The Girl Next Door Pt. 2


Part 2 of ‘The Girl Next Door’

One week after our first encounter, my parents were away for the weekend, so I rang Gemma and asked her if she wanted to come round for a ‘fun weekend alone’. She said she would be round in a couple of hours, so I sat and waited. When she arrived, she looked stunning; she was wearing a revealing top, with no bra, and the shortest skirt imaginable. She dropped her bag at my feet, and asked me to carry it for her. I took her upstairs, and showed her my large double bed, where I envisaged us spending most of the weekend. We sat down, and passionately kissed, and while doing so we stood up and stripped each other until we were both naked. I laid her down on the side of the bed, and pushed my rock hard cock into her, pumping hard until she screamed with ecstasy. I leant forward, and kissed her, and just as I did I came inside her, not my biggest ever load, but damn it felt good!

I pulled out, and we both stood up, and looked at each other, smiling. “Why don’t we clean ourselves up and watch a film,” I said, knowing that a romantic film would lead to some good sex. She agreed, and we showered together. As we were drying ourselves, my cock started to harden, so she sucked me off while we were standing there, but before I came she stopped. “Don’t stop” I pleaded, but she smirked, and said “Make me cum first!”

She lay down, and I started licking her clit, and inserted to fingers into her gorgeous pussy. I started fingering her harder, and inserted another two fingers. Now I was fingering her with my four fingers while my thumb massaged her clit, and I kissed and sucked her breasts. Soon she came, so sucked me off and swallowed my entire load.

We went downstairs, and I put a film on.

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   One scene was where the two main characters were in a 69 position on the back seat of a car, and Gemma said she had always wanted to have sex in a car, so that evening I drove us out further into the countryside, and we stopped in a remote car park. Both of us had only put shirts on when we went out, and we quickly took these off and moved into the spacious back of my car. I lay down, and she took my cock in her mouth, while I sucked her off. Soon after we had cum in each other’s mouths, we saw headlights approaching, and stayed low, while trying to get dressed. The other car pulled up on the other side of the car park, and two young people like ourselves got out, looked around, and ran off into the trees naked.

They hadn’t seen our car, but from where we were parked we could see them having sex against a tree, but decided not to move, as they would have heard our car. Soon they were finished, and left the car park. Gemma said she had been fingering herself whilst watching them, and was now unbelievably horny again, so we fucked each other against the same tree the other couple had done earlier.

The next morning we were both tired after our night in the woods, as we had fucked about 10 times, so didn’t wake up until 3 m. We had some food (naked), and sat down to watch some TV. I saw that my local cricket county was playing a match, so put it on. I then said to Gemma “If my team win, I think you should let me have anal with you. ”, as she has never been too keen on the idea, but I have always wanted to try it.

After a brief moment she said “O. K, but if your team lose I get to fuck you with a strap-on.

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  ” Immediately I thought no, but said “OK, but only if you also suck me off ten times. ” I felt that this would be a way to repay the pain of being anally fucked, as I have never liked the idea. Anyway, I was pretty confident that my team would win, so we agreed the bet. We watched the match with her on my cock, as she felt empty without it there. Even though I was not trying, I still managed to cum inside her, and she smiled at me.

By the end of the match my team had won easily, so I took my gorgeous girl upstairs and laid her face down on the bed. I found my lube, and put some all over my cock and on her ass, and then slowly pushed my cock towards her back door. It slowly went in, and I could feel her ass trying to push my cock back out. She screamed in pain, but once I was all the way in her muscles started to relax, and the moaned as I pushed my cock in and out. I came very quickly, despite having cum so many times over the weekend, and pulled out of her. I lay down next to her, and we fell asleep in each other’s arms. About half an hour later she woke me, as she had realised my parents would be home soon, so we showered, had a quick fuck in the shower as well, and she left, but not before saying that we should have another bet soon.

Later that evening I thought about what she had said, and realised that she had left her bag in my room. Curious, I looked, and sure enough there was a strap on dildo, as well as a couple of others, some anal beads and a small vibrator. I texted her, and she admitted that she was going to try to find a way to have anal with me, as she had always wanted to fuck a guy in the ass.

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   This left me feeling shocked, and I waited in anticipation for our next sexual encounter.

Thanks for reading, in part 3 should I get fucked by her, or shall I introduce another character?