like that and she playfully patted her midsection. She was a 100% genuinely nice person and she asked all about us and we told her, and she heard our stories as well and my wife invited her back to our blanket for a drink, which she gladly accepted and said I'd love to have a drink with my new friends.

We made our way back to our stuff and she said oh heck let me grab my stuff which just happened to be a few yards from us. She grabbed her stuff and came running back to us and her tits which were a very nice 36C adorned with gold nipple rings which instantly got my wife attention and she was drawn to them like a moth to a flame. As she sauntered over to us her breasts were bouncing up and down and had us both a little mesmerized.
She sat down next to my wife and my wife almost as soon as she was seated while handing her a wine cooler Lori commented on her nipple rings saying oh they are beautiful Courtney and the two had a conversation that I never thought Lori would have had in a million years uninvited my wife reached out and asked may I, Courtney responded of course and the next thing I know is my wife has her hands on her breast examining her pierced nipples. If I said I wasn’t starting to get an erection I’d be lying. Courtney took her hand and said go ahead and motioned for her to touch the rings which my wife willingly did she then told my wife that they made her nipples extra sensitive and the feeling very sensuous. Lori asked the one question most women would ask, did it hurt she told her no more than having your ears pierced. My wife just raised her eyebrows as if to say really, well I don’t know if I, and without her finishing the sentence, Courtney reached for one of her nipples, rolling it between her fingers remarked you have beautiful nipples that would look great pieced. Really was Lori’s reply you think so, yes, she said, and they looked at me and Courtney asked what do you think, I was dumbfounded for a second as I was still somewhat mildly stunned by the sight of them touching each other nipple, I just said if you really want to try it why not.

We sat around drinking and talking, she told us this is what she does, she is here almost every day has her own real-estate business and a couple of other ventures. She said I'm doing alright for a divorced middle-aged white chick and we all chuckled. My wife suggests we go up to a local bar on the beach for some more cocktails. She agreed and reached into her bag and pulled out a pullover dress and slipped it on.

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My wife just grabbed her cover-up and put it on, Courtney said ah honey, that’s not going to leave much to the imagination and on this beach, the people are cool with nudity but out there the world is full of assholes. My wife said I guess your right and pulled her bikini out of the bag and slipped it on as I gather up our stuff and slipped my suit back on and stuffed the cum soaked cloth back in the bag, Courtney was helping my wife with the clasps on her bikini and tugged at the waistline and smooth out the material on her ass. Now I wasn't sure if this was some sort of lesbian advance or just a girl thing, but my wife thanked her and slipped on her cover-up. When we got to the truck, she pulled a pair of jean shorts out of her bag anda tank top opted to keep her bikini top on and tossed the top into her bag and slipped them on while we drove to the bar. We got there and had a few more drinks and something to eat with our new friend. When she excused herself to the ladies’ room my wife said I really like her she very nice. Yes, I replied, she seems genuine and that fixing the material on your bottom and giving you that little pat? She said oh you’re such a guy you think every time two women touch, it’s a lesbian porn movie I and she named two other girlfriends who do the same thing. I instantly ran a porn scene in my head. . . . Lol When it was time to go they exchanged numbers and gave each other a hug, we all walked outside and Courtney said to my wife let’s give him a real goodbye and the two of them kissed and it wasn't on the cheeks, it lasted for a couple of minutes I could tell by the muscles moving in both their necks that their tongues were hard at work almost as hard as my cock
The two of them laughed and we parted ways with Courtney saying I hope I'm going to see you guys here next week without skipping a beat my wife said you can count on it.
On our way out of the parking lot my wife said well that another first, the first time I've been French kissed by a woman, I laughed and asked so how was it, she said not bad, not bad at all, now take me home and fuck my brains out because I am so fucking horny right now I don't know if I will make it home.
We saw Courtney again and she and my wife became the greatest of friends, even to this day she was a bridesmaid at our wedding and joked with us and said you guys ought to get married at the nude beach, that would be so cool. We both laughed and said well we have no desire to see any of our relative’s nude or they see us, but maybe a private ceremony we’ll let you marry us and we all laughed.

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   We regularly visited our nude beach many more times and my wife and Courtney met there a few times without me, or I met them there. All in all, it was a great day and my wife said the whole experience was very, liberating exciting at first, but a total confidence booster and did a lot for her self-esteem. She felt even though people may have seen admiring her body, they saw her as an equal as we were all the way we were born