Unexpected turn of events


what me and my child hood friend did that not even us thought would ever happen

(i am sorry if there are any syntax or grammatical mistakes english is not my native language)

This is a true story and it took place a few days back


 Iam 14yrs old and I have a childhood friend at the same age as me. Whenwe were kids we would compete on anything (because she was a tomboy). NowI don't compete with her since she is a girl and I am a boy and wecan't compete on many things,as for celverness and knowledge I amsmarter than her and she knows it

For some reason she stillcompetes with me on everything but now she is trying to be subtle sothat others won't notice. She is mainly competing on relationships,shelikes to rub on my face that she has more boyfriends than I havegirlfriend.

I never saw her as something more than a friend butrecently I noticed that she is a pretty gril. But even so I wasn'tinterested in her

A few days back she came to my house to hang out. We were outside in the balcony (
which is on the roof so nobody could see us)and we were eating pizza andtalking. She always tries to make me feel bad when we are talking byplaying with my words and re-using them against me. She specificaly likesto say that my penis is small and stuff like that. So as theconversation was going to sexual stuff she again found the chance totell me that my penis is small,she was wearing very revealing clothes soI had a boner at that time,I got angry and told her how does she knowmy penis size?what if it is big?,she said ''Yes,but how do I know it'sbig and not small?''with a grin on her face thinking I couldn't answerthat. But then ,being angry and all,I showed her my boner telling herThat's how you know it. She was left speechless and stunned since she hsnever seen a penis before,there was a short pause ad then Icontinued''You on the other hand have small boobs and I can seethat''. SInce she is treating me like her rival ,being proven wrong in aconversation  by me was like losing to me so her ego made her act like Idid. She took off her bra showing me her small but nice boobs saying''they might be small but boys like them''. Due to the tension of themoment my boner was no more but my penis was still outside my pants. Oncei saw her boobs my cock became as hard as a rock .

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  Now I was stunned andspeechless and she just smiled and said ''See ?You like them too andshe put her bra back on and I put my boner inside again. Then I told her''Of course I like them you have proven me wrong but so have I''. Shesaid yeah I supose your penis is not small after all''

A 5 secondpause followed which seemed like aged because the moment was veryawkward but I saved it by starting to laugh and saying''wow this waspretty intense''. We started talking again and after some time it waslike nothing had ever happened until it got chilly outside and we wentin my room. ThereI sat on my chair and she sat on my lap so that we coulboth do stuff on the computer.

We would oftenllysit like that so itwasn't like she was hitting on me or something. But then at some point Irealized her ass and pussy were on my dick while her legs were touchingmine. She was wearing very short denim shorts  and a very looseshirt(from those who have a very big hole for the head and sit on one ofthe shoulders)so i could see her boob from the side. Even though she waswearing a bra the picture of her flashing her boobs came back to mymind givig me a hard rock boner. Since she was wearing denim shorts shedidn't notice it at first. BUt a minute later she got up to go to thetoiletso I found the chance to rearrange my dick since she was sittingon me and it was in an uncomfortable position. When she came back she saton it again giving me an even harder boner since after therearrangement my dick was touching her pussy. She noticed it but andasked ''W-What is that?''but I said it was my belt buckle so she gotback to the pc stuff. I was able to make my boner go away but then my catjumped on the desk spilling an uncapped bottle of coke all over ourlaps. we both got up yealling at the cat but the damage was done or wasit really damage?

I started taking off my shorts and she asked''W-What are you doing?''I said''I have nothing else to wear so I'mgonna go put it in the washer.

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  Give me your shorts as well''>Sheshouted ''Hell no!''and I said ''Relax we've already seen enough of eachother. You can't be bothered if I see you in your underwear'',she said''I guess you are right. It's bassically like seing me in a bathingsuit''. SInce both our shorts and shirts had gotten wet from the coke wewere left with nothing but our underwear. She was kinda embarrassed but Itold her ''You weren't so embarrassed before''She blushed andsaid''Look what we both did before was stupid please don't tell anybodyand don't bring it up''I said ''OK whatever''. So there we were again onthe chair with her on my lap but this time our contact was more directand her pussy was sovered by a thin layer of fabric sitting on top of mycock which was also covered by only my underwear. I could feel the shapeof her pussy perfectlly as I was touching it with my hard rockbone. Suddenly I felt my cock was wet and before saying anything Inoticed she was not doing anything on the computer. She was just sittingand her heart was beating. I realized her pussy had gotten wet by myboner and I myself was almost ready to cum. I tried to move her off butwhen I did she let off a feint moan which turned me on so I decided oact. I broke the silence by saying ''What are you doing all thattime?'',she ,embarrassed, answered ''O-Oh n-nothing I just got carriedaway'I replied ''By what?''Then I leaned right and moved my head forwardin oreder to see the monitor. With every movement I made she would crawlher fingers and toes which made me even hornier. She said ''O-Oh it'snothing here I was daydreaming''I could not hold back anymore,I thought Icould get out of this but at that moment I no longer wanted to. So Isaid ''Oh I see .

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  Were you dreaming of this?''In an instant I move mycock slightly to the right and my hand slides down her panties. She letout a moan and we both leaned back and I started fingering her. I couldfeel her pussy throbing and getting wetter and wetter. I slowly took herpanties off with my free hand as well as her bra. She was moving up anddown from the pleasure which made my cock even harder. I could no longerkeep it under her so i took off my underwear and passed my cock underher. We were still on the chair both naked with her sitting on my lap in aposition where my dick was as if it was hers. The base of my cock washugged by her pussy lips which made me even hornier. The whole dick goingunder her happened really quick and she looked at it and sat there for afew seconds. Then She closed her thighs and started rubbing her pussy onit while stroking the rest. I was grabbing her boobs which were small (Acups) but they were round and nice and I really like them. Then justbefore we cum she stops and stands up,I was confused but then she turnedaround and I saw her from the fron t for the first time. Her body wasperfect. Before I could ask why she stood up she put her hands on myshoulders and climbed on top of me. I guessed she wanted me to fuck herbut when she sat down she put my dick on her assholle instead of herpussy.

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  then i rubbed her asshole a bit and slowly started putting itin. Once it was inshe let out a small moan and turned her head and lokedme in the eyes. It was our first eye contact since all that started. Therewas a short pause and then she put her hands around my neck and kissedme. Then she started going up down while kissing me and we did this for10 minutes or so. right before we cum she stops and gets of my cock. Then Ilift her up while she wrapped around me and laid her on the bed. Welooked in each other's eyes dor 5 seconds and then we smiled and startedkissing. After a while she stopped looked at me and smiled,so I knew itwas time to officially lose our virginities. i got on top of her andlooked her in the eyes as I rubbed my cock on her pussy . After 1 minuteshe smiled and noddedso I started kissing er and very slowly startedputting my cock inside her. Once it was in she let out a moan and bloodstarted coming out of her pussy. I asked her if that hurt and shesaid''Yes but it's OK just keep going''So I took her hand and startedkissing her while I slowly started moving bck and forth. I didn't wannahurt he so we never really reached a fast speed. We were slow but we bthliked it.

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  After a while we were both desperae to cum since we hadn't hadan orgasm yet ,we would stop right before we cum cause we  were savingour first (which feels the best)  orgasm for the climax of our''session''. Then she started moaning a lot and we both wrapped aroundeach other and started going faster when I said I'm gonna cum and shesaid ''It's alright do it inside me''And after a few seconds we bothcame with the best orgasm I've ever had and the biggest load I've evershot. It was also her best and first orgasm since she didn'tmasturbate. we bth smiled at each other ad she called her mom to tell herthat she was gonna sleep at my house. Since we are childhood friendsthis was something normal. I also called my father to inform him who cameback late so he didn't check on us. We slept naked,cuddling all night. Inthe morning she noticed my morning glory and started playing with it. Iwoke up and started kising her while she was stroking me then we stoppedand went to the bathroom(which is next to my room)to take a shower . Inthe shower she dropped on her knees and started blowing me. We couldn'thave sex since water makes the pussy like an old ballon but we still hadfun. She sucked my cock and I came on her face . Then I started lickingher pussy and when she came she squirted all over my face. we bothgiggled (due to the simmilarity of the situations)  and started kissingfor an hour. Then we took our clothes from the washer and went to my roomto get dressed but again i started playing with her boobs while she wasstroking me.

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   Then we finally got dressed and just layed down for acouple of minutes. After that we went downstairs and she called her momto ask her if she could return at night. The day passed with us doing allsorts if stuff untli she finally had to leave and at the door as shewas waiting for the elevator we looked each other in an awkwardsilence. Then I said''That was weird''and she said''Oh Yeah''. Then sheleft and got back to my room where we later on chatted with webcams

That'show I lost my virginity to a girl I could only see as a friend. Andtomorow I am going to her house to spent the night ; )



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