A night on the town with Connie - True experience


This economy is making my hobby boom. I make a pretty decent living, which is so far, recession proof. Living in S. F. , this makes me a hotter commodity than ever on the single circuit. You spend a few hours in a hot club, tossing down some decent cash; you’re sure to go home with a lady. Let me tell you there is a lot less competition now too. Not that I didn’t score before wall street started going belly up, I am just getting the higher caliper women now, and more of them.   This story is from last weekend. It was a fantastic time, I just hope I can retell it without having to stop and jerk off myself.
  So there I was out, with a few people in my industry, at a local hot spot.   I narrowed in on this gorgeous young honey lets call her, Connie.   I had already bought her the last four cocktails she was drinking, and she had to have at least two before I got to her. I was also buying them for her girlfriend she was there with, but she had a little pudge on her, in this market no need for me to low-ball myself. I was just spending the cash to impress Connie and you sure as shit know it did.
 Finally her little friend had to make a beeline for the head, Connie thankfully declined.

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   So I got in real close, worked my charm and had her out the door before her friend finished wiping. Don’t get the wrong impression Connie was ready to ditch the girl anyhow, I just gave her some charm and promises to help entice her.   We walked the three blocks to my pad. It’s a pretty decent place, not too showy but certainly impressed a broad like Connie. Once we got up there, I broke out the blow I promised her I had, cut out a few lines and let Connie get her groove on. I did a few bumps myself; just for the stamina I knew I’d need tonight. Once she was flying I worked quickly, and it was easy peeling that blouse and skirt off of her. I knew from plenty of experience I had to not pussy foot around, once you had the clothes off there would be no objections. I was still fully clothed, had Connie up on the edge of the couch and I’m eating her beautiful pussy like a champ, and she really dead have a beautiful pink pussy. She was digging it I was sure. I love to eat a nice fresh pussy. I reached up and tweaked her nipples a bit to start seeing how much of a freak on this girl was willing to get, she was receptive to it. So I nibbled a bit hard on her clit, she gasped but never objected. I started full on chewing on her shit, and her pussy was just pouring. My cock was straining against my jeans; I had scored with this little freak.

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   I took her into the bedroom and got her up on the bed, peeled off my own clothes, and started fingering her pussy while I was sucking on her sweet tits. They weren’t that large, probably full B’s but they were real, with dark areolas and thick nipples. I had three fingers pounding into her tight pussy. She was deep into it, so I took her by the head and guided her down to my cock. She wrapped those lips around it and I guided her head up and down my cock, god she was so good. I almost blew my load right there, but thanks to the coke I was able to hold on. I took myself to the brink and pulled her off my knob. I pushed her back on the bed, spread her legs and slid my cock into her tight wet snatch. She said something about a rubber, but fuck that. She quieted down after I gave her my length, and she started getting into it. I was pounding this bitch good, reaching down pulling at her nipples, leaning my head down, taking those thick nips between my teeth and giving them a good bite. She had a bit to say about it but I didn’t care. I just kept riding the high. It wasn’t enough. I flipped her over and drove back into her, she was hanging off the bed now, I was on my feet driving into her doggy style.

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   I could feel my cock hit her womb. I made the ass move, dipped my thumb into her little pink bud. She wasn’t expecting it and made a move to pull away, I held her with my other hand on her hip and eased up on the ass. I pushed her down on to her stomach for some leverage, pumping into her pussy still. Both my hands on her hips now. pinning them down. I made my move, slipped my cock out of her wet pussy. Still pushing her hips down into the bed, I used my other to spread her fine ass and quickly, slipped my cock into her ass. She fucking hollered like a mother fucker, but the head was in, I could put both my hands back on her hips and keep her pretty well down on the bed. She squirmed but it didn’t help much, I chuckled a bit I love it when these whores tried to act like they didn’t like it. I pushed my cock deeper into her tight ass, felt the muscles seize around my cocks violation. It didn’t matter I knew once I got it in there, and moved around she’d ease up. And she did, soon I was rocketing my cock in and out of her tight asshole. I pulled her hips up now so I could really thrust it into her, She was moaning or sobbing I didn’t give a shit. I felt that familiar rush and jammed it in her and came in her ass.

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   She just lay there as I pumped the last of myself into her, and pulled out with a thick plop. I trotted off to clean my dick up in my bathroom.
I came back expecting some sort of scene, sobbing or argument there usually was but she was still lying in the same position I left her in. I got a bit scared until I realized she had just passed out. I put her up on the bed and seeing her laying there sprawled out with my cum peeking out of her asshole got me turned on again, I slid up on the bed next to her, and tested how out she was. She was out cold. I took the opportunity to do to her what I never had the nerve to do to a conscious woman. I bit her nipples, pulled them and chewed them mercilessly. Drew some blood but no much. This got my cock hard again, I got on top of her and slid it in her pussy and fucked her limp body until I shot my load in her pussy. She was still out cold. I spread her legs and decided to take pictures of both her holes with my cum oozing out. Taking full advantage of the situation I also retrieved a few items from around my apartment and took various pictures of these in her pussy or ass. Like my keys for one, that was funny seeing my keys hanging out of her pussy. I had to wash them off after but it was fun.

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   I also used my hairbrush in her ass. I wanted to do a broom handle but didn’t want to hurt her. She started to come around so I helped her back with her clothes. She did not leave with her thong I of course kept that. I also didn’t button her blouse all the way so her tits were hanging out. I got her down stairs when she was awake enough to walk, and drove her two blocks back towards the club. Told her to get out. She was kind of pissed but still in a haze, she got out. And I sat in my car watching her stumble down the street knowing my jizz was running down her leg.
I wanted to follow her to the club, but didn’t want her getting her shit in a knot and saying something drunkenly.
 So I started up my car drove the few quick minutes home and went up to my pad.
That’s when I found her purse. I checked out her ID and found out the bitch was only 17. How the hell she got into that bar I don’t know. Just thinking about what I did to that 17 year old got my cock hard for the third time that night.

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   I jacked off to the pictures I took of her. I finished myself off, uploaded them to my newsgroup and called it a night. I’d be a good guy and mail her shit back to the address on her ID in the morning.
I doubt she’d remember where I lived.
 I think next time I’m going to find me a 16 year old to fuck in the ass, just the thought of it gets me hard.

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