I'm not one to enjoy trips with my family, but I do recall one vacation that was nothing less than enjoyable. My family and I went to a resort along the shore of southern California just north of Santa Barbara. The two day trip from southern Indiana with my Mom and Dad, and my two sisters Erin, 13, and Courtney, 16 was not the best vacation idea but it worked. I was the middle child in the family being 15.
I was sitting in the back of the RV on the bed my Father and Mother had spent the last night having sex on. The very same bed that my sisters ignored thinking the sounds they heard were the wind and roudy rednecks in the neighboring camper, but I knew better. As I was sitting there looking out towards the California coastline, I noticed the reposed figures of my two sisters asleep together on a couch attached to the wall of the RV. Courtney was behind Erin embracing our younger sister's stomach. At the time, I thought it was completely wrong, but they looked hot. Courtney had developed quite well at 5'8", 36C breasts, hazle green eyes, wavy brown hair and a face that looks like Kelly Clarkson, but tan. . . and just recently got her first boyfriend, so practically an angel compared to the girls I'm used to. Erin is well on her way but in a different way. She is 5'6" with 32B breasts, deep blue eyes and the prettiest dirty blond hair I have ever seen that accentuated her gorgeous face.
We finally arrived at the resort, which was no more than a camping ground, a beach, and a pool with a pair of buildings that had showers.

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   My dad and mom went to a nearby town that had a boardwalk for a few hours, while me and my sisters hung out at the pool.
We were swimming in the pool for about half-an-hour when this gorgeous dark-haired girl named Robin and her brother Michael had jumped into the pool. Robin came right up to me and my sisters to ask our names. After we got to know each other, we played the usual pool games like shark and Marco Polo. After awhile, Michael and I had decided that we should play chicken fight. We got Courtney and Robin to play, but Robin insisted that she should be on my shoulders and Courtney should be on Michael's. I didn't have a problem with it since I really liked Robin. . . and I could tell that Michael really liked my sister since he immediately tried to hide his tent under the water when Courtney got on his shoulders. Erin was obviously left out, but she said she was sick of swimming and went back to the RV to watch a movie.
The game lasted for about 3 minutes when both Courtney and Robin amazingly pushed off each other so hard that they both lost their balance and caused Michael and I to fall in the water with them. This is where it got interesting. Robin basically pulled me under the water when she fell and I ended up behind her as her body "sank" into mine. I stood up immediately to try to hide the hardon know forming in my shorts, but this only made it worse as my crotch just ended up riding her ass while we both stood up.

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Thats when we both saw Courtney and Michael making out which didnt help the situation since it just turned me on even more. Robin noticed this and with her ass still against my crotch, she put her arms back and embraced my back making me press against her. I could tell where this was heading, so, I turned her towards me and looked into her eyes. It was the same look that I saw in every other girl I ever kissed. However, this was no ordinary kiss. She definitely knew what she was doing as our tounges explored each others mouths and my lips were occasionally met with small bites. Her legs embraced my hips as we stood there bucking in the water, making out like there was no tommorrow. But all of a sudden, I heard Courtney and Michael talk about going to the womens showers. Robin and I being so gone in one another quickly ran out the pull and raced my sister and Michael to the girl's showers.
All four of us put every shower on, which made the room foggy because of the steam. Robin then took my hand and led me to a shower head close to the far corner of the room and before I knew it, we continued where we left out. Michael and Courtney were'nt far behind as they quickly stripped in the corner opposite of us, closer to the door.
Our tounges once again explored each others mouths as our hands did a little exploring of their own.   Robin slowly reached into my swim trunks and lightly grasped my already hard 6" cock.   She slowly stroked me off while we were under the shower head.

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    With her bikini top off, her exposed 36C breasts with her dark long wet hair gracing both sides made her look like a godess.   Suddenly with my cock still in her hands, she whispered in my ear, "I need this. . . "
I almost lost it when I heard this.   I quickly put her against the wall and removed her bikini bottom as she removed my trunks.   I pinned her arms against the wall as her legs spread open, wanting me.   Lust had consumed my mind and compelled her body.   I pressed against her and my cock was just touching her pussy lips, when we heard someone open the shower room door.   A young girl's voice broke through the moans and mist, "Teddy. . . Courtney. . .

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  are you guys in here. "
Shit. . . .
(To Be Continued)

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