The Warden


When they were finally alone, Caitlyn Waters picked up Stu's file and asked softly, "Is it tough being a black man in prison without being a member of a gang!?!" "What is this," he asked slowly, "and what do you care how tough it is, it's not skin off your nose!?!" She gave him a thin smile, got up and walked around to the front of her desk where she sat down on in front of him and replied softly, "The reason I called for you is that I think we can help each other out!!!" "How can I help you," he asked suspiciously!?! Her skirt had slid high up on her thigh, exposing the top of her stockings, and it instantly dawned on Stu what she had in mind as she sat there silently waiting for him to put it all together as her skirt rode higher and higher on her firm white thigh!!! "Now let me get this straight," he asked slowly, "just so we don't have any misunderstandings, you want me to, uh, take care of you, in exchange for what!?!" She leaned forward, letting her perfume waft up into his face as she replied softly, "You have a parole hearing coming up in a few months, and I can make sure that is goes very smoothly!!!" He leaned back in his chair, not quite believing what was happening, and then replying, "Okay, you've got yourself a deal, when do I start!?!"In a now thick and husky voice she ordered, "Stand up and show me your cock, I just love black dick!!!" With a wry smile on his face, Stu stood up and dropped his pants and shorts, revealing his now semi hard erection to her very hungry eyes!!! She stared at the black intimidator and asked softly, "H-how long is it, it's so huge!?!" "I dunno," he replied off handedly, "I've never measured it, it's always been long enough though, I ain't never had no complaints!!!" With her eyes growing almost glassy she replied, "I'm sure you haven't, now come over here and let mama feel her new toy!!!" Stu half stumbled with his pants still around his ankles, but with a half shuffling motion he finally was standing directly in front of Caitlyn Waters!!! She gently took him in her hand and mumbled softly, "It's so beautiful, do you mind if I suck it!?!" "Uh, no problem," he replied, "be my guest!!!" After sliding off the edge of the desk and after dropping to her knees, she gingerly licked the velvety head, causing it to jump a little, as it became more and more erect!!! She covered the head with tiny kisses before finally opening wide and letting the big head slip into her warm receptive mouth!!!
It had been along time since Stu had received a blow job, but to have the warden on her knees sucking him for all she as worth was truly and incredibly erotic experience!!! Growing more emboldened, he asked softly, "You like sucking black cock do you, well, baby, let me tell you something, you're no different than every other white whore I've met, none of you can get enough black dick, you're fucking addicted to it!!!" Hearing him use such course language turned her on even more as she tried desperately sucking the entire length of his cock down her throat!!! He chuckled a bit and offered, "Forget it, bitch, ain't no way you're gonna eat my whole rig, just be glad you get to eat the fucking head!!!" Sensing that he was about to blow his nut, she fisted the length of his shaft while sucking his head, and finally, as it began to spasm, she looked up directly into his eyes as he filled her mouth with life giving sperm!!! He let out a long low groan, remembering not to make too much noise with Officer Ives standing outside of the warden's door, but it had been so long since he had shot a load into a bitch's mouth that he could hardly contain himself!!!
"Jesus christ, bitch," he sighed as he slumped back into his chair, "you got one hot fuckin' mouth, you love suckin' black cock don't ya!?!" "Yeah, I do," she replied softly while sitting on the edge of the desk with her dress hike up to her waist, "and now it's your turn black boy, you're gonna eat mama's pussy for her, now get your ass over here and do me!!!" As he stared at her dark hairy muffy hidden between her firm thighs, Stu's cock began to feel a slight twitching while he slid off the chair and crawled on all fours over to her drooling pussy!!! "That' the way," she cooed while holding open her lips, "Be a good boy and come to mama, mmmmmmmm, yes, that feels so nice, you black boys really know how to please a girl!!!" As he munched away on her fat wet cunt, he wasn't sure if he cared for the "black boy" talk, but after three years in the slam and no pussy, he would have walked over hot coals to for the chance to eat a nice hot cunt!!! His tongue quickly found her hard little clit, and like a voracious wolf he viciously ate her until she was caught in a vortex of sexual delirium that erupted in an orgasm that left her flopped back on her desk with her legs splayed wide apart and drool running out of the corner of her mouth!!!
He stood up between her thighs and with a hard little laugh asked, "So, cunt, did the "black boy" do a good job on your lily white pussy!?!" Almost unable to speak, she nodded weakly and was about to reply, when all at once Stu took his nine inch hammer and rammed it hard into her unsuspecting pussy!!! Her eyes nearly bugged out of her head as he buried his meat deep inside of her while covering her mouth with her arm to keep from crying out!!! "Ya like that, don't you cunt," he spat while driving his spike in and out of her with brutal efficiency, "you're a black cock loving whore, aren't ya!?!" Her breathing was now quick and shallow, but she managed to gasp, "Fuck me harder you black mother fucker, give me all you've got, boy!!!" He couldn't believe the mouth on this white slut, here he was practically raping the dumb bitch, and all she could do was urge him on with her hot potty mouth!!! "Okay," he said through clenched teeth, "if you want it so much, I'm, gonna fuckin' give it to ya," and for the next two minutes he fucked her harder and more viciously that he had ever fucked anyone in his life!!!" Soon they were running on parallel tracks towards a simultaneous orgasm that was destined to go down as the best one either of them had ever had!!! "Oh, god," she gasped while cupping her large breasts through her blouse, "f-fuck you're good, oh god, you're a fucking black fucking stud man, ohhhhhhhh my, fuck my fucking pussy!!!" "Finally," he thought to himself, "a little respect, she called me man instead of boy," as his cock stiffen just before it convulsed and sent a hot gusher of cum into the warden's hot wet pussy!!!
The enormity of their cum was such that they both had forgotten where they were, and consequently they both screamed out in ecstasy as their climaxes tore through their shaking crotches!!! The door to the office burst open and a totally stunned Burt Ives stood in the doorway with his mouth hanging open!!! "I-I was just checking to see if you were all right, ma'am," he stammered, while staring at the two of them still locked in their embrace!!! In what was now a very calm voice the warden replied, "Please go out and close the door behind you, officer, inmate Baker will be with you in a moment!!!" While still staring at them, Ives nodded dumbly and closed the door softly!!! With his dick still inside of her Stu asked in a worried voice, "Aren't you worried about him, he could get us both in a lot of trouble!?!" "With a little chuckle she replied softly, "Don't you worry about him, you just worry about taking care of my pussy, clear!?!" This bitch was beyond anything he had ever experienced, so when she tightened her pussy on his still half hard cock, he naturally began slowly moving in and out of her and replied, "Yes, ma'am, you're the boss!!!

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