Raped Hard and Violently


We have been best friends for a long time.   I know that in the past you\'ve had strong feelings for me but frankly, I\'ve never really felt anything for you.   You\'re a great guy, you\'re good-looking, you\'re funny, you\'re smart, and you\'re definitely the best friend I have, but I\'ve just never been interested in a romantic relationship.   I think in the back of my mind, I sometimes wonder just how strong for me your feelings are. . .
It\'s a pretty normal day.   We come back to my house after school like we do everyday to hang out.   I turn on the television and drop myself next to you on the couch.   You put your arms around me, drawing me into a big hug.   I smile, even though I\'m not really interested in you, I still love you as a friend.   I huddle against you, it has been raining hard outside and I am cold.   You run your hand over my stomach and I think I can feel you smelling my hair but I\'m not sure.  
Then suddenly, I feel your hand rubbing my breasts.   I jump up and stare, "What the fuck are you doing, Steph," I shout at you.  
"Oh come on, Kailie, we\'re both horny, let\'s just do it," you tell me.

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    It\'s true, it has been a very long time since I\'ve had any sort of sexual experience with anyone but myself, but I can\'t let this happen, I\'m not a loose girl at all.  
"I think you should go," I say, turning around and opening the door.
"No, Kailie, I\'m sorry.   We can just watch TV," you say, pleadingly.
"I\'d like you to go," I say, looking at the floor.
"I can\'t fucking believe you, Kailie.   I do everything for you, I love you, and you won\'t even let me touch you.   You\'re such a fucking tease," you shout as you storm out of the room.
I start to cry as I hear you putting your shoes on in the hallway.   I run upstairs to change clothes as they are still damp from the walk home.   I hear the door open and then slam, tears stream from my eyes.   What is my problem? We\'ve been friends long enough that maybe it\'s about time we took that next step.   But no, I just don\'t feel that way about you and to do anything physically with you would be a trap.   I peel my wet layers off and lay toss them on the floor, looking at myself in the mirror.   I can understand why you made the move finally, I am fucking gorgeous.

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    My red hair, my 32C boobs that are almost bursting out of my bra, my flat stomach and toned, long legs, why wouldn\'t you go for it?  
And then you\'re on me.
"You really think I could start that without finishing it?" you grow l at me.
"Get the fuck off, Steph!" I yell at you, trying to slap your hands away from my hips and breasts.
"Shut the FUCK up, Kailie!" you yell in my ear as you trap both of my wrists in one hand and start to fondle my breasts, yanking my bra down to let them breathe.
I scream, I writhe, I shout, I kick, but none of it wards you off.   You push me forward into my dresser, knocking perfume and assorted items onto the floor.   I feel your hand making its way down my skirt and desperately try and get free. I manage to break your grip on my wrists and elbow you in the stomach.   I try and run for the door, screaming, but you catch me around the hips, pulling me back with incredible strength and throwing me onto the bed.
"Leave me alone!" I yell at you.
"It will be easier if you jsut give in you little whore," you shout back at me.   My eyes are streaming with tears, both from fear and from your betrayal.  
I stando n the bed, eyes frantically searching for an escape route.   You lick your lips as you stare at my exposed breasts and my wet khaki skirt that is semi-transparent at this point.   I fake towards the bathroom before breaking for the door again.

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    You\'re not fooled for a second.   You grab me around the neck in a headlock and pull me towards the wall, I can feel your rock hard member pushing up against my ass.   I groan, not only in fear, but in slight arousal.   You detect the slight arousal in my sound and immediately attack my tits with both hands.   
"Just fucking give it up, Kailie!" you shout at me.   
"NO! STOPPIT PLEASE! NO I CAN\'T!" I beg you.   I\'m screaming because I can feel my guard weakening, you\'ve gotten my nipples rock hard and I know that I\'m getting wet.   You manage to turn my head to you and shove your tongue roughly into my mouth.   I moan wildly, pushing you away and sprinting for the door again.   This time, I manage to get out the door, but as I\'m rounding the banister to go down the stairs you catch me by the hair.   I scream in pain as you yank me to my ass by the hair and then pick me up under the arms, carrying me to my parents room.
"NO! GET THE FUCK OFF YOU FUCKER! NOOOOO PLEASE NO!" I shout at you again.   You close the door behidn us and shove me up against the wall, your cock rubbing agaisnt my ass again as you breathe heavily onto the back of my neck.
"I\'m going to fuck you now, Kailie.   I don\'t want to rape you, but I will if you make me.

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  " you whisper in my ear.
I whimper, crying. "Please. . . Steph, I won\'t tell anyone.   Please just stop. "
You chuckle before resuming your wild and violent attack on my sexual parts.   I scream as your hand plunges up my skirt, pushing my panties aside and slamming two fingers into my cunt.   "STOP STEPH! PLEASE NO!" I scream again.   You turn my head to look at you again and slam your tongue into my mouth again.   Your other hand is holding one of my hands above my head while I desperately try and scratch at your hand that is violently attacking my pussy.
"No. . .

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   please. . . " I beg, weakening.
You increase the pace of your fingering and soon I\'m rocking my hips in spite of myself.   You grin, knowing that you\'ve gotten there.   You rip my skirt off completely, throwing me onto my parents bed and crawling ontop of me.   I scramble to my knees again, trying to get away but the cold stare in your eyes freezes me.   I break down, crying and sobbing.   "Why are you doing this?" I cry.
"Because you\'re beautiful and I need to fuck you.   I can\'t stare at you for one more day without fucking you. " you say to me. With that, you\'re on top of me, necking me, rubbing me, fingering me.   It\'s all a blur.


It isn\'t long before my own lust takes over though.   You are making me feel incredible.   I scream as I cum for the first time with your fingers violently hooking inside me.   "FUCKKKKK OH MY GOD! DON\'T STOP!" i scream as a flush of liquids pours out of me.   You pull away from me, looking at me and grinning.   "OH MY GOD, STEPH KEEP GOING!" I shout at you.
You position yourself in between my legs and smile at me as I feel your cock rub the outside of my vagina.   "OHHHH GOD PUT IT IN.   PLEASE I NEED YOUR FUCKING COCK. " I scream at you, still coming down from my orgasm.  
You smile, pulling me into a violent and wild makeout before slamming your cock into me with lost abandon.   I\'m shrieking, moaning, scratching, flailing.   You grin at me as I scream for more. "FUCK ME HARDER OHHHH GOD HARDER! YESSSSSSS JUST LIKE THAT YOU FUCKER! OHHHH GOD RAPE ME, STEPH, RAPE ME!  I KNOW YOUV\'E WANTED TO FUCK ME FOR SO LONG, DO IIIIT FUCKKKKK FUCK ME HARD!"  I\'ve lost all self control, you knew that if you got me going I wouldn\'t stop you and here we are, fucking like animals.   I roll over so that I\'m on top and scream in pleasure as I start to ride you.

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    "FUCKKKK KYESSS OH GOD I LOVE YOUR COCK YOU FUCKER.   YESSSS I FUCKING LOVE YOU!" I shout at the top of my lungs.   You are fondling my tits wildly again, as I suck on one of your fingers, slurping and moaning.   I start to speed up my pace, bouncing on your cock like a pogo stick.   You sense that I\'m close to cumming again and You thrust wildly up into me, matching my rhythm.
The neighbors might have heard us.   "FUCKKKK STEPH OHHH MY GOD FUCKING RAPE ME IN MY PARENTS BED YOU FUCKER! YESSSSS OHHHH MY GOD YESS!"  I scream.   "OHH MY GOD KAILIE! YOU\'RE SO FUCKING TIGHT, YES I WANT TO RAPE YOU ALL NIGHT YOU FUCKING TEASE,  FUCKKKKKKK YOU\'RE SUCH A WHORE YOU FUCKING SKANK!" you shout back.   "I\'M CUMMING OHHHHH I\'M FUCKING CUMMMMMMMINGG AGAIN! OH MY GOD DON\'T STOP! DON\'T STOP! DOOON\'T STOP! OHHHHH FUUUUAAAAAAACKKKK I\'M CUMMMMMMMMMING!" I shout at the top of my lungs as another orgasm explodes out of me.   We thrust against each other wildly for another minute before I stop and look at you.
 Coming down from that last wild orgasm I stare at you.   "You\'re a fucking rapist. " I say flatly.
You grin.   "I can\'t believe you just raped me"  I spit in your face with disgust.

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    "Get out of here," you shout
I pull myself off of your cock and start to get dressed.   But you haven\'t gotten off yet and you\'re not going to take no for an answer now either.   I should haev known.
You grab me from behind, pushing me againsdt my parents dresser and slamming your cock back into me from behind.
You growl at me, biting me lightly on the neck before resuming our wild fuck session.   I\'m screaming in spite of myself, knocking things off the dresser and slamming back into your every therust.   "FUCKCKKKKK OH GOD FUCK MEEEEE! OHHHHHHH MY GOD I\'M GOING TO CUM AGAIN!" I scream, rubbing my cliterus as you fuck me.
You can feel another huge flush of liquids come out of my vagina as you pull out to let them stream out.   You slam right back into me though, holding my hips and thrusting wildly, talking dirty to me.
I orgasm again, losing strength in my legs and collapsing onto my knees, still wildly slamming back into you.

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    We\'re fucking doggy style and I know that you\'re getting close.
FUCKKKKKKK! OHHH YES FUCK ME LIKE A SLUUUUT I WANT TO BE YOUR SLUT! OHHHHHHHH YESSSSS IT FEELS SO AMAZING! YESSSS FUCK YESSS OH MY FUCKING GOD OH MYYYYY FUCKING GAWWWWWWD!  OHHHHHHH I CAN\'T. . . OH GOD RAAAAAPE ME YESSSSS  I NEED IT!  OHHHHH YOUR FUCKING COCK FEELS SOOOO GOOD.   AHHHHHHH SHIIIIIIT I\'M CUMMING!  OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I scream again.   You increase your pace maddeningly.   I feel you cum, I clamp down on you, screaming "FUCKKKKKK YESSSSSS OHHHH CUM IN ME, RAPE ME FUCKKKKK YEAAAAAH!" as you shout back at me "oAHHH I\'M CUMMING KAILIE! OHHHHH YEAH!"   I scream uncontrollably as I cum harder than ever when I feel your hot jets of semen fly and stick against my pussy walls.   You scream too, shouting my name and writhing in pleasure.   You continue to thrust even though you\'ve gotten off though and I beg for you to stop again, "I CAN\'T TAAAAKE IT ANYMOOOOORE OHHHHH!"  But you don\'t, you keep thrusting, you keep raping me. . . forever. . .

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   but it\'s not really rape.   Not really at all.
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