Blowing the Boss


We met up at the store that night and walked down to the titty bar, getting in with ease. I was nervous as usual, kind of hiding back in my chair, figuring I would get tossed out at any second, but Tom's light heartedness kept me at ease along with 10 or so beers. The girls weren't terribly attractive, but they were gryating and being all slutty so it was still kind of hot. One time Tom was getting up to tip the dancer and he "accidentally" slipped and his hand fell into my lap. I was hard, as much from the atmosphere as the dancers, and he grabbed right on my cock to keep his balance. He blushed and quickly moved up to the stage to tip the dancer. It felt like his hand had left an imprint on my dick and I was harder than I could ever remember. I stopped looking at the dancers and looked down at Tom's crotch. I could see him in profile, could see the bulge in his dress pants. He looked over at me like he knew I was looking and I quickly put my eyes back on the dancer, but the his package was firmly planted in my minds eye. Tom came back to the table like nothing had happened and we both downed our beers a little quicker than before. About 10 or 15 minutes later Tom turned to me, saying that he was getting low on cash, but had a bottle of Jack back at his apartment, if we wanted to keep partying over there. I agreed and we headed over to his place. We entered Tom's pad and he quickly got the Jack. I was a little guy 5'6 140# and after a couple of shots I was obliterated. I got sick and had to run to the bathroom, hugged the toilet for a while and then passed out.

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  When I came to my mind was in a haze. The booze still hadn't worn off yet and I was kneeling on the couch between my boss's legs. His hand was behind my head, gently guiding it up and down as I bobbed. opening my eyes, I realized what I was doing. I was sucking on his cock!My lips stayed wrapped around him and I could feel the head of his cock on my tongue, but it still didnt really register with me. I just kept bobbing up and down, my nose burying in his pubic hair with an easy rythym. After a bit I looked up into his eyes and he realized that I was aware of what was going on now. I pulled my mouth off his cock and looked down at my hard cock as I was completely naked now, looked back at his cock and felt my head being pushed back down on him. I was too drunk to fight and started to suck him again. The next 5 minutes or so was a long slow dream. His deep moans, the sucking sounds and the feel of the small ridges of his shaft on my lips were not real to me, like I was watching a porn flick. Only I was the little slut who took it in the mouth; I was the one who belonged down there. Tom was calling me his little bitch and his cocksucker, telling me how I would be spending more time on my kness at work, and I just kept bobbing. He said that he might tell my co-workers and have me blow the crew, and I just sucked harder. "Look me in the eyes faggot", Tom said,"I'm gonna cum.

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  "I complied, looking up into his eyes, feeling terribly ashamed and more horny than ever before. "Oh, Yeah. Here it comes. You like to swallow too. take it. "I could fell his butt clench up as the first blast filled my mouth. "Yeah take it. "My mouth was filling with his load. It was thick, juicy and warm. I loved it. "Show me. "I pulled off and opened my mouth to him. "Now swallow"I obeyed. .