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I gaze around at my surroundings. I wonder once again if I'm lost. This couldn't be the address I had put in the GPS. When Storm had offered to let me spend my summer vacation at his cabin. I had expected a real cabin. Something small in the middle of nowhere. I was right about it being in the middle of nowhere, but as far as it being small it was anything but. The place was huge. If I was in the right place I had fallen into the lap of luxury. I felt like I had just won the lottery, for the summer at least. I didn't know Storm Winters very well. We had a couple of classes together and he shared a dorm room with my ex. He was shy. He never said much to anyone. Pretty much every girl on campus had fantasies of him at one time or another. He was sexy as hell.

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   He was about 6'ft tall with hair as black as a Ravens wing and striking green eyes he hid behind glasses.

He never failed to give me butterflies. Especially when he spoke in that sexy Australian accent. In the three years since I had known him he had never spoken more than a few words directly to me. At least not until a few days ago. I had finished my finals a day early. Packing what hadn't went into storage into my vehicle. I drove to my boyfriend's dorm. I was eager to surprise Brad. He was done with his, and I knew he would be happy we could leave a day early for the beach. I was looking forward to spending my summer vacation with my friends. This would be my last true summer of freedom. When school started back up I would be in my senior year. I wouldn't be living in the dorm anymore. Brad, and I would be getting a place together off campus.

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   When I walked into his dorm room the sounds of fucking were unmistakable.

Brad and Storm had one of the nicer dorm rooms. It looked more like a small apartment instead of a college dorm room. The only reason they got it was because Storm was the Resident Advisor and entitled to it. Why he had asked Brad to share his apartment when he became our R. A last year I will never know. It wasn't like they were friends or anything. They had absolutely nothing in common. Jealousy gnawed at my insides at the thought of Storm fucking someone. Instantly guilt assaulted me. I had no right to be jealous. I was with Brad and we were happy. It didn't take me long to realize the noises were coming from Brad's room and not Storms. Relief filled me followed by anger. I opened the door and found two of my best friends fucking my boyfriend.

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   I should have been hurt by his betrayal, but I wasn't. What hurt was the women I considered friends had done this to me. I calmly broke up with Brad and told the girls they could have him because I was done. Then I walked out. Once outside I sat on the stairs and let the tears come.

I didn't cry because of the breakup. I cried because I didn't know what I was going to do for the summer now that the beach was out of the question. I had given up my dorm room because I was planning on getting a place off campus. I was screwed, and I knew it. As I sat on the stoop Storm had approached me. I explained what had happened. Taking pity on me he offered to let me stay at his cabin for the summer. He was going to Aspen with a friend, and the place would be empty. He assured me he would come at the end of the week and check on me before heading to Aspen. I took him up on his offer since I would have the place to myself.

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   He gave me the key to the cabin, directions, and a hug that sent tremors of desire ricocheting through me. I quickly left and headed to the mountains wanting to put as much distance as I could between me and Brad. Now I wasn't so sure. I didn't belong in a place like this. Although my family wasn't poor we weren't rich either. This place dripped of wealth. I walked up to the door and tried the key. It opened right up. Storm was full of surprises. I did a quick walk through of the house. I chose the smallest of the six bedrooms, and moved my stuff in. Even being the smallest, it was still huge. Each of the bedrooms had their own bathrooms. I unpacked my things and freshened up a bit. The pool I had seen out back looked refreshing, so I changed into my bikini.

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   Although it is cooler here in the mountains it's still hot. Going out back I dived into the pool, and swam a couple of laps, before getting out, and laying back on a lounge chair. I decided to take advantage of the summer heat, and work on my tan. After putting on some suntan lotion I slipped my sunglasses on and laid back. I must have fallen asleep.

When I opened my eyes it was dark outside, and I knew I wasn't alone. Panic seized me. Storm wasn't supposed to be here until the end of the week. Turning my head, I saw Blake Price staring at me with what I thought was hunger. I knew I had to be wrong. There was no way he would look at me with desire. He was looking at me like he could see straight through my bikini clad body. It made me uncomfortable. It made my pussy throb for him, and it wasn't a good thing. I have had many wet dreams involving the man standing before me, and of Storm.


   It had totally slipped my mind he was Storm's best friend. I stood up quickly. Grabbing my towel, I covered myself. It was a pointless act. Blake reached out, and grabbed the towel yanking it from me. Electricity shot through my body as his hand touched my bare skin.

"No need to cover up baby. Your bikini leaves little to the imagination. Trust me darling I was more than willing to look. I always knew you were hot, but god damn I didn't know you were hiding all that sexiness. "

"Give me the towel back Blake. I'm not dressed this way for your benefit. If I had known the two of you were coming so soon I wouldn't have been sunbathing. I had no idea you were the friend that was coming with Storm. "

Blake chuckled loudly sending shivers through my body.

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   He was a hottie for sure. He stood about three inches taller than Storm. He had wavy blond hair, and eyes so blue you could get lost in them. He was an athlete at our school and you could tell it by the muscles he sported. I wanted so badly to touch him. Storm was built just as nice as Blake. I knew they worked out together. Blake was more heavily muscled than Storm though, but it didn't matter to me, neither had to many muscles, they both had smoking hot bodies that had every girl on campus half in love with them both, including me.

"You should have guessed it would be me, sweet thing. This is going to be one hot summer. I'm going to love spending my summer with my cock buried deep inside you. I have been waiting for an opportunity to fuck you for a long time. "

My face turned crimson at his words. I must have heard him wrong. On what planet would Blake want to fuck me.

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   I knew I wasn't ugly, but I was way out of his league. The man could melt snow he was so hot. I was positive that he didn't want to fuck me. He had never shown an interest in me before, so why now? Why would one of the sexiest men alive say he was going to fuck me. I was excited at the prospect, but I knew a lust filled summer with Blake wasn't going to happen. Storm was early, but now that he knew I was okay he would probably be gone by morning. I was sure they were both eager to get to Aspen.

"What you think is going to happen isn't going to. I'm sure both you and Storm will be gone before I even wake up in the morning. Aspen is waiting for you. "

Blake smiled at me wickedly causing goosebumps to break out all over my body.

"It will be waiting a long time. There is nothing in Aspen I want. What I want is standing before me in a Thong bikini. Britt, I have wanted you since the moment you started growing tits.

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   We didn't grow up together little sis, but we spent enough awkward time together. So, it's perfectly fine to want each other. "

"Blake that's impossible. Whatever you think you feel is wrong. You're not just my brother Blake, but my twin. You have always resented me because when our parents split up mom kept me and sent you with dad. You have never wanted a real relationship with me. it's not my fault dad took you two thousand miles away. It's not my fault that the only time we saw each other was summers and holidays. Hell, the only time you even acknowledge me anymore is when you hang with Storm. That's only because Brad shared a dorm room with Storm. It would have been rude to not at least say hi when you came to see Storm. "

"I didn't come to see Storm. I could see him anytime outside his dorm room. I came to see you.

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   Haven't you wondered why Storm asked Brad to be his roommate instead of me? I told him to ask that Prick to room with him. I wanted to keep an eye on you. We both do. Storm has been watching out for you when I can't, and I'm sorry Storm didn't get there soon enough to put a stop to Brad's little threesome. It was something you didn't need to see. We never wanted to see you get hurt. We both care very deeply for you. "

His words were creepy. I was practically alone in the middle of nowhere with my twin brother who claims him, and his best friend have been stalking me for three years. I should be afraid. I know I should be scared shitless, but I'm not. In fact, I'm kind of turned on by his words. The thought of Blake fucking me has me so aroused I can't take it. I need to get away from him and take care of this ache between my thighs. I'm sure my vibrator isn't going to give me the relief I need, but it will help.


   It has always helped in the past when I fantasized about fucking my own brother.

"I don't want to talk about this Blake. The things you are saying make no sense. They are disgusting. You are just saying those things trying to get a rise out of me. You are probably thinking she may be plain, but hell why not there isn't anyone else around for miles, and I'm horny so she will just have to do. Well it isn't going to work. I'm your sister dammit, and I'm not into the incest thing. "

"You are anything but plain Britt. You are beautiful whether you know it or not. I noticed you when you first began to bloom. I don't do the incest thing either, but I can't deny how much I want you. I don't care if it's wrong. I just need to bury my dick in you. It took everything I had in me to ignore the fact you were dating that asshole.

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   I wanted you for myself, and I still do. Brad could never love you the way Storm and I do. "

"Stop it Blake. Please stop. "

"I don't blame you for dad taking me away. You were innocent in it just like I was. I blame Mom, she should have fought to keep us together. You ended up with a parent. I ended up with a man that only pretended to care when you came to visit. Other than that, I was raised by a nanny. I may have lived with the man, but I saw him about as much as you did. He was never around. I feel a bond with you I have never felt with anyone else. It's not because you are my twin either. I want you.

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I was shocked at his words. I had wanted him since the moment I started noticing the opposite sex. I had turned to Brad disgusted because of the lustful feelings I was experiencing for my own brother. I know I should have dumped Brad a long time ago, instead of waiting until the end of our junior year to do it. I had never cared for Brad the way a woman should care for her man. I loved him, and his cheating had hurt, but I was never in love with him. I'm pretty sure he felt the same way. We had come from a small town, so we knew each other our whole lives. Brad lived next door to me, so we hung out all the time. Our mothers were best friends. Everyone just assumed we would be together, and not wanting to disappoint anyone we agreed. It hadn't taken me long to realize it wasn't right. Even sex with Brad had been awkward at best. I always imagined it was Blake on top of me instead. I guess I can't blame him for looking for fulfillment elsewhere.

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   I just wish he hadn't done it with two of my friends. I know sooner, or later I will have to talk to him. I'm just not ready yet. Maybe when school starts back up I will be ready. He means the world to me, and I need him in my life, just not as my boyfriend. He has been my closest friend since we were two years old and had our first playdate. I gaze into Blake's piercing blue eyes so much like mine, and I look away quickly. I can see truth in his eyes. He really does want me. I don't know if he has wanted me for all those years, but I know he wants me now. I want him to and, I'm tired of denying myself the pleasure I'm sure I would find in my brother's arms. I need to get out of this situation before I cave. I see Storm walking towards us. I was glad because I knew I could count on Storm to save me from an awkward conversation. The words he said floored me though instead of comforting me.

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"Britt there was never going to be a trip to Aspen. My plan has been to come here all along. I knew you would turn down my offer if you knew Blake and I would be spending the summer here also. "

"Why would you do that Storm? You knew I wanted to be alone. Maybe I should pack my things and leave in the morning. "

"Please don't go Britt. I'm sorry I lied to you, and I will never lie to you again. I want you. My cock has been hard since meeting you. It was the perfect opportunity to get you alone. Do you even know the torture I have went through knowing you was in Brad's room letting him fuck you when it should have been me instead? I know he didn't please you. I could hear everything. I want to give you the pleasure he never did. I want you so badly I resorted to lying to get you alone. I didn't know how else to get you to see me.

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   You are the one I want. I don't want anyone else. "

I was at a loss for words. Two of the hottest guys at my school both wanted me. What was a girl to do? I knew I couldn't have them both, or could I? I knew it was wrong hell Blake was my brother, but I didn't care about right or wrong anymore. Dammit what in the hell was I thinking. It was Brad's little threesome that made me finally walk away. I wasn't about to become involved in one. Besides there was no indication they even wanted to share me. Even though it would be hot as hell. I was insane for even thinking it. I had to get away from both before I ruined their friendship. I couldn't choose just one of them. I wanted both so desperately. I craved Blake's touch.


   I wanted to have dirty, hot, amazing sex with him. It was different with Storm though. I wanted him to, but I wanted more than sex with Storm. I knew I was secretly in love with him and had been for years. I had laid in that room letting Brad make love to me while wishing it was Storm. I was drawn to him in a way I never had been with anyone. To hear him say he wanted me also was a dream come true. A dream that was quickly becoming a nightmare because his best friend my brother wanted me to. I turned to flee from an awkward situation, only to have Blake pull me into his strong arms. While Storm closed the distance between us. I was sandwiched between two men that I wanted to fuck but couldn't. I didn't know what to do. Blake was behind me I could feel the evidence of his desire pressing against my ass. Storm was in front of me so close our lips were almost touching.

"Don't leave Britt.

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   I want you, and so does Storm. We are best friends, and we don't have a problem sharing you. In fact, we are more than willing to share you. Let us love you Britt. I swear you won't regret it. "

"Blake is right. We don't have a problem sharing. I know that Blake is your twin even though you have different last names. We have no secrets. Although you are mine I will share. I have wanted you for a long time Brittany Foster. I love you and it's time I claim what is mine. "

Before I could reply, Storm's lips came crashing down on mine. I moaned loudly at the pleasure that coursed through my body. There was no denying it.

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   I want Storm Winters and if I must give myself to Blake to make that happen I would. I trembled as I felt hands unsnapping my bikini top and pulling my bottoms down. I wasn't sure who those hands belonged to Blake or Storm. I couldn't think clearly with Storm ravaging my mouth. All I knew for sure was I was completely naked, and they were still fully clothed. I needed to fix that. With a braveness I didn't know I possessed I reached down and unzipped Storms fly. He groaned into my mouth, and his cock jerked as my hand circled his huge erection.

Blake was sucking on my earlobe, as his hand massages my lower back. I feel like a Goddess sandwiched between two Gods. Blake is seducing me with soft kisses to my neck, while Storm is seducing me with lust filled eyes. The ache between my thighs is growing like an out of control wildfire. The boys must have felt my unsteadiness. They each take one of my hands, leading me to a patio chair. I sit down, and they stand before me.

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   Shock reverberates through me when the two pull each other in for a long, drawn out kiss. I can't believe what I'm seeing, but I find it hot as hell. The longer I watch the more turned on I get. It gets more erotic as they begin taking each other's clothes off. It's not fair they should be the only ones having fun. I stand stepping between their naked bodies going from Blake to Storm with frenzied kisses that left all three of us breathless.

It's Storm who finally pushes me back down in the chair. They step closer to me with their cocks in hand, stroking and stretching them driving me wild. I suddenly have two cocks on either side of my mouth, rubbing my lips. I flick my tongue out lapping at the glistening pre-cum. I lick around the head of Storm's cock in teasing circles. I watch in fascination as his face changes. His head falls back lost in bliss. I'm pumping Blake's cock with my hand going from base to tip. I take a long pull on Storm's cock before switching.

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   I suck Blake deep into my throat as my hand works Storm's cock. My pussy is flushed with desire. I need a cock inside me now. I decide it's time to move this party inside. I pop Blake's cock from my mouth and stand.

"What do you boys say we move this party inside?"

They nod in unison and follow me inside. I fall back onto the huge bed and their naked flesh covers me. I have multiple hands caressing my breasts, pinching my nipples. Mouths and tongues running over my chest, my neck. I lose track of which man I'm kissing. I'm breathing frantically. I'm amazed at how easily I've been swept up into this ménage. I'm too aroused to consider the consequences or the fact I'm engaging in the same act I walked out on Brad for. My body is on fire for these two men. All I care about is having their cocks inside me, not one at a time, but both.


   Double the cock. Double the pleasure. I feel like I'm living an erotic fantasy, only this isn't a dream, it's real. Blake spreads my thighs, and settles between them, lowering his face into my wet curls. He parts my folds, his tongue circling my sensitive bud. My hands fisting the sheets until my knuckles turn white.

Why had I waited so long to let my brother taste me? His tongue felt so good licking my pussy. I see Storm on his knees by my head. His huge cock is erect and begging for my attention. I lick my lips, shifting just enough to take him into my mouth. A low hiss escapes him as I suck him deeper. Blake's tongue is lapping through me as he sinks a finger inside my entrance and then another. I arch my back as he pulls them out, only to shove them back in. My body thrashes under him as he begins finger blasting my cunt. His tongue still licking inside me.

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   I've gone from twisting the sheets to pushing his head harder against me. I need to come. I want release from this glorious torture. I concentrate on Storm's cock still stuffed in my mouth. Storm's hands grab my head, holding it still, before slowly pulling it out. I grate my teeth along his shaft. I'm caught off guard when he slams his cock back inside. I feel it bumping the back of my throat as his grip tightens. He is fucking my face with long deep strokes.

My body starts to tingle and shake as I'm engulfed in orgasm after orgasm, but Blake is relentless and not letting up. His tongue still hammering against my pulsing bud. Storm throws his head back as one final thrust takes him to his finish. In one gulp his warm salty cum is sliding down my throat. Storm's cock pops from my mouth as he collapsed on the bed next to me. Blake leaves my dripping cunt, crawling up my body.

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   My taste on his lips is almost my undoing. Why does something so wrong feel so fucking good. All I have ever wanted was to be connected to him in the most intimate way possible. The fact that Blake is my brother is only a small infraction. I can live with that. I strain my whole body toward him, my blood molten as it runs through my veins. I knew I wouldn't be happy until he was filling me completely. .
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