Caught in the Shed


This true story happen when I was 19 years old attending my first year of junior college and just started dating my future husband.   I come from a small Texas town where everybody knows everybody and my father is pretty well known.   Let me describe myself, I was 5'1", 95 pounds, had short black hair, firm C cup breast, and a tight little body that men would hit on all the time.  
It was a hot September day after class, when my boyfriend and I were out riding around our small town in his truck.   My boyfriend was constantly sliding his hands up my skirt feeling my smooth thighs and rubbing my moist lips through my panties. We were both feeling incredibly horny and wanted to go some place to get it on. So we decided to check out a house that I grew up in which my father was remodeling to possibly rent in the future.   I thought I had a key to get in the house but none of them on my key chain would work.   So we walked around the house to see if we could get inside but there was no hope. We were about to leave when we noticed a shed close to the house which the door was open and decided to check it out.   
Once inside, my boyfriend attacked me, pushing up against the wall, kissing me then groping me all over running his hands under my shirt and skirt feeling my hot pussy and hard nipples.   Soon he had my shirt and bra off, with my skirt raised and panties around my ankles.   I was so freak-in hot and my young hard teen body was in need of some hot passion.   I dropped to my knees, pulled my boyfriends shorts down, and took his hard 5" cock in my mouth. I enjoy sucking his cock and licking the pre cum that oozed out of his rigid dick. He loved the way I looked up at him with my hungry eyes and squeezed his full balls.

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We were going at it pretty good when we heard a police radio just outside the shed.   The dam nosy neighbors I guess called the police when they saw us wondering around the house.   I quickly jumped up but before we could cover up the police officer swung open the door to the shed.   There we were standing in all our glory, looking totally shocked, and worst of all, I knew Officer Garza he was a good friend of my father.    
He told us to cover up and get out of the shed so I just had time to pull down my shirt and skirt leaving my bra and panties in the shed.   Officer Garza told my boyfriend to get in his truck and leave or he would take him to jail charging him with trespassing and indecent exposure.   And he told me that he was going to take me to my dad to tell him what I was up to.   My boyfriend didn't wait a second and away he went taking off in his truck leaving me there to deal with my father.  
Officer Garza told me to get in the police car and began driving me to my house.   The drive to my house is very long since it is located way outside town in the middle of nowhere.   Officer Garza was your average cop, slightly overweight but in decent shape for his 42 years of age.   As we were driving, I thought he was either taking peeks at my short skirt and smooth legs or hard nipples that were poking out of the fabric of my shirt from the car air conditioning.   I started begging with Officer Garza not tell my father and let me off with a warning.   That I would clean his house, wash his car, or anything for him not tells so I didn't have to face my father.  
Suddenly Officer Garza pulled off the road and into this abandon barn that was about a mile from my house.

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    He looked at me and told me I had two options. One, to get out of the car and have sex with him or Two, stay seated and we will go see your dad.   Then he got out of the car and walked to the rear of the vehicle.   I sat there dumbfounded, weighing my options, and not even thinking I found myself eagerly getting out of the car walking toward him.  
Officer Garza didn't say a word to me as I came to the back of the vehicle but just took his gun belt off, unzipped his pants, and pulled his semi hard cock out.   He placed a hand on my shoulder and pushed me down on my knees placing his cock against my lips.   I slowly took him into my mouth enjoying his cock swelling in my mouth and the salty taste of his precum.   He stared down at me as I took his cock deep in my mouth, licking the tip, and stoking his shaft.   He stood me up, took off my shirt exposing my hard young breast and sat me on the trunk of his car.   Greedily, he took turns sucking on my hard nipples and kissed his way down my stomach using his hands to lift my skirt and push my thighs apart.    
Kissing my silky thighs, his hot breath was causing my clit to swell and I ached for his tongue to dive deep into my tight young hole.   His tongue swirled around my clit then hungrily dove deep into my pussy making me arch my back and moan with intense pleasure.   Lapping up my juices, he slid his fingers into me using his thumb to play with my swollen clit.   I couldn't believe that this older man, friend of my father, was actually taking advantage of me, but for some strange reason I actually was enjoying it.  
He stood up grabbing my legs pulling down on the trunk with his 7" rock hard cock pointing straight at my dripping pussy.

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    I asked him to put on a condom but he said he didn't have any but he would cum on my stomach.   The tip of his cock rested on my tight love hole as he stared at me. He held my hips and slowly pushed his rigid dick into me.   I wasn't use to anything that big so it took him awhile to work it in.   He was enjoying using his fat cock to stretch my young pussy telling me how much he loved my tight my cunt.  Once his cock was deep in me, he slowly started to pull it all the way out and shove it all the way back in.   I could feel his balls slapping against my ass and it felt like his cock was hitting deep within my pussy against my curvex making me yelp.  
Officer Garza was really plowing his cock deep in my pussy making my head spin.   I asked him if he loved fucking my young hot body and his cock was so much better than my boyfriend. With sweat bedding from his forehead and his breath, I could see he was getting close to cumming.   I told him to fuck my tight pussy, fuck me hard to which he responded by really driving his cock deep into my cunt.   I couldn't take it any longer and started to cum over and over again. My body was shaking uncontrollably and my pussy muscles were clenching down on his cock.   I guess that sent him over the edge as well because he was grunting and pulling me down onto his cock as he filled my cunt with his cum.   He laid on me until his cock went limp, popping out of my sloppy cunt hole.

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Officer Garza pulled up his pants, put on his gun belt, and told me that I needed to walk the rest of the way home.   I slid off the trunk of the car, put on my shirt and pulled down my skirt and began walking home.   As he drove off, he told me to tell my dad he said hello and I walked the rest of the way home with cum running down my legs and hoping that I don't become pregnant.  

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