Honey, I'm Home!


 The Whitebread Family Chronicles EXT SUBURBIAN HOME WITH PICKET FENCE   Chuck Whitebread gets out of his car after a hard day of work at theoffice.   He is wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase.   He starts walkingto his front door, carrying his keys and spies the motercycle carelesslyparked on his fonr lawn.   He looks back at he house suspiciously.   When hegets to the door, he notices it's ajar. . .    INT WHITEBREAD HOME   Chuck puts down his briefcase and keys on the end table and locks thedoor behind him.    CHUCK   Honey?  Honey are you here?   He walks around a bit, taking off his coat and tie.    CHUCK   Damn bitch better not have left the door open when she went shopping. . .    He goes upstairs and looks in the bedroom.   No-one is there.    CHUCK   Fucking stupid cunt. .

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  .   how hard to I have to slap her to get some senseinto that thick skull of hers!  When she gets back. . . !   Chuck picks up a newspaper and heads to the bathroom.   When he opens thedoor, his eyes open wide and he drops the paper, shocked at what he sees.    His wife and his daughter (Virginia and Wendy) are naked in the bathtubwith their hands behind their backs and their heads bowed, faces flushedred with shame.   Chuck's son Brad is bent over the toilet with his faceresting on top of the back of the toilet, hands tied behind his back andtwo dirty jockstraps stuffed in his mouth.   A dog collar around his neck ishooked to a leash tied to the toilet pipe so that he cannot stand upstraight.   Luke is fucking him up the ass and Brad's virgin anus is beingstretched beyond beliefe to accomodate Luke's footlong, three inch diameterblack cock.   Luke in plunging it in nice and deep and Brad's eyes arerolled back as sweat pours down his face and he grimaces with every thrust. Brad sees his father and screams through his muffled mouth.   Virginia andWendy look up too but do nothing.    CHUCK   Holy- what the fuck?!?!   LUKE   Hey, look, it's Father Knows Best!   Chuck runs out of the bathroom to the nightstand by his bed and pullsout a gun, but just as he does so, Luke bitch-slaps him and the gun goessprawling across the floor as he flies back onto the bed.   He lands on hisstomache and Luke grabs his pants and literally splits them in two.

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    As heis about to be raped, he sees his wife pick up the gun, their daughter isstanding beside her.    CHUCK   Shoot, Wendy, shoot!  For Godssake, shoot the bastard!!!   Luke looks back and backs off of Chuck, looking cautious.    CHUCK   Do it, Wendy!  Shoot that fucking nigger for breaking into our house andmessing with our family!   Luke looks at Wendy.   Wendy is holding the gun on Luke, slowly walkingup to him.   She glances at Chuck.    CHUCK   Do it!   She glances at Luke's huge cock, then at Luke.   She hands Luke the gunand falls to her knees at his feet, stroking his dirty mammoth penis andstarts sucking his balls.    CHUCK   Wha- wha?!   LUKE   Well, well, fucker, looks like you're in a world of shit now!   Virginia comes over and wraps her arms around one of luke's arms andwhispers in Lukes ear, giggling and face flushing.    LUKE   Good idea, bitch.   Get over here, fucker.    Luke points the gun at Chuck.   He thinks about bolting, but knows Lukewill not hesistate to shoot him.   He slowly comes over.    LUKE   Get to work, whitey.    Luke motions to his hard cock with the gun.

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    Chuck is to stunned to sayanything.   Virginia comes over to him and grabs his arm.   Wendy is watchingfrom below, still sucking Luke's balls.    CHUCK   S-Virginia?   VIRGINIA   Go on daddy, suck his cock!   CHUCK   Wh- what did you do to them?   LUKE   Nothin' I'm not gonna do to you, now get down on it, faggot!   VIRGINIA   Better do as he says, Daddy, he's VERY strong. . .    (grinning sheepishly)   Virginia lowers Chuck to his knees and pushes his head to Luke's filthycock.   Chuck tries to pull back but Virginia holds him there.   Chuck looksaround at Virginia and Luke and sees Brad watching from the bathroom, stillleashed to the toilet, his asshole still gaping wide from his fucking.   Thehead of Lukes cock is against his lips now and Virginia starts applyingpressure to the back of his head.   He looks down and sees his wife, lustfilling her eyes, fingering herself slowly as she watches her husband'shumiliation from below.   Luke's free hand comes down and squeezes Chuck'sjaw, forcing it open.   Virginia pushes down on Chuck's head and slowlyLuke's cock slips between his lips and into his mouth.   Wendy maons softly,her eyes widening.   Further and further, Virginia pushes her father down onthe cock, making him deep-throat it.

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     VIRGINIA   That's it Daddy, take it all down. .   it seems like a lot but you'll getused to it!   When he's about halfway down, Virginia feels resistance and startspumping his head up and down on the cock, making him make obscene slurpingnoises.    LUKE   Mmm. . .   your whole famlily is good at suckin' cock, Chucky!  You shouldbe proud- yo mouths were MADE for suckin' big black dick!   Virginia starts pumping harder now, then, overcome by her own horniness,she takes a hand away to finger herself.   Wendy reaches up and grabs theback of Chuck's head and takes over the pumping, pulling him down to hercloser and closer with each stroke.   Virginia stands up and wraps herselfaround Luke's leg, and kisses him deeply, rubbing herself on his thigh ashe grabs her ass with his free hand and fucks her ass with his middlefinger- she groans at the width of his finger, the size of Chuck's penis. Meanwhile Wendy is pumping her husband's head up and down on Luke's cockharder and harder, keepin him down at the bottom of the stroke longer andlonger.   She does this for a few minutes, each time getting more and moreblack cock to disappear between their two faces, frigging herself morevigorously.   Finally she gets all of Luke's cock down her husband's abusedthroat and groans loudly as their lips touch, not a trace of black cockvisible between their sets of lips, except for a few pubic hairs stickingout between their lips.   She hoild him there, their eyes locked, his glzedin c\shock, hers filled with lust, and she hears Luke groan, she knows hisseed is coming.   She sucks Luke's balls harder and feels them pump hot jismdown her husband's gullet.   Chuck's eyes open wide with surprise and panicas he feels the cock pulsing in his mouth, the jets of hot nigger spermfilling his stomache.

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    Wendy cums like a madwoman, screaming through theballs in her mouth and she cums again and again with each pulseof scumsshee feels shoot from Luke's balls. . .    Wendy suckles Luke's balls a bit longer, savoring the experience,stillgazing through half-lidded eyes at her husband, still impaled on the cock,black cum oozing down the shaft of Luke's still half-hard cock.   A brownfilm has formed around Chuck's lips from sucking his son's shit off Luke'scock.   The shit mizes with the cum and drips down into Wendy's mouth whosavors the now familiar taste.   Virginia has cum screaming into Luke'smouth, grinding her hairless pussy aginst his muscular thight.   Luke takeshis middle finger out of her ass and she shudders, barely able to stand. He sticks his shitty finger in her mouth and she sucks it clean withperverse passion.    LUKE   Sorry Chuck, but there aint been a little white whore born yet thatcould resist my big black meat. . .   you just got yourself a newhouseguest. . .

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     Wendy moves off his balls to Virginia's ass, licking the excess shitfrom her asshole and licking her cunt clean.   Luke pulls out of Chuck'smouth and lets him fall to the ground.   Chuck looks around, sees the gun,then grabs it and shoots Luke.   he isn't even scratched.    CHUCK   What theLuke bitch-slaps Chuck and the gun goes flying across the room.    LUKE   Stupid bitch!  Just for thatLuke throws Chuck down on the bed, grabs hisshoulders tightly and shoves his cock all the way up Chuck's ass.    CHUCK   ARRGGGH!H!H!H!   VIRGINIA   Oh yeah!  Fuck him!  Fuck daddy's ass!   Virginia and Wendy start rubbing each other and kissing while watching. But Luke just holds it all the way in, and relaxes.    LUKE   Got a message for you, Chuckie. . .    Chuck looks confused,, then uncomfortable, then realizes what'shappening- Luke is pissing up his ass- he starts struggling, but to noavail.    LUKE   Mistress Mishi sends her kindest regards!   Chuck is struggling, starts sobbing waching his little blonde daughterand his wife going at it like a couple of bitches in heat- turned intosluts by the huge black cock that's filling his bowels with hot piss.   Hefeels uncomfortably full and wishes he had never met Mishi. .

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  .    Continuing "Honey, I'm Home"   When Luke is done with Mr.   Whitebread, holds him over son's mouth andmakes him shit the cum & piss enema into son's mouth.   He has the motherand daughter do it too.  .