my amazing summer


this is the story of one of my most memorable summers.  

Summer finally came around and school finally let out. I was overjoyed until i realized how dreadful of a summer this was going to be. My parents worked all day and i didn't have a car, so i was stuck home all day almost everyday. Great. another masturbate-a-thon summer. well anyways the first week of summer came around and i decided to do usual workout. Being all sweaty, afterwards i took a shower and admired my body in the mirror when i came out. I had so-so pecs, and alright arms, but a great 6 pack.  I admired my penis, and though it measured to be about 6 and a half inches i was still comtempt with it. I decided to just stay naked and go masturbate in my room. I started stoking my dick till the head became engorged and it was rock hard. i kept stroking till i was close to orgasming. then i'd stop, and keep torturing my self until i couldn't take it and i started shooting my huge load.

about another week later i was working out and went out for a mid-day run. i was running pretty hard and had gone about 1/2 a mile.


   right then i came up to a house where i saw claire sitting in a chair in her front yard. Claire was a friend i knew from school. we weren't really good friends but we just knew eachother. "Hi steven!" she shouted. "oh hey claire!" I shouted back. "I didn't know you lived here. "

"Oh yea I've always lived here" she said with a laugh.

"can't believe i've never seen you" i said in response.

I walked up to her to talk to her better. she was the sweetest girl i ever new.  the way she talked and acted was so inoccently, but she looked absolutely hot.   she looked stunning with her cute yellow shirt and had small b cups.  she was 14 at the time and i was 15.

"well do you wanna come inside?" she asked.

"uhh sure" i said.

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   i started to feel a little flustered hoping she didnt think i was a dork or somthing.

"she led me inside and we sat on her couch to talk.

"ah i've been so bored here lately there's no one around" she said.

"i know what you mean. " i said. "it's the same thing at my house"

"yea" she was saying, "well i'm glad i found someone to talk to" she smirked.

"yeah me too" i said.

"so, how are things?' she  asked.

"well not so good honestly" i said. "I was rejected by this girl just before the start of the break" what was i thinking? why was i telling her all of this? she'd probably think I'm some crybaby.

"oh that terrible" she said. "i don't know why a girl would reject you though. you're really attractive"

"oh thanks" i said while blushing. "you really are too. so how about how's your love life going?"

"well not so good either" she told me.

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   "I've never had a boyfriend for too long, mostly because they all just wanted to try make out and stuff all the time. they didn't really care about me at all. ”

"well that's terrible too" i told her. "you are really gorgeous and deserive a great guy who will treat you right" man why was i so honest around her.

"you're too sweet" she said while blushing. "you know, i wouldn't mind doing that stuff, but with a boy who really does care. here's a secret, but i haven't even had my first kiss yet. "

that surprised me. "really? I wouldn't of expected that"

she sat a little closer to me.

"yeah" she continued "but i probably wouldn't be a good kisser anyways"

"i doubt that" i said. and i leaned over at that moment and kissed her gently. her lips were so soft and delicious. i dont knoow what came over me.

"I'm so sorry i did that i didn't mean anything i swear" i quickly said. "but you are a really good kisser.

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"she was blushing like crazy. "thanks, you were too. and that was my first kiss, and i'm glad it was with a nice guy like you. "

"thanks" i said. i leaned over and kissed her again, but this time i started making out with her slowly. she stopped me and said "this feels so good. I guess we're mak out buddies now?"

"guess so" i said. I went back to kissing her. i couldnt believe this was happeneing. a little while ago i was just running and now i was making out with the cutest girl ever. we started to get a little more into it and she grabbed my hand and but it on her breast. i moved it around and gently squeezed and caressed them. i moved my hand under her shirt and bra to get a better feel. i rubbed her nipples and i could feel them getting hard. i stopped for a second and said "sorry i don't want to make you uncomfortable and go anyfurther.

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"no it's fine" she said. "i loved this it really turned me on" she said winking at me. she quickly looked down at my pants, which at this point really showed my boner.

"did i do that to you?" she asked.

"yeah kinda".

oh  im really sorry" she said

"no it's fine i salid while laughing.

"do you want me to help you with it?" she asked.

"are you sure?" i said.

"yea, i mean it's not that bad im just gonna be touching it. besides, you're really sweet and i want to"

she led me to her room and we got on her bed. we kept making out and i stopped her to remover her short and bra.

"are you ok if i take this off?" i asked her.

"yea of course" she replied.

i saw her amazing tits. they wern't too big or too small.

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   they were perfect.

she started unzipping my pants and my dick just sprang out.

"oh wow it's pretty big" she said

"thank you" i said trying not to blush.

" im a little embarassed to ask, but i've never dont this. can you show me how to?" she told me.

"of course"  said. I took her hand and put it around my dick, and slowly started moving it up and down i sped her up and let go. I had never had anything like this done to me and it felt great. she kept going and got faster until i started maoning a little.   I had never done that before. I started making out with her while she was doing it and i came so close to cumming, but she stopped riht before i did.

"sorry. I. . was just wondering .

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  . . if . . . well you would let me suck it?" she said.

"oh man of course please" i responded.

she went down on me and she started licking and sucking my dick. it felt so good feeling her warm mouth and tongue around my dick. before i knew it i was about to cum.

"ahh yess claire im about to"-

""mhmmm i want it" she said in a muffled tone.

just then i came and shot a huge load into her mouth. she was surprised but managed to swallow most of it, even though she still had a little dripping off her chin,

"wow" she told me "that tasted good. um steven,. .

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  i fell kinda sluty asking this, but you are probably the sweetest guy i've met, and i want to lose my virginity to you. "

i didnt know what to say.

"oh wow, claire you are one of the cutest  girls ever and i'd love to. "

she pushed me on the bed and we kept making out. i unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them off. she took off the rest of my clothes. i started rubbing my hand on her pussy and i could feel her breathing slowing down. She started letting out small little moans between the making out. I went down and started licking her vagina.

“ahh yes my goodness steven ahh that feels so good yes!”

I stopped. I took my penis, which was rock hard already and started rubbing it against her vagina.

“ahh yess yess yess!!” she moaned. I stopped and moved her so I was laying down and she was straddling me. I asked her if she was ready and I slowly let her slide down on my penis and it slowly went in.


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  “oh man this is amazing!” I proclaimed.

I started going harder and faster until we were both going crazy with pleasure.

“oh god yes steven yess yes yes ah im so close oh god yes!” Claire shouted.

“ah Claire I’m going to cum!” I said.

“do it I want it yes!” she said.

Just then I shot another huge load into her. And I heard her scream in pleasure. It felt so amazing to feel it pump in her.

“ah yes it’s so warm it feels amazing”

 I pulled it out and saw my cum dripping out of her vagina.

“ah that felt so good. ”  I said.

“yea that was amazing. Im so glad I had my first orgasm with you” she said.

Yeah that was unforgettable” I said putting my clothes back on.

“so I’ll se ya tomorrow, I guess” she said with a wink.

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