The Not So Boring Day, At the Office

Sex In Public

     Now being me i was into alot of sex, but i usualy never got it. My wife was a total slut but i divorced her for cheating on me with her boss. But enough about me back to the story    I was sitting in my small cubicle. It had posters and a calender on the side. I sighed abit and leaned back in my chair. Footsteps came from my left. I turned and noticed a gorgeous women, Katie. She was 5'5'' and had an amazing body, 36 C cup breasts and legs and an ass to die for. I felt lucky she sat in the cubicle to my side. I looked at her up and down. She was wearing a long sleeve blouse and a skimpy mini skirt. She turned and noticed me. She smiled softly and i did in return. She was making me extremly horny, I felt i was gonna blow right in my pants. Suprisingly she came over, "Hey Nick"    "Hey Katie. .

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   looking gorgeous today. Not that you always dont. "    She smirked and looked at me alittle dirty. She noticed my boner that i tried to cover up. She looked back and forth down the isle. There was no one there. She trotted over in her Prada high heels. I grinned alittle sexy and she kneeled down between my knees. She ran a hand up and down my leg feeling my cock underneath the cloth pants. she was moving awfull fast i felt i was gonna come before i ever got my pants off. Luckily she unziped them and noticed that my cock flew straight out from my boxers hitting her chin. Again she looked for someone but no one was there. She wrapped both her hands around my thick 9 inch cock. She let out a silent moan and licked up my shaft. I felt butterflies from this.

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   It was amazing the way she was sucking on me. She continued up and down. she slowly wrapped her tounge around it and moved up and down more still sucking on my enourmous boner. "Wow. . this is amazing. . "     I let out softly as she took my whole cock in her mouth. She deep throated my whole dick without gagging, I can tell she's had some practice. I let out a slight moan as my cock began to swell purple ready to blow at any moment. "Ahh god yes"    She smiled and took my cock in once more and i sprayed my juice all inside her mouth. She took this as suprise but swallowed it all. She took her mouth off dripping some cum from her mouth. She began to jack me off a second time. She got up and smiled.

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   she grabbed my hand and we ran to the women's restroom. I took a seat in one of the stalls and she strattled me. She slowly lowered herself still wearing her skirt. "Mmhmmm this is sooo good"    I took her hips with my hands and thrusted upward into her tight love-hole. She moaned louder. I began to pick up my pace. I moved my hand up her stomach letting her large breasts out from her shirt. He smiled and grabed them as they floped up and down as he fucked her fast. Slowly she leaned forward untill she was in doggy style. I steadied myself and pumped into her hole fast and deep. I felt the tight warm cunt tighten abit as she was about to come, "Come with me Nick! Ahh Yesss fuck me moree!! AHhh!!"    Suddenly i pumped once more sending a flow of sticky thick white sperm into her pussy. this was the greatest feeling ever. Slowly he pulled out panting abit. they then returned to work and fucked more and more on their breaks.