my girlfriend's little sis


  My girlfriend’s little sisI am not that kind of a guy who cheats on his girlfriend, neither do I like to have an affair with every other girl that I meet. I committed to my girlfriend after much thought and I love her. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have feelings.  This is about a nice summer day during the vacations. My parents were out of town for some club meeting that they were a part of. My girlfriend too had gone to a trip with her school friends, so I was left alone to spend my day. I made the best out of it by lying out in my backyard with only a vest and jeans on, doing some light reading and relaxing.   I was lying under the shade of the garden-table umbrella; a soft wind was blowing and the sun was shining with all its might. I had made myself a jar full of cold, sweet lemonade and was slightly sipping on it. I had almost dozed off when the doorbell rang. It broke my sleep and I got up wondering who it might be at this time of the day.  As I reached the door the bell rang again, I opened the door and was surprised to see Jill, my girlfriend’s younger sister, standing at the doorway. My girlfriend and I had known each other for almost five years, since I had shifted into the neighborhood. We both were well acquainted with each other’s families. I had no siblings whereas my girlfriend, Kate, had a younger sister, Jill. I went along well with her.

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   We both enjoyed each other’s company very much and Jill always seemed to adore me. I considered her as my own sister and she also discussed her problems with me as if I were her elder brother. My girlfriend and I were of the same age, seventeen, and Jill was four years younger than us, she was only thirteen years old.   Now as we both stood at the doorway she said.  “I hope that I am not disturbing you. You know it’s just that I was getting bored and as my sister is not here I knew that you too would be alone so I thought maybe even you could do with some company, so I came along. I hope you don’t mind. ” “No, not at all, come in please,” I moved aside to let her in and closed the door behind her.  As we moved into the living room she sat down on the sofa.  “You make yourself comfortable; I will bring something refreshing to drink. It’s quite hot. ” “Yes it is, thank you. ”I went into the backyard and grabbed the jar of lemonade and two glasses. When I reached the living room I served the drinks and sat down on the sofa facing her. As we sat there sipping on our drinks Jill was checking out the living room, with a look of uncertainty on her face.

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   I still wasn’t sure why she had shown up suddenly without any notice. Whatever it was, I was sure it had nothing to do with killing boredom.  We both sat there in silence for sometime then I decided that I would have to start the looked up expectantly at me.  “Is something troubling you? Do you want to discuss something with me?”“No. There’s nothing. ”But she didn’t meet my eyes, I knew she was lying but I decided not to question her any further. A few more moments passed by in silence. Then after finishing her drink she looked at me and spoke. “Have you ever had sex with my sister?”The question took me totally by surprise. I almost choked on the lemonade that I was sipping. “What? Why do you want to know that?”“Just like that. Actually someone told me that it feels very good, you know, so I just wanted to know whether it’s true?”I wasn’t sure as to how to answer to this question of hers, this was totally unexpected. “No we haven’t had sex, but yes it does feel good. Who told you that?”“Well actually no one told me I just read it somewhere. ”I looked at her; I was wondering why she was asking this to me.

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   I wasn’t able to make out what was that she wanted, so I decided to find out. “Ok, but why did you want to know whether I had done it with Kate?”“Well,” Jill looked down at her toes, not seeming sure as to what she should say, or rather how she should say it. “You know I was wondering that whether you could show me how it feels. ”She blushed with these last words. I wasn’t sure if I had heard correctly. “What?” I was shocked. “What did you say?”“Well you know… I thought that maybe you could show me how it feels,” she managed again, keeping her eyes on the ground. “But how can I do that? You are like a sister to me and plus you are only a kid, I cannot possibly do it,” I said. But I wasn’t saying what I was feeling. Jill looked up at me. “I am not a kid. ”And with this she rose from the sofa and walked up to me. She was wearing a skirt that reached a little above her knees and a soft cotton blouse. When Jill reached right in front of me she placed her small hands on my crotch area, and tried to grab my already rising penis from over my jeans. “I am not a kid.

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   Let me prove it to you. ”And with this she unzipped my jeans and took out my semi-erected penis. I wasn’t wearing underwear. I always despised wearing them as they only proved to be a hindrance whenever I felt like whacking off, or had the chance of a short quick session with my girlfriend, yeah I lied to Jill.  In only a fraction of a second my dick pumped up to its full length in her tiny palm. I could see a look of amazement and shock in Jill’s eyes at the size of my manhood, and I was surprised at feeling proud. Jill was holding the shaft of my prick with her small soft hands, unable to get the full length in her grip. I saw her moistening her lips. “No don’t do that, it’s not right,” I protested, but didn’t resist as she put my penis into her small mouth, closing her moist lips just below the cap. I was taken over by a sudden rush of adrenaline and want, and I tried to push my dick further into her mouth. Jill gladly opened her tiny mouth as big as she could to allow the shaft in, but she was able to encase only a little more than half of it into her mouth. As she held it inside Jill looked up at me with her big, round innocent eyes. I could see a tinge of confusion in them, and then I realized that it was her first time and she obviously didn’t know what to do. “Suck on it hard and move your lips up and down. ” I told her gasping, the feeling of pure lust overtaking me completely.

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  On getting the instructions and knowing what to do Jill began to suck on my cock and slowly started to move her lips up and down the length, as far as she could go. I had received handjobs and blowjobs from my girlfriend before but it had never been like this. The way Jill’s soft lips moved on top of my penis and the way her little tongue flicked on the cap was too much for me. In only a few moments I was ready to cum inside her little mouth. As I was about to ejaculate I remembered that she most probably hadn’t tasted cum ever before in her life. Fearing that she might not like it I pulled my cock out of her mouth just at the brink of my orgasm and I spurted my cum all over on her neck and on the exposed flesh of her upper chest, in between the opened topmost buttons of her blouse.  As I came on her, Jill loosened her little fingers from around my penis. Then she took a little bit of my cum from her neck and examined the sticky white substance, rubbing it between her finger and thumb. She got up on her feet, I saw the semen trickle from her neck down into her blouse. Picturing it in my mind, I saw it going down along the valley in between her small breasts and down her stomach and around her naval, suddenly I had the uncontrollable urge of seeing her naked. The thought of her nubile young body close to me, without any clothes amplified the lust in me.  “That was great Jill. Where did you learn to do that?” I asked. She seemed pleased with herself having satisfied me, proving that she was not at all a kid. “Come.

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   Now let me show you how it feels. ”Jill’s face lit up. I asked her to take off her clothes; she hesitated a bit, so I took off my vest first. I had been working out a bit since the last couple of months and I had managed to pull off a few nice muscular cuts on my body. Jill was glazing adoringly at my torso. I again asked her to take off her clothes. Now seeing me half naked she gained a bit of confidence and slowly took off her blouse, she wiped my cum off of her with it and let it fall on the ground.  She wasn’t wearing anything underneath, her small breasts were not matured enough to need the support of a bra. I was amazed to see the sensuality of her young body. Her petite breasts, with tiny pink nipples surrounded by light pink, just spreading, aureoles, running with faintly visible veins that supplied blood to her supple, round, budding globes. She seemed so silky and succulent. I grabbed her skirt and slowly pulled it down; beneath it she was wearing pink panties with prints of purple flowers, such innocent juvenility. Her body had only recently started to mature to that of a woman’s and only slight curves were visible at the right places. “My god,” I gasped, “you are beautiful. ”Jill was looking down at her toes, blushing profusely.

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   I was taken over by a sense of want and caring, I wasn’t able to hold back any longer. I put my arms around her and pulled her towards me and kissed the valley in between her small mounds. Her skin felt like cotton on my lips, so light and soft. Then I slowly made my way with my tongue down her belly and then bit the strap of her pink panties. “Do you really want to know how it feels like?” I asked in a low voice, looking at her face. Jill nodded her head, still not meeting my eyes, her cheeks red from blushing. I put my hands around her waist and pulled her towards me. Sitting upright i brought my face in level to her ammature breasts and licked in between her newly forming hills, keeping my toungue in constant contact with her soft and suave flesh I brought my lips on top of her nipples and started sucking lightly. Jill let out a slight moan as my tongue played with her small yet perky nipples one at a time. She was arching her back inwards, pushing her small breasts into my face and stretching to try and intensify the heavenly feeling that she must be having by the assault of her virgin nipples by my tongue. I decided that this was not enough for her and that i have to show her the bliss of sexual feelings, so I put one hand below her knees and the other under her neck and lifted her off the ground. She put her hands around me and brought her head close to my chest, eyes closed, an expression of relief and security on her face, I was glad to know that she trusted me. I took her to the bed room and placed her carefully on the bed. She seemed very delicate in my hands; I handled her as if she was made of glass, extremely fragile. Jill didn’t let go off me at once, I had to tug twice to make her pull her hands off of me.

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   Having placed her on the bed I took off my jeans and kneeled on the bed in front of her. Then I put my fingertips inside the strap of her panties and started to pull them off, she raised her hips off the bed to allow the panties to be pulled off easily. As Jill’s crotch got revealed I was amazed to see a hairless pussy, I wondered if she had shaved it, but then I realized that she probably hadn’t grown any hair as yet.  The sight of the smooth flesh of her hairless cunt made my mouth water, I wanted to eat it fast, but I decided not to haste it as I did not want to make it painful for Jill. So I brought my face close to hers, feeling my breath on her face she opened her eyes, for the first time we looked into each others eyes. I was surprised to see love and affection in hers. She actually loved me, this made me act more caring towards her, hurting her was the last thing I wanted to do, I didn’t know if I was losing my mind but even I loved her. Then we kissed for the first time. Her small pink lips in contact with mine, her small wriggling tongue playing with mine, inside our mouths.  I hugged her closely, caressing her young body, stroking her soft back and small round ass. I felt like entering her right now and taking her virginity, but I knew that would ruin the idea of making love for her for ever, so I held back my urge. I let go off her and pulled her up, bringing her wet, drenching pussy in face level with me. “Have you ever fingered yourself?” I asked. Jill shook her head. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy.

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   I told her that I was going to use my tongue to make her feel good. I felt her tightening her body, but she didn’t say anything. Considering this as an approval I took her slightly swollen smooth pussy into my mouth, and then very slowly I inserted my tongue inside her vagina. As I went further and further inside her body tightened and she began to gasp and moan slightly. With the full length inside I could touch her hymen with the tip of my tongue. I licked on it. “No please don’t go any further it hurts,” Jill gasped, and I instantly withdrew my tongue and pulled my mouth reluctantly off her sweet pussy. Having my tongue out of her Jill loosened up and lay on the bed breathing heavily, tiny drops of perspiration forming all over her body, on her stomach, her face, the vale in between her breasts, her smooth thighs. “Did it really hurt?” I asked. “Only when you went too deep inside, otherwise it felt good. Do it again please, but this time don’t go too deep inside. ”I understood, I grabbed her thighs and pulled her straight. I didn’t dare pull too hard fearing that I might break her bones. Then I lay down below her with my face in front of her love hole. I licked her small fleshy folds, she shuddered.

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   The juices were flowing out in full strength from her nubile cunt. I licked some more and Jill again began to moan. Her young moaning voice in my ears pumped up my adrenaline and I started to lick harder. Her gasping and moaning increased and soon she came in my mouth. I made a couple of more licks and then went up to kiss her and make her taste her femininity. Jill seemed to like her taste as she sucked hard on my tongue and lips. After completely sucking her liquids off my lips Jill let me go. I then grabbed her by her hips and softly turned her over. Now I could see her exposed back and little round ass. I sucked and kissed both her ass cheeks for some time, holding her breasts in my hands. Her small pink nipples in spite of being erect were so pliable and tiny and felt good in between my fingers. As I sucked on the smooth, tight skin of her ass and rubbed her breasts I realized how good it felt to get physical with an immature young girl. Her taste was completely different from that of her sister. Jill was much sweeter and softer. As I looked at the hind view of her pussy I again dug into it and started sucking, licking all the way from her clitoris and in between her ass cheeks and then back again, making Jill experience another orgasm within a couple of minutes.


   After this I lay down on the bed and asked her to give me a blowjob. Jill did as I asked, this time sucking hard and moving easily, having experienced once already. Watching her small head bob up and down I came once again, this time inside her mouth and to my astonishment she swallowed my cum, sucking hard on the tip for even the last drop of it. Having completely drained me of my juices, Jill lay down beside me with her head on my arms and her hands around my chest, her smooth sexy little legs around mine. “Were you serious when you said that you hadn’t had sex with my sister?” Jill asked suddenly. This time I decided not to hide anything from her. “Well we have had a few encounters. ”“So you are not a virgin?” Jill asked. “No. But trust me Kate is the only one I have ever done it with. ”“Do you want to fuck me?”I looked at her, she wasn’t looking at me. “Are you sure?” I asked. “Yes, I want you to fuck me, please. I know I will have to do it someday, and I cannot imagine anyone other than you whom I would like to give my virginity to,” she said slowly. “I love you.

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  ”Now Jill looked into my eyes. I could tell she was telling the truth. “I love you too. ” I said honestly. I did not think about my relationship with Kate, at that moment all that mattered was that Jill and I were together and I badly wanted to make love to her. I always kept rubber with me in my room in case some emergency crept up. So I quickly went to my room and brought a condom. As I entered the bedroom once again I stopped to see my cute little princess lying nude on the bed. She was so beautiful I realized. Fair like the morning sun, delicate like a bird, the natural smoothness of her body made me want to hold her in my arms for ever. I went up to the bed after staring at her for some time. I asked Jill to give my dick a couple of sucks to make it stiff, she did that and then I carefully rolled the condom on. Then I kneeled in front of her and pulled her close to me by holding her thighs in my hands. I parted her legs as far as they could go easily. She rested one leg on the side and one on my shoulder.

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   I grabbed my penis and placed the tip at the small opening of her wet pussy. I knew her hole was too small for my cock and that it would hurt her very much. I told her this but she said she didn’t mind. I promised her that I would be as careful as possible and I will try not to hurt her much. With this I started inserting my dick inside her. Jill clasped the bed sheet in her fists as I entered her. She had her eyes closed tightly; her brows were pulled together, her tiny nose wrinkled up and her jaw forcefully clenched. With only the cap of my penis inside, I reached her virgin knot. I told her to hold on as now the pain would come, she nodded with a small jerk of her head. With a slight thrust I broke through the flesh. Jill thrashed violently but I held her firmly. I halted until Jill loosened up. She was making soft painful noises through clenched teeth. When she dropped still I went further inside her until half of the shaft was engulfed within her vagina. Another soft cry of slight pain and bliss escaped through her lips, now slightly parted.

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   Then I started to pull my penis out leisurely. As I pulled it out, I could see blood on the condom and a few drops coming out of Jill’s hole. After extracting up to the tip I again made the way inside gradually, I repeated the process again and again. At first slowly and then with a rhythmic pace. After a few insertions Jill too started moving her body with mine. I could see she was enjoying now, the tensed expression on her face had changed to that of pleasure and fun and the stiffness of her body had loosened. As I thumped into her I took off the sandals that she was still wearing and started sucking her little feet and tickled her with my tongue in between her toes. Jill began to make ecstatic moans of delight. Having ejaculated twice already I knew it would take some time for me to cum again. After fucking her in this position for some time I grabbed her by the hips and rolled on to my side and then on my back, making her climb on top of me, facing me. She seemed to be taken by surprise but played along well. Now having the upper position Jill started jumping on top of me. The soft flesh of her butt, smacking against my thighs, felt like velvet. As she jumped on top of me Jill’s small breasts bobbed up and down. I grabbed them in my hands and started stroking them.

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   She tilted her head backwards and opened her mouth to let out a slight sigh of pleasure. After riding my cock for sometime Jill got exhausted and was unable to go on anymore. I then took her in my arms and resettled our position in doggy style. Now I fucked her lying on her knees and hands, grabbing her by her hips. Finally I was about to cum; I decided that I didn’t want to ejaculate in that stuffy condom so I took out my penis from inside Jill. I took off the condom and turned her around and put my dick in her mouth. She sucked at it hungrily and once again I came in her mouth. I then sucked on her cunt to bring her to her climax and it didn’t take much time, as she was already much stimulated. Having had an orgasm three times in a row, both of us lay completely spent side by side. Jill was lying on her side, next to me. I was lying on my back, my hands around her, stroking her ass cleavage, my middle finger playing with her asshole.  “It was great,” said Jill, not minding my finger, trying to penetrate inside her. “Yes it was,” I replied. “Now?” she asked. “Now what?”“Now what shall we do?”“I don’t know?” and I really didn’t know.

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  “Now maybe I should be going. My parents must be worried about me. I did not tell them that I will be with you. ”With this Jill got up and went out to the living room to get her clothes. I watched her walk out, she was so young, well at least until I had fucked her and made her a woman. I remembered the feeling of her tight cunt hole around my penis and I again started to get an erection. I too got up from the bed and followed her out into the living room. I stood at the doorway watching her get dressed. After fully dressing up Jill came up to me, she kissed me goodbye and went away, promising me that she will be back again whenever she could manage. I knew I would be waiting for her.      * * *That night I lay on my bed thinking of that day’s happenings. I knew I had betrayed my girlfriend. I wasn’t sure whether I would be able to continue my relationship with her as I did already. Well even if I couldn’t I knew who I would like to be with…    if any comments or suggentions then please send them to llp3ac3ll@yahoo. com

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Οι σέξι κυρίες από την Αχαρνές εσκορτ προέρχονται από διαφορετικές τοποθεσίες. Για αυτό, θα είστε σε θέση να βρείτε μωρά όπως παθιασμένες Λατίνες, σέξι Ασιάτισσες, βιτσιόζες Αμερικάνες, ερωτικές Ευρωπαίες, καυλιάρες Αφρικάνες, και πολλές περισσότερες που ανυπομονούν να σας δείξουν τις δεξιότητές τους. Απλά πείτε μας τι ακριβώς προτιμάτε, όπως την ηλικία, τον σωματότυπο, την εθνικότητα, και εμείς θα αναλάβουμε όλα τα υπόλοιπα.
Εγγραφείτε και συμπεριλάβετε τις λεπτομέρειες σας στη φόρμα εγγραφής και θα σας δοθεί απευθείας πρόσβαση στον κατάλογο συνοδών μας που είναι γεμάτος με κυρίες συνοδούς. Μπορείτε να προσαρμόσετε την αναζήτηση σας επιλέγοντας ποικίλες κατηγορίες. Νιώστε ελεύθερα και επιλέξτε ανάμεσα στην Κανονική, στη VIP, στη Διαμαντένια κατηγορία και άλλες κατηγορίες υπηρεσιών συνοδών όπως ρούφηγμα πούτσας, ερωτικό μασάζ, παιχνίδια ρόλων, ερωτικά παιχνίδια, πισωκολλητό, μαλακία, ποδομαλακία, ΣΔΜΧ, κατούρημα, ομαδικό σεξ, με βάση το μέγιστο προϋπολογισμό σας.

Αξιοπιστία συνοδοι πουτανες Αχαρνές

Όλες οι ιδιωτικές πληροφορίες τις διαχειριζόμαστε με τη μέγιστη προσοχή και ασφάλεια για να διασφαλίσουμε ότι θα διατηρηθούν απόλυτα ασφαλείς ότι και να γίνει. Επομένως, μην χάνετε άλλο χρόνο και βιώστε αξέχαστες εμπειρίες Συνοδών στην ανακαλύπτοντας τις σέξι κυρίες, επειδή σίγουρα θα τις λατρέψετε!

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